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In the kingdom of element everyone have their own place


Except for Praseodymium who got different face.


He was silvery grey but also in green


It was hard to fit in since all his friend were all Bromine.


Until one day he heard a tale,


About how he can change by getting a dragon tail.

Praseodymium Story

He went off to his journey in search of this beast


In order for him to stay there in peace.


The dragon is big and consisted of all


So many elements that people who see can’t believe


what they saw.


“This journey will change you” said the old bromine


“In many way that you can’t even dream of!”


Praseodymium met many element on the journey that


he have never seen.


With many color and form he knows that they weren’t


the same.


They all seek the same for the dragon tail


In hope that they could break off from this miserable




After 5days of travel they’ve reached the cave,


Gathering outside with others who’s brave.


Together they charge in


The mightiest force they have ever been.


The dragon appeared in the dark cave


It look gorgeous in many different way.


Together they stop and listen to what the dragon have to say.


“I know you have been on a long journey for my tail” said the dragon


“but look at what you have done!”


“you strong in your own way,


And unstoppable in every way!”


 The dragon then show what they are capable of


 And then they went off different course.


Praseodymium then realize what the old bromine means


He have change in a way of what he have dream!


Instead of changes, he wants to be unique


And he people with his different technique.


What dragon have shown him is incredible


He have many power like how he’s indestructible!


He went to his home with pride


Protecting people there from many beast.


At the end Praseodymium live there in the town in


unique and in peace.