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This booklet will contain information about the "It Can Wait" Agency. This is makes people pledge to not text and drive for a safer road way for both you and others on the road.

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"Your'e never alone on the road, even when your'e alone in your car"

It Can Wait

The "It Can Wait" Agency was made in 2010 by AT&T for people to pledge to not text and drive. Their mission statement would have to be "Distracted Driving is Never Ok." This agency has really just become a social movement for people to understand that texting and driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. None of it is worth your life.

"It Can Wait" wants more and more people to pledge to not text and drive. As they say, your mom would rather you be safe than to text her back and end up not safe. Or, "better safe than sorry." This Agency has spread the word about texting and driving all over schools, businesses and other places that are most likely to have people that may end up in this situation.

With more people following the "It Can Wait" movement and taking the pledge, it has become more of an impact and made more people want to not text and drive. People have used #itcanwait and @itcanwait on social media to spread the word and to gain believers that a message is not worth your life. (Don't post these while driving!!!)

Statistics show that "95% of drivers disapprove of distracted driving, yet 71% engage in smartphone activities while driving." This is somewhat of a contradiction showing that even those that don't like texting and driving will end up doing this. We all, as U.S. citizens, need to take a stand and all pledge to not text and drive; be on the safe side.