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Prep Transition Social Story

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I am going to Mount Beauty Primary School

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Here is a picture of my new school. There are lots of new children starting with me. They have never been to big school and they will be nervous and excited, just like me!

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When I go to school, I will wear a uniform. I must always wear my hat in the playground to keep me safe from the sun.

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This is the Principal of our school. Carolyn

Page 5

My teacher will be there to help me and teach me lots of new things. Here is the Prep teacher, Ellen :)Ellen

Page 6

The office staff are always there to help us too!Heather

Page 7

I will take a school bag each day to school. It will have everything I need for the day. This is where we will hang our bags:

Page 8

I will have a folder that I bring to school each day. This is where I will put books and notes to bring home with me.

Page 9

There are lots of different places in our school. Here are some of them:CanteenLibraryFairy GardenSand Pit/ForteArt Wall Gardens

Page 10

We will also have some other teachers to teach us lots of exciting new things! They include:Nicole (Art)Steph (French)

Page 11

When I get to school each morning, I will wave goodbye to my parents. If I feel a bit worried or sad, I just need to remember that they will be back to pick me up at the end of the day and that in the meantime, I am going to get to have LOTS of fun with my friends and teachers!

Page 12

There are bells at school. When the bell rings, it usually means that something is finished and it is time to do something else. When the bell rings at the start of the day, this means it is time to line up with my class. My teacher will show me where to line up.

Page 13

I will take my food out of my bag and sit with the other children in the classroom to eat my food.Some of the bells mean that it is time to have a break and eat some food. This is when I can eat my sandwiches, fruit or other food that my parents have put in my lunch box.

Page 14

After we have eaten our food , we play outside. There are lots of fun things to do in the playground!

Page 15

There are always teachers in the playground to help me if I get hurt. If I have any questions, I just need to look for a teacher.

Page 16

At the end of recess and lunch, a song will start playing to tell us that it is time to go to the bathroom and line up with our class.

Page 17

We go to the toilet atrecess and lunch time.We can also go to thetoilet during classtime but we just needto ask our teacher.After we have been to thetoilet, we must rememberto wash our hands with soapand water.BoysGirls

Page 18

During the day, we will also have Crunch and Sip. This is when we get to have a little break to eat some fruit or vegetables and have a drink of water. This will give us energy for all the fun things we are doing in the classroom!

Page 19

We will learn so many new things and do lots of fun things in the classroom. Here are just some of the activities we will do during the school day:

Page 20

I will make lots of new friends in our class. I will need to share and take turns. When we sit on the floor, we will sit with our legs crossed and our hands to ourselves.

Page 21

We will visit the library to borrow books.

Page 22

We will go outside to play sport.

Page 23

Sometimes we will go to the BER building for Assembly.

Page 24

You will have a buddy from an older grade. This buddy will help you to feel welcome and answer any questions that you have. You will get to participate in lots of fun activities with your buddy throughout the year!

Page 25

At the end of the day, the bell will ring and it will be time to go home. We will tell our parents all about the fun adventures from our day! We can’t wait to see you next year! It is going to be lots of fun!From the Primary School Teachers