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Pathways Taken by Choices Made
Written by:
Just Talking Drama Queen
Chapter 0
“Alone,” she screamed at me, “You will live the rest of your life alone. You’re not likeable,
not desirable and definitely not approachable. You are going to be hated. NO ONE WILL EVER
“You are a bitch!” I’m not sure she knew what it meant but the effect on me was the
same. Her words like stepping on a Lego hurt but there was no stopping her. “You ungrateful,
whore! No one will ever care for you. Who is here to protect you and educate you? NO ONE
“No crying, dry your tears! You brought this upon yourself! Her tall figure towered over
my cowering body. I trembled over her power knowing that no matter what happened she’d
make me feel at fault. I mumbled and blubbered incoherent apologies. “If you were truly sorry,
you wouldn’t have done it in the first place! YOU ARE SO STUPID!”
“You don’t like it here? Fine. Then leave! I’m not holding you back I’m not locking you in
here. LEAVE!” She motioned towards the door. I wondered if what she said was rhetorical or
not. Every cell in my body is begged me to take this moment to run. To escape this constant
fear. To not rise to my full potential. “GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!