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PQA Edinburgh Summer 2017
Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the Summer 2017 edition of PQA Edinburgh’s Stage Whispers. I hope you all had a
lovely Summer Break and we are really looking forward to seeing you all back at the Academy.
Last term we worked really hard in rehearsal for The Lazy Ace and we are exactly where we
should be in our rehearsal schedule. This coming term I really can’t emphasise enough how
important attendance and being on time is. We need everyone to be at class as often as you
can, and to be on time to help make this the best Lazy Ace performance anyone has ever
seen!! If you have holidays booked please let me know ASAP.
In this edition of Stage Whispers we will look back on the past few months, share some really
important news, update you on our staff team and of course look forward to what we have in
store for next term.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those students who have secured some
really exciting acting work. From feature films to adverts PQA Edinburgh’s Quirky Kidz are
showing the world what we are made of!
PQA Edinburgh wouldn’t be what it is without all our wonderful students, parents and families,
so Thank You!
Important News
Let’s get the important (some may think boring, but still very important) stuff out of the way
first. If anyone would like to discuss any of these topics directly please dont hesitate to get in
touch or speak to any member of the team on a Saturday.
We encourage regular attendance at the academy as a lot of the work we do leads on from week to week. Regular
attendance is required, especially leading up to performance time to ensure that your children can gain the BEST out of
their performing arts training. If PQA was simply just weekly classes with no end goal, then we may have a different
philosophy on this. We are introducing a new policy that we hope will benefit everyone. Once we have cast for any
production, be it a play, musical theatre piece or film, attendance is vital. If you are cast in any role and miss 3 classes
in a row in any one term, we will have to consider recasting your part.
We understand that on occasions, there will be family gatherings and other events that will clash with PQA at the weekends
and of course every student may experience unexpected illnesses and traffic incidents can occur. If a student cannot make
the academy for any reason then please let us know as soon as you can.
You can email me during the week at or call me on 07597 321734. If I don’t hear from you then
I worry about you! Please don’t be offended if we call you or contact you in the event of non-attendance and we haven’t
heard from you. This is our policy and your child’s welfare is important to us.
Start and Finish Times
As much as we love to see you all, some of our students arrive very early on a Saturday. For our AM Academy,
registration will open at 9.45am with our opening assembly starting at 9.55am. For our PM Academy, registration will
open at 1.45pm with our opening assembly starting at 1.55pm. This will let us get in to class sooner and let the fun
begin. If you are going to arrive late, please let me know. For safety reasons we will lock the front doors once
assembly is finished to allow the team to start the fun and let us complete our register checks. If you do arrive late we
may not be able to let you in straight away so please call us to let us know you are there.
Pick up/Drop Off/May Leave Unaccompanied
We would like to remind everyone about the importance of signing in and out of the Academy. If your child is not showing
on our sign-in sheets as May Leave Unaccompanied then an appropriate adult must be present to sign them in and
out. All our students are very welcome to sign the register themselves but an appropriate adult must also sign the
register. Your child’s welfare is of the utmost importance to us, so please make sure you help us by following these
procedures. If they are not self-sign then you must be present when attending and leaving, we will not let anyone leave on
their own, even if you are waiting for your child in the car park
1. No student may self-sign under the age of 10.
2. Requests that are not made on the initial student registration form must be made in
writing (email) to the Principal by the parent/guardian/responsible adult. The signing
in/out sheets will be amended accordingly to reflect this. PQA HQ will also retain a copy
of the authorisation.
3. We must inform parents who wish for their children to become self-signing that you are
authorising the student to be able to sign themselves in and out of the Academy at any
time (at the end or during the session), leaving and arriving unaccompanied (not just to
the car park).
Our uniform is quite simple: PQA t-shirt, black joggers/bottoms/leggings and trainers/dance shoes.
Please note that uniform is mandatory
We are a Performing Arts Academy not a youth club or fashion show! It is difficult to learn new dance
techniques in jeans and boots, and inappropriate or revealing clothing not only prohibits movement,
but can also cause embarrassment! Please ensure your child wears the appropriate uniform to the
Academy, we don’t want to ask people to sit out on any activities because they don’t have the correct
clothing or footwear.
Staff Team Update
We are delighted to announce that Kirsty has taken over as our new
Comedy & Drama Teacher for both our AM and PM Academies. Kirsty has
been with PQA Edinburgh for a couple of years and brings a wealth of
experience as an actor and teacher.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jen for all her hard work at
PQA Edinburgh and wish her all the best with her future endeavours.
All of our team are available to help in any way they can and please don’t
hesitate to speak to them at registration or after the session if you have
any questions. Our full staff list is below for your information.
Leonna Principal
Simon Vice Principal Alana Vice Principal, Musical Theatre (AM)
Kirsty Comedy & Drama Graham Film & TV
Amy Musical Theatre (PM), Poppets
Connor Teaching Assistant
Lia Academy Assistant Anna Poppets/Academy Assistant
The welfare and safety of our students and families is of the utmost concern to us at all times. From the start of
this term we will be locking this front doors to the Academy once classes start and will not reopen them until 15
minutes before the end of the session. We cant man the communal areas at all times as we are in class but you
are always welcome to wait in the dining area if you like. We love to see your happy faces! We will have our
number on a sign on the door so please give me a call if you arrive early or late and someone will come and let
you in. Please save my number to your own mobile to make things a little easier
Being Amazing!
At PQA Edinburgh we want to give all our students the very best
opportunity across all three modules and in our Poppets class.
We are continuing to invest in new equipment to give our
students the best possible experience and have recently bought
a new speaker and iPod for our Poppets as well as new props
and learning resources.
This term we have also bought a new sound system for Musical
Theatre and a whole new set of equipment for Film & TV. This
includes a new camera, microphone, boom, outdoor
microphone equipment, tripod, light and top of the range
wireless microphones. This will give us two full sets of filming
equipment which means a whole new experience for multi-
camera shoots in Film & TV.
The Lazy Ace,
Over the next few weeks we will be releasing news regarding our
performance in ‘The Lazy Ace’ at Her Majesties Theatre in London on
Sunday 26
of November.
Everyone should have a letter with details about how to register your
child for a performing licence for the show. If you haven’t got one yet
then please collect one when signing in/out at the Academy over the next
few weeks. This letter has a link to an online form that everyone must
complete. All you have to do is fill in the details and we will do the rest
so please don’t worry about applying for a licence yourself.
If you do not register your child
for a licence then they will not be
able to perform so please do this
We will also be taking
measurements for costumes over
the next few weeks at the
Academy and there will be some
items that we will ask you provide
yourself (footwear/trousers etc)
We may ask for another small
donation for costumes for the
show, depending on what is
remaining from our fundraising.
Costumes do not come cheap and
we want to give all of our
students the best possible
experience by having their own
November 2017
For the performance (and rehearsal) we would like
everyone to wear the same type of footwear. Could
everyone please wear plain black jazz/dance shoes or
pumps. We would recommend a proper pair of dance
shoes which can be purchased online from about £10
upwards but you can also get these ones from
Primark for £3! Please make sure they are plain black!
As we have already mentioned, attendance is very, very important at the
Academy, especially in the run up to the show. We are performing in
November and will be entering the final stages of rehearsal in October. If
you have holidays planned over the school October break PLEASE LET
ME KNOW ASAP!! Absence and lateness has an impact on the whole
production and every student, not just your child. If any student misses a
number of weeks or any key weeks already mentioned we may have to
consider recasting their part in the show for the benefit of the whole
For those of you who are travelling to with the PQA party, you will all have
received information about our accommodation and payment for this.
We have already booked and paid the deposit for this accommodation for
those of you who opted to travel with us so if you haven’t paid your
deposit, please do so ASAP with the details already provided. Final
payment will be due by 28
of September. There are still a few weeks to
go before we can book our train travel to London as a large group. If any
of you have already booked travel, or wish to do this on your own before
hand, please let me know ASAP so I don’t book train tickets for you. In
order to get the best deal all tickets booked will be non-refundable so if
you have opted in you will have to pay.
Please look out for regular updates over the coming weeks!!
Our Poppets had an amazing term before our summer break and had
many exciting adventures! Next term we have even more fun in
store for our Poppets and we will continue to work on singing,
dancing, acting, improvisation, imagination, exploring the world
around us and learning about ourselves, while continuing to be
absolutely amazing!! We will also be working on a very special
Christmas performance this year!!!
All of our poppets Mum’s and Dad’s will be sent an email with our
Poppets Term Guide for this term but if you would like a sneak peak,
click on the link below.
Poppets Term Guide Winter 2017
We would love to see more Poppets join us at PQA Edinburgh to join in
the fun and to be them selves and be amazing. If you know anyone
who might like to come along for a FREE taster class with our
Poppets please pass on our details and feel free to send them this
You are all amazing and have helped raise over £2000 for our Lazy Ace Fund. If
you still have any Football Card money to bring in please do so, we still have a
couple left for anyone who wants to sell more.
Calum from our Green Group PM has very kindly agreed to arrange a cake and
bake sale for our PM Academy on Saturday 19
of August. Please feel free to
contribute and bring in your baking and your pennies to buy all those lovely cakes
and treats. Thank you Calum!!!
Film & TV News
Our Shakespeare films are almost complete and we will arrange a screening at the Academy for everyone to see
them soon. We have had a preview and they are absolutely fantastic, I cant wait for you all to see them.
We have even more amazing news,
The Door andSamantha Glamorous
have both been selected to be screened
at the renowned film festival in September in Gornji Milanovac in Serbia. More international recognition for your
amazing talent! This means PQA Edinburgh’s films have achieved the following:
PQA Film Festival Winner (x3!!)
PQA Film Festival Highly Commended
Scottish Youth Film Festival 2016 Winner
Los Angeles CineFest Film Festival - Semi Finalist
Central Film Festival, Springfiled Missouri Second Prize
Adelaide International Youth Film Festival September 2017
Well done to everyone once again (including Graham and Connor, but dont tell them as they will just get a big head!)
This next term we will be focusing on our Lazy Ace rehearsals but Film & TV will still be taking place with lots of
amazing projects ahead, including a 10 second film challenge and planning our next big projects!
Bring a Parent Day!
The last day of term was our ‘Bring a Parent (Grandparent, friend, brother, sister
and anyone else who wanted to have fun) day’ at PQA Edinburgh. Everyone had a
fantastic day and I hope you enjoyed it all as much as we did. Thank you so much
for taking part and being good sports! I know some of you missed it due to
holidays so we will have another one soon
Spread the Word
If you love PQA then we would love you to spread
the word. If you haven’t already done so you can
visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page,
leave a review and like and share with all your
If you are able to leave some flyers at your work
place or school, or put a poster on your notice
board then we would be very grateful. Please let
us know and we can give you some to take away.