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The channel policies, op guidelines, staff directory & more.

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##Psychology was designed & is meant to be a large communal space for users who share common ground(s). Users can join, stay a while, ask questions, give answers, and/or just have friendly conversations about psychology; and even other areas of interest. Our goal is not only to provide a space for those individuals, but provide a space that users want to be apart of. We welcome everyone to join our community, the door is always open! We never want to deny access to someone joining the channel, but occasionally we must in order to maintain a positive environment.


We understand that no set of rules will be sufficient to handle every scenario. If there is a specific circumstance that we do not cover, please respect the decision of the operator(s). Keep in mind, we also encourage you to bring any and all concerns up with someone who is apart of the ##Psychology staff and we’ll look into the matter & address it accordingly.


“We are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of level of experience, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, nationality, or other similar characteristic.”

##Psychology on

  • Be civil & respectful: Be civil and respect other people's opinions, whether you agree or not. Please do not be rude, judgmental or belittling. Please do not accuse others or request kicks or bans in public, engage in personal attacks, intentionally offend or provoke others. Do not discuss or taunt users who have been removed, kicked, banned, quieted or devoiced. Remember, treat others how you’d like to be treated. Be the solution, not the example.
  • Language(s): The primary language in the channel is English. Try to be clear about what your asking. Try to avoid the overusing of acronyms that others may not be familiar with. If someone is speaking in another language & you’re able to communicate with him/her, take it to private. (/msg nick msg-here).
  • Swearing/Vulgarity: The channel is recommended for users of all ages, therefore we ask that you be thoughtful in your choice of words/wording. We understand swearing is going to happen. If becomes a problem if you’re directing your vulgarity at someone in particular. Abuse/rudeness in any form is unacceptable.
  • Social Media: In this day, everyone has some sort of social media page. For the time being, posting a video from youtube, or posting your facebook page is allowed. It becomes a problem if you’re repeatedly asking for users to ‘like’, ‘watch’, ‘follow’ you. If you’re crossing the line, you’ll be given a warning. If you fail to make the adjustment following the warning; you will be removed.
  • Flooding/Excessive Lines: Sending massive amounts of text lines to the channel; also known as ‘flooding’ the channel is the quickest way to find yourself removed. This disrupts the flow of conversation, and is just annoying & childish. Repeat offenders will be permanently removed from ##Psychology. (AKicked)
  • Asking for help/Helping: Remember, if you’re asking a question, be prepared for various answer(s). Not everyone will have the same opinion. It’s good to debate each side, but becoming hateful, disrespectful, etc. won’t be tolerated. Take answers you get with ‘a grain of salt’, do your research. We’ve attempted to have staff members that will only provide you with the appropriate information; if you feel ‘wronged’ by a staff member, use /cs access ##Psychology list & find one of the upper management. (Last resort, try Keith).
  • Logging: This is IRC, many people will have their chat client enabled to log the channel. We have no control over this. We encourage users to disable logging while being in ##Psychology. Anyone posting previous conversations/logs from the channel will be removed. Be mindful of what you talk about in the main channel.
  • Idling: We welcome users to idle in the channel when he/she is going to be away. We however ask that you do not advertise every 'x' minutes that you're currently away. A simple 'away' & 'back' are fine. We encourage users to support our channel at all times!
  • Bots: The only users who should have a bot in the channel are the staff. We have 1 bot to help maintain the channel. Please do not bring in any unauthorized bot(s). This could lead to not only the bots being banned, but yourself as well.
  • Spamming/Ads: This rule has so many different areas. (see also social media). Ads to other channels, unsolicited url's, etc. are not welcome. Those caught advertising will be reported to a network staff member.
  • Kicks, Bans, Quiets & Evades: If a user is kicked, banned, or quieted, please do not make comments about it. This can escalate a situation and make things worse. If you’re caught ban evading, we will then forward the abuse to a member of the Freenode staff. This will also ensure the kick, ban, or quiet is extended. Why join a channel that clearly doesn’t want you there?
  • Discrimination: This is one of the most important policies in place. We do not allow users to discriminate against someone regardless of their experience, gender, gender identity and expression. This also includes sexual orientation, appearance, body size, race, disabilities, age, religion, nationality, or anything else one may decide to be hateful against. Hate isn’t welcomed, and if you’re about spreading hate; you’re not welcomed.
  • Have Fun!: Remember, have fun! This is IRC afterall. Chat with other users, have some great conversations! There's no need to have stress, drama, or any problems. If you stick around, you may just find that we have some intelligent, out-going users. Get to know the community!



##Psychology User Guidelines

  • Keith - The channel founder since May 15th, 2006 when the channel was first established.
  • Kerm|t - Channel Management Team, Maintains our channel bot.
  • SteppenwolfVM - Channel Management Team
  • chalcedony - Channel Operator; DAL #Psychology Team
  • iTime - Channel Operator
  • *!*@freenode/staff/* - Authority to handle emergencies.
  • Operator Positions are now OPEN - See our application to apply. Click Here.
  • Currently Seeking someone to provide an eggdrop bot to help maintain the channel.

##Psychology Staff Members

Position(s) Available