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Externship for MBC and EHR students & Practicum for MA students explained

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Practicum & Externship Handbook 

For Medical Professions

Putting it all together



Your syllabus is available through your student portal.  Download and print it from there, that way you will have the most up to date syllabus for this course. 


Make sure you provide a copy of your syllabus to the preceptor at your site. 


Practicum/Extern Basic Rule

Always Be Early and Ready to Work


To be early is to be on time

To be on time is to be late

To be late is unacceptable





What are Practicum & Externship?

It is a time for you to do several things. First, to gain practical experience by actually working in the field. Second, it is to give you the opportunity to fine tune the skills you learned in class in a real-world environment. Third, is is an opportunity for you to begin to build your professional resume.


Some practicum or externs sites hire our students so you need to consider this a 90-hour job interview if you are an MBC or EHR student or an 180-hour job interview if you are a Medical Assisting student.  So you need to be on  your best behavior, looking for things to do, generally making a good impression. 


Keep a smile on your face. Greet the other employees each day with a smile.  Use this as a true learning experience. Be eager to learn new things, practice old skills and develop new ones. This is designed to expand your knowledge and skills with those who work in the career field ever single day.  Make the most of it. 


What if they don't offer me a job? 

You can leave your resume with them so when they are ready to hire,  your information will be right there.  You can ask for a letter of recommendation after your externship or practicum hours are complete.  


You should also contact Career Services. They can help you start looking for a job by getting your resume out to employers who currently have openings.  


What if they offer me a job?

If they offer you a job that's wonderful.  Just remind them you cannot start working for them until you complete all of your practicum hours.  

What if they offer to pay me?

Practicum for Medical Assistants is unpaid.  If you accept money or any type of payment your practicum will be terminated at that point and any paid hours will not count toward your 180-hour requirement.  


EHR and MBC students should check with your Director of Education or Program Director to see if you may be paid for your hours. 



What should I wear?

If you are a medical assisting student you should wear your scrubs and lab coat along with your MJCC ID.   Leather closed toe or similar shoes (no canvas shoes or crocks with holes). No large earrings, no gauges, no dangling necklaces and any tattoos should be covered by clothing or make-up.  Unless you have a documented religious exception,  no headwraps or hats will be worn at the site.


If you are an EHR or MBC students you may, if the site approves, wear scrubs or business casual attire.  If you have a question concerning business casual check with your Program Director. 

What are we going to do? 

We will review what you did the previous week.  We will look at and review your site evaluations.  This will be an opportunity to practice a skill you do not feel comfortable with. We can also work on preparations for your certification test. 

Do I have to come to class?

Yes, you do.  Your syllabus will give you the dates and times for your class. 




What else do I have to do? 


There is a journaling requirement for this class.  You must keep track of what you do each day and enter it into a journal.  At the end of the course you will be giving a presentation of your practicum/extern experience and your journal will be a big part of that presentation.   There is a sheet in your practicum/extern packet that explains fully what the requirements are for this project. 

Other Paperwork

There is a lot of other paperwork you and your site will be completing.  You will have weekly timesheets that must be faxed to the Program Director, Assistant Director of Education or Registrar. In addition, there is a midpoint review and a final review from Delta Education.   


Medical assisting students also have a 4-page skills evaluation which must be completed by your site preceptor. 


All of these contribute to your overall grade. 


Do I need a note from the Doctor?

Yes if you are absent because of illness you will need a note from the doctor just as you would for any job and may need permission to return to your site.

What do I do if I get sick or cannot come in?

First, call the site and let them know what is going on.  Next, call your Program Director and let him or her  know what is going on.   A No Call /No Show may cause immediate removal from the site.  

Who do I contact if I have questions?


Call or Email your Program Director. 

You, Miami-Jacobs, and your site will work as a team to prepare you for your new career. 

This is the person who can help put all the pieces together, your Program Director. 



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