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      Foods and bevrages    At this celebration we will have  gulab jaamun which is a traditional indian desert and very good,rajma which is a soup. We will also have rice , bannana chips and salads.For drinks there will be wine, Cold coffee, coca-cola, water, lassi. 

    The  purpoes of this festival is to celebrate The Gupta Empire. It is also  to acknowledge there many achievments. As well as have fun and enjoy the activities that we based off of The Gupta Empire. 

This event will occur on july 1st 2017.There will be a $5.00 admission fee for adults over 18 years of age.For kids under 18 there will be a $2.00 fee for entry.  


Gupta Festival



 We offer a workshop that shows you how to learn  pottery and sculpt vases and learn the way they sculpted and made pots in those days. Then we have a workshop to learn the universities that they had and there form of teaching. We have one more workshop on The Gupta Empires trade routes and we will as a group build minature ox carts and tiny ships because that is what they used mainly for trade.


  At our celebration we will have a souvenir items for sale. We will have ........

  •   Multiple Metal scultures such as cows, Buddist, ect
  • We will have Paintings of the landscape of India and The Gupta Empire
  • Also pearl accessoriers like earings, necklaces, and bracelets


  •   We will have a contest on who can  guess what the main trade items were.
  • We will have a chess tournament because during The Gupta Empire it was very popular.
  • We will have a contest on what was the first universitie named


The top prize is one Free beverages and one free food of your choice. The 2nd best prize is one free admision fee.

The 3rd prize is a stuffed Bengal Tiger.