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PTR Decision Tree

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TELERADIOLOGY DECISION TREETake imageAI report generated *AI report generated *AI report not generatedDVM agrees with evaluationDVM wants fur-ther reviewImage match sentPositioning guide sentMove forward with patient treatmentRefer case Refer case through PTRthrough PTRValidate diagnosiswith like-cases• Treat clients immediately• Feel confident in assessment• Attach report to digital records• Save time on documentation• Download and print for clients• Have board-certified radiologist review your case• Expect X-ray, CT scans & ultrasound images back in less than 24 hours• Get CT cone beam/interpretation back in under 48 hours• Have most STAT results back in under 2 hours (guaranteed in under 6 hours)• Access to radiologist if further questions• Treat clients immediately • Borrow notes and save time on documentation• Download and print for clients• Improve positioning with team training toolKey: DICOM image stored in cloud Report emailed to practice & uploaded to documents section of Vetology platform Submit via Vetology platform * * Canine/feline thoracic/abdomenBenefits