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Vertical Studio Report:

POP-Up Vernacular


Design project: Refugee sheltering systems for Turkey and Greece


Welsh School of Architecture

Nedzhmie Yusufova, Eirini Ignatiadi





  • Initial research documents:

- Current refugee status of Turkey;

- Current refugee status of Greece;

- Maps;

- Climate data;

- Past disaster relief reports: Turkey;

- Vernacular architecture: Turkey;

  • Brief
  • Design proposal and development of ideas
  • Materials
  • Final models for exhibition
  • Further development suggestions
  • References



  • The orange circles illustrate the refugee concentration in different cities in Greece and Turkey. 
  • The red circles indicate the points they enter Greece and continue their journey to the other countries of Europe.

Lessons from the past disasters in Turkey

Precedent for materials inspiration

Precedent for structure and form inspiration

Critical considerations: 


- different climate conditions (drastic changes in the temperature,precipitation, humidity, etc.)

-seismic activity

-different topography




- convertible structure (easy to change its shape according to the needs of the user)

- easy to attach and detach its different parts

- adaptable structure (adapts to different topographies)

- stable (resist on wind, earthquakes, high levels of snowfall, etc.)

- lightweight and compact (for transportation and storing)

- easy and quick deployment (designed to be used by children as well)

- robust and durable

- cultural references



Initial iterations and sketches

First models: Shape, Form, Flexibility and Structure exploration

Courtyard design proposal



                                                                                            Structure explorations


                        Single unit design: flexibility explorations


Final proposal

Final models for exhibition

1:5 Model- exploring the flexibility of the structure and the detailed design of the joints

1:25 Model- exploring different design implications of the stucture 

Part of a street in an imaginary refugee camp where the dwellings are placed on a timeline.


Currently most of the refugee camps in Turkey and Greece are based on valuable agricultural plots and their expansion damage the environment. The governments try to remain their sizes constant, however, this task gets harder to accomplish with the increasing level of refugees seeking help from these countries. 



Creating a structure which allows vertical expansion of the shelters rather than horisontal. This would allow the camps to host more refugees without destroying the agricultural lands and their size could remain constant.





Further development ideas






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