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Torbjorn Idhammar


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IDCON INC is a management consulting company specializing in reliabilty and maintenance for the manufactuing and processing industries maximize profits through the improvement of reliability and maintenance practices. 


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Our Preventive Maintenance/ Essential Care and Condition Monitoring (PM/ECCM) book describes how to set up a cost effective preventive maintenance system together with basic inspection and preventive maintenance information for common components.


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Thank you for previewing Preventive Maintenance Essential Care and Condition Monitoring.  If you would like to purchase the book click the shopping cart icon at the bottom of the page.  For more information about IDCON INC, you can view our 3-minute video, visit our website, call us, email us or click any of the categories below. Best Practices Assessment, Strategy Planning and Implementation Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Preventive Maintenance Implementation and Training Root Cause Problem Elimination Implementation and Training (RCA) Equipment Criticality and Spare Parts Management  IDCON Reliability Books  Maintenance Articles and Reliability Tips

Christer Idhammar

Founder & Executive Vice President


 Christer is the founder of IDCON INC, the inventor of our Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance management (RORM) philosophy, world re-nown speaker and reliablity guru. He started his career as a mechanic on board ships in the Swedish merchant marines.  The foundation he built in 1972 in Sweden later became IDCON INC in the USA in 1985. Christer is IDCON INC's Executive Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing.

Christer possesses a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Tor Idhammar



Tor has worked with IDCON INC since 1997 and became President of IDCON INC in 2009. He oversees the day to day operations of IDCON.  He has reliability and maintenance experience from many different industry segments world-wide.  He is author of several books, whitepapers and articles.  

Tor has a BS in Industrial Engineering from NC State University and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Lund University in Sweden.