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 The Public Works Administration was formed by the National Industrialization Recovery Act in 1933, in reaction to The Great Depression. When the independent dispute resolution scheme for consumers and financial service providers to use when they were unable to resolve a dispute, which moved more towards war production. The Public Administration was formed in 1941.

 Public Works             Administration

 PWA (Public Works Administration

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The Public Works Administration was created by the National Industrial Recovery Act in June of 1933, in the response to the Great Depression. The Public Works Administration ended July 1, 1943.

The Purpose

The purpose of The Public Works Administration was to provide more jobs, improve public welfare, and bring back the American Industry. It put public works under the control of the federal government who awarded contracts for heavy construction projects highways, airports, bridges, dams, and water sewage systems.The PWA spent more than $6 billion and still not succeeded in bringing back the industry activities pre-depression, this is a relief.


The Description


The Public Works Administration was Authorized by the National Industrial Recovery Act in 1933. This was set up by Franklin D. Roosevelt, when the PWA was still around it spent $4 billion more than 70% on educational buildings, 65% on new courthouses, 35% of public health, and 10% on new roads, bridges, and subways. When the war started to occur the PWA was over time liquidated. The result of PWA was to complete more than 34,000 heavy construction projects. This project also created work for many skilled unemployed workers. This is the description of the Public Works Administration.


The End of the PWA

Toward the end of The Public Works Administration, the FDR had moved industry because of the war production. When moving toward the war production they abandoned the opposition to stop the spending. The war had a lot to do with ending the PWA, becauseThen after that, the PWA became irrelevant and was abolished in 1941. This is how The Public Works Administration ended.



10 Fact about the FDR

- Only Child

-Wealthy upbringing

-Related to Franklin Roosevelt

-Was related to his wife

-Hard time adjusting to school

-He entered politics as a Democrat

-He was paralyzed and they recently found it could have been caused by polio

-He loved collecting stamps

-Dropped out of law school

-Holds the record for the longest-serving President




Effects on Economy

Unemployment- down


Government Spending- up


GDP- up


Confidence Building- Up


Role of Government- down