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Call us for an appointment to show you how we can help you nd right soluon.
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10 Reasons why you should talk to us:
1. We will show you how new technology will help your business.
2. Let us analyze your phone bill and show you how to save
3. Increase your employee productivity through our phone
4. Enhance your customer service by our special business
5. Show you how the new mobile application on smart phones,
iPads, tablets, will increase employee productivity and improve
6. Help educate you on why your next phone system should be
7. If you have branch offices, the savings are tremendous?
8. Keep you informed on the new changes in the telecom industry
and how it will impact your business.
9. Let us show you how your computer can become your phone.
10. Let us show you the future of video / audio conferencing.
Bonus: IT Managed services, let us help your IT department, or let
us become your IT department, call for a free assessment.
“Enabling your business with the right
Rob Bliss- 469-666-1576
Are You Buying the Right Telephone System?
You must have these features in your new system!
SIP Trunking - (Capable)
Open Standards
Teleworkers without VPN
Find Me / Follow Me /
Visual Voicemail
Screen Dial
Call Recording
Fax Server
Custom Call Handling Rules
for Maneuvering Call
Unified Communications for
Mobile Devices
Unified Communications
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Windows, MAC, & Linux
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Remote Access
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Conference Bridge - At the Desktop
Instant Messaging
Enabling Your Business With The
Right Technology Solutions
We help educate you on how to select your next VOIP phone
system that is best for your business. Since we are carrier
agnostic, we can help you find the best carrier for your
internet needs.
An access point receives data by wired Ethernet, and converts to a
2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless signal. It sends and receives wireless traffic
to and from nearby wireless clients. An access point is different from a
wireless router; in that, it does not have firewall functions and will not
protect your local network against threats from the internet.
As technology continues to advance and become an essential part of
running a business, its important to have all of your equipment
working together to provide a seamless experience through systems
With an all IP-based surveillance system, you can grow with future
challenges and opportunities. Open standards and a plugin
architecture that your cameras can adapt to the latest technology.
It is important for businesses of every size to keep important data inside and
threats outside. Al businesses acknowledge this basic security concern by
placing locks on the door and giving keys to employees that need to access
these locks. But keying and rekeying your business each time and employee
leaves or is lost or stolen can be costly and time consuming.
Your Oce Technology Specialist
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This was my first time using this Smart Office and I am 110% happy with the outcome.
My company is small and we outsource our IT needs.
- Michelle L.
5 Causes of Poor VoIP Quality
1) The Problem: Jitter
a. Happens when voice packets arrive out of order
The Solution
We will implement Jitter Buffers
2) The Problem: Latency
a. Your voice traffic is being delayed to the carrier
The Solution
Installing a VoIP Class router to prioritize VoIP Traffic
3) The Problem: Poor Internet Connection
a. Some ISP’s do not support the correct network protocol
The Solution
We will install Business Class High Speed Internet
4) The Problem: Inadequate Router
a. Some routers are not powerful enough to handle the increased network load
from a VoIP Installation
The Solution
We will install a VoIP Class router to increase network
5) The Problem: Improperly configured local area network
a. No QoS settings and improper switch settings
The Solution
We will go in and properly configure your network
If you are using a VoIP phone system, there is a good chance you have experienced poor call quality. This
flyer discusses the causes of VoIP call quality problems and what we can do to correct them.
The causes of poor quality VoIP calls are easy to diagnose and correct. We will help you identify and
work with you to correct these problems. More importantly, these problems should not be ongoing. If
your VoIP Service Provider is unable to correct your call quality problems, you need to find a different
Exciting Value Added Services
This was my first time using this
Smart Office and I am 110% happy
with the outcome. My company is
small and we outsource our IT
needs. During my 7 year tenure, it
has been a challenge at times to
keep on top of our many programs
and services we require along with
each and every IT process we en-
counter. At first, I was drawn to
Smart Offices simple to use remote
system where after talking on the
phone, we remotely connect by simp-
ly typing "" in my address bar
and we instantly switch to the en-
crypted remote session - so simple
and educational. ...”
- Michelle L.
Rob Bliss
Smart Office DFW @ 2016
1 Year Free Hardware Monitoring
(Valued @ $15 Per Month Per Device)
1 Year Free An-Virus / An-Malware
(Valued @ $10 Per Month Per Device)
Free Network Assessment
(Valued @ $495)
Free Auto Aendant Recording and Message on Hold
(Valued @ $125 for Auto Aendant and $495 for Message on Hold)
1 Hour of Website & CRM Consultaon Time
(Valued @ $295)