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Edelin Prudente 


November 30, 2017

English 2 , 3rd Period

A major part of the Mexican culture is the holidays. There independence day is like the United States independence day just different dates. They do fireworks during the night time. They do a little cook out for the family can reunite. There independence day is September 16 and the United States independence day is July 4. The day of the dead are celebrated two different days for them. November 1 is for the little kids that died and the next day is for the people that are older. The family members do fundraisers for the graves can get decorated, they sell food and drinks. They find a place and decorate with a picture or poster of the people that died. Dia De La Raza is a holiday for celebrating the people that were born and raised in Mexico. They make a big parade and everybody that wants to go is welcomed. They have people dressed up as different stuff and music playing and people doing traditional dancing moves. Christmas for them starts earlier in December than it does in the United States. They buy kids Christmas presents and go from door to door and give each of the kids a present. The kids get to celebrate Christmas twice in December. The day of “Senora De Guadalupe” is celebrated for a women that is like a god but isn't really a god. She is a dark colored virgin Mary who appeared to a guy named Jose Diego. They make her a little dinner and take candles with a picture of her and says all there wishes to her and sings to her.

Another major part of the Mexican culture is the food. The most popular mexican food sold is tacos. Tacos are easy to make as long as you have a tortilla to wrap the ingredients in. They can be made out of anything you want as long as it’s meat. They make salsa that are very spicy to add on the meals. It is a sauce dip they make it with a little bit of chili and tomatoes for it won't be as spicy. Some people add a side to their meals like white rice or orange rice or black beans. Some eat jalapenos with there food or another type of chili. They add little ingredients for the food can get a better taste and be spicier or less spicy. The stuff they add are mainly made from plants they grow. Mexican food is mostly made by women. There are very few men that know how to cook Mexican food or any type food. Mexican restaurants are owned by family members. 


Language is another major part of the Mexican culture. More than 1 language is spoken in mexico. Most of the languages have died out and aren’t spoken anymore. They teach the kids to be bilingual in school. There are many different languages and they’re all spoken from people that are from mexico but different cities in mexico. People that are from Oaxaca speak seri the most because it is from there cities. People that are from a different part of mexico speak it too. The accent is like a british accent. People from mexico are starting to use technology for translation to other languages. They use electronics to communicate with people that don't speak the same language. The government from mexico is trying to keep the languages alive. A lot of languages are dying from their cities because people don't know how to speak it or understand it.


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