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Mother against drunk driving as stated under the Articles of Incorporation were “To aid the victims of crimes performed by individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to aid the families of such victims and to increase public awareness of the problem of drinking and drugged driving." Also this organization was founded on September 5, 1980. Which means its been around for awhile


All of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving are really trying to fight against drunk driving and support the victims of these violent crimes. Also while doing these thing they are also trying to prevent underage drinking. Which in the long run will hopefully prevent alot of drunk driving and alot of unlawful acts in the near future

The History of MADD

There is a parent handbook that the MADD organization has gotten to help distruibute to middle schools around the country so they could learn right from wrong even before they head out onto the already dangerous roads.

Dont be "that guy"

In conclusion

I think that this is a great way for kids to learn about this by their parents and teachers talking to them so they will know right from wrong. Nobody wants to get introuble so if kids start learning as early as middle school that can really influence their decision at an older age if they are to ever face these problems. I chose to do the MADD project because it effected me the most. I actually have had a couple of friends and close familey that have been injured and worse due to drunk driving so I know that it is a very important thing to teach. Hopefully that is enough to get the message across

All of this information was found using this url and looking and playing around on their website and looking at featured projects that they had on display