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St Bernard's Catholic High School

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St Bernard s Catholic High School

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I have the privilege of being the Headteacher at St Bernard s Catholic High School a school that prides itself on educational excellence at the heart of the community St Bernard s has a proud and long established tradition of providing a rich and varied tapestry of educational experiences for our students inside and outside of the classroom As a school we strive to maintain the highest standards and have high expectations for all and these expectations alongside our Catholic values and our dedicated and talented sta team provide all our students with the best possible opportunity to succeed and flourish As a forward thinking school we work tirelessly to ensure that we never remain static and to ensure that we are constantly evolving and are at the forefront of education The rich education that our young people receive during their time at St Bernard s prepares them extremely well for the next stage of their lives When they leave us they are equipped with the values skills and knowledge that they need to thrive Many of our young people go on to pursue successful careers locally or onto further and higher education leading to careers in a diverse range of fields We are extremely proud of our dedicated team of sta and the high quality teaching and pastoral care they provide on a daily basis for our young people This results in excellent relationships being built between sta and pupils founded in mutual respect and care for one another Our sta and young people are on this journey together at St Bernard s working alongside each other every day and collectively striving to be the best they can be I look forward to meeting you soon in person and working in partnership with you as we set out on your child s secondary education journey Together with the whole sta team I look forward to warmly welcoming your family into our St Bernard s family Peter Croft Headteacher

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Kindness A big thank you for making me feel at home and for accepting me for who I am I will never forget my time at St Bernard s Class of 2021 Pupil

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Our Family The pastoral life of St Bernard s is central to our core values and beliefs and is a visible strength of our school Our young people are cared for valued for who they are and nurtured from the day they arrive until the day they leave Our Pastoral Team is central to the care and support we give our young people which creates a family within a family and ensures that each one of our young people is cared for by their Form Tutor their Pastoral Leader and the wider pastoral team The Pastoral Team actively works together with teachers and support sta to ensure that each of our young people receives the individualised support they need and that they are safe and happy For pupils who are transferring to St Bernard s from primary school we provide a specific programme of support and guidance We aim to enable all Year 7 pupils to settle in quickly make new friends and thoroughly enjoy the challenge and excitement of their first few weeks at St Bernard s

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Our Faith St Bernard s is truly a Catholic school Catholic means universal and we pride ourselves on being a welcoming family supportive of everyone regardless of faith or creed baptised or non baptised Our values underpin everything we do and are fundamental to how we want our young people to live and grow Our values help our young people to fulfil their intellectual spiritual and physical potential and prepare each one of them for the opportunities responsibilities and experiences of adult life While St Bernard s serves the Christian community of Furness our doors are open and welcoming to all young people regardless of their faith or background Our school is made up of young people from almost every Primary School in Barrow and Walney and some from Millom Dalton and Ulverston The one thing that all our young people have in common in attending our school is that they benefit from our commitment to helping them grow and develop As a family we support each other and our wider community in everything we do

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The school s ethos and values underpin good behaviour and encourage students to become respectful and courteous citizens Students are given opportunities to grow spiritually and morally by exploring their values and beliefs Oftsed Hard Work

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Resilience Our Literary Canon is designed to inspire a love of reading and literature in our young people Our School Canon is a set of 15 novels which we believe all pupils should read in their first three years at St Bernard s Each Form Group in lower school spends approximately two hours per week reading along with their Form Tutor

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Our School Day Our school day is a little di erent from most secondary schools Our commitment to our young people is to provide a learning environment they need now rather than relying on how things have always been We have three lessons a day which are each 95 minutes in length This serves to reduce cognitive load to reduce loss of learning time and to give pupils time in the classroom to really explore their subjects This slows down the frantic pace which sometimes comes with a five or six period day It allows us to get to know our pupils and promote depth of understanding and a love of learning In addition to three lessons of formal teaching each day we have Personal Development time where our young people spend 30 minutes with their Form Tutors This time is valuable to the development of our young people Those in lower school spend the majority of this time participating in our Literary Canon which is our lower school reading programme Those in upper school use this time for PSHE Careers and Study Skills

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Our Curriculum St Bernard s o ers a curriculum that is highly aspirational enabling both academic success and personal growth The aim of our curriculum is that all students leave St Bernard s as confident well qualified and responsible adults ready to take their next steps The curriculum in each subject area is carefully designed to build on the core skills and knowledge that pupils will have mastered in Key Stage 2 It ensures a deliberate blend of academic core content disciplinary knowledge and enriching opportunities This ensures that as well as gaining a secure understanding of the curriculum content pupils gain a curiosity and passion for each subject they study All our students experience the same challenging curriculum in Key Stage 3 that then leads to their option choices at the end of Year 9 We o er a highly academic curriculum but also recognise that students have di erent talents and interests and therefore o er some creative and vocational courses at Key Stage 4 Reading writing and numeracy skills are critical to pupil progress and therefore we regularly monitor numeracy and literacy development We o er additional support to our young people in these key areas whenever required ensuring a secure grasp of the core skills and knowledge they need to access the full curriculum

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Kindness I just wanted to let you know I ve got into four colleges for next year I wanted to thank you for getting me back on track this year if you hadn t helped me figure things out I wouldn t be going to college next September as I wouldn t be getting the grades I need Thank you Class of 2021 Pupil

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I have been a member of the St Bernard s family for 17 years as a pupil and now as a teacher Every day I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such caring compassionate colleagues and students School life presents its challenges but these are far outweighed by the rewards as there is something new to learn every day Our school thrives by celebrating all achievements not just those in the classroom Mrs Dunn Hard Work

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Our Personal Development Alongside the academic and extracurricular activities available at St Bernard s we place a significant importance on the importance of personal development Our personal development programme is intertwined throughout each of our year groups to ensure that our young people develop the skills that they need to be successful when they graduate from our school Our Careers Education Programme ensures that our young people begin in Year 7 to develop the skills and knowledge they need to to choose their future careers Throughout their 5 years at St Bernard s pupils are given the opportunity to learn about a variety of careers through our Visiting Professionals Programme mock interviews college and university experience days and Work Experience in Year 10 Personal Development is important to us as it ensures that our young people leave with not only great qualifications but also as rounded individuals with a holistic view of the world in which we live

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Our Inclusive Approach We believe at St Bernard s that each one of our young people has a unique set of skills and talents that needs to be nurtured and developed to help them realise their full potential on leaving school Many pupils will achieve this by accessing high quality lessons delivered by our subject specialist teachers and through participation in our extra curricular activities However our inclusive approach recognises that for some young people to fully participate and succeed they need some additional support and modifications to their education The Inclusion Department is based in Furness Hub and provides a dedicated space for those pupils who may need to access a more individualised learning environment including 1 1 sessions small group interventions and a more personal social space We have a team of subject specialist Teaching Assistants who provide in class support across the range of curriculum areas The Inclusion team also includes our school counsellor and SERIS worker to support the emotional and mental well being of our young people

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Resilience Thank you for all your hard work looking after my four children over the last 11 years it is the end of an era for our family Your support and encouragement has helped me raise hard working kind young people Keep up the good work Class of 2021 Parent

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Our son is doing really well with his Apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering he finished his first year at college with distinctions and is now at BAE with one day release at college Thank you for all the support and Kindness guidance you gave him he thought you were the best and I agree You believed in him and sometimes that one teacher believing can be the di erence between people growing and developing to the best they can be or not Parent

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Our Extra curricular Activities Education at St Bernard s extends far beyond the walls of the classroom Our young people enjoy a wealth of extra curricular clubs activities and trips all of which help them develop new skills and make lifelong friendships Competitive sports teams enable our young people to compete against other schools and hone their skills Our young people begin life at St Bernard s with a residential visit to an outdoor education centre in the Lake District This allows our new Year 7s to form friendships and bond with each other from the very start of their St Bernard s journey We regularly run trips to France for those in Year 7 and Year 8 Rome for those in Years 9 10 and 11 and Skiing in the Alps for those in Years 10 and 11 Our popular retreat to Castlerigg has been running for over 40 years and gives pupils in Year 10 a chance to really discover who they are We believe that our extra curricular programme helps our young people make friends and experiences that will last a lifetime

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Our Learning Environment Our pupils benefit from superb facilities across our beautiful school site Over the last three years we have invested heavily in ensuring that the fabric of our school helps deliver outstanding learning opportunities for our young people They benefit from our dedicated Science Labs Engineering Workshops Computer Suites Art Design Rooms Music Practice Rooms Food Technology Library Chapel and Sports Halls This is in addition to our traditional classrooms which are all designed to be light and spacious Our Inclusion Programme based in the Furness Hub is designed to o er dedicated learning spaces to pupils who need small group teaching and quiet supported social times Our young people find our school spacious and they enjoy our extensive outdoor areas which they frequent at break and lunch times

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Our time at St Bernard s has been amazing so far We all love our PE lessons in addition to the rest of our lessons It was a tough transition to Secondary School especially with Covid but have all made lots of new friends and settled in extremely well There is a wide range of food available at break and lunch that we enjoy eating Although the buildings may seem bigger and scarier than your primary school it is easier than you think to find your way around There is a big variety of sports to experience and lots of clubs to attend We are really excited to meet you in the future and we hope you grow to love our school as much as we do Isla Lily Darcy Macy and Esm

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St Bernard s Catholic High School Rating Lane Barrow in Furness Cumbria LA13 9LE 01229 814560 contact stbernardsschool uk www stbernardsschool uk