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The Prevent Cancer foundation is a foundation that has been around since 1985. We are a non-profit organization that has donated over $142 million to help research for the prevention of cancer, educate people on the subject , and advocate in communities around the globe. We are the only U.S. non-profit orginization that focuses solely on the prevention of cancer and early detection. Our public education programs help bring the information on how to help prevent getting cancer to people in many communities.


  • Reducing the cancer mortality rate by focusing on individuals, public policy, and research on prevention and early detection
  • addressing all preventable cancers across all populations
  • making prevention knowledge and early detection accsessible to people in communities that might not have a very strong medical presence.
  • collaborating with people to ensure that we are furthering our cause as much as possible
  • creating an enjoyable and welcoming workplace for our volunteers and employees.

What We Belive In




Our History

In the 1980's many people were focusing on finding a cure for cancer and the attitude at the time was that you would either get cancer or you wouldn't there was no thought on weather you could prevent cancer. After the death of Carolyn Aldie's father she decided to found the Prevention cancer foundation. The first public awareness campaign was launched in 1987. Since then we have raised millions of dollars in support of cancer prevention research and try our best to help communities in any way possible. We host annual 5k's in order to raise money and spread awareness and do other events from time to time. 

Future Plans 

The number of deaths caused from cancer are declining each year and more and more people are getting regular screening to check for major cancers like colon, prostate, and breast. With these advancements thier is always room for more improvement. We will continue to raise money for prevention research and early detection. We will also continue our efforts to educate the public and encourage people to lead a healthy happy cancer free lifestyle. 


You can help us by giving your time to help at our annual 5k, help with our public education program, or help with our annual spring gala. You can also help by spreading the word in your community.


You can donate online, at one of our many yearly events, or even by purchasing some of our goods where the proceeds go to funding cancer prevention research and early detection.

How You Can Help