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Prospectus 2022-23

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Welcome to St Andrew s I am proud to welcome you to St Andrew s CofE High School a school with a loving ethos that knows our students as individuals Our school is underpinned by the Christian values of compassion and service embodied in Corinthian s 16 14 Let all you do be done in love We value all of our students equally and welcome the wide variety of cultures and experiences that they bring to our school We develop a sense of aspiration and ambition through our values of respect responsibility and integrity that will prepare them to take their place in the wider world Our mission is to provide the best possible education for all our students by loving and serving our community in order to awaken the potential in all that we do We do this by evoking the highest aspirations for all from all ensuring that all actions and relationships are founded on respect and shared values serving our community and enabling others to be the best that they can be We are thrilled to have opened our doors to girls and boys in September 2021 and look forward to consulting with parents both prospective and current as we grow our fully inclusive community This really is an exciting time to join us Fantastic welcoming staff we feel we made the right choice Yr 7 Parent Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will make If you elect for St Andrew s we look forward to welcoming you into our family and achieving the very best outcomes for your child We warmly welcome all visitors to see St Andrew s in action Please contact us on 01903 820676 or for more information please visit our website Mia Lowney Headteacher 03

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Learning and the Curriculum Our core business is learning and our motto Nihil Sine Labore Nothing Without Effort acknowledges that success is achieved as a result of the hard work and dedication of all who form part of the family of St Andrew s We are committed to constantly improving our curriculum and it continues to be reviewed to raise aspirations in attainment and achievement and make advancements in equity to meet the needs of all young people studying at St Andrew s We believe that all students should be provided with a curriculum that enables them to become ambitious capable learners ready to learn throughout their lives enterprising creative contributors healthy confident ethically informed citizens and wise and adaptable individuals We strive to ensure that every students experience planned and unplanned taught and caught Character Education develops them as a human being Resulting in every student being an enlightened confident virtuous and resilient member of local and global communities The St Andrew s curriculum provides a five year journey where Key Stage 3 nurtures students allowing them to experience a broad and balanced curriculum as they prepare to make choices to specialise at Key Stage 4 St Andrew s core subjects of English maths science and Religious Education are an integral part of our school s daily curriculum providing our students with the skills and knowledge to make confident wise and informed choices My child really enjoys St Andrew s He has flourished since starting and is doing well in all subjects Thank you Yr 8 Parent An emphasis on personal and spiritual development allows students to grow in the understanding of their own faith and that of others We believe that it is important for students to comprehend the significance of religion and religious beliefs in society it allows them to develop empathy and an understanding of difference the ability to debate pertinent ethical issues and contextualise current affairs Extra curricular activities are a vital and vibrant aspect of school life Your child will have the opportunity to join a wide range of sports teams develop their skills and talents in the Arts join learning clubs and take part in charity focused activities to support the wider community 05

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Student Leadership St Andrew s is committed to giving all of our students the opportunity to develop self confidence resilience and become young leaders We offer exceptional experiences beyond the classroom challenging our students From the start of your child s journey with us until results day in Year 11 we offer a myriad of activities and trips to enhance their wider education and understanding of the world We encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility and rights through the work of active student bodies Student Council Make Learning Better MLB a diversity group courageous advocacy group and our senior team There are very few schools that embed student voice with the vigour and sincerity of St Andrew s The Student leadership groups meet regularly to discuss ideas plan charity events share interests and concerns with staff Some of our young leaders are part of the wider student council community and work with other schools and bodies to raise awareness of pertinent issues MLB is a group of students trained in undertaking work to improve learning in the St Andrew s community They are involved with staff training interviewing of staff including the Headteacher and where appropriate will give feedback to staff on good practice that really helps students to learn They also undertake peer mentoring supporting the emotional educational and social welfare of others As a parent the school feels friendly I like that you know how students think and need to be taught Yr 7 Parent St Andrew s centres around the students it is their unique perspective which must guarantee their right to have a voice and be represented fully in their school 07

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Pastoral Care St Andrew s is frequently complimented on the warmth and friendliness of both staff and students Parents and visitors often note the close community ethos of support and care that permeates our school Each year group has a dedicated non teaching Head of Year and team of tutors to look after your child s educational and personal welfare Our pastoral system is designed to ensure that all our students feel valued important and known as individuals by those responsible for their care Students will join one of our Houses designed to promote an increased sense of belonging and identity as well as providing opportunities for healthy competition through events held during the year In form times assemblies and PSHE students are able to explore issues that are pertinent to them such as health relationships the law equal opportunities e safety citizenship and careers Skills of leadership organisation resilience initiative and communication are vital to the future success of every individual and these are key foci for delivery during daily form times Supporting those with additional educational needs All teaching staff receive guidance and training on how to cater effectively for the learning needs of individual students Our SEND Coordinator meets with parents prior to admission in order to ensure a smooth transition to St Andrew s and then at key points throughout the year We are able to tailor provision to meet an individual student s needs and take care to monitor and celebrate their achievements and successes through the work of a dedicated team of staff My child knows that if there are any problems or concerns someone is always there to support Parent Our support with year 10 and 11 students involves liaison with further education partners to ensure that their next steps are appropriate and a smooth transition to the next stage of learning 09

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How to find us St Andrew s CE High School Your students know how to behave and respect each other there is such a lovely atmosphere at St Andrew s Visiting teacher Thank you for taking the time to read the St Andrew s Prospectus We trust that you have found it informative and helpful We are very proud of our school community its success achievements ethos and culture We hope that your child will be joining us 11

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St Andrew s NIHIL SINE LABORE Sackville Road Worthing BN14 8BG t 01903 820676 e office sta worthng com w sta worthing com