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Prominence is a business where we customize people's clothing, shoes, accessories, and bags to their liking and style. We recommend things such as quotes and art.

Page 5. Information about Prominence.

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Page 4. Thin leather jackets, windbreakers, and winterwear

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Create your own style .  Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

-                       - Anna Wintour


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For educational purpose.

Send in your shoes or buy a pair from our website and decorate them to your style. You can choose your own color, style, quotes, images, or your own art.

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Our popular colors are maroon, black, and white.

Shirts with design - $20

Tanktop with design - $18

Long sleeve with design - $22

Our sizes start from extra small to extra large. 

Send in your shirts, or buy one from our website. We offer different colors and the material is a blend of cotton and polyester.


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For educational purpose

Get ready for the cold weather in style! We provide windbreakers, fluffy sweaters, and thin leather jackets from our website in sizes extra small to extra large. Lettering can be any color and font or show off your artwork on your clothing.

Thin leather jackets - $35

Windbreakers - $70

Winter wear - $40

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Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.


    The purpose of Prominence is for teenagers and young adults to wear clothing with inspirational lyrics or quotes to express themselves, to have pride, and positivity in themselves. Prominence wants costumers to feel comfortable in their style. We offer accessory, clothing, and footwear. Our company would make your life easier by giving you confidence and to be more open about your style. Our products come in all sizes starting from extra small to extra large and are blended with cotton and polyester.

Contact us at 626) 599-8882

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