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Complete facility services excellence including janitorial, carpet cleaning, hard surface & floor,
upholstery, office maintenance, exterior & water damage.
Facility Plus is a team of more than 200 people who share a passion for finding new ways to improve
your building maintenance and the well-being of your visitors and staff every day. We’re committed to
innovation, leadership, strengthening our business communities, and offering green services to help
sustain our world. Our values guide us in developing our services and meeting the needs and
expectations of our customers.
Facility Plus has built its
reputation providing
professionally trained
technicians who specialize in
janitorial and maintenance
services for: commercial,
industrial, medical,
governmental, educational, and
retail facilities. We also clean
offices, restrooms, kitchens, and
public areas inside or outside
whatever service you need.
Facility Plus is a one-stop shop
for all your cleaning needs. We
are especially equipped and
certified to handle custom jobs,
such as high dusting in your
warehouse, air vent and duct
cleaning, and commercial
window cleaning. We also strip,
wax and polish many types of
floor finishes to brighten and
upgrade the look of your facility.
Facility Plus offers a team of
IICRC certified carpet and
furniture maintenance
specialists for ongoing cleaning
as well as periodical deep
cleaning and repair. We will
come to your offices and design
a custom carpet and furniture
maintenance program as per
your manufacturer’s
specification. Tailored to extend
the life of your investment and
improve the overall indoor air
quality of your office.
Corporate Housekeeping
Specialty Cleaning
Carpet, Furniture Cleaning
At Facility Plus, we pride
ourselves in being a one-stop
service shop, from walls to floors
to ceilings, and everything in
between. Our handymen and
painters are full-service, highly
skilled technicians who have the
highest regard for customer
Facility Plus has a team of fully
insured, bonded, and
experienced tradesmen who are
trained to handle electrical,
plumbing, carpentry, flooring,
wall, window, and ceiling work.
We will give your space a new
look in no timeand at minimal
disturbance to the operation of
your business.
Facility Plus has the manpower,
the resources, the expertise, and
the time to address your
maintenance needsno matter
the size or complexity of the
task. Our team of licensed and
experienced tradesmen are fully
insured and bonded.
Facility Plus is proud to have the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and show you the Facility
Plus difference!
Our service model is based on our understanding of your specific needs and supported with our
research and experience in facility services. We are conscious of the fact that, in order to meet your
specific needs, we must be flexible in our approach and responsive to your requests.
My pledge to you and your company is that Facility Plus will not only meet your expectations but exceed
them. If you feel dissatisfied in any way, I am always available to take whatever action is necessary to
remedy the situation.
Facility Plus is committed to recognizing technicians on a monthly basis for their achievements related
to supporting high-quality customer service, on-site safety awareness, and achieving business
Handyman & Painting
Office Renovations
Licensed and Professional