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Paths to Leadership A Framework for Comprehensive Leader Development Key Consulting Group Inc

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Paths to Leadership Outside In Inside Out Leaders deliver results by working with and through others The quality of any leader can ultimately be measured then in just two things Results Do they deliver the outcomes expected reliably Relationships Are they influential with others who are critical to their success Aspiring leaders follow two key paths in their development Pathfind When things need to change offer a compelling way forward to a better future then align the efforts of others with the capability and capacity to bring it about Engage On a foundation of personal quality build and sustain influence with the people who can make the right things happen to achieve your shared goals Key Consulting Group Inc

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Paths to Leadership Model the Way The demand for leadership rises when the situation is challenging and or changing If things were easy anyone could do them When they are not true leaders are revealed by their willingness to show others the way The first test of any leader is personal can they will they do the right thing even when it is difficult and other paths seem so much easier Leading by example tests a leader s character and capability and reveals it to others Leaders choose to lead Learn Constantly Care for your own most important asset your capability Be open to new experiences and to feedback that challenges you to improve and grow Act Responsibly Do what is right even when habit history conditions or others pressure you to do otherwise Leaders are not born or made They choose to lead Key Consulting Group Inc

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Paths to Leadership Partner for Influence The necessity for leadership arises from the reality of pursuing results that demand more than the leader s own capacity or capability can deliver Leaders need followers with resources that complement and complete the leaders own Followers choose their leaders Authority and manipulative tactics may have short term effect But sustained influence with potential followers must be nurtured over time by a leader s efforts to have quality interactions with them Leaders invest constantly in relationships Connect Communicate respect trustworthiness trust of others and willingness to work in the mutual best interests of key stakeholders in every interaction with those who matter Collaborate When pursuing goals together share openly contribute constructively coordinate well and seek to solve problems in creative mutually satisfying ways Key Consulting Group Inc

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Paths to Leadership Coach for Capability In our modern workplaces no one can control or manage the performance of others The nature of the work we do dictates that performers themselves have the freedom to choose their own level of responsibility and capability Leaders act as catalysts for high performance rather than controllers They see potential in others even when they may not see it in themselves balancing the courage to expect more with consideration for the performer s needs and ambitions Leaders partner with performers Challenge Clarify expectations negotiate promises to perform then hold others to account for their effort results and continuous development to their potential Empower Create space for performers to apply their competence and commitment fully on the job intervening only as needed to focus structure and support their efforts Key Consulting Group Inc

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Paths to Leadership Sponsor Team Success People create the real value delivered by any organization Organizations succeed when the efforts of performers are aligned with the goals of the business That only happens when performers needs are being met by the organization Leaders mediate the interests of team members with those of the organization so both get what they need The success of their effort is seen in how well the organization works on behalf of the team while the team works for the organization Leaders facilitate team and organizational success Advocate Champion the interests of team in the organization while showing team members how they can get what they need and want by helping the organization succeed Enable Remove or minimize anything that hinders team performance while putting in place the strategy structure systems and supervision that will help the team succeed Key Consulting Group Inc

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Paths to Leadership Guide the Team Change is inevitable The business environment evolves as stakeholder demands shift and new technologies emerge Internally performance ebbs and flows problems emerging that need resolution and opportunities must be acted on Leaders see what is happening and what could be done about it before others do As important they recognize that organizations only change when the people in them change They inspire others to work with them to make things better Leaders set others on a path to change Act Strategically Help others make sense of their environment then offer a compelling path forward clarifying the contributions that will help the team succeed Lead Change Sustain the focus and energy of others for doing what is required to change confronting resistance considerately while consolidating progress made Key Consulting Group Inc

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Paths to Leadership Need More Information Key Consulting Group Inc

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