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Ms. Katie and Mr. Chris Jamestown Expedition Fall 2016

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4th Grade at Two Rivers Public Charter School
Ms. Katie, Mr. Chris, and Ms. Lesley
Table of Contents
Foreword, by Ms. Katie, Mr. Chris & Ms. Lesley
Our Problem, Chaisse Crayton-Wood and Alice Wodatch...................................................................................... 5
Our Process, Hanna Floyd and Nina Ruenes........................................................................................................... 6
Chapter 1: Life Before Jamestown
Powhatan, Marianna McDiarmid ………………………………………………………………………………………….……… 8
English, Zuri Scales …………………………………………………………………………………………………..……………….. 10
African, Hanna Floyd ………………………………………………………………………………………………..…..…………… 12
Chapter 2: Coming to Jamestown and the Powhatan Prophecy
Powhatan, Graycen Lester ………………………………………………………………………………………………...……… 15
English, Carter Donald ………………………………………………………………………………………………………......... 17
Chapter 3: Problems when the English Arrive in Jamestown
Powhatan, Alice Wodatch ………………………………………………………………………………………………...………… 21
Powhatan, Noah Jordan ...………………………………………………………………………………………………………...… 23
English, Anaya Brown………………………………………………………………………………………………………..………. 25
Chapter 4: Pocahontas and John Smith
Powhatan, Bronwyn Burns ……………………………………………………………………………………...………………… 28
English, Alexis Cato ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..…............. 30
Chapter 5: The Starving Time
Powhatan, Marshall Lloyd …………………………………………………………………………………………………..…..... 32
English, Ehren Pyburn ……………………………………………………………..…………………………………..…….…….. 35
Chapter 6: Tobacco Arrives
Powhatan, Caden Coleman …………………………………………………………………………………………………..…..... 38
English, Dmitry McBroom …………………………………………………………………………………….…………………... 40
Chapter 7: Indentured Servitude
English, Leah Bleimehl …………………………………………………………………………………..………..………………… 43
Chapter 8: Pocahontas and John Rolfe
Powhatan, Angel Douglas …………………………………………………………………………………………….……………. 47
English, Chaisse Crayton-Wood …………………………………………………………………………………………......... 49
Chapter 9: The 20 and Odd Journey to Jamestown
African, Ace Branham, Jr. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………...... 53
African, Stone Turnage …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 55
Chapter 10: The African Arrival
English, Joshua Brown …………………………………………………………………………………………………..……..…… 58
African, Jaleb Saunders …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..… 59
Chapter 11: Powhatan & English War
Powhatan, Demonta’ Hodge ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… 62
English, Thomas Quinn ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..……… 64
Chapter 12: The Peace Treaty
Powhatan, Kyree Montgomery……………………………………………………………………………………………….…… 67
English, Nina Ruenes …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..….… 69
We feel incredibly grateful to the many supporters who have helped
our class complete this expedition into the history of Jamestown.
We owe many thanks to the talented Lynn Moluf whose planning
made it possible for our class to make the two-day journey to Historic
Jamestown and also kindly leant her editing skills to us.
We must say thank you to the parent adventurers who accompanied
us on our trip to Jamestown- Mike Jordan, Art Pyburn, Marie Krutzfeld,
Marion Babcock- we appreciate your time and energy on the journey. In
addition to parents, several staff members generously volunteered many
hours beyond their normal schedule to chaperone. A big thank you to
Chelsie Jones, Cody Encarnacion, Khizer Husain, and Peter Gamber for
joining us to supervise students far from our classrooms.
We would also like to thank Maggie Bello, Kendall Doyle, Peter
Gamber, Laura Sparks and Liz Riddle for volunteering to participate in
writing conferences with our authors and providing valuable feedback on
their writing pieces.
Lastly, congratulations to our students who worked hard to merge
literature and information into authentic narrative nonfiction stories! We
hope you enjoy sharing your Jamestown stories with family and friends!
Ms. Katie, Mr. Chris, and Ms. Lesley
Our Problem
By: Chaisse Crayton-Wood and Alice Wodatch
Every year at Two Rivers Public Charter School each class from Preschool through Eighth
grade has a problem that they do research on and try to solve. We call this an expedition.
This year our fourth expedition is about Jamestown. The problem we set out to solve is
that Jamestown is listed as a historic site at great risk. It could possibly be underwater by 2050.
How can we find and share the voices needed to tell the story of early Jamestown in order to
preserve this important piece in our nation’s history?
This ebook is connected to our problem because in this it we have a summary of the
critical events that happened in early Jamestown. For example we have stories like
Pocahontas and John Rolfe’s marriage, the peace treaty and the starving times. Since we
have all of those facts this ebook is like a replica of the historic site of Jamestown that
has gone down in history. This ebook we made will help keep the history of Jamestown
alive so that people can have the same great experience we had learning about
Our Process
By: Nina Ruenes and Hanna Floyd
To begin our process we launched our expedition by discovering a problem. We realized
that we need to find a way to help preserve Jamestown. First we learned about Jamestown
through primary and secondary sources. We created a timeline of the critical events in
the story of Jamestown. Then, we went to the real, historic site of Jamestown. There we
saw artifacts, buildings, and archeology that really helped us get a bigger picture of
Jamestown so we could understand the way the English, Powhatan, and Africans lived.
This gave us a vision of how they lived.
When we went back to school we started talking about what new things we learned at
Jamestown. When we returned from Jamestown we studied narrative nonfiction and
decided that writing our own narrative nonfiction pieces would help solve our problem.
We researched more about a specific cultural group at a certain time in Jamestown
history. We brainstormed are writing piece and the characters. Then we did our first draft
and spent many days writing and editing. Then we started our final writing piece, the
one you're reading right now!
Chapter 1
Life Before
Life Before Jamestown: Powhatan
By: Marianna McDiarmid
This picture shows a view of what a Powhatan village looked like before the 1600s.
In the area where Jamestown will be placed, I had a conflict with the Pamunkey,
and the Mattaponi. Although we had a conflict, the lushes blue waters, bright green grass
with beautiful flowers,that every pile they were in looked as if it were a bouquet, with air
the scent of hard ripe strawberries,that would taste of deliciousness,that really took that
thought away.
I had thought of a Confederacy at that time and gathered up the pamunkey ,and the
Mattaponi. Finally they came to the area we lived in, to make the confederacy.
After the meeting
We had made the confederacy and now the Powhatan,the Mattaponi and the
Pamunkey were a big tribe instead of three tribes in a conflict(good thing we didn’t leave
it like that long enough to be at war). Now that we were together the land is healthier.
Now the land never looked better. Instead of the air smelling of delicious hard ripe
strawberries,it smells of crushed cherry blossom petals.With the smell delicious and the
land in peace we are living well ,we can have a good land with a good life.
I was happy with my people. We were doing well and our nation was never greener
and our grass could never be brown. With our beautiful land we had lots of food to spare
and we always shared our land with everybody, including the animals and plants. Some
say our land is mother nature and she helps us pray to the gods for the luck and for the
food she has given us so we can survive. We believe in our gods, so we never lose a shred
of hope even when all is lost, we still stay true to our land. We have statues of our loved
gods where we pray for all good and good luck.
Now that the confederacy is placed, the area is full of our peace and kindness, that
helps the land and our bodies grow,to be stronger, like how we let our children naked
until 8 or 12 years old so their body can grow stronger.We do a lot of things to strengthen
our selfs. The powhatan pride themselves of the privileges we have.
We loved to share the things we had and did not have a problem with it at all.
Life Before Jamestown: English
By: Zuri Scales
This picture shows the one-room home of a typical poor person living in
England around 1606.
Another day in London, England in the year of 1606. I’ve heard from my friend,
Henry Tavin, that they are looking for men for a voyage to the new world. The newly
founded Virginia Company has been recruiting by word of mouth for any strong, young
lad looking for adventure, and a new life. They told me I should should sign up today.
That sounds like a daring adventure, I thought. Henry and I decide to go because we have
nothing to lose. We were born strong, but not rich, so London isn’t for us.
When we get to the new land, we’ll have a chance to make something of ourselves,
free from our lowly status in the old world. Henry says that London is dirty, old, and
rusty. It looks dull and drab, it’s best days behind it. I agree. I reckon it’s time to move
on. “I hear that the new world will be full of adventure, and a man can be free to live how
he pleases,” I say.
The night before Henry and I leave our old life behind, I had a dream. I was in the
new world. The grass in the new world looked as green as a fresh lime. The air tasted as
sweet as ripe strawberries. The natives were generous and childish. They treated me as a
family would treat their long lost son. I awoke from my sleep, excited to migrate to my
new homeland. As I stepped foot on the Discovery, I was overwhelmed with excitement.
The Discovery is a mighty vessel. It was the color of a cloudless sky. It had sails as
white as pearls and was towering as buildings. On deck I saw a huge ship cannon to
protect us from the tricky Spanish. As the ship took off, it rocked side to side like a
pendulum of a Grandfather clock. I fell to my back by the force of the ship. A man walked
over and saw that I had fallen, and gave me a hand. Once I regained my balance, I could
get a better look at him. He was of tall stature with a dark brown beard, and a side gun,
and a look of determination. “Takes a while to get your sea legs,” he said. “Thank you,” I
replied. I later found out that he was the famed Captain John Smith.
After weeks on our voyage, dark clouds began to form. The men began to worry. I
saw a large flash in the distance and it took me a while to realize it was lightning. A large
crackle caught me off guard, then it begins to pour down with heavy rain. I’m drenched
from head to foot within seconds. The men on deck ran frantically up and down the deck
trying to protect the goods and food from the sea. Captain John Smith gave many orders,
but was difficult to hear through the storm’s anger. The waves began to grow so large
they hit the deck, knocking over the men. The only ones who braved the storm were the
labourers and low born, while the high born gentleman shook in their boots below deck.
Suddenly the storm knocked me down, and I hit my head against the mast, which
knocked me out. The last thing I heard was Henry and John Smith yelling for me, “Dods,
wake up! We’ve got to get you below deck.” I later I woke up with a huge headache, lying
on a bed of hay with the smell of sea salt rushing my nose. “John, you’re finally awake,”
Henry says. “You’ve been out for five days.” I’m shocked that I survived that terrible
storm. Henry helped me get up. When I reached above deck, I saw a seagull circulating
around. I was filled with joy at the sight. After weeks of sailing, we finally found the
new world. “LAND HO!” everyone shouted. I cried a tear of joy. I hope this new land will
be a great adventure for me, and for everyone else.
Life Before Jamestown: Africans
By: Hanna Floyd
This picture shows how Africans worked in their villages with tools before coming to Jamestown.
I wake up and I feel the hot sun shining in my face. I get up and I greet my parents.
I sit down and wait till my mother says the food is ready. While I wait I look at all of the
pottery we made and all of the colorful paintings in my house. When I’m done looking at
everything around the house mom calls and the food is ready. When I finished eating my
mom says, ‘’honey we have to leave early so we can plant the crops before it gets very
HOT outside’’. I nodded and said ‘’ok’’, and went off to work. As I was working I thought
about how mom used to plant the crops all by herself, but I know she keeps me close as I
stopped thinking. I felt the sun burning more and more on my dark skin but I work even
harder. I walk back in the house to get a drink of water; when I walk back out the house I
see my dad making more iron tools. He is called a blacksmith. Someday I want to do the
kind of job my dad does too, because it sounds pretty fun to make all those cool things
like hammers, nails, and hoes.
When I go back to work in fIelds, I look up at the sun. It begins to set, and I hear
momma saying ‘’Zoya it’s time to come in the house now, the sun is setting’’. I say’’ yes
mamma’’. As I walk in the the house I ask my mom ‘’can I make more pottery when
dinner is getting made?”. It looked like she was really thinking about the question, I’m
happy she did because she said “yes honey’’. I thanked her with a great big hug and a
very loud thank you, which I think everybody around us heard. So I got started as soon as
we got in the house! As we got in the house I started setting up where I was going to do
my pottery, then my mom randomly asked me ‘’Zoya what do you want to be when you
grow up?” I thought about what I was going to say, then I said ‘’maybe a blacksmith like
my father or a person who crafts stuff like pottery or even gold. Those are some choices I
was thinking about!” Mamma nodded and said “alright Zoya that sounds like pretty good
for what you're going to be when you grow up.” I say thanks for listening you’re a
.” Mom sang ‘’thank you very much my little Zoya because you’re someone too.” I
thank her with a BIG HUG!
As I fished hugging my mom, dad comes in the house and says “I have very bad
news. We have lost 2 people today. They been captured by the Portuguese. Luckily, I
escaped but others did not.” As I listen to the news I feel a tear drop down my cheek then
it just start pouring out. Momma lifts me up. She says “don’t cry, be strong.” I say “yes
momma, I’ll try to be.” She puts me down, then papa says “be strong my child, I know
you can get through this time.” “Dankie”
I say, he says to me “thank you for being my
strong meisie
.” I blush and say, “I’m always going to be your strong girl” “I know you
are” he says. I go back to my room. I think about am I going to be safe here and how I
shouldn't go anywhere because I might get captured but I know in my in my heart I’m
safe here in my home. Or am I!?
Chapter 2
Coming to
Jamestown and the
Powhatan Prophecy
Coming to Jamestown and the
Powhatan Prophecy: Powhatan
By: Graycen Lester
This pictures shows a real bear-skin, like the kind that Chief Powhatan would have had at the
time he got the prophecy.
As I go to the main longhouse, I get worried that the Chief will not like how the
prophecy goes. Now I enter the longhouse where Chief Powhatan dwells.
As I enter he calls me. ”Ah priest, I see you have come, now about that prophecy”. I
sit down by the warm fire and start talking. I say, “An unknown tribe comes on boat with
higher quality materials better than our materials. We’ll start to be friendly with each
other, then things will get more aggressive over time . We will have victory twice then
our enemy will win all”. As I look up at Chief Powhatan he looks peaceful. He says “ I am
not pleased at all, but I can’t change destiny”. I let out a sigh of relief as I walk out
knowing everything is fine. At least I think so. As I fall asleep I wonder what will behold
before my eyes tomorrow. Well I guess I’ll find out.
As I wake up I hear shouting. I wonder what it is. But at the same time I'm
frightened to go out. It could be an enemy of ours. And I could get killed. Instead I take a
glimpse outside. There is a ship. It is very grand canoe . it looked odd but I did not
question it. It has tons of adults and children. I fear that they are the enemy. As they get
closer I think they are here to harm us. They had long wooden things for weapons. So I’m
going to make a dangerous decision. I'm coming out of the longhouse. As I come out a
man with white clothing spots me. When he sees me, I dash to the chief's longhouse.
When I’m inside his home I say “ Sir, an unknown tribe is arriving and one has seen
me!” He responds in a frightened and angry way. He says “it looks more like a deadly
threat and that means priest, go roundup two warriors”. And tell them a unknown threat
is coming. As the warriors go I dash back to my home and I hope I am safe. When I’m
inside, I hear screaming of injury and splashing of death, and I know they have been
vanquished. But then I hear explosions, then the warriors retreat, then silence. I get
really worried. Then I look outside then I see the warriors are tiptoeing through the wet
grass. Then I know for sure the warriors are now safe, I think. But I am still worried
about the unknown tribe. I worry that I could die.
Coming to Jamestown and the
Powhatan Prophecy: English
By: Carter Donald
This picture shows the statue honoring John Smith, one of the English leaders who arrived at
Jamestown in 1607.
In 1607, after sailing for a long time, I finally felt land under my feet. I looked around; all
I saw was grass and trees. My life had changed from being a commoner in England, who
was criticized by gentlemen, to being a free person in the New World. GOD had brought
me here. My dad is a priest and his name is Reverend Adam. My name is James and I’m
ten years old my best friend Bryce is with me to .
My mom Angelica was left in England with my baby brother, William, because women
were not allowed on the voyage. I am excited to meet Captain Smyth, who is on another
ship. He is a good leader because he is in the army.
I really want to see a Powhatan and want to learn how to shoot arrows at the exact target.
I saw an arrow coming at one of the commoners from the bushes . I try to warn him, but
it was too late. He started to shake and eventually fell dead because a Powhatan shot him.
We realized that we would need to build a fort and use soldiers to protect us at night.
We had already started to build the fort and one rule was: you don’t work, you don’t eat.
They made the rule because not enough men were working so we did not have food to
survive and Captain John Smyth made the rule . You have to work for your food. We also
had to start making money for the Virginia Company because they sent us here to make a
We also need to get fresh water and meat because the corn has run out. Now some
settlers are getting sick or starving. My best friend Bryce is worried that we might lose a
lot of soldiers because there is not enough food.
Right now Jamestown is horrible because the natives are attacking and some of our men
are dead; but it is getting worse. Today someone shot a group of Powhatan in self
defense. The Powhatan had wanted to trade meat and water for trinkets, but instead a
soldier just took the supplies and ran back to the fort. This made Chief Powhatan angry
so he ordered an attack on our fort.
Now, all but a few soldiers were left and this was a problem. If Chief Powhatan made
another attack on Jamestown we would be wiped out! Now the Powhatan have a big
advantage: they could attack us at any time.There was another problem, NOT ENOUGH
FOOD. No one could safely hunt, and of course, the Powhatan wouldn’t help because they
were still mad.
Bryce is getting very hungry and so am I. Last night my dad was praying that we would
get through hard times he was yelling GOD help us!!! He said it wasn’t heaven; it was the
exact opposite. We all know what that means.
I dearly hope that we can survive. I hope we are not like the Roanoke Colony because
they disappeared and no one knows what happened to them!
Now we have to start hunting outside the fort so we can get food and fresh water, but it
will be hard with the Powhatan. You never know what will happen because we don’t
speak their language. At last, the Powhatan are starting to lighten up and are willing to
trade now!!! They will trade food for weapons because they know they have to get on our
good side, because we have advanced weapons. Captain Smyth understood the trading
rules. If we keep this up we might even have a successful colony, but we have to maintain
a good relationship with the Powhatan. We must keep our men from shooting the
Powhatan so then we can join forces with them to conquer the land.
But because of the powhatan and what they believe in, they will not be able to help, but if
we have strong soldiers we can conquer the land ourselves and if anyone comes in our
way we will slaughter them and their tribe to make sure none of them rise up again. But
that will take a very long time but that will be done eventually.
My mom Angelica and William are coming on the next voyage. Bryce’s sister and mom
are coming too, because women are allowed to come now but it will take months so
they’re already on their way. We are all happy! Now the Powhatan are trading more
supplies, for instance fishing supplies and trinkets. The only thing that could ruin it is if
either side attacks a war would break out.
This is what arriving in Jamestown was like. Everything is well I am 98 now. I am
married with 6 kids. They are married and have kids but we are not in Jamestown but
Williamsburg to stay and have a good life. Live long the story of Jamestown.
Chapter 3
Problems when the
English Arrive in
Problems When the English Arrive
in Jamestown: Powhatan
By: Alice Wodatch
This picture shows a replica of one of the boats the Powhatan saw the English arrive in.
May 14, 1607
I walk down the mossy path that leads to the river. Kneeling, I dip my pot into the cold
secretive water. I slowly stand up to turn around. I start walking back up the path.
"LAND HO!" I drop my pot and it shatters. I swirl around to see three ships sailing right
toward me. My father warned me about these people. The ships are getting closer by the
minute. I decide to run. When I get back to the village the news has already gotten to my
father. "Pocahontas, my favorite daughter, what news have you brought from the pale
ones?" I say, ”I have not met them yet father.” “Well then we will go to their village
this sundown; in the meantime, go with your sisters to collect corn to trade with them.”
After my sisters and I collect corn, we gather ourselves to go to the new arrivals.
We start walking down the hill. Slowly their camp comes into view. I see four men
dressed in armor walking to us. In their hands they carry trinkets and tools. "We come
in peace," they say. I put the bowl that holds the corn in front of me; then they do the
same. One of the men picks up one of the trinkets. “Beads,” he says; I repeat, “beads."
He picks up a tool, "hammer"; I repeat, “hammer." Then I pick up the corn and give it
to them; they give us the tools. I walk back to the village where people are waiting to see
This was the first time I met them. “Now we shall see if they're trustworthy and why
they’re really here,” I think to myself.
It has been twelve sundowns since the pale ones have arrived. Their fort has been
growing bigger every day. It is the biggest thing I have ever seen. Maybe they’re here to
stay. We catch some of them sneaking away from our village with a bowl of our corn in
their hands. This is getting us worried.
May 26, 1607
A group of our strongest men have planned to attack the now-called ‘English’ fort which
will hopefully force them to leave. “Send them to the English fort,” my father, the chief,
says. I don’t think this is the best idea because it might start a war, but I trust my
father’s judgement.
From my bed I hear small shrieks of terror. The next morning only three of our strongest
men have returned. We do a ceremony for the ones who didn’t come back. But some of
the people are truly angry about the English. After the ceremony, some people gather to
talk. “I am the great-grandfather of one of our strongest men who didn’t return. These
people are not welcome here. How can we trust them when they think they own the
land?” The group responds with, “We can’t!”
From then on we continued our bad relationship with the English.
December, 1607
One day close to winter an Englishman named John Smith is searching for food near our
village. A group of our men go to find him and capture him. When they bring him back
to the village, my father and the other leaders have a long discussion. One of the leaders
says, “This man has been believed to be good-willed. When we captured him, he fought
bravely.” Then my father says, “Then we have his trust. He is free to go.”
Our relationship with the English has been healed. We trade almost every day now. Their
fort burned down, but they’re rebuilding it. Everything seems well in jamestown.
But I realize it's only the beginning.
Problems When the English Arrive
in Jamestown: Powhatan
By: Noah Jordan
This picture shows one of the ships that brought the English to the New World.
It is 1607, and I am finally old enough to hunt on my own because I am 12 now. I am a
part of a proud tribe and we live in the Powhatan nation. l have a few little brother and
sisters. I’m also the oldest child in my family.
When some strangers arrived from the Big river they were looking for gold while was
hunting. I saw that there were three ships that were full of men who are strangers.The
next week I went by them again and I saw them searching for land.
The strangers arrived to the Big river and picked a spot that I thought was terrible,
because there were mosquitos carrying disease that were spread around that area and
there were was water you could not drink.
The Strangers got sick because they didn’t have clean water. And they later asked for help
from my people. One person obviously looked like he was trying to lead the village of
strangers. Soon the leader of my people, Chief Wahunsanocock, and this stranger started
trading back in forth. We also started trading opportunities with the Strangers because
we thought it would be nice to receive gifts from them made from things that we don’t
Some Strangers arrived to our shores and had some very powerful weapons. My fellow
Powhatan villagers and I were frustrated by our new visitors.
As I was hunting I saw those Strangers again sailing up the Big river, and I could not
exactly understand them because they spoke a different language than me. So I got a
little closer and noticed that they looked a little unhappy. I got a look at them and went
back into the bushes. As I was in the bushes I had my bow and arrow ready. I was very
scared that they would attack me and I was really lucky that they never spotted me. I
waited until they were far enough so I was good to go. I went to go tell chief Powhatan,
and he said to be careful. He told me to keep an eye on them.
I was very curious why the spot by the river to build their village, because the mosquitos
carried disease and spread illness around that area. There is also very disgusting water.
When I was fishing they found some land so I just took a sneak peek at their base. Their
base is in the shape of a triangle. Even though I disobeyed Wasonackock, I followed them
for two weeks straight. AndI walked away from them and just went back to fishing. They
never spotted me. I was lucky they did not. Their leader was easy to spot because he was
the one ordering the other men around. Some of his men don’t seem to like him very
much. Wasoackock is a great leader in my opinoin because he united 30 different tribes
and he fought in a lot of battles to protect our tribe from our enemies.
Problems When the English Arrive
in Jamestown: English
By: Anaya Brown
This picture shows the gravestone marking where settlers who died after arriving at Jamestown
were buried.
I’m an English settler named John Smith who set sail for Jamestown in 1607. We left
from London to go to Virginia so that we could find gold. We sailed on three ships that
were named Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery. Those three ships brought the
first permanent English colonists to Virginia. There were no women on any of our ships.
There were about 144 men and a few boys. I feel like I am going to find gold and then can
come back to England to make my King proud!
While I was on the boat I saw yellow and blue fish swimming in the clear warm water. I
could see the tall trees with green leaves. Finally, we got off the boat after a long journey.
A few months later we worked, and worked, and worked to build shelter, but there was a
problem. We did not know how to fish, hunt, farm, or build shelter. Meanwhile the
Powhatans knew how to do all of those things because it is their land, plus they built it
and have been living here for as long as I knew.
Many of us died from hunger, diseases, and attacks from the Indians. I felt disappointed
because my friends have died and I wanted to find gold.
Not long after that I got kidnapped by the Indians. They kidnapped me because they
wanted their land back. Suddenly he took my head and threw my head on rocks. I could
feel him breathing on my neck. He was ready to beat my brains out with a club. Chief
Powhatan was so upset because the English are on his land that his people built. He was
ready to beat my brain out with clubs. Until a little girl came running and put her head on
She begged her father to let me go. She said, “Daddy, please let him go!” Chief Powhatan
let me go and I went back to the English Fort of Jamestown.
By that time it was too late for me to be the leader of Jamestown again.
Later, I was injured by a gunpowder explosion. I went for treatment in London in October
1609. I was promised a better life in Virginia and I feel tricked. It was not a better life in
Virginia. My life there was full of trouble and disappointment.
Chapter 4
Pocahontas and John
Pocahontas and John Smith: Powhatan
By: Bronwyn Burns
This picture shows a statue of Pocahontas from Jamestown.
I am a Powhatan girl. I live in southern Virginia, where the English settlers placed
Jamestown, they are near where I live. I still do what Powhatan girls do, like harvesting,
planting, and collecting berries.
One day some men from my tribe came back with a man who did not look like a person
from my tribe. He had pale white skin, and he wore cloth that shone like the sun on the
water. The men from my tribe had his arms penned behind his back. They pushed him
into my father’s long house. I heard my father ask “Who are you?”. The man said “my
name is John Smith, I am an English settler, and I am from England.” My tribesman told
my father that this man was caught trespassing and that he came carrying a weapon.
They took him to a little house and tied him up. He stayed there for a few weeks. My
father came to me and said “Pocahontas you are going to be John Smith’s sponsor and
act like you are saving him while I’m going to act like I want to kill him. Let’s try to
make it look real.” “Alright.”,I said.
When I go into the little house I see John Smith tied up, and I get a closer look at him. He
does not see me though. I thought, “Wow that’s who I’m sponsoring. This will be easy.”
I go out of the little house. I think of what to say then it came to my mind I could say
WAIT! I think that is what I am going to do. Now it is 9:00 pm and I am going to sleep.
My father comes and says “Good night Pocahontas.” I say “good “Night father.” I think
about tomorrow and the days after that. When I wake up in the morning and hear the
birds chirp. I go outside there is no one there. I go to the little house and see John Smith
sleeping. I go to get a closer look at him wow he really does not look like a man from my
tribe. I hear someone coming. I hide as they pass by. I go back into my house at 6:00 in
the morning the whole village is up. I cook and then I go play ball with some friends. I
hear something from the little house. I stop what I am doing and sneak into the little
house and see John Smith awake. He says “Who is there.” I quickly run out of the little
house and sneak back to what I was doing. I see the men who guard the little house go in
and check on Smith, then one minute later they come out. They said “He will be able to
come out and we can do the ceremony. In a few more weeks he’ll be ready.” I say yes in
my mind. When I have some free time I practice in my house. I wear the necklace that my
mom wore when she was little and my age. When my mother was little she probably did
not have to do this. I'm nervous and scared. I have never done this before. I wish my
mother was here to comfort me before the day comes. What if we will have wars with the
English because we took one of their men?
I am so worried what if John Smith does not like me? Now it is 8:00 pm and I go to sleep.
In the morning, I go to the little house and check on John Smith. He looks nice now. Now
it’s just one more week until I do the ceremony. I do all my chores and then go eat dinner
then go to bed. Today is the ceremony, so they untie Smith. But his hands are still pinned
behind his back. I get ready. Now they place his head on two rocks my dad got a big stick
and was doing movements I come in and say “WAIT!” I put my head on his. We let him
go back to his village. Before he says bye I wave good bye. I go to the place where he
comes from and become very nice with the English.
Now I really know John Smith, and always visit him. He is very nice. My dad kind of likes
him too. But I am the only one who visits him. I am happy the ceremony is done because
I am not nervous any more.
Pocahontas and John Smith: English
By: Alexis Cato
This picture shows the English fort that John Smith came from when he was captured by the
One day in 1607 I decided to go explore the Chickahominy River. It was a nice view you
could see the town from here. Its smells like air freshener.
Then a group of powhatans captured me. It hurt really bad because they had the rope
really tight. When they brought me to their village it looked neat, but smelled weird. It
smelled like like dead animals. It smelled like my home before I ran away from home
when I was 16 after my father died.The Powhatan catch me, but this time they gave me a
hard time. They wouldn't let me go, because all I had was 2 gold coins. Take me to meet
him. Chief Wahunsanocock was mad.
The ceremony. They started to talk but I couldn’t understand them but finally they
brought my head to rocks.
Then they were about to beat my brains out but pocahontas saved me by putting her head
on mines. Then her father let me go.
I hope to thank that girl one day for saving my life. After that girl saved me she visited
Jamestowne. I said what is your name. She said Pocahontas. I said that is a nice name.
She said thank you. Then she asked me what is my name.
Chapter 5
The Starving Time
The Starving Time: Powhatan
By: Marshall Lloyd
This picture shows the replica of the original Jamestown fort wall that Powhatan forced the
English to stay inside of.
“We need more food!”, Chief Powhatan said to us hunters and farmers. “It is almost
winter and there is almost nothing to eat.” ”My apologies my king.”
I say, “Most of the animals have gone into hiding for the winter.” ”I am sorry, my lord,
but it’s very windy and the crops of corn, berries, and squash keep dying,” one woman
that owns crops said to the chief. I know in my heart that the English are having
problems too, but they still have goods to trade and we don’t. That is the problem. Such a
shame. We would have liked the sparkly diamonds and jewelry that they had and because
of that more people would be happy. Today people don’t have positive vibes because of all
the suffering.
The fall and upcoming winter are very harsh this year. I am worried a lot of us won’t
survive this cold season. ”Nemattanew,” my chief said to me, “We are becoming weaker.
In the afternoon, go with your warriors to stand outside the English’s fort to take them
out when they leave their territory. Now is the time we finish them forever.”
We arrive at the settlers’ fort on the later side of the day. We stand in the long, light
green and yellow grass below the towering wooden walls made from trees. It has been
days--weeks--since the English left their fort. Because we know that something is
wrong, we go to tell Chief Powhatan. When we get back it is very late. We stand below
him, kneel to show respect, and tell him all about that there has been no report of
English settlers for weeks. He tells us, “Keep looking. They must be around their fort
somewhere.” “As you wish my lord,” I say and go with my warriors.
We quickly settle around the fort. It is late and I have to be with my son, Ahiga. But then
one of my comrades informs me of three settlers outside the fort. I signal to the others to
come with me. The signs have to be very quick almost like you’re hunting deer. We are
very quiet and stealthy. We move quiet as mice and fast as a fox. All of us warriors spot
the English and get our bow and arrows out. I give hand signals to take the lead and
count. We kill of the settlers, the last one escapes by the skin of his teeth. After more
days of staying at the fort we figure out the English are short on food too.
When we get back there is a problem. We are a bit short on food. This message made fear
strike into the hearts of our tribe. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner we are going to be
short. All of this is a lot to take in. I agree with Chief Powhatan. We are getting weaker
and it is time to wipe out the English, permanently. Even Chief Powhatan and I are
worrying. His face is red and pale.
Now we are in late winter and it is very hard to find food.The situation has gotten worse.
For all meals there is not enough to eat. But, most people are suffering from diseases.
Three of my most prized warriors have passed today. They died from a disease called
Bilious fever. 90% of the people inside were crying. Losing one is still bad, but three is a
tragedy. Many people blame the gods, but I think it is at the hands of fate. Now there are
two or three deaths that happen every day. Many people cry, but, I can’t. I have to be an
example for everybody who is crying and sad. I have to teach them to have faith.
I can feel our nation breaking apart. We have gone from a lot of people to little people.
Many people die from diseases. This long, cold, and harsh winter has made history. We
call it “The Starving Time.”
This is a terrible place to be in this period of time. I would compare this to time burning
in fire for eternity. People get sick and die just in one day. People are moaning and
groaning about all the bad things happening. There is almost no food in our area. Some
people want to migrate to the north, but, I know how the English are, they are thirsty for
land and that thirst can’t be quenched.
It is late winter now and things have got a tad bit better. At least 1/10 of the crops are
making it. A little bit of the animals are coming out and staying. The fruit is getting ripe
again! The crops are growing and animals are coming out! I have exciting news! On
Thursday I figure out it is spring!
Joy! The drought is finally over! The animals came out and the crops are growing again!
The only bad thing is the English are doing well too. But we are too happy to worry about
them. Everything that could possibly go wrong went right! We are blessed by the gods
because we stayed true. Our families are doing well again. We share good vibes and
family happiness. This is the best thing that happened to us after the worst thing. We are
at peace once again.
The Starving Time: English
By: Ehren Pyburn
The picture shows the grave markers at the Jamestown site where corpses from the starving may
have been buried.
The Powhatan won’t trade with us and the food supply is running out. By the way my
name is James like Jamestown, and I love chicken. Me and my family live in Jamestown. I
have a brother named Arthur. My dad is one of the people who goes and trades but one
day he never came back so me, my mom, and Arthur assumed that he was killed by a
Powhatan’s arrow.
Life in Jamestown was okay when we first got here. Me and Arthur would play around.
We got in trouble once when we sneaked into the armory and we took the swords, and we
had a sword battle. We lost track of time and the person who runs the place saw us.
It wasn’t so bad to be in New World, I actually kind of enjoyed the adventure. But then
my mom died of a disease. That’s when things got really serious. Me and my brother had
to live with another family because the we can’t live alone. I had to sleep over the dining
room- it looks like an attic to me. But the one good thing about living there was that I
made a friend named Alexander he had a little sister named Julea. Me and Alexander
became best friends. But then Alexander grew very sick and died. I was 12 at the time,
and my brother was 7, that was one of the saddest days of my life. After that my brother
comforted me I felt a little better.
We still live with Alexander’s family, but it’s not the same without him. Everyday, I have
to do chores like get water. I had to carry buckets of water, and they were heavy. It’s
early November and getting water isn’t too hard yet, but it is getting hard to find it.
Everyday the weather turns a tiny bit colder. I know winter is coming. I’m worried
because the last trading party came back with no corn from our neighbors, the Powhatan.
Are they getting bored of trading with us? The next day it grew very cold outside so I
think it's winter we have no food and no water one came out their house, because it is
cold out there. The governor said to stay inside.
One day a person brought back a dead person and ate it. I was disgusted. After that more
people did it, then Alexander’s parents did so me and Arthur had to eat it. I refused to eat
it but we had no choice so we ate. It tasted bad, extremely gross.
At night we talked about it. Now I’m 13 and Arthur was nine. Sometimes we talk about
mom and dad and how we miss them. The next day it seemed like a sequence every day
people are eating dead people. It's awful. Now that it’s getting warm the starving is over
and we will have a celebration. I am glad to have food to eat because I have not had food
in a very long time. I’m glad because the people on the ships brought us food.
Chapter 6
Tobacco Arrives
Tobacco Arrives: Powhatan
By: Caden Coleman
This picture shows the oldest tobacco seed found at the Jamestown fort by archaeologists.
It has been many sundowns since the arrival of our English neighbors. They are a strange
tribe, full of fools with interesting trinkets. They adorn themselves with shiny copper,
and odd clothing. They are unlike my federation in so many ways. Their men have lots of
hair on their faces, like a dog. They smell as if they don’t bathe. They have heavy clothing
that makes it hard to move. They are always carrying weapons, ready for attack. They are
always building and growing in numbers, like weeds popping out of the ground. They’ve
been here years, and they refuse our ways and customs. They like to trade our corn for
weapons and tools. We have been in talks with the English for many sun rotations.
Sometimes we Powhatan think we can befriend the pale ones. But their greed for our land
makes us doubt that it is possible. Before it was gold, now it is land. As of late they have
begun to grow our most sacred plant, tobacco, that we use for rituals. They know nothing
of it, and so disrespect our traditions. We have used this precious crop for hundreds of
what the English call “years”, mostly for smoking during ceremonies and peace rituals.
We know what the pale-faces do not understand that the land is our mother. We must
take care of it as we care for ourselves. And that is why we do not use too much tobacco,
because it kills the land if we grow too much too fast. The pale-faces do not care for the
earth as we do. They care only for land and money. Their men search for wealth like a
wily fox searches for chicken eggs. Recently the English have started planting tobacco
outside of their village that they call Jamestown, after their great father. And it worries
me. This has caused me to call a meeting between the representatives of the English to
discuss the issues.
I looked at the tobacco and thought about how selfish the English were for planting
tobacco on our land.
The time of our gathering is when the sun is high in the sky. The English have come with
their guns and other weapons, while we have come with our bows and arrows. We have
both decided that the meeting would take place in our village. As hosts, we have to make
them feel welcome. Ten of the pale-face men come to discuss the planting of their
tobacco plants in our land. Both sides are looking at each other with frustration and
distrust in their eyes. As the leader of the Powhatan, I must negotiate with the
pale-faces. So I speak first. “We both must live in the same land, we have to compromise
on this issue.” Their leader, a man whose first name is John and his last name is Rolfe,
seems confused. “We English have a claim on this land from our king, James the first. We
must make an agreement that we will not fight over this issue. We English need land to
grow to our tobacco to sell it in our home country”. “You English are only concerned
about making money and that hurts the territory, and it is the only home we have, and if
they take it we will have nowhere to live. We might not survive without our land to grow
crops and plants and animals to eat.
Tobacco Arrives: English
By: Dmitry McBroom
This picture shows how the English dried tobacco at Jamestown.
I've been living in Jamestown for a long time. But recently I made an important
discovery. I think this discovery is going to make me a rich man. The native
Americans have grown tobacco here for a long time, but we have always found it
harsh and bitter. It tastes like eating dirt! I decided to give tobacco another try.
If I grow the tobacco well I can get rich. So I went to the West Indies to pick up
tobacco seeds. When I planted these seeds in Virginia the tobacco tasted more sweet. I
tried it out first and gave it to my friends. They loved it!
Later that year, I met my wife, Pocahontas in Jamestown Virginia. We got married in
April 5th, 1614. I took her back to England because the king wanted to meet me and
my wife. He wanted to thank me for helping England make a lot of money. They loved
the West Indies tobacco in Virginia and England.
The English buy a lot of it. The king becomes rich and so do I. It also grows strong
and healthy in Virginia. But I keep coming back to beautiful Jamestown, Virginia to
check on the tobacco to make sure it was growing well. We used tobacco for medicine
and to smoke. tobacco became a cash crop for me and I got rich and famous it was
Chapter 7
Indentured Servitude
Indentured Servitude v. Slavery: English
By: Leah Bleimehl
This picture shows the remnants of a shovel, the kind indentured would have used to turn land in
the tobacco fields.
1618 December 29#
“Emily, Emily” I said. “I am here” said Emily. “I can’t see you” I said. “I am right here”
she called faintly. I began to cry. Suddenly, I woke up. I was on a rocky ship next to my
sister Emily in a bunk. Sorry I haven't introduced myself. I am John. I am very excited
because me, my sister Emily and my mom are going to Jamestown. My dad passed away a
long time ago because he smoked way too much. I wish he didn’t make those horrible
1618 December 30#
We aren’t going there to find gold or seek adventure. We are going there to work;
work for the adventures and for the people who seek gold. We will work on the fields, on
the fields of the gold leaves often called ”tobacco
1618 December 31#
When we arive we are very hungry and very cold. Most of the people are not very
nice here. They treat us like servants. I guess they do that because we are. We are called
indentured servants but I don’t like the name, it sounds rude. Also today my master told
us the rules he said “you have to work, work” he said and explained how to dry and plant
the tobacco. It was all pretty boring.
1619 January 1#
I see many bad things here. Like my friend, Boston, he got whipped for not drying
the tobacco. He is not an indentured servant though. He is a slave. I have never seen any
one like him before. His skin is the color of chocolate. My sister Emily said she could eat
him but I don’t know what goes around in her head.
1619 January 2#
More of boston's kind are coming. Hands tightly tied behind their backs. I ask mom
why are they treated differently and why do we not get whipped when they do? She just
smiles and says “we’re all treated differently and that’s the way life works.” I walk away
feeling confused.
1619 January 3#
The tobacco fields are getting larger and our master is get wealthier by the
moment. That’s very good because more money he makes, the better he treats us. For
example, the beds are so much more comfy, the food is better than anyone has tasted
before, they treat us better than we have ever been treated before .
1619 January 4#
A sad thing happened today. It is so sad I don’t think I can tell you about it.
Boston’s master passed away. His master’s wife is so depressed. But the sad thing is not
that he died, it is that Boston and his family got whipped very bad because their mistress
was so mad, and thought that they had done something to her husband. Boston’s wounds
are so bad that they are oozing with puss. I feel very bad for him. He says “tis but a
1619 January 5#
I asked my mom why do we have to work? She said we had to work because we are
poor, because she did not get the right education and that she had signed a contract that
said we would work for 6 years but we might lose that because more and more slaves are
coming. I thought that was a long time and was scared what will we do without this job.
With a sigh she said it was just right for us and that she did not know. I don't think she
wanted me to, but I heard her say I have to get the money, for John and Emily for my
1619 January 6#
Today I asked Boston what it was like to live how he did in Jamestown. He said it
was hard work and if you were tired you could not rest without someone whipping you
,but then someone would help you up and get you some water. Where he lived they were
all one big family.
1619 January 7#
Today Emily met a new friend. Her name is Mary. Mary is an English settler. She
told us a story. It was about a time they called the Starving time. She said it was very
hard for people to survive because they did not have enough food. She also told us about
the time Captain John Smith had a bad injury, because his gunpowder had set fire. His leg
was so hurt that he had to go back to England.
1619 January 8#
I saw a weird animal. When I asked my mom what it was she said it was a raccoon.
She also said that they steal food from us that’s why they have dark fur, so they can steal
food in the night. I thought, a raccoon, that has a good feeling to it.
1619 January 9#
I asked my mom why do we work on tobacco fields? “Well, I know you can’t eat
tobacco but you can smoke it” she said” I said “Why would people want to smoke”.
“John why are you asking me so many questions” she said “Well, because I miss daddy”
I said “I know you do” she said “I do too.” I hugged her. “Now I feel better” I said.
1619 January 10#
Every single day is hard work for us and Boston’s family. Sometimes you do what
you have to do. Lots of times I am tired, or just want a little rest but you have to keep on
working and all days are different. If you stick together, work together, and love together
you can do it.
John Field
Chapter 8
Pocahontas and John
Pocahontas and John Rolfe: Powhatan
By: Angel Douglas
This picture shows a statue of Pocahontas at historic Jamestowne.
The year is 1613. I fear for my life everyday. I am being held captive by the Englishmen. I
don’t know for what reason I have lost my freedom. I am inside of the English fort. I
cannot walk freely or see my people, the Powhatan of this land. We have been here much
longer than they. They are fanciful people who wear poofy collars and pants. They have
weird hair colors and blue eyes and skinny noses. Their language is difficult to learn.
The English first came in peace, but we did not know that we were about to go to war.
One day some of them came by my village while I was gathering food and supplies. I was
kidnapped by them. I was taken back to Jamestown and I’ve been at their fort as a
prisoner for months now. The English wanted supplies in exchange for my freedom.
Everyday I wake up I want to be back with my family. Sometimes I go by the river just to
think about my nice family.
One day, I met a man named John Rolfe. He came by and waved to me. I didn’t know a lot
of English, and I thought he was just trying to be nice. Then I started to learn more and
more English and I began to understand him more. We began to fall in love with each
other. John sent a letter to the governor to see if he could marry me. While we waited for
an answer, John was always trying to grow these plants, I think he called it tobacco. Once
we got an answer from the governor and my dad, we were allowed to marry in April 1614.
After that I had a baby and said goodbye to my people. I got on a boat with my husband
and my son and went to England. When I went to England with my husband and my son
things were very different here. We had to wear clothes likes skirts and dresses. The
plant that my husband started in Virginia became popular we started to have lots of
money. I like my new home, but I miss my people back in my village.
Pocahontas and John Rolfe: English
By: Chaisse Crayton-Wood
This picture shows the a replica of the altar in the church where John Rolfe and Pocahontas were
We’ve been here for years. We expected to find gold within a week we were here, but that
hasn’t happened. Everyday, we don’t know what shall come upon us. Some of the
colonists are thinking of keeping an Indian, or as some say ‘’Powhatan’’, captive. I don’t
know if I agree or disagree. I say that because over the last months the Indians have been
doing these sneak attacks or as I have heard ‘’ guerilla attacks.”
It just makes me think that one colonist or more can be killed, and as I see it we shall
have more danger to come. It’s been days and today, some of the colonists,Captain
Argall, and I are gathering to rabble-rouse about taking the Indians captive. Us colonists
use the word gesprec in replace for the word talk it’s simply just the way we prefer to
talk. While we were gathering, Argall asked who wanted to come. .I did not gesprec and
with that I was the only one who did not gesprec. So I shall stay in the fort while some of
the colonists go to take an Indian. When they came back they came with, what I am told,
is the Chief’s daughter. She is called ‘’Pocahontas”. Argall has told us they captured her
by having the trap set up while Pocahontas was going to visit a nearby tribe, but that was
all I was told.
I know nothing about this “Pocahontas”, but my good friend Reverend Whitaker has told
me that Captain Argall has put him in charge of the young one. I was headed around the
corner and down the fort to see my good friend Rev. Whitaker and when I arrived at his
room I noticed a young girl in a room connected to Whitakers. When I looked closer she
was wearing clothes that were similar to a female Powhatan clothes. So I knocked on his
door, and he said” Who goes there?” then I said “ Me, Mr. Rolfe ”. I came in and simply
but quickly asked him ”Who shall that be in the over room connected” and he said “ Oh
that is the girl Pocahontas that Argall and a few others captured yesterday”, then he said
“Want to meet her? As a prisoner she has a high level of respect”. So I agreed and we
both went in there. As soon as I got in there and looked around she said “ Hi I am
Pocahontas” so I replied as “ Hello Pocahontas I have heard of you. My name is John
Rolfe”. Then we had a very regular “I am just meeting you” conversation, then I went
out and continued my day. All day I kept having a thought in my head that there was
something special about Pocahontas and it was very strong though I had to let it go.
We always had this connection but it wasn’t strong because she is an Indian and I am
English. It’s been weeks and Pocahontas and I have really been able to talk, and the
more we shall communicate the stronger that connection gets. It even got to the point
where I felt like going through marriage.
Well I have a problem that has been progressing ever since Pocahontas has been held
prisoner here in the fort, I am thinking about marriage with Pocahontas. I believe her to
be obedient, kind, and last, but not least, Pocahontas is very passionate. Me and some of
the other colonists were discussing the possibility of Pocahontas and I getting married. I
think it’s perfect because, firstly, she is here as prisoner and my status could improve her
life, but also me and Pocahontas are also falling in a state of love.
Today, I am told that me and Reverend Whitaker are going to send word around to see if
the Powhatan will agree that Pocahontas will marry me. I do believe it will bring much
peace between my wife’s side and my side. Pocahontas and I have had a few
disagreements about the name of our child if we decide to have one but for right now we
shall focus on the wedding.
It’s been weeks and today I shall look at Pocahontas and tell her ‘’I do.” If you shall
wonder today is my big day in other babbles, my wedding day. I shall not have been
writing because the colony has been so busy trying to manage the Powhatans’ guerilla
attacks and trying to find gold but most of all planning the wedding with the English and
Powhatan. Now we all know that has been very complicated, but we shall not get to that.
I was waiting in the church with Reverend Whitaker and some colonists of my choice by
my side. I felt very handsome and proud while looking at my kind but when I looked at
the other half of the room I felt a bit of tension or frustration. Then suddenly the doors
were opened by two men and my beautiful bride started to walk all I could imagine was
life without her, Pocahontas. I took her arm and brung up on the altar then the preacher,
Reverend Richard Bucke a minister that came with us on the first voyage said “ Mr. John
Rolfe do you take Pocahontas as your wife” then I said “ I do’’ then Rev. Richard Bucke
said to Pocahontas “ Pocahontas do you take Mr. Rolfe as your husband” and she said” I
do”.The last thing he said was” I pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Rolfe you may kiss the
bride” I kissed pocahontas and we ran out. As we ran I felt a feeling that I have never felt
before it was an accomplishment feeling that I have done something that I am absolutely
proud about.
I am so happy she is my wife and hope we are married until we die. I do have some news
that might make her happy or make her regret marrying me. That news shall be going
back to England with me and may shall come back to Jamestown and help out with the
colony. Now this won’t be anytime soon I shall stay here and help the colony until
months pass and go back to England then. I have been told by Chief Wahunsonacock that
he shall write a peace treaty to keep peace and to stop these pitiful wars we are having
with the Powhatan.
Months have gone by and now if I haven’t told you that Pocahontas has had our baby that
we have named Thomas who was born on January 30, 1615. I will never forget the day my
very handsome boy was born and I asked Pocahontas to come back to England. Her
response was that she shall talk to her father. Not happy about it, Chief Wahunsonacock
said she may board “The White Lion’’ and come to England with me. The one thing that
my wife and I are worried about on the ship would be how Thomas will feel on the ship
and if he will be outstanding. I am very thrilled that Chief Wahunsonacock said yes and
that my beautiful wife shall come back to London with me. I didn’t know coming to start
a colony would bring me to get married and have a son that one day shall be very skilled
at multiple things.
This is the end of part of a story and historic time that helped construct America.
Chapter 9
The 20 and Odd
Journey to
The 20 and Odd Journey to Jamestown: African
By: Ace Branham, Jr.
This picture shows the church at Jamestown because slaves were required to be baptized.
We Africans have been here waiting on an island for about 2 or 3 weeks and it stinks on
this island. I see a lot of my mates crying. I feel like crying too, but I can’t. I have to be
STRONG! I have to be an excellent example for my mates. FINALLY, the some strange
men arrived on this island. They have a religious leader with them. The religious leader
says, “Well hello my African friends.”
“I’m here to baptize you and give you a Christian name, but if you already are baptized
with a Christian name then you’re fine. My child have you been baptized?”
I say, “Yes,” and the priest says, “Good! What's your Christian name?”
I say, “Abraham.”
I, along with 349 other Africans, got put on a large ship going to across the sea, to a new
world, I think. I’m not fully sure. I heard some of the men saying something like that
there was no space on the bottom deck, I felt all scrunched up.
Some weeks later I had heard a loud BOOM! I was scared. The other captives were also
scared. The ship was attacked by two privateers. But why us? What did they want us? But
the thing I was most scared about was when the two privateers came down to the bottom
of the ship. I heard them say something like “Take twenty of them”.
When the two privateers took us that put all of us in this bag.In this bag I’m filled with
sweat. I stink. I haven’t taken a shower in 1 to 2 weeks and I feel like I’m going to die.
It’s insufficient air with this bag over my head. A couple of hours later I’m knocked out
because of not having a lot of air but thank the GODS! I’m still alive. I finally woke up. I
really need to use the bathroom, but there are no restrooms on the boat. I can’t wait to
get to wherever we’re going. I wished the guards could hear me but they can’t with this
bag over my head.
A couple of weeks later we’re finally off of the boat. I have no idea where I am but I do
know that I’m a long way from home. I hear them take the bag off my head. I ask can
they take me to the bathroom. They don’t understand me because of my Kimbundu
language so what can I do? I point with my finger. Now they understand. There are some
clothes on the ground.. I get them and I put them on. They feel a lot better than my old
This place it’s a weird environment. My old home had a way better environment.I
overheard some pale men that “Jamestown is way better than it was before. Now we
don’t need gold. Look at all of these cash crops we have now we can make a profit.”
So I guess they call this place jamestown. “I wonder why they named it that”
1617 were now officaly slaves but being a slave is horrible.You don’t get paid and the food
is disgusting. I’m filled with sweat because working in this very, very hot sun. Now
there’s no way no one is going to save us. I think I will never be free again. This will
probably be the rest of my life until I die. My old home and my old life was the best thing
ever, and I hope god does not let the English get away with this.
The 20 and Odd Journey to Jamestown: African
By: Stone Turnage
This picture shows some of the planting African slaves were brought to Jamestown to do.
Most of my life was in Ndongo. We lived happily there. When i was walking in Ndongo I
got captured from behind, and all I could see was darkness. My capturers were what my
people call the men-stealers. We used to think of them as myths. Many of the stealers are
thought of as crazy by my people. They smelled terribly, they spoke a foreign language I
never heard before, and they were obsessed with getting us to believe in their religion.
Then the men-stealers put us on a boat. We were tied under the boat and we weren't
allowed to see the sun. I miss my homeland because of my beautiful people and the my
vibrant village.
One day the boat I was on was robbed by other smelly white men who spoke a different
language than our capturers. One day I heard two men talking about the new land. I
think it is their home, and I think it is where they are taking us. They called it
On the boat it was dark and scary, big and empty like an endless cave. As they pulled us
off the boat, the first thing i saw was a big field and a big bright sun. There were many
more smelly white people with strange hair in this new place.
After a few days in this new strange land, I tried to run away but they caught me and
punished me. I didn’t know where I was even going to go, because I didn't know the land
or have help. So when I realized they were going to hurt me i never did it again. Others
who tried, did so in vain. After that they made me work all day and all night. I learned
quickly that these people call themselves English. They are cruel scoundrels. They say
they believe in hard work and virtue, but they leave all the hard work for us. They are
hypocrites. The English didn't pay me or the others that they captured to work the fields.
They just wanted me to labor and grow tobacco all day, everyday. I am so tired I am just
going to pass out. The others and I don’t get paid for the work we do. They only feed us
enough to keep us from dying, because they want us to work. so we try to hunt at night
to add to our meals. Many of us have died from sickness and hard labor.
The longer I stay in this new land the worse it gets. I’m burning up in the hot season and
I freeze during the cold one.
Everyday that I am in this strange village, I hope I can go back to Ndongo because I long
for my homeland. I wish I was back in Ndongo but i am not. I have thought about this
everyday. It helps me to keep going. I will keep working and try to survive, just like
everyone else. I will deal with it because these people are not nice enough to let us be free
and can't do their own work so I am going to keep working! One day I hope to be free.
Chapter 10
The African Arrival
The African Arrival: English
By: Joshua Brown
As we on are ship I see a Dutch man-of-war just over the horizon. I rush to tell my
captain that they're close and weak, and don’t know we’re here. They may have cargo
that we can sell for profit, so he orders me to tell the crew. I tell the crew and they get to
their stations ready for battle. We fire them, all hit, and before the Dutch know it, they
were being boarded. We find about 20 or so Africans, and we take them to sell as slaves in
Jamestown. I see as they work in the fields and people making sure they work. Many
seem tired and hungry, no one cares though. Many just work and do not stop doing work.
All just do what there suppose We stay here for a while as they get off our ship. I hear
their names- Aba, Abiodun, Abeje. I hear as they walk past when all of them get off, half
go to houses, and others go right to the fields. We will stay a little while. I hear captain
kenway say Asher, my name. He gives me orders to shoot any Indian or African trying to
I go to where I'll be sleeping. I hear laughing people talking. I get to my bed, sit, take off
my armor, and sleep. I wake up hungry and tired. It is my job to feed the men, so I wake
early in the morning to prepare food. I run into John Rolfe looking for someone. I walk
past to the kitchen. After we all eat we go back to our jobs.
On my patrol I see an Indian. I go to the captain and tell him what I saw. He tells
everyone else we stay on guard in case of attack, and they do. The Indians surprise us,
and many died. As I fought I saw many come then I hear gun shots. They run in fear. I
hear screams and I turn to see a fire, which we rush to put out. It takes an hour, but we
did it. We were glad to have been there at the time, and without me many more would
have been dead. A couple days later we get ready to leave, and sail off to different lands to
get more money. As we say good our goodbyes and we get many thanks, our crew boards
and we sail away from Jamestown.
The African Arrival: African
By: Jaleb Saunders
These are the heads of hoes, the kind used to cut up roots to prepare fields for tobacco.
We were just stolen from Angola, my home. Now we are waiting on a dock to go on
a ship that will take us somewhere. We don't know where it's going, but I have a feeling
that we wIll be there for a very long time. It was very cramped in the hold. So many
people were moaning because of their backs, and I heard someone say “let us out.” They
almost screamed the last part. Just then I felt woozy. I thought to myself, “Probably just
seasick.” Then I felt the ship rock around way too much to be waves. I heard someone
yell from the upper deck, “We are being attacked!” I didn't really care because I was
going to be taken anyway. Then a man's face looked at us from the hatch. He asked us
what our names were. When he got to me, I said, “Angela.” He said that we would have
to follow him to another ship named the White Lion. When we went up to the deck, I was
hit with a wave of fresh air. It felt so good to finally get out of the hold, but we got put
right back down. We probably traveled for a few months, but we are finally at a fort or a
village. The men put me in ropes and shoved me to start walking. They said, “You will be
sold to some gentlemen.”
We got to a market where we would be traded for food. One person touched my
face to make sure I was strong and healthy. It felt weird to have a stranger touch my face.
When he got the other negroes that he saw were healthy and strong he gave the buckets
of food and water he put us in ropes again. He took us to a place called Jamestown or so I
heard. The houses there were surrounded by walls, and there were men with guns and
swords. Outside of the walls were fields of crops and tobacco fields. I am guessing that is
where they want us to work. My owner took me to his house where he said I would sleep
and eat. People looked at us like we were the ugliest people in the world, then I saw
someone look at us in confusion like we weren't supposed to be here. I saw women
washing clothes and men ready to go hunting. I definitely knew that many men here
were gentlemen and didn't want to work. I was very frustrated because they were so lazy.
They can do these things themselves. I was angry they stole us from our home just so we
could do their dirty work.
It was so hot here. We got to work right away and the heat increased when I started
working. I felt like passing out. So I stopped for a little but then I got beaten by my
owner. So now I know to keep working. When it started to get darker I started to feel kind
of tired and droopy. My tool was really heavy because it was metal and wood. When we
were done working I was way too tired to think right so I fell right asleep.
Chapter 11
Powhatan & English
Powhatan & English War: Powhatan
By: Demonta’ Hodge
This picture shows an arrow that represents the weapons the Powhatan people used during the
It was an early day at Jamestown. The English were dangerous. They were always
walking around with guns. Some English were not, but too many shot and killed us. We
fought them before but they always beat us. We had bows and the English had guns. In
our village it was hard to work and do things because of our fears of attack from the
English. We all were hungry, scared.and worried.
Chief Powhatan and I had a discussion about our warriors. I said, “Our warriors should
do things for themselves. I am the leader of the warriors and we should take care of our
village and our people. Instead, our warriors are so fearful they wet their deerskin
leggings.” Chief Powhatan tells me I should prepare the warriors to become stronger,
smarter, and to surprise the enemy in battles.
A few days later John Smith came to see Chief Powhatan. They argued. “We are about to
have a war.” Chief Powhatan tells his village. They started to pack and make some good
canoes because we are about to have a war. Chief Powhatan tells me “The English are a
danger to our village. John Smith is always doing something to our people and he can’t
just get away with it.” We tried and tried but we just couldn’t ignore what the English
were doing to us.
We started to sail the canoes and the war had started. The English were not prepared for
us.” Soon John Smith started to get fearless, he said something is going to happen. Then
they let go of their bows and people started screaming, crying, and falling down. Chief
Powhatan agreed to the peace treaty. “We will agree to peace if you will stop messing
with us in our territory.”we had a deal after all.
I was still mad because even if we agreed to peace most our family were already dead
from war.
Powhatan and English War: English
By: Thomas Quinn
This picture shows replicas of the English weapons used during the Anglo-Powhatan wars.
It is fall 1609 in Jamestown. I’m one of the colonists that lives in Jamestown with my
friend, Gerald. The trade between the Indians and our colony has become unfair. The
indians are getting angry because our leaders won’t trade fairly. I’m nervous about how
they will react to the the trade for beads and food. My friend, Gerald, says that if the
Indians refuse to trade, our colony may not survive and there might even be an outbreak
of war. I agree because we are running out of food and soon Jamestown will starve. We
have no choice but to raid the Indian’s food supply.
War has started. We kidnapped the Indian chief's daughter. It was the final straw for the
Indians and war was declared. “The imbeciles that kidnapped her shouldn't have and
should be hanged for starting a war,” Gerald said.
In no time at all, arrows flew, muskets fired, cannons roared, the battles raged for a long
time. When the battle was over for the day, we went back to our fort and the Indians
went back to their village. Our colony is struggling because we are low on food and have
no drinkable water. Day by day more muskets are fired, more arrows are flying, and more
cannons are roaring. I’m starting to get worried. Will we win this war? Will we survive?
Will we have to return to England? I lay in my bed thinking if we will survive, I think all
night hoping God will lead us to victory.
Another battle raged today and we lost more men. Most of our colony is starting to give
up, some want to return to England, some want to win this war, and others think that we
won’t survive it. Gerald said that If we don’t win this war, there will be no peace, the
Indians won’t trade, and we might have to return to England. But I think we shouldn't
give up! We shall fight for our colony to the last stand to win this war.
More battles have been occurring and we continue to lose more men every day. “We are
getting hungrier and hungrier.” Gerald said, “We are just about out of food,” Gerald was
so hungry he ate his own leather boots!
We pray to god hoping he could help us survive. I hope his reply is yes. “We're probably
going to die from starvation then from the Indians,” Gerald said. I hope he is not right.
Men have raided some of the Indians’ food and this led to more battles and more deaths
for each side. “We are losing this war, Henry,” Gerald said.
”We'll probably all be slaughtered in this awful war. The Indians are killing us off.”
Gerald and I were told by our captain that we will launch massive attacks on the savages
to win this war once and for all.
We launched our attacks and we will not give up till the Indians do. Many people are
probably going to die in this battle.
Sunday, March 28th,
Peace at last! The Indians surrendered and we can trade goods for food. Many lives were
lost in this war, there are no longer conflicts for now. God has answered our prayers. We
can now live happily in Jamestown. I’m so glad that this war is over and at last we have
peace in this new world……..
Chapter 12
Peace Treaty
Peace Treaty: Powhatan
By: Kyree Montgomery
This picture shows a replica of the pulpit in the Jamestown church where John Rolfe married
Pocahontas, and important step for making peace.
Today I went hunting with my men. We only came back with one deer. This will not be
enough to feed the village.
I called a meeting of all the Powhatan men. “There is not enough food for the English
and our village. The English keep on taking food from our land,” I said. ”We should plan
to attack the English to teach them a lesson. That will teach them to stop taking our
I planned an attack. We attacked the English settlement in the dark of night so they
wouldn’t know it was coming. We used our bow and arrows and we stole our food back to
bring to our village. I thought this would teach them a lesson but it didn’t. A few days
ago, the women picked corn, and when they came to check on it some was gone! Two
Powhatan men snuck up to two English and they fought over the corn that the English
had stolen.
In December, 1607, John Smith got captured by my brother. We were about to smash his
head on a big rock. My daughter jumped in front of me and was begging me not to kill
him. John Smith was a good leader to the English, but then he got hurt and went back to
England. The Powhatan and the English were fighting a lot. This was the start of The
First Anglo-Powhatan War.
Then came the Starving Time. We were ready at any time to strike at a settler to come
out of the fort and take our food.We were doing this because we are peacemakers but we
do not want the settlers to survive this outrageous winter. It was the whole winter
1609-1610. They started to eat their own pets. Then the starving time got worse, and they
started to dig the people from out of their graves and eat them! The people who survived
the Starving Time were about to leave but then 300 new settlers arrived to Jamestown
with Captain Delaware with lots of supplies. I thought to myself, “Argh! Now they have
more food and we just have a little bit.”
Then in 1613 Pocahontas got captured by English Captain Samuel Argall. I was feeling a
little bit sad that they might try to kill her, so I asked the English for peace. I said to
Pocahontas, “You must marry John Rolfe.” They got married and went back to England.
We stopped fighting. The marriage made peace between the Powhatan and the English
settlers, and they did not fight again.
Peace Treaty: English
By: Nina Ruenes
This picture shows the remainder of the location where Pocahontas and John Rolfe were married.
I wake up to the sounds of gunshots, yells, and screams of shock, horror, and pain. It
stops as soon as it starts and I can’t tell if it is a dream or not.I I look out the window and
see some men struck with arrows and some others helping the wounded men. Then
Mama calls up to me, “”Emma, close your window, you don’t want to be struck by an
arrow do you?! You are only 16! You have a grand life ahead of you!” I sigh. I am so
fascinated by the savages , so much that I don’t want to close the window, but I must
obey Mama.
I close the window and try to go back to sleep, but I can’t, so I light a candle and start to
play with my two wooden dolls from our home in England. Then after what seems like
hours, Mama calls me down for breakfast, but first I wake up my younger siblings who
just got to Jamestowne and are not used to getting up this early. I get dressed and go
down the stairs. Mama makes the best breakfast in all of Jamestowne. I am thankful for
a good meal because I heard two men talking about a terrible starving time not too long
ago, where they were so desperate for food that they had to dig up corpses and eat them
to survive! When I was done with breakfast I said my prayer and thanked Mama for a
wonderful meal. Mama tells me not to go outside just yet, she says it is not safe outside
right now. I go back upstairs and do something I dread, staying put. Staying put is
possibly the most boring thing on the face of the earth! Sometimes when i’m bored, I
make ink out of berry juice. That’s what I’m writing with right now! Anyway, I can never
stay put, not even in England, and especially not here, in Jamestowne, where the Savages
Natives are SO fascinating. Once I tried to act like a native with my friend, Josephine, who
I met when I was boarding the ship in England. We took off most of our clothes so that
we looked like Natives! That was one of the best times of my life. I wish I could do that
again, but Mama wants me to be proper. Oh how I dread being proper, just like I dread
staying put.
Mama calls me downstairs, only me. I go downstairs wondering what it is this
time. Am I in trouble? Does she want help? Ideas flow through my head like a
stream flowing to the ocean. When I get downstairs, Mama is soaked in tears. I
ask, ”What is the matter, Mama?” She looks up and gestures me over. She says in
a calm, soothing voice, as if she had never been crying at all, “Emma, my eldest
daughter, I have terrible news.” What?! Mama never has bad news, none that is
big enough to cry over. Whatever is the matter, it must be BAD NEWS. I see Mama
staring at me, awaiting a reply, so I reply, ”Well, what is it Mama?” She looks
around. She only does that when she wants you to do it too. I look around and
after a couple of moments, I realize Papa is not there. I blurt out without thinking,
”Where is Papa? Is he hurt? Is he kidnapped? WHERE IS HE?!” Mama looks at
me blankly, as if wondering where I got all of these questions from. She opens her
mouth slowly and finally says, ”No, something much, much worse.” ”What
happened?” She takes a sad breath and says, ”Your father is-is…. He is dead.” I
stare at her in disbelief. She starts to sob, as do I , I embrace her. I don’t want to
let go. My heart has been poisoned, poisoned with dread, anger, sadness, and all
the bad things you can think of.I can write no more, for my heart is filled with too
much grief.
Another attack. That is all I can write
More and more attacks, more and more fightings, and more deaths.
I can’t stop crying. Mama can’t stop either. My family is ripping apart. Jack, my
younger brother, has started sneaking out of the house at night so that he can try and
find Papa’s corpse. Lily, my younger sister, has started going to church late at night
when there is no mass, just to pray. Even though they say they will be safe, Natives
could capture them, or even kill them. Thankfully my older brother, Krink, has done
nothing but help Mama and me.
Yesterday, I said Krink has done nothing but help. Now he has done nothing but die.
Because of this sad news, I can write no more, for I have lost both a dad and a brother
who felt like a dad.
I am putting this book away until things get better.
I wake up to a scream, it sounds like a women. I assume it is another attack, but I hear
no gun shots. I look out of the window and see a woman who looks a little bit older than
me. She is a native. Suddenly I recognise her, she is Pocahontas, the favorite daughter
of Chief Powhatan. Then I hear one of the men holding her shout, ”WE GOT HER!.” ”WE
CAPTURED HER!” says the other. Pocahontas says(in her Native accent) ”Put me down!
Please! I don’t like it when you held-I mean hold me tight and barely let me walk,
DON’T DRAG ME!” .I stare blankly. She looks at me. I can tell she is trying to say
something, but before she can the guards pulled her away.
Pocahontas has started to dress like an English woman, I think she has agreed to do this
because she is being held captive. But, the fighting has decreased.
Today, Josephine told me about a man named John Rolfe. He is a tobacco planter. I don’t
know much about him except that he likes Pocahontas. I made new ink with Josephine a
couple days ago, in which it was finally safe outside. Also today Pocahontas came up to
me and said, “Hello, pale one. How are you?” I said only one word, for I was trying not
to laugh, ”Fine”. But then I thought it rude not to ask how she was so I said ”How are
you?” She said politely, “I am well.” I did not know what else to say so I just walked
away. I just hope she doesn't think I don’t like her.
I heard that Rolfe has told Pocahontas to marry him, he has also talked to Reverend
Wood, about the marriage. I really hope this will bring peace to everyone.
GLORY! Pocahontas and John Rolfe are getting married today! The great Chief Powhatan
has promised peace and no attacks once they are married! I believe he will take this
promise to his grave. I am also 19 today. I know I should be out of the house by now, but
with no men around but my little brother, Jack, Mama needs help.
I am now 20. My life has changed, first for the worst, then for the best. Powhatan has
kept his promise, and there has been no wars. I fear it will be Mama’s time so
on though, her time to join Papa and Krink. When that happens, I will be responsible for
, but I’ve been through so much in Jamestowne, so much that I know I can
handle it. Like Mama always says, everything happens for a good reason.
Since then, Emma has done much more. After a while, her Mom died and things were a
little bit sad, but after all she has been through a lot, She can handle taking care of her
siblings. All in good time, her siblings started to take care of her instead. Eventually
Emma suffered an arrow to the back from an Indian, but it was accidental. Her siblings
went their separate ways. Lily went back to England, and Jack stayed to help the colony
thrive. The colony had a few more major wars. The natives did not survive, to this day
only a few of the descendants of the Powhatan survive. And Jamestown is still thriving.
(These characters are fake, but the events are real.)