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What to look forward to this term...
Themed classes, including
Jungle Adventure
Mission in Space
Poppet Power
Christmas Showcase
Singing, to include
Solo Singing
Ensemble Singing
Dance, to include
Understanding of Rhythm
Group and Solo work
Acting & Improvisation, looking at
Story telling through mime
Vocal Awareness
Drama Games Enhancement of
Our learning objectives for this term are..
Develop active imagination and creativity through
Increase knowledge and understanding of dance/
singing technique
Retain choreography/ music and scene work from week
to week to allow for further and deeper exploration of
Explore characterization through whole class and
teacher in role exercises
Improve concentration and listening skills
Develop collaboration and team work within the class
Build confidence and self esteem
Learn to evaluate individually and as a group
Work on musicality through rhythm- in both song and
Develop speaking skills through poetry and
Begin to develop rehearsal and performance etiquette
Each week Poppets will enjoy a structured
session, running to the above timetable, based
on an engaging and exciting theme.
Please note: The weeks detailed in this Term Guide are
subject to change at any time. Rehearsal and/or filming
time for projects may require us to extend these elements of
the syllabus over more weeks. Some themes which are
planned for one week only may also be extended to two
weeks if we feel that the Poppets would benefit from the
theme being explored in more depth.
Week 1 - Welcome Back
In week 1 we welcome all of our Poppets back
after our Summer break and welcome some new
There will be lots of focus on group work and
getting to know our friends while working on
some dance technique and singing.
Week 2 & 3
Poppets Pirate Parade
Well shiver me timbers, our Poppets are
off on parade, as Pirates!
With dressing up, make up, sword fights,
walking the plank, wanted posters, magic
old treasure maps and a treasure hunt,
our poppets go on a Pirate adventure.
We will even learn what to do with a
drunken sailor!
With focus on acting, movement, stage
combat and singing our poppets will have
loads of fun while learning to be Pirates!
Please feel free to dress up!!!!
Week 4 & 5
Jungle Adventure
Becoming Jungle explorers and creeping
through the trees and swamps to see
what we can find. Our Poppets will be
swinging from vines, becoming jungle
animals, creating jungle beats and all the
while being careful not to wake the
sleeping Bear!!
Acting, imagination, music and rhythm,
our poppets Jungle Adventure will be
very exciting!
Week 6 & 7
3, 2, 1…Blast Off
Poppets Mission to Space
Amy will be our mission commander and
lead our Poppets Cadets on a mission to
the moon to look for new life.
How will we get there, what might we
find and what will we see…..we wont know
until we land!
Week 8 Poppet Power!
This week we all get to be Superheroes!
Dress as as your favorite Superhero and
show everyone what your amazing super
powers are. We will have lots of people we
need to save and we will have to work out
who has the best superpowers for the job!
We will also choreograph our own awesome
Superhero dance using your own special
Superhero moves!
Week 9 & 10
Weather Week
PQA Poppets News needs a new weather
After learning about the seasons and
recreating different types of weather,
our Poppets will get to practice their
presenting skills and become weather
presenters. Lights, camera, action…..lets
get forecasting!
Our Poppets will get to work with all of
our camera equipment once again and
present thier own weather broadcast in
front of the camera!
Week 11 Amazing Autumn
Following on from our weather theme
our Poppets will learn all about
hibernation and become hibernating
animals. Using acting and improvisation
skills we will collect our food and build
our shelters in preparation for the
We will also learn an lovely new autumn
themed dance!
Week 13 Halloween
It’s a spooky week in Poppets this week!
Our Poppets will be practicing their
spells, learning and acting out a scary
story, doing some scary singing and even
learning a zombie dance!
There might even be some Doughnut
Come dressed up and join the fun!
Week 14 - 19
Poppets Performance
In the lead up to Christmas our Poppets
will be preparing and rehearsing for a
very special secret performance. All will
be revealed later on in the term but we
promise it will be very exciting!!
Please remember, there will be no
poppets Class on Saturday 25
November as we will be travelling to
London for our Main Academy
performance of The Lazy Ace. To make
up for this our last day of term on
Saturday 16
of December will be a
special extended class with our
performance and Christmas party!!