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DESIGNOur professional designer will advise and create, edit and adjust whatever your imagination suggests. We will help you prepare a visualization of any of our oered products as well as logos, and any other project ideas that you may have. Come to us with an idea and we can help turn it into a print product.

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FinishesCoated - A paper with a waxy nish (shiny or matte) on both sides of the sheet.Uncoated - A paper with an untreated surface that is dull to the touch and unreective.Coated One Side (C1S) - A cover stock that is shiny on one side and dull on the opposite side.Wove - A smooth uncoated surface.Laid - Textured lines on its surface. This nish is used mostly for business stationery elements, like letterhead, envelopes and business cards.Linen - Similar to a laid nish, this paper has textured lines on the surface of the sheet, but they are ner and more regular than those that appear on a laid nish stock. This paper is also used frequently for letterhead.WeightThe weight of a paper refers to the thickness of a single sheet, measured in pounds. A general rule of thumb is the higher the number the thicker the paper. In the world of paper, a “#” means pounds.Common weights- Business Cards (#80 Cover, #100 Cover, #110 Cover, #130 Cover)- Letterhead (#20, #24, #60, #80 Text, #100 Text)Text vs. CoverText paper can have a coated or uncoated nish. These thinner, lightweight papers are commonly used for publication interiors, sell sheets and letterheads. Below is a brief description of some of the most common text weights, from lightest to heaviest:50#T - Standard light weight paper, equivalent to 20# bond (copy paper).60#T - One grade heavier than standard, equivalent to 24# bond.70#T - Equivalent to 28# bond.80#T - Higher weight/thickness text commonly used for wedding programs, menus, ne brochures and more100#T - High end booklets come out amazing on this stock. Also commonly used for event yers and small posters--can be compared to a light weight cardstock.Cover stocks are heavy in weight, rigid and not easily folded. These papers are generally used for publication covers, business cards and postcards. They can have coated or uncoated nishes. Common weights for cover stocks include:80# - The next weight heavier than 65#.100# - Mid-weight cover paper.110# - Sturdy cover paper considered a heavyweight.130# - A heavyweight cover alternative.Common Print Terms

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PRINTINGWe create, print, fold and glue for all that oset and digital print has to oer, whether it’s a simple business card, signage or a complex booklet with several nishing options. Let us help with all of your printed materials on every project!

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8Printing in CMYK color (four color) Saddle stitchingPrinting in grayscale (one color) ScoringSingle-sided printingSpot color matchPerforationDouble-sided printingLaminatingCoating (gloss or satin)GrommetsUV coatingWind apsDie-cut/Contour cutRopeFolding - “Z” foldPole pocketFolding - “letter” foldWaterproofFolding - bifoldFoam corePerfect bindingRounded cornersSpiral/coil bindingSewing/Edge weldingNumberingKEY

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Printing9It is dicult to imagine our relationship in the modern business world without a business card. Although it has a small size, it contains a wealth of information and allows you to create the image of any company.Rack cards are perfect for printing detailed product information, lists of services, menus, schedules or campaign information.BUSINESS CARDSRACK CARDS/POST CARDS

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10Letterhead acts as a relay of basic contact information about your company, but is most often used for formally communicating with clients or suppliers for your company. Using customized letterhead will help improve your company image and give you a professional and polished appearance.In a world consumed by mass digital communication, let your company stand out with a personalized envelope that sends a lasting message. Available in several sizes and color options, let your envelopes send that rst impression that puts you a head above the competition.LETTERHEADENVELOPES

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Printing11A popular tool for any marketing eorts are informational yers. Reaching virtually every audience, the use of key images and wording can help market any idea, product or upcoming event.When yers are simply not enough space to share all of our ideas or information, try a folded leaet with dierent aps of various information bits. Commonly folded in a “U” or “Z” shape.FLYERSFOLDED LEAFLETSP.O. Box 466 • 4 Forest Park DriveFarmington, CT 0603262 LaSalle Road, Suite 215West Hartford, CT 06107Zachs Campus333 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite CWest Hartford, CT 06117Contact us today for a quote236 Park RoadWest Hartford, CT 06119860-521-9279Fax 860-521-1079www.CricketPress.netFULL COLOR ENVELOPES Specializing in short runs to match your invitations and improve your color visibility

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12Doctor note pads to oce desk pads, notepads can be one of the most eective forms of communication and are the perfect opportunity to ash your brand even when you aren’t actively marketing.Build a company image that contains all of your important documents and other items. With a wide variety of nishing options, stop by today to see all of our pocket folder options today!NOTEPADSPOCKET FOLDERS

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Printing13Whether you are keeping track of bills, personal documents, delivery tracking, or numerous other oce activities, NCR/carbonless forms can help reduce manual duplication. Write on the top sheet, and let your writing transfer to the next sheet(s) like magic.Black and white photocopying is one of the most common ways of easily organizing any oine process, whether recording patient information, attendance lists, or simply containing information to be distributed at an upcoming event.NCR/CARBONLESS FORMSOFFICE FORMSW-10 INTER AGENCY PATIENT REFERRAL REPORTSocial Service Dept. / Adm. & Disc. PlanningWHITE W-10 SUBMIT COPY c PATIENTand Providers of Professional Services (White Form)YELLOW W-10 SUBMIT COPY TRANSFER c AGENTPINK W-10 TO INHOUSE CLINICAL RECORDRESIDENT’S NAME (Last, First, Middle)RESIDENT’S ADDRESSRESPONSIBLE PARTY (Name and Address)REFERRED BY (Name and Address of Facility or Agency)REFERRED TO (Name and Address of Facility or Agency)FOLLOW-UP BY (Name and Address of Physician or Clinic)ATTENDING PHYSICIAN AT SHELTON LAKESMEDICAL RECORD NO.DISCHARGE DATERELIGIONPHONEPHONEPHONEPHONEPHONEBIRTH DATEPHONEUNITADMISSION DATEMARITAL STATUSApple Rehab, Shelton Lakes, 5 Lake Road, Shelton, CT 06484MEDICARE NO. SOCIAL SECURITY NO. MEDICAID NO. OTHER - INSURANCE203-924-2635SEXCODE STATUS■ Resuscitate LIVING WILL■DNR ■ Yes ■ NoHARMFUL TO SELF OR TO OTHERS■Yes ■ No1. PRIMARY DIAGNOSIS2. SECONDARY DIAGNOSISREASON FOR DISCHARGEEXPLAINED TO: ■PATIENT / RESIDENT ■ FAMILY PROGNOSIS:LAB RESULTS (If applicable)MEDICATIONS OR TREATMENTS (Drug, Strength, Mode) FREQUENCY LAST GIVEN1. SKIN INTEGRITYREHAB PLAN / THERAPEUTIC GOAL: ■GOOD ■ FAIR ■ POOR ■ INDETERMINATE DECUBITIS & STAGE - RxSERVICES REQUESTED■Nursing ■ Occ.Therapy ■ Physical Therapy ■ Speech Therapy ■ H.H.Aide ■ Social Work ■ OtherIS TREATMENT FOR CONDITION FOR WHICH PATIENT / RESIDENT WAS HOSPITALIZED (IF NO, EXPLAIN)?■Yes ■ NoI CERTIFY THAT THE ABOVE SERVICES SHOULD BE PROVIDED BY:■Acute Hosp. ■ Chronic Hosp. ■SNF ■ ICF ■ Home Health Agy. ■ Rehab Center■PATIENT CHECKED PRIOR TO DISCHARGE BY LICENSED NURSEPATIENT ESSENTIALLY HOMEBOUND■Yes ■ NoSIGNED (Physician) DATE SIGNEDLIC. NURSE SIG. DATE SIGNEDVETERAN’S NAME VA#NURSING INFORMATIONDIET■DYSPHAGIA ■ G-TUBE ■ PEG ■ N/GMENTAL STATUS■ALERT ■ CONFUSED ■ ORIENTED ■ DISORIENTED ■ COMBATIVEVITAL SIGNS T P R BPAmbulationTransferBladderBowelControlBathingDressingFeedingSightHearingSpeechSENSORY / LANGUAGE IMPAIRMENTS1. Independent w/wo assistive device COMMENTS2. Walks with Supervision3. Walks with continuous physical support4. Bod to chair (Total help)5. Bedfast1. No assistance2. Equipment only3. Supervision only4. Requires transfer w/wo equipment5. Bedfast1. Continent2. Rarely e.g. hg FOLEY SIZE_________3. Occasional - once/week or less4. Frequent - up to once a day INSERT DATE_________5. Total Incontinence6. Catheter-indwelling CHANGED DATE_________1. Continent2. Rarely3. Frequent - once a week or more4. Total Incontinence5. Ostomy LAST BM_________1. No assistance2. Supervision only3. Assistance in shower/tub4. Is bathed in shower/tub5. Is bathed - bed bath procedure1. Dresses self2. Minor assistance3. Partial help, complete 1/2 dressing4. Has to be treated1. No assistance2. Minor assistance - needs tray set up only3. Help in feeding, encouraging4. Is fed ■Dentures U or L or P1. Good2. Vision adequate - Unable to read fine print3. Vision limited - Gross object differentiation4. Blind5. Other1. Good2. Hearing slightly impaired ■Hearing Aid R or L3. Limited hearing (e.g. - must speak loudly)4. Virtually completely deaf1. Speaks clearly w/others of same language2. Some defect - usually gets message across3. Unable to speak clearly or not at allINFLUENZA VACCINE GIVEN ■Yes ■ No ■ N/APNEUMONIA VACCINE GIVEN ■Yes ■ No ■ N/AApple Rehab Guilford, 10 Boston Post Road • Guilford, CT 06437 • (203) 453-3725203-932-6411ATTENDING PHYSICIAN AT COLCHESTER

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14From a training manual for a course, product catalog, or a presentation for an upcoming event or show, choose from a wide variety of sizes and nishing options for your informative booklet.From a thank you note, or greeting card to building a relation-ship with target consumers. Send even more valuable messages than just the content written inside through our high quality card options.CATALOGS/BOOKLETSTHANK YOU/GREETING CARDS

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Printing15Stickers are a great form of communication and advertising. Whether they have a company logo, an image or product information and warnings, they serve their purpose as constant contact with the customer. Recognize student or employee achievements by giving them a customized certicate. With a wide variety of options, there are virtually no limits to what can be produced!STICKERS/LABELSCERTIFICATES

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LARGE FORMATTake your ideas to the next level through our newly expanded Large Format product line. From posters and waterproof banners to dry erase decals and other adhesives, let us help with all of your outdoor and indoor large format marketing materials.

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18Stunningly vibrant with vivid contrast, our outdoor are printed on high density vinyl to produce the highest quality print possible. With a number of nishing options, the uses are endless!Thicknesses available: 13oz, 15oz, and 18ozGoing on the road? Announce your presence at any conference, trade show or other event with a durable retractable banner stand. Coming preassembled in your new travel case, put up your signage in less than 60 seconds!Note: Graphics should be 33 7/16” by 64”-85”. This includes a ¼” bleed. Be sure to place important text at least 0.25” from the edge. Includes the stand and a travel case for your banner.BANNERSRETRACTABLE BANNER STAND

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Large Format19Printed on bright white satin utility paper, great for trade shows, dorm rooms or other short term events. Combine our eco-solvent inks with a lamination nish to create a print that will last a life time! 180 GSM weight. 8mil thickness.Fabric/Wall decalOur Low Tac Wall Cling is ideal for printed wall graphics on Indoor Finished Surfaces such as Drywall, plaster or panels. This short term wall cling is designed to hold up on many surfaces and easily be removed. Perfect for welcoming oce guests, information on an event, or other wall designs.POSTERSLOW TAC WALL CLINGAEROSPACE REDEFINEDABOUT COLLINS AEROSPACECollins Aerospace, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. Created in 2018 by bringing together UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins, Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers’ toughest challenges and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market.ALPHA BRAVO COLLINS

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20This polyester-cotton blend is great for stretching and framing (framing not oered in house), and provides an extra life to any photograph or image.Maximize Exposure through mobile advertising for your brand using our latex printing process to produce unrivaled versatility and outstanding quality outdoor magnets.Standard Sizes:18 x 12”24 x 12”24 x 18”42 x 12”72 x 24”Custom sizes available using a standard parent size listed above.Rounded corners – not available on custom sizes1”½”CANVASCAR MAGNET

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Large Format21This perfect outdoor solution Reduce Resistance with 37% air ow micro punctures and is great for fence applications. Our mesh is water resistant, fade resistant and long lasting.This tear resistant HD Polyethylene material is weather resistant and serves as a strong air protection barrier. Perfect for signage at outdoor events or other outdoor needs.MESHHDP

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22Dry Erase Adhesive Decal has many uses and is perfect for any home, oce and education purposes. Pressure sensitive adhesive backed vinyl.This waterproof Anti-Slip Surface provides worry-free adver-tising for oors and applies to any Flat Surface such as smooth concrete oors, tile, wood, counters, etc.DRY ERASE ADHESIVE DECALFOOTPRINTS

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Large Format23Our new double-sided window graphic prints on both sides of window adhesive using Low-Tac adhesion and is easily removable. Perfect for windows on doors and store windowsLong-term outdoor reective adhesive has 7 year durability, conforms and shapes to applied surfaces eortlessly.DUAL VIEW WINDOW DECALREFLECTIVE ADHESIVE

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24Perforated white Vinyl Prints on one side with 50% visibility. Perfect for the windows of cars & trucks as well as oce windows. Cover vehicle windows while retaining visibility allowing for advertising at all times!Indoor and Outdoor fabric material is applicable for all environments and provides a weatherproof option to high class advertising.ONE-WAY WINDOW CLINGFABRIC

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VG Series `bX^dSbνQeddSbTHE FUTURE OFPRINT & CUTVG Series `bX^dSbνQeddSbTHE FUTURE OFPRINT & CUTLarge Format25

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SIGNAGESimilar to our Large Format product line, our Signage product line is made up of various rigid materials perfect for indoor and outdoor weatherproofed displays. There are various materials available that are a great way to quickly grab the attention of your audience.

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High Denition Latest technology UV direct printing provides high class yard signs in a wide variety of sizes including contour cut custom shapes and images. Enhance your advertising on 4mm thick or 10 mm thick CORO plastic.*Must purchase in full sheets of 48 x 96” – can be any combination of sizes to ll the full sheet (minimum size applies)Make a lasting impression and lively presentations using our sturdy & durable foam core. We can either print directly on the foam core, or mount preprinted posters onto the foam core.Highly maneuverable*Must purchase in full sheets of 48 x 96”, unless printed as a poster and mounted to foam core. Can be any combination of sizes to ll the full sheet (minimum size applies)COROFOAM CORE28

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PVC is an indoor & outdoor white rigid plastic that is great for displays both indoors as well as outdoors. This waterproof product also works great in our A frame display, providing high quality advertising in all weather conditions. Enhance your advertising on 3 mm thick or 6 mm thick PVC plastic today.*Must purchase in full sheets of 48 x 96” – can be any combination of sizes to ll the full sheet (minimum size applies)Sign Inserts are swappable and great for both indoor and outdoor use. Built to withstand the elements, this is one of our most durable outdoor materials and is paper thin.*Must purchase in full sheets of 48 x 96” – can be any combination of sizes to ll the full sheet (minimum size applies)PVCPOLYSTYRENESignage29

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This heavy Duty Signage is ideal for outdoor use. Full color, light weight, waterproof and our most durable sign material, this material comes in a thickness of 0.04” or 0.08”.Rounded corners available, 1” & ½”*Must purchase in full sheets of 48 x 96” – can be any combination of sizes to ll the full sheet (minimum size applies)One of our newest additions to our wide format and signage lines is Backlite Signage. It refracts back lighting and is perfect for indoor or outdoor light boxes and displays. Backlit is made from a 0.01” thick polycarbonate with a waterproof white matte nish.ALUMINUMBACKLIT30

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With a 3mm thickness, J-Bond is one of our thickest waterproof material options. 0.15mm aluminum edges around a 2.7mm polyethylene core, this sign is great for mounting and is one of the attest panels on the market.Rounded corners available: 1”, ½”*Must purchase in full sheets of 48 x 96” – can be any combination of sizes to ll the full sheet (minimum size applies)The Ultimate Durability in lightweight bubble core provides great support while remaining smooth & light. Prints without any texture and is great for any sports event, event signage or any other outdoor event that requires lightweight but durable signage.*Must purchase in full sheets of 48 x 96” – can be any combination of sizes to ll the full sheet (minimum size applies)J-BONDPOLYAIRSignage31

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OTHERNeed a few extra supplies to nish o your product or project? Don’t forget about how you plan to display your brand new materials!

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34Commonly used with CORO or PVC.Commonly used with CORO yard signs.A-FRAME SIGNH-POSTS

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Other35Available in black, green, blue, redSizes: small, medium, large, x-largeRUBBER STAMPSCOMMAND STRIPS

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