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2020 - 2021 Annual Report

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4TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112Dear ,As we’ve all heard many times during the COVID-19 pandemic, this was an unprecedented year. However, as I use that term to describe the 2020-2021 school year at POPCS, it is for much different reasons than what is intended by mainstream media.In a time of unknowns, God was never surprised and faithfully led us through the year in ways ex-ceedingly and abundantly more than we could have asked for or imagined (Philippians 3:20). Even in a year when we were not able to have visitors in the building, over 300 members of our Eagle family gave countless hours of their time, from a distance, in support of our mission. Additionally, our community broke records for participation and giving to the school. The Lord moved you to give more than $1,515,000, with our faculty and staff leading the way by giving over $100,000 for the fourth year in a row. Equally impressive is the fact that 83% of POPCS families supported the EaglE Fund at some level, an increase of more than 10% from our previous record.On the heels of our success, this fall we will be kicking off the Forward in Faith capital campaign. In com-bination with funds raised by the EaglE Fund, this campaign will pay for updates to athletics facilities and the Fine Arts Center. The campaign will also fund the expansion of current programs, as well as the introduction of a new one. I look forward to sharing the exciting details with you.As we move forward into the 2021-2022 school year, it is my prayer that rst and foremost we con-tinue to make each member of our Eagle family feel WELCOMED, KNOWN, CONNECTED, and PREPARED as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As my role expands to Assistant Head of School, I pray that we model His example of being humble leaders, hungry to improve on everything we do, and competent in continuing to lead God’s children with the help of the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and discernment.As always, thank you for your support, through actions and prayers, as Together We Give—Together We Soar!To God be the glory!PATRICK CARLOVE Associate Head of School II Timothy 1:7

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5forward in faith | living by faith, building our futureWeLong before their son Parker enrolled at POPCS in the 5th grade, Sadie and Don Kersting had established a tradition of “giving.” So, when Parker came to POPCS, sharing their time, treasure, and talent was already engrained in their family. “Giving in our family starts with scripture,” says Don. In particular, Don mentioned 1 Peter 4:10 which says, “Every believer has received gifts, so use them to serve one another as faithful stewards of the many-colored tapestry of God’s grace.” “Plus, we want to model for our kids that we are not just consumers. We need to use the gifts God has given us,” he adds. For Sadie, it was important to give in areas that allowed them to be part of their kids’ worlds. “You only get one shot with your kids. Volunteering at school allowed us to see them in action, get to know their teachers, and establish relationships with other parents,” she explains. Of course, they also experienced the multitude of fundraisers that came with attending public school. “Every time Parker asked us to buy something for the latest fundraiser, I would ask if I could just donate money instead of having to buy wrapping paper or cookie dough,” laughs Don. When the Kerstings moved to POPCS, they had a new question. “If we are paying for tuition, why are they asking us for more money?” Then they began to notice things like the participation signs showing how many families had given and improvements such as new oors, seating, and lockers. But everything really clicked for them when they agreed to serve as Afnity Group leaders on the EaglE Fund Cabinet. In the leader training sessions, they found out that tuition only covers the cost of educating while the EaglE Fund pays for The meaning of life is to nd your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.– Pablo Picassoenhancements. They also learned that it only takes $1 to participate in the EaglE Fund but that high participation numbers really motivate large donors. “We have always loved to give, but the EaglE Fund was so easy to get behind. First, the Advancement Ofce makes it simple. You are asked to give to one fund, not buy 15 things. And you get to see the impact of your donation almost immediately. Coming back to school after the summer is like Christmas because you get to see all the changes that have been made.” Adds Sadie, “I helped with fundraising for a marquee at Parker’s public school and it didn’t get put up until we were leaving!” While the above factors might be reason enough for many to give, it goes deeper for the Kerstings. First, they are giving out of gratitude that they are able to give. “But we also give to POPCS because it adds value to the school we love and it gives the teachers whyGIVEThe Ksting Family

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6TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112what they need. We are so grateful for the POPCS teachers and we are happy to give because we believe it helps retain and attract those special teachers that make a difference and are truly priceless,” states Sadie. “Of course, as parents it is extra rewarding and encouraging to see how our gifts impact Parker,” she adds. Being part of the EaglE Fund Cabinet has also led to some discoveries about why others give. “Giving is really about relationships,” observes Don. For some, that might be a relationship with a teacher. For others, it might be a relationship with the person asking for the gift. “When we were getting ready to talk to others about giving, Sadie and I sat down and decided whether she or I had a better relationship within a family. If it was me, I made the ask. Guys are really competitive so I just challenged the dads to see who would give,” states Don. For Sadie, her friends know she is always getting roped into the next volunteer role. “So, I mentioned that I had just signed up to be an Afnity Group leader and asked if I could put them down for $10,000. That usually got a laugh and then I would make the real ask. In both cases, people gave because of the relationship,” she notes.Whether it is supporting POPCS or asking others to support the school, giving is part of the grain of the Kersting’s lives. They are proud of POPCS, especially how the school came together during the pandemic. Giving for them is an extension of that pride. Don observes, “When you invest in something, it matters more. It doesn’t matter what you give, just that you nd your gift and use it.” So, when you watch how the Kerstings live and give, it sounds like Pablo Picasso had it right.Another way Don is giving back is by working with Reverend Karl Ashcraft to form POP’s Pops, a group made up of POPCS fathers whose goal is to show the kids, faculty, and staff what an engaged, active, and present group of dads looks like. Don shares, “Moms may be seen as the more traditional volunteers but dads have a lot to offer as well. POP’s Pops allows dads to connect while serving through activities such as carpool assistance, Friday night concession help, movie nights, breakfast discussions, social gatherings, and more.” Events will be low-key, simple, fun, and drama free! Contact Don Kersting at for more information.

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2020-2021 EAGLE FUND CABINETLulu & Matt ChalmersSandi KarrmannKristi Cummings & Scott MurrayCori & Adam PrasifkaLisken & Randy KastalanychLeah & Andrew MarshallHeather & Alpesh PatelAmy & Ryan StewmanTaryn & Adam SpenceAndrea & Grant NeelScott HokeChristy & Matt MurphyMelanie & Joe KlintLisa & Brian SeayDebbie & David KellyDarci & Micah MillerMelissa & Jon CobbCheryl & Paul MonroeLisa & Brian SeaySadie & Don KerstingSusan & Mark LuehrsTamara & Kevin Summers Jennifer & Mark CampbellD & Joe Murphy Monica & Les PritchettKatherine Knowles-Marchione & Vincent MarchioneJo Dell & Scott ProctorJennifer & Tom ZucconiMonika & Robby BarnesNancy & Matt CardwellSusan & David Gerhard7forward in faith | living by faith, building our futurechairsboard of directorsgrade 1grade 2grade 3grade 4grade 5grade 6grade 7grade 8grade 9grade 10grade 11grade 12whatIS THE POPCS EAGLE FUND?The EaglE Fund is the name of POPCS’ annual fund. It is a yearly appeal for unrestricted donations to enhance educational and extracurricular programming, as well as support facilities maintenance and improvements. Contributions to the EaglE Fund help POPCS enhance the programs offered by our school, and improve our campus buildings and environment.whyDO WE NEED THE EAGLE FUND? ISN’T TUITION ENOUGH?Tuition covers mission-critical expenses, such as salaries, curriculum, and other essential operating costs. While tuition covers 100% of these costs, charitable giving enables us to enhance and enrich our school and programs, providing an even better educational experience than what tuition alone can DOES THE EAGLE FUND WORK?Any member of the POPCS community may make a gift to the Eagle Fund at any time! Contributions to the Eagle Fund received by May 31 of each school year will recognized in that year’s annual report.popcs

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8TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112PARTICIPATION BY GRADEPARTICIPATIONBY CONSTITUENTSTOTAL GIFTS RECEIVED & PARENT PARTICIPATION HISTORY1.5M1.2M900K600K300K02015-16$250,000$1,520,874 in giftsGRADE 1GRADE 2GRADE 3GRADE 4GRADE 5GRADE 6GRADE 7GRADE 8GRADE 9GRADE 10GRADE 11GRADE 1295%97%87%100%85%72%93%80%80%91%73%82%RECEIVED BY THE EAGLE FUND BETWEEN JUNE 1, 2020 AND MAY 31, 2021$852,510$1,033,903$1,190,890$965,778*$1,520,8742016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-2142% Parent Participation51% Parent Participation67% Parent Participation71% Parent Participation53% Parent Participation83% Parent Participation100%SCHOOL BOARDFACULTY & STAFF99%PARENTS83%* Due to the challenges presented by COVID-19, all fundraising activities ceased on March 19, 2020, prior to the traditional participation phase of the EaglE Fund campaign. As such, the fundraising numbers for 2019-2020 do not reect the outcome expected in a normal year.

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9forward in faith | living by faith, building our future2020-2021 Eagle Fund ProjectsseniorLEGACYGIFTThe Class of 2021 reached a record high of 83% of families participating in the EaglE Fund. Their donations totaled $106,847, which was used to purchase AV equipment for the new Nichols Pavilion and Learning Courtyard and will help purchase new lockers for the Chris Hahn Gymnasium. We are proud of the Class of 2021 and the legacy they will leave at POPCS!Nichols Pavilion (Covering Outdoor Concession Area) Learning Courtyard and Outdoor Worship Area (Adjacent to the Upper School Commons)Technology and Support Staff for Online Curriculum OfferingsAudio/Visual Equipment for Outdoor Learning AreasFence Relocation to Create Additional Outdoor Green Space

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10TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112100%COMMITTEDUnder the leadership of Afnity Group leaders Taryn and Adam Spence, the 4th grade was the rst class in POPCS history to reach 100% participation in the EaglE Fund. Congratulations and thank you to this amazing group of families!!Pitch Pro Pitching Mound for Baseball Field Community Health, Safety, and Wellness Equipment Technology Updates to Enable and Enhance Online Educators for COVID and Beyond Online Curriculum to Enhance Blended/Flexible Offerings Faculty EducationTeacher/Staff Appreciation GiftsSouth Gym Lockers for AthletesWireless Microphones for Fine Arts and Lower School Programming

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11$100K+AnonymousRobert V. Nichols Rev. Living Trust$60K+Angela Wommack and Ted Casey$40K+Sandi and Steve KarrmannMario Dozzo Foundation (David Dozzo)POPCS Shop for POPJane and Chick Schoen$20K+Anonymous (4)Krista and Greg BatesCamille BrightKara and Patrick CarloveDebbie and Mark FreemanKaren and Earl LundKaren and Dillman MoreeMarilyn and Don SpenceTexas Instruments FoundationMichele and Mike ThatcherKara and Jim Tobaben$10K+Anonymous (3)Julie and Chris ArrowsmithCourtney and Jeff BlankinshipSherri and Todd BloomJennifer and Mark CampbellRachel and Michael HardinKim and Bill KnightsSheri and Mike LandLauren and Lee McCormick/Community DevelopmentAssociates, LLCPepsiCo Matching Gift FoundationPOPCS Eagle Booster ClubRaytheon Matching Gifts for EducationCambria and Brian ReinsboroughRosewood Foundation, TheTaryn and Adam SpenceJulie and James VaughanJulie and Jeff Wolf$5K+Anonymous (2)Bank of America Charitable FoundationLissa and Josh BannermanSusan and Jeff BittingCastle Hills Schools FoundationLulu and Matt ChalmersJennie and Joseph ColeAmy and Mark DroscheBetsy and Jason GrahamImy and Quan HoangDiane and Jay JonesTerri KillianNisha and Scott KloeberDarla and Fred KoelewynMegan and Paul KrizanMarla LehmannSonya LehmannNancy LitzlerThe following individuals, foundations, and businesses made a contribution to Prince of Peace Christian School between June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021. Cumulative giving reects all annual fund, endowment, and capital gifts, as well as all memorial donations and tax-deductible portions of teacher board purchases.cumulative givingSheila and David MetzScottie and Tommy MillerSeema and Ketan PatelDonna and Bill PettyMonica and Les PritchettMartha and Mats RoosShirley and Gary SchaperKaren and Al TaylorMichelle and Scott Webb$2.5K+Anonymous (2)Grace AdloffDebbie and Tim ArndorferMelanie and Tony BaileyKathy and Marshall BelewLou Ann and Terry BrunennMelissa and Scott DavisFannie Mae Matching ProgramJim and Ines FranklinCarol HahnTricia and Chris HahnEmma IrwinMandy and Jeremy LoweKelly and Neal MorrisChristy and Matt MurphyDupe and Joe OmoworareHeather and Alpesh PatelJanet PollardLisa and Phil SerisShannon and Trent SharpKelly and Madison SmarttHolly and Jason StrongKendy and Mike VisniewskiCrystal and Brett Zakarian$1K+Becky and Tom AbbottAIG Matching Grants ProgramAlbertsons Safeway RewardsLiz and Michael AlexanderAmeriprise Advisor Matching Gifts ProgramLisa and Matt AusteErin and Brock BaldwinSoo Hyun Park and Min Gyu Bangforward in faith | living by faith, building our future

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Melanie and Mike BellKathryn and Devon BengtsonKaren and John BennettRhonda and Jeff BiggsCarrie and Brandon BinnsChristy and Tony BohannonCarol and Mark BomballSuzette and David BoydLisa and Clyde BuchananTyler BurkeCardinal Health Matching FoundationKelli and Alex CastroMelissa and Jon CobbJennifer and Matt EngelsStacy and Heath EricksonHeidi and J FrederickSusan and David GerhardBarbara and Tom GrayJudy and Paul GreilichLori and Dan GwynnYoungbin HamKeely and Casey HartLinda and Kenneth HauptVicky and Charles HergetSharon and Jerry HerrinHigginbotham Community Fund at the North Texas CommunityFoundationRachel and Jarrod HoodSue and Bill JoinerTamara and Jason JonesLisken and Randy KastalanychSadie and Don KerstingMaddy and William KloeberPam and Rick KnottsKroger Southwest Community RewardsMichelle and Mike LaneLCMS FoundationCandace and Richard BoydDebbie and Vince LoweSusan and Mark LuehrsKen and Jackie MarchettiKatherine Knowles-Marchione and Vincent MarchioneCara MarkMargo and Mike MarshallDeborah and Nick MarzoccoMcKesson Matching FoundationErin and Andy McKnightLisa and Ernie McKnightMetcalf Foundation, The (N.J. and Richard Metcalf)Microsoft Matching Gift ProgramApril and Dean MillerCheryl and Paul MonroeJan MooreKathy and Patrick MooreD and Joe MurphyGary MurthaAndrea and Grant Neel/Britton Building Maintenance, Inc.Paige and Joakim NordellMonique and Joel PayneCamille and Donald Reagan/Reagan ChiroSport CenterDonna and Curt RiskeLatisha and Casey RyanCasey and Paul SchrierLisa and Brian SeayJennifer and Jeremy SmallwoodSue and Billy SteingruberAmy and Ryan StewmanJenny and John StilwellJanet and Greg SuddrethTamara and Kevin SummersJacque and Craig SundermanMary Jane TobabenSusanne and Bill WalshLouise Pentland and Dirk WilliamsonJennifer and Mark WithrowShelly and Richard WrightWhitney and Mike Yelm$500+Anonymous9474 FoundationACR Foundation, The (Caryl and Al Reese)Daisy BaileyAmye and Joel BakerJeff BensonJessica BensonCarla and Rick BergKaren and Brent BlackwellMeredith BradyMerrie BuonoCindy and Rick CarrellAnn and Bill ChalmersJonathan and Allison ChappellDebbie and Chuck ColemanMargaret and Bill CollinsJennifer and Greg CookAlaina and Chris CordinaMarci and Joel DittmerDedra and Mike DornMichelle and David DwyerPam FarringtonKathryn and Steve FinkHolly FultonLorrie and Joe GarrettAmy McKay Gehan and Michael GehanAchieve Hearing & RehabilitationKristina and Ronald GiomettiShanna and Jeff GoseyRochelle and Chris GreenTrudy and Robert GrimmerKathryn and Ben HardmanHeidi and Chad HenkeBeverly HiteJody and Mike HoerrMarissa and Hunter HowardKacie and William InnesBetty JansonShantell and Derrick JarvisShawn KaplanDebbie and David KellyLisa and Jeff KendallGinger and Tim KennedyHumon KhadivarLegacy DeoJennifer and Bryan LipinskiSharon and Steve MadlenaLeah and Andrew MarshallBertha MatlockHolly and Stuart MillerTheresa and Mark MillerHelen and Warner MizeDawn and Dave MoederPrisca MorrisonKatie and Jeff MortonJeff NeuburgerAlexis and James NorvellChristine and Terry O’BrienPayPal Matching ProgramAlex PenaJamie and Drew PenningtonPrudential Matching Program12

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13Jessica and Roy ReisTess and Louis Risolio/Daltex Roong & Remodeling, Inc.Kathy RohlwingElizabeth and Wade RugensteinTori and David RushJoanie and Don SaynorTommie Sue SchellingMichele and Kurt SchottleutnerCharisse and Jim ShadleyJennifer and Clay SharpLaura and Josh SherrellArleen and Wallace SmithCarin and Craig SwansonSynchrony Financial Matching ProgramTeradata Matching ProgramJean and Michael ThieroffBrenda and James ThomsonThrivent Choice Matching ProgramSamantha and Frank TomasheskiCharla and David TruettTara and Corey UrbachAngie and Jeff Van MatreBecky and Nick WeissAllison and Joe WhitmerHeather and Dave WhittingtonAnnie and Jerry YoungJanelle Anderson and Mike Zbuchalski$1-$499Anonymous (3)Brooke and James AdamsSherry and Patrick AdamsShirley and Doug AdamsOsa and Ken AgborAmber and Ken AguilarMegan Murfee AguilarJack AitkenSandy and Gary AkrightBonnie and Daniel AlbrittonAlexion Pharmaceuticals Matching Gifts ProgramAlvira and Leslie Moch Fund of Communities Foundation of TexasAmazon SmileAshley and Karl AshcraftStephanie and Alan AycoxSusan and Roger BaierHayley and Michael BaileyBecky BairdAustin BakerNick BakerDebbie and Tom BakerJennifer and Ian BallCyndy and Jeff BaltzleyBrooke and Todd BaringerHolly and Ernest BarrowCameron BatesLynda and Wayne BatesJarol and Greg BaumannPam and Taber BeardenTami BennettAlan BerkDana Berk and Bill PaineMeredith and Craig BieryChloe BiggersShannon and Teak BiondoMichelle Kearby-Birdwell and Russ BirdwellCole BittingBoeing Matching Gift ProgramBox Tops for EducationNicole and David BoydRuth and George BrandonConnie BrazilBright Funds Matching ProgramTeresa and William BrimerCheri and Bob BrooksMaureen and Steve BrooksBeckye and Jim BrownMary Ann and John BrownShanon BrutonHa Tran and Tung BuiJoAnn BurgsethChristi BurkhardtJami and Frank CalatozzoBeatriz CantoMandy and Kevin CantrellNancy and Matt CardwellKayla CarloveOlivia CarloveAzita CarrCarol CashKatherine CashonTim CashonBen CastroEmma CastroCBRE Matching ProgramWenni and Cheng-Yaw ChangLisa ChasePamela and Warren ChiuFi and Putt ChoateDana and Karl ChristenCindy Chou and William ChuTami and Joe CiarellaRhonda and Tony CinelloBonnie and Justin ClutterConnie and John ClutterBeverly and David ClydeMelissa and Christopher ClydeKaren CoeCommunities Foundation of TexasCora and Joshua ConklinSue and Jack CookBree Cotten-JandegianElizabeth and Evan CoxPat and Bob CuseyKumiko and Jeff DanoCora Maynette DavisErin and Joshua DavisKendel and Wil DavisTsai Hui-Hsin and Wang Dean-YuanMelissa and Shawn DevereuxKristen and Damon DidierAmanda and Jeff DienerElaine and Chris DillardJulie DixonAshley and Scott DoakMarlene and Roger DreyerRachel and David DuPreeKelly and Stephen DuranRani and Boyd EarpJane EatonBetty and David EldridgeeRate Program, LLCAshley FarrKatie FathmanRita FathmanPamm FineSally and Bubba FiveashCindy FlemingKristen and John-Paul FontBarnali and Richard FramjeeElisa Gallegos and Aaron GuerreroAndrea Gambleforward in faith | living by faith, building our future

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14TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112Kirsten and Josh GappelbergAshley and Kyle GeddesBarbara and Chuck GeddesKathy and Bill GerberMaddie GerhardMelanie and Steven GerikJanet and Art GiontaCarolyn GoadBarbara and Grant GockeCrystal Montgomery-Goecker and Brian GoeckerKay and Lowell GoeckerMaryellen and Scott GonzalesDee Ann and Matt GordonAdriane and Dave GraceMichelle GrantTammy and James GrayAmanda and Chris GreeheyMichelle and Shannon GrifnWillie Mae GrissomJudy and Dan GroundsDelois and Ted HallKimera and Ryan HallMarilyn HancockDalya and Sam HannaAlex (Reitinger) and Reece HansenBetsy and Tom HardinAngie and Steve HarrisLani and Eric HawkDebbie HaysJudith HeadNancy and Paul HenningTiffany and Justin HenryPatty and Brent HerbeckAna HergetRebecca and Mark HerreraKelly and Jason HibbsCindy HigginbothamHill & WilkinsonJennifer and Lance HillAngela and Troy HinesBeverly Wachsmann Hintz and Gary HintzMichael HinzEsha and Hitesh HiraniAlayna and John HoenigPat HoerrDonna and Rich HofstraKathy HokeScott HokeMarilyn HolmanMeesh and Brian HootenPatti and Bill HootenAmy and Travis HoustounKelly Gu and Johnny HuangRon and Mary HungerfordChristal and Mark HungleTiffany and Jeremy HuntShannon and Darian HurstKenny InfanteMarcy InfanteLinda JamesKendra Crain and Jeff JayroeSusie and Charles JayroeVatosha and Earl JeffersonMark JohnsonMegan JohnsonSam JoinerMelissa JonesBrenda and Russ JordanMary and Scott JorgensenSusan and David JostKirsten KaminskiEunice KaneJina Suh and Wonsang KangKatie and Jason KavanaughGary KearbyAndrea Rodriguez and Craig KeeneSusan and Kyle KellerSandra KelleyRebecca and Richard KempMichelle KemriteDeMia and Aaron KeppelJoy and Tim KingMelody KlachianStacey KlassLyn and Gordon KnowlesKeesha KoehlerRose and Bob KonsellaAmy and Jonathan KosterKim and Jeff KribsVanitha and PK KrishnarajJudy KrizanJeanie and Richard LawrenceJoanna LawsonTammy and Fred LawsonMaribel LeonJohn LeonardShane and Kelly LeonardMorgan and Justin LewisAngie and Tulio LicoAnn West LipeChristina and John LizasoLaura Padgett and Clyde LoganAmanda and Micah LorenzenIsabella LorettoAmy and Russ LoweSandi and Randy LoweBailey LundLutheran Church Missouri SynodSabrina Perrenoud and Andy MagesMimi and Jim MannLisa and Alex MarchettiChloe MarkBarbara and David MarshallJan MartinOlivia MartinRahima and Mohib MasaniMelissa MasseyDaniel MegisonEunice and Bob MeyerCharlyse and Kirk MikulecDarci and Micah MillerDarlene and Ed MillerGillian MillerLaura and Brian MillerZoe MillerRaina and Joe MillsGloria and Rick MooreJuanita and Michael MooreSusan and Tony MooreKay MortonCynthia and Rick MoserMoss Adams Matching ProgramPatricia MossTraci and Darren MuirheidFran MurrayJulia and Don MurrayKristi Cummings and Scott MurrayToni and Jason NashJane and Robert NettuneNetwork for GoodRose and Jerry NicholsLeslie and Dunnie NormanSusan Norvell and Bradley HastedtLaura and Will NowakChristine and Tobias Olbermann

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15forward in faith | living by faith, building our futureMackline and Joakim OnsarigoNiki and Dan OronaOwens-Illinois Charities FoundationYulon OwensStacey PaceElise Pereira Carvalho and Valden PaesLauren and Jerad PardueAshley and Talley ParkerJenni and Jeff ParkhurstCathy and Chris PearsonSophia PecorariDan PerrenoudTara and Matt PerryDiane and Kurt PetersonYesenia Pirela-Arikan and Tufan ArikanLinda and Jeff PoholskySantoshi and Srinivasa PokalaBrenda and Richard PorterCori and Adam PrasifkaDebra and Robert PriceHannah and Gary PrindivilleJo Dell and Scott ProctorJeanne and Jack ProvencherEsther and Sam RamadanShubhangi and Sam RaoMary RayCharles ReamyRebensdorf Family FoundationHeather and Dean ReedMarla and Scott ReederLinda Jones-Reichert and Richard ReichertAmy and Vic ReynoldsJudy and John RiceDorothy and Robert RichardsonStacey and Gerry RidgelyJudy and Fred RiemerChristina and Charles RiskaMilton RiskeAutumn RizziJane and Steve RobertsMichele RobertsReagan RobertsRiley RobertsRyann RobertsJoan RobinsonKatherine RoblesJulia RodriguezKarin RogersStephanie and Patrick RogersJulita Dubrawska-Romanczyk and Tad RomanczykVictoria RomanczykNancy and Martin RossLeAnn RoweNatasa and Michael RoyerDebbie and Warren RugensteinRenuka Jeyasuthan and Jeyasuthan SagayamLinda SandlinBarbara SartinJody and Bryan SartinBev ScheckSharla SchimelpfenigSammy SchlossinTracy and David SchmidtRenette and David SchmidtkeMarianne and Jack SchnellMelissa and David ScottKatie and John SealeChristie and James SecorServiceNow Matching ProgramSue and Ray ShaverPeggy and Steve ShawJane and Jeff SheldonWendy Chen and Tony ShengNorma and Robert SherrodLori and Daryl ShieldsCathy ShislerJulia Fleming and John SimonKathy and Jim SimpfenderferAngela and Jeramy SkidmoreLeigh SladeChris SmithJennifer and Chris SmithKerry and Michael SmithKim and Kevin SmithMelinda and Casey SmithWendi and Andy SmithMelissa and Larry SommersMaura and Sal SoraciRachel and Steve SosinskiJanet SpanoAmy and Gary SpeckKristin and Matt SpellmanJennifer and Rich SpitzerKatherine Mix and Jason SpitzerBetty StappCindy and Gary SteenDanielle and Tim StevensLindsay and Eric StoutMax SwensonSam SwensonValerie Gabriel-Swenson & Clark SwensonLaura and Bradford TaylorMaya and Matthew TaylorNancy and Ron TaylorJosh ThatcherKatie (Lonquist) and Chase ThomasReese ThompsonKimberley Tipps WallaceBarbara TolleyAmbar Torre and Jeff BradleyJennifer and Dan TrempalaConnor TrevinoDanna and Steve TurnerStacey and Jason VailHilary and Al ValenteGayMarie and Dan VaughanMartha and Jose VelasquezJoyce Rodrigues and Anup VelgekarChristina and Brian WadeJill and Kenny WadeJackie and David WallsKelly and Jason WalshTina Zhang and Paul WangStacy and Matt WarnerGio Washington-WrightBryce WashumJenny WattsHeather and Chris WeydigJennifer and Kent WilkinsAnn and Jon WilliamsChris WilsonCarolee WisemanBeverly WolfeCarrie and Adrian WoodKatie WoodallSara and Erik WynkoopFei Zhao and Zhiguo YangPenelope and Brian YanusAbby (Baker) YoungCierra YoungTammy and Kelly YoungBinting Pan and Xiao ZhangJennifer and Tom Zucconi

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16TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112Anonymous (2)Megan (Murfee) AguilarJack AitkenBonnie and Daniel AlbrittonDebbie and Tim ArndorferJulie and Chris ArrowsmithHayley and Michael BaileyMelanie and Tony BaileyBecky BairdAmye and Joel BakerAustin BakerDebbie and Tom BakerNick BakerCameron BatesKrista and Greg BatesMelanie and Mike BellCarla and Rick BergAlan BerkDana Berk and Bill PaineChloe BiggersCarrie and Brandon BinnsCole BittingSusan and Jeff BittingKaren and Brent BlackwellCourtney and Jeff BlankinshipSherri and Todd BloomRuth and George BrandonCheri and Bob BrooksShanon BrutonJami and Frank CalatozzoJennifer and Mark CampbellBeatriz CantoKara and Patrick CarloveKayla CarloveOlivia CarloveAngela Wommack and Ted CaseyTim CashonBen CastroEmma CastroKelli and Alex CastroWenni and Cheng-Yaw ChangLisa ChaseFi and Putt ChoateDana and Karl ChristenRhonda and Tony CinelloAmanda and Jeff DienerAmy and Mark DroscheJennifer and Matt EngelsKatie FathmanRita FathmanSally and Bubba FiveashHeidi and J FrederickMaddie GerhardSusan and David GerhardJudy and Paul GreilichTricia and Chris HahnAlex (Reitinger) and Reece HansenRachel and Michael HardinAngie and Steve HarrisNancy and Paul HenningRebecca and Mark HerreraSharon and Jerry HerrinCindy HigginbothamJody and Mike HoerrPat HoerrDonna and Rich HofstraShannon and Darian HurstSam JoinerSue and Bill JoinerSandi and Steve KarrmannGinger and Tim KennedyHumon KhadivarTerri KillianMelody KlachianPam and Rick KnottsDarla and Fred KoelewynRose and Bob KonsellaJoanna LawsonTammy and Fred LawsonShane and Kelly LeonardIsabella LorettoSusan and Mark LuehrsBailey LundKaren and Earl LundSharon and Steve MadlenaMario Dozzo Foundation (David Dozzo)Cara MarkChloe MarkMargo and Mike MarshallOlivia MartinLauren and Lee McCormick/Community DevelopmentAssociates, LLCEunice and Bob MeyerCharlyse and Kirk MikulecGillian MillerZoe MillerKathy and Patrick MooreSusan and Tony MoorePrisca MorrisonD and Joe MurphyMonique and Joel PayneSophia PecorariDiane and Kurt PetersonSantoshi and Srinivasa PokalaJanet PollardBrenda and Richard PorterDebra and Robert PriceCharles ReamyCambria and Brian ReinsboroughMichele RobertsRiley RobertsRyann RobertsJulia RodriguezKarin RogersJulita Dubrawska-Romanczyk and Tad RomanczykVictoria RomanczykTori and David RushLinda SandlinSammy SchlossinMarianne and Jack SchnellCharisse and Jim ShadleyJennifer and Clay SharpShannon and Trent SharpWendy Chen and Tony ShengAngela and Jeramy SkidmoreRachel and Steve SosinskiSue and Billy SteingruberHolly and Jason StrongTamara and Kevin SummersCarin and Craig SwansonMax SwensonSam SwensonValerie Gabriel-Swenson and Clark SwensonJosh ThatcherMichele and Mike ThatcherKatie (Lonquist) and Chase ThomasReese ThompsonKara and Jim TobabenJennifer and Dan TrempalaCharla and David TruettGayMarie and Dan VaughanJulie and James VaughanBryce WashumJennifer and Mark WithrowJulie and Jeff WolfKatie WoodallShelly and Richard WrightAbby (Baker) YoungJennifer and Tom ZucconiThe following alumni and alumni parents made a contribution to POPCS between June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021. We are incredibly grateful for our alumni and their families who have so generously continued to support POPCS post-graduation.alumni & alumni parents

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17forward in faith | living by faith, building our futureAnonymous (4)Becky and Tom AbbottACR Foundation, The (Caryl and Al Reese)Shirley and Doug AdamsGrace AdloffSandy and Gary AkrightSusan and Roger BaierDaisy BaileyCyndy and Jeff BaltzleyLynda and Wayne BatesPam and Taber BeardenRhonda and Jeff BiggsCamille BrightCindy and Rick CarrellCarol CashKatherine CashonAnn and Bill ChalmersTami and Joe CiarellaConnie and John ClutterBeverly and David ClydeKaren CoeMargaret and Bill CollinsSue and Jack CookPat and Bob CuseyJane EatonCindy FlemingJim and Ines FranklinBarbara and Chuck GeddesKathy and Bill GerberJanet and Art GiontaKay and Lowell GoeckerTrudy and Robert GrimmerWillie Mae GrissomJudy and Dan GroundsCarol HahnDelois and Ted HallBetsy and Tom HardinLinda and Kenneth HauptDebbie HaysBeverly HiteMarilyn HolmanPatti and Bill HootenRon and Mary HungerfordBetty JansonSusie and Charles JayroeMary and Scott JorgensenEunice KaneGary KearbyMaddy and William KloeberLyn and Gordon KnowlesJudy KrizanJeanie and Richard LawrenceAnn West LipeNancy LitzlerSandi and Randy LoweMimi and Jim MannKen and Jackie MarchettiBarbara and David MarshallMargo and Mike MarshallBertha MatlockMetcalf Foundation, The (N.J. and Richard Metcalf)Darlene and Ed MillerScottie and Tommy MillerGloria and Rick MooreJan MooreJuanita and Michael MooreKay MortonFran MurrayJane and Robert NettuneRose and Jerry NicholsDan PerrenoudDonna and Bill PettyLinda and Jeff PoholskyJeanne and Jack ProvencherMary RayRebensdorf Family FoundationLinda Jones-Reichert and Richard ReichertJudy and John RiceDorothy and Robert RichardsonDonna and Curt RiskeJane and Steve RobertsKathy RohlwingDebbie and Warren RugensteinBarbara SartinShirley and Gary SchaperTommie Sue SchellingJane and Chick SchoenSue and Ray ShaverPeggy and Steve ShawNorma and Robert SherrodKathy and Jim SimpfenderferArleen and Wallace SmithChris SmithMarilyn and Don SpenceBetty StappCindy and Gary SteenJanet and Greg SuddrethKaren and Al TaylorNancy and Ron TaylorMary Jane TobabenSusanne and Bill WalshCarolee WisemanBeverly WolfeGrandparents are a special blessing to our POPCS community. We thank all grandparents—near and far—who made a nancial gift to our school between June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021.grandparent donors

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18TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112Brooke AdamsAmber AguilarMegan AguilarChris ArrowsmithAshley AshcraftKarl AshcraftStephanie AycoxCyndy BaltzleyTodd BaringerKrista BatesSusan BittingKaren BlackwellMeredith BradyCheri BrooksShanon BrutonMerrie BuonoTyler BurkeJami CalatozzoBeatriz CantoPatrick CarloveKelli CastroLisa ChaseDebbie ColemanAlaina CordinaKendel DavisJoel DittmerMarci DittmerRachel DuPreeKatie FathmanRita FathmanValerie Gabriel-SwensonShanna GoseyBetsy GrahamMichelle GrantMichelle GrifnChris HahnTricia HahnLani HawkChad HenkeHeidi HenkeVicky HergetCindy HigginbothamAngela HinesMichael HinzJody HoerrKacie InnesLinda JamesShantell JarvisSue JoinerBrenda JordanMichelle KemriteGinger KennedyPam KnottsRick KnottsKeesha KoehlerRose KonsellaSheri LandJoanna LawsonTammy LawsonAngie LicoAmanda LorenzenMicah LorenzenJeremy LoweJan MartinDaniel MegisonKatie MortonRick MoserStacey PaceAlex PenaDiane PetersonGary PrindivilleMichele RobertsKarin RogersLeAnn RoweTori RushLinda SandlinBev ScheckSharla SchimelpfenigMarianne SchnellCasey SchrierPhil SerisJane SheldonMelinda SmithRachel SosinskiJanet SpanoKara TobabenAmbar TorreConnor TrevinoKelly WalshStacy WarnerGio Washington-WrightBecky WeissNick WeissCierra YoungCrystal ZakarianThe following faculty and staff members made a gift to POPCS between June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021. We thank them for their leadership and support, in the classroom, on the elds of play, and beyond.faculty & staff donors

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19forward in faith | living by faith, building our futureWe thank those whose giving to POPCS’ endowment fund reects a spirit of investment in the lives of our students and our school. The following individuals gave to the endowment fund between June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021.9474 FoundationLisa and Matt AusteImy and Quan HoangLCMS FoundationLegacy DeoKelly and Neal MorrisPrudential Matching ProgramCarin and Craig SwansonJulie and James Vaughanendowment & scholarship donorsAnonymous (2)9474 FoundationAchieve Hearing & Rehabilitation (Amy McKay Gehan and Michael Gehan)ACR Foundation, The (Caryl and Al Reese)AIG Matching Grants ProgramAlbertsons Safeway RewardsAlexion Pharmaceuticals Matching Gifts ProgramAlvira and Leslie Moch Fund of Communities Foundation of TexasAmazon SmileAmeriprise Advisor Matching Gifts ProgramBank of America Charitable FoundationBoeing Matching Gift ProgramBox Tops for EducationBright Funds Matching ProgramBritton Building Maintenance, Inc. (Andrea and Grant Neel)Cardinal Health Matching FoundationCastle Hills Schools FoundationCBRE Matching ProgramCommunities Foundation of TexasCommunity Development Associates, LLC (Lauren and Lee McCormick)Daltex Roong & Remodeling, Inc. (Tess and Louis Risolio)eRate Program, LLCFannie Mae Matching ProgramHigginbotham Community Fund at the North Texas Community FoundationHill & WilkinsonKroger Southwest Community RewardsLCMS FoundationLegacy DeoLutheran Church Missouri SynodMario Dozzo Foundation (David Dozzo)McKesson Matching FoundationMetcalf Foundation, The (N.J. and Richard Metcalf)Microsoft Matching Gift ProgramMoss Adams Matching ProgramNetwork for GoodOwens-Illinois Charities FoundationPayPal Matching ProgramPepsiCo Matching Gift FoundationPOPCS Eagle Booster ClubPOPCS Shop for POPPrudential Matching ProgramRaytheon Matching Gifts for EducationReagan ChiroSport Center (Camille and Don Reagan)Rebensdorf Family FoundationRobert V. Nichols Rev. Living TrustRosewood Foundation, TheServiceNow Matching ProgramSpecialty Development, Inc. DBA Rose Lane Outside Storage(Debbie and Tim Arndorfer)Synchrony Financial Matching ProgramTeradata Matching ProgramTexas Instruments FoundationThrivent Choice Matching ProgramThe following corporations, businesses, and foundations donated to POPCS between June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021. We thank them for their support.corporate, business, & foundation donorsCOACH TAYLOR SCHOLARSHIPThe Coach Taylor Scholarship is given by the 9474 Foundation in honor of Coach Phil Taylor. Awarded annually, this scholarship covers the athletic fees for a student-athlete who exhibits a positive attitude and strong work ethic, attributes Coach Taylor personally lived and strongly encouraged in those he coached. The 2021 recipient of the Coach Taylor Scholarship was Elijah (EJ) Phillips, a sophomore football and basketball player. Even as a young athlete, EJ gives 100% effort for his team, always maintaining an upbeat attitude and playing an integral part in team unity. For more information about how you can support POPCS through a scholarship, please contact Patrick Carlove at

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20TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112The following included POPCS in their estate plan:In Honor Of: Mason BarnesGift made by Melissa JonesJeremy and Brian Hunt FamiliesGift made by Jane and Chick SchoenJaxon KribsGift made by The Metcalf Foundation (N.J. and Richard Metcalf)Charlie and Holland PenningtonGift made by Mary and Scott JorgensenIn thanksgiving for the ministry to our grandchildren, Lilly and Titus Weiss, and in honor of the ministry of our children, Rebecca and Nicolas Weiss.Gift made by Linda and Kenneth HauptRebecca Weiss, our niece, and her husband, Nicolas WeissGift made by Jean and Michael ThieroThe Zucconi GirlsGift made by Caryl and Al ReeseAnonymousJulie and Chris ArrowsmithSherri and Todd BloomKara and Patrick CarloveArmin “Whitey” Luehrs †Scottie and Tommy MillerBob Nichols †Monica and Les PritchettConnie and Josh RidkerKaren and Al TaylorMichelle and Scott Webb† Bequest has been fullledtribute donorsIn Memory Of: Donald Baker Gift made by Amy and Joel BakerDonald Baker Gift made by Connie BrazilDonald Baker Gift made by Melissa MasseyTerry Land Gift made by JoAnn BurgsethJean Lehmann Gift made by Sonya LehmannAmy Lunsford Anonymous giftAmy Lunsford Gift made by Grace AdloAmy Lunsford Gift made by Ruth and George BrandonAmy Lunsford Gift made by Mary Ann and John BrownAmy Lunsford Gift made by Angela Wommack and Ted CaseyAmy Lunsford Gift made by Cora Maynette DavisAmy Lunsford Gift made by Carolyn GoadAmy Lunsford Gift made by Beverly Wachsmann Hintz and Gary HintzAmy Lunsford Gift made by Helen and Warner MizeAmy Lunsford Gift made by Patricia MossAmy Lunsford Gift made by Judy and Fred RiemerAmy Lunsford Gift made by Milton RiskeAmy Lunsford Gift made by Nancy and Martin RossAmy Lunsford Gift made by Settimi Careciple GroupAmy Lunsford Gift made by the Shisler familyAmy Lunsford Gift made by Carin and Craig SwansonAmy Lunsford Gift made by varsity volleyball parentsPaul Reasoner Gift made by Mary RayPaul Reasoner Gift made by Autumn RizziMadison Schottleutner Gift made by Michele and Kurt SchottleutnerCoach Phil Taylor Gift made by Karen and Al TaylorCoach Art Vela Gift made by the Pritchett family

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21Maritza AcostaAmber AguilarCandice AllenSuzanne ArledgeAshley Ashcraft Karl Ashcraft Lisa Auste Erin Baldwin Caleb Ball Jennifer Ball Leslie Baltzley Soo Bang Lissa Bannerman Monika Barnes Robby Barnes Greg Bates Krista Bates Leslie Benavides Karen Bennett Tami Bennett Meredith Biery Meredith Bills Carrie Binns Shannon Biondo Todd Bloom Christy Bohannon Nicole Boyd Cheri Brooks Lou Ann Brunenn Terry Brunenn Megan Bushar Erin Butler Jennifer Campbell Mark Campbell Kevin Cantrell Matt Cardwell Nancy Cardwell Carol Cash Lulu Chalmers Matt Chalmers Rhonda Cinello Tony Cinello Kurt Claussner Gavin Clyde Jon Cobb Melissa Cobb Jennie Cole Cora Conklin Alaina Cordina Bree Ann Cotton-Jandegian Kendra Crain Kristi Cummings Stacey Cusey Kristin Dasaro Erin Davis Kendel Davis Kristen Didier Dedra Dorn Mike Dorn Ashley Dunaway David DuPree Rani Earp Jenni Eastin Betty Eldridge Stacy Erickson Maya Fernandez Julia Fleming Andrea Gamble Kirsten Gappelberg Lorrie Garrett Cheri Gassaway Michael Gassaway Ashley Geddes Amy McKay Gehan Tricia Gerber David Gerhard Susan Gerhard Rebecca Gilberg Kristina Giometti Maryellen Gonzaeles Dee Ann Gordon Shanna Gosey John Gravenkemper Barbara Gray James Gray Tammy Gray Tom Gray Amanda Greehey Rochelle Green Whitney Grundy Kelly Gu Carol Hale Kathryn Hardman Casey Hart Keely Hart Chad Henke Heidi Henke David Henry Tiffany Henry Vicky Herget Imy Hoang Alayna Hoenig Scott Hoke Rachel Hood Volunteers provide an invaluable service to our school, and we thank everyone who contributes to POPCS and our students through their gifts of time. The following volunteers served at POPCS between June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021.volunteersforward in faith | living by faith, building our future

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22Alissa Hopper Meesh Hooten Jonathan Howell Johnny Huang Cheryle Hungle Christal Hungle Tiffany Hunt Shannon Hurst Stephanie Huston Marcy Infante Emma Irwin Shantell Jarvis Tamara Jones Megan Kalra Sandi Karrmann Lisken Kastalanych Randy Kastalanych Katie Kavanaugh Andrea Keene David Kelly Debbie Kelly Jeff Kendall Lisa Kendall Jennifer Kenneth DeMia Keppel Don Kersting Sadie Kersting Joy King Lori Klaus Joe Klint Melanie Klint Nisha Kloeber Janet Knight Katherine Knowles-Marchione Darla Koelewyn Megan Krizan Paul Krizan Mike Land Michelle Lane Maribel Leon Justin Lewis Angie Lico Lauren Lipe-Vigen Amanda Lorenzen Jeremy Lowe Mandy Lowe Mark Luehrs Susan Luehrs Karen Lund Angie Madden Abby Mages Lisa Marchetti Vincent Marchione Andrew Marshall Leah Marshall Mohib Masani Rahima Masani Kaylan Mentesana Darci Miller Holly Miller Laura Miller Micah Miller Scottie Miller Crystal Mitchell Cheryl Monroe Paul Monroe Kathy Moore Patrick Moore Dillman Moree Katie Morton Dawn Moshier Traci Muirheid Christy Murphy D Murphy Joe Murphy Matt Murphy Scott Murray Andrea Neel Grant Neel Lauren Nemeth-Friggel Paige Nordell Dunnie Norman Leslie Norman Alexis Norvell James Norvell Susan Norvell-Hastedt Laura Nowak Christine O’Brien Christine Olbermann Joe Omoworare Niki Orona Betty Pan Sunitha Panicker Lauren Pardue Ashley Parker Alpesh Patel Heather Patel Marley Payne Alex Pena Jamie Pennington Louise Pentland Sabrina Perrenoud Matt Perry Gary Petro Adam Prasifka Cori Prasifka Hannah Prindiville Les Pritchett Monica Pritchett Jo Dell Proctor Scott Proctor Camille Reagan Heather Reed Jessica Reis Christina Riska Kady Roberts Katherine Robles Elizabeth Rugenstein David Rush Casey Ryan Latisha Ryan Jody Sartin Joanie Saynor Melissa Scott Katie Seale Brian Seay Lisa Seay Christie Secor Shannon Sharp Jane Sheldon Laura Sherrell Lori Shields Sheena Shroff Shweta Sidhu Jennifer Smith Kim Smith Mollie Smith Katherine Snyder Maura Soraci Rachel Sosinski Steve Sosinski Amy Speck Rachel Speers Kristin Spellman Matt Spellman Adam Spence Don Spence Taryn Spence Amy Stewman Ryan Stewman Lindsay Stout Holly Strong Jason Strong Jessica Stroud Jeni Stuart Kevin Summers Tamara Summers Al Taylor Karen Taylor Laura Taylor Michele Thatcher Mike Thatcher Lincoln Thompson Brenda Thomson James Thomson Amanda Thrash Kara Tobaben Samantha Tomasheski Ha Tran Danna Turner Tara Urbach Angie Van Matre Nina Van Niekerk Julie Vaughan Art Vela Martha Velasquez Matt Vigen Crystal Villanueva Kendy Visniewski Mike Visniewski Jill Wade Kathryn Waite Susanne Walsh Jenny Watts Allison Whitmer Ashley Wilcoxson Ann Williams Lindsay Williams Rebecca Williams Jeff Wolf Angela Wommack Sara Wynkoop Penelope Yanus Whitney Yelm Annie Young Crystal Zakarian Jennifer Zucconi Tom Zucconi TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112

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25forward in faith | living by faith, building our futureAs you may know, I am a fan of Michael Jackson’s music. I like the classic Jackson 5 song “Can you Feel It?” and “Don’t Stop” from a young, solo Michael. One of his last songs released was “This Is It.” Well, “this is it” for me, as I leave POPCS at the end of this school year for a new ministry and leadership op-portunity at Summit Christian Acade-my (SCA) in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Thanks to each of you for your continued prayers and support of our school. One of the unexpected bless-ings of saying goodbye, especially in a year full of social distancing, has been reconnecting with alumni and their parents. Knowing the strength of our school will always be the teachers and coaches that directly serve our students, it has been awesome to vis-it and share stories of the past. I’ve been blessed to hear how POPCS has helped prepare so many students for their next educational step. It has been a great feeling to look back at my ministry here, but also to look forward to what God has pre-pared both for me at SCA and for POPCS. I know that POPCS will con-tinue to keep families rst. I am excited for Dr. Lowe, Mr. Carlove, Mrs. Graham, and Mrs. Ashcraft as they are given the opportunity to expand their leadership inuence and expectations. I believe they are an excellent team driven by fullling God’s mission here, and will serve your children, your families, and the faculty and staff exceptionally well! From Michael Jackson to coun-try music? Yes. I leave you with a line from a country song—“no regrets, just memories.” I have no regrets from my time at POPCS, just memories. Thanks to each of you for the incredible privi-lege and honor of serving with and for you, our Eagle Family. Thanks for your grace! Thanks for your prayers! Thanks for your care and commitment to me and my family! Remain blessed,CHRIS HAHNFormer POPCS HeadmasterA Legacy of Leadship31 YEARS OF SERVICE AND SUCCESSPrince of Peace Cmunity,I am humbled, honored, and excited to serve you as POPCS’ next Head of School. While following Mr. Hahn is no easy task, I am thankful the Lord called me to stand on his shoulders to serve this great community. In addition to being an educator, I am a husband and father. My wife, Mandy, serves at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and all three of my chil-dren, Rachel, Zachary, and Matthew, are proud to call themselves Eagles.The upcoming 2021-2022 school year marks my 23rd year in Christian education and my 19th year as an ad-ministrator. However, Jesus taught me more about Him and serving others this past year than nearly all my previ-ous years combined. Building on those lessons, the POPCS team will strive to improve how we share our education-al ministry with our students to better prepare them spiritually and academi-cally for the future. While we recognize that innovation is critical to our success, we will hold tightly to the traditions that make POPCS so special.In Ephesians Chapter 3, Paul encour-ages us to know Jesus and the power of his resurrection while looking ahead with excitement for our future. He writes, “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” After the frustration of last year, let us forget what was behind and press on toward the goal of knowing Jesus and the salva-tion He has for you and me each day! In that same way, the best is yet to come for POPCS, and together we will jour-ney there by His grace. I am excited about the 2021-2022 school year. It’s going to be a fun and meaningful time to come together again on campus. I look forward to meeting or reconnecting with students and parents, and I also look forward to celebrating our shared successes throughout the year. Please know that I genuinely wel-come your conversation and input as well. If you are on campus, please stop by and say hello. May Jesus bless this coming year, and remember, it’s a GREAT time to be an Eagle!In Him,DR. JEREMY LOWEPOPCS Head of SchoolDe Eagle Family,

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26TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112When you start your rst job fresh out of col-lege, does anyone ever imagine that they will nd themselves working at the same place more than three decades later? POPCS Headmaster Chris Hahn certainly did not. In fact, when he left Minnesota to take a job in Texas at a small Pre-K through 5th grade school named Prince of Peace Christian School, he thought it was just a pit stop. But then, Mr. Hahn would be the rst to acknowledge the truth of God’s words in Isaiah, “for My plans aren’t your plans, nor are your ways My ways says the Lord.” (Isaiah 55:8-10)Chris Hahn was born in Dearborn, Michigan to Jim and Carol Hahn, both educators in the Lutheran school system. While Chris shared his parents’ passion for inuencing young lives, his dream was to be a college coach. With that in mind, he majored in Elementary Education at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota, a typical path for his planned career. Upon graduating in 1990, Mr. Hahn applied for multiple jobs, the furthest one away being at POPCS in Dallas, Texas. When POPCS offered him the job as a 4th grade teacher, PE coach, and the school’s rst Athletic Director, he accepted the position, seeing an opportunity to be just “Chris Hahn” for the rst time, rather than Jim or Carol’s son. When Mr. Hahn arrived at POPCS, the school had 248 stu-dents through 5th grade. While he was an Athletic Direc-tor, he lacked an athletic facility. In fact, the school’s athletic equipment consisted entirely of an 8’x10’ shed, two rubber balls, a soccer ball, a broken hula hoop, and two jump ropes! A Legacy of Leadship31 YEARS OF SERVICE AND SUCCESS

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27Notwithstanding the lim-itations, Mr. Hahn’s march-ing orders were clear from the start—build an athletic program that demands a gym. So, in typical style, Mr. Hahn leaned into the challenge, planning to give it all he had for three years and then move back closer to family. That plan was dramatically altered when he met the beautiful Tricia Riske, a Texan whose family was locat-ed in the Dallas area. In 1992, they married and Mr. Hahn ofcially put down roots in Texas. In 1996, they welcomed their rst child, daughter Whitney (POPCS Class of 2014), followed by son Tyler (POPCS Class of 2017) in 1998, and son Brent (POPCS Class of 2020) in 2002. When Prince of Peace Lutheran Church purchased the for-mer Henry Butts Oldsmobile car dealership (the school’s current location) in 1990, the plan was to move the school to the new location and expand to include Grades 6 through 8. It was time for an athletic complex, so before moving onto the new campus, Mr. Hahn, along with several other POPCS families, worked to clean one of the buildings and construct a gym, the current North Gym. The next step was mowing the athletic complex and creating a rock-lled eld for soccer. However basic it might be, Mr. Hahn had ful-lled the school’s dream of an athletic complex which would grow in size and sophistication over the next 10 years.In 1999, POPCS took the next step and started an upper school with its rst freshman class. At the beginning of that year, Mr. Hahn was asked to serve as the Interim School Administrator. Feeling called to this new ministry, he accept-ed the position, believing that God had given him a gift of leadership that he needed to use. At the end of that school year, he stepped into the new role of Grades 3 through 9 Principal. In 2003, Mr. Hahn made his nal move at POPCS and began an 18-year journey as POPCS Headmaster.The changes seen in those 18 years have been numerous, including graduating the rst POPCS senior class in 2005. The facilities have expanded to include the South Gym, the Fine Arts Center, the Early Learning Center, Eagle Stadium, a baseball stadium, a dining hall, a SmartLab, and most recently, the outdoor Learning Courtyard and the Nichols Pavilion. The school has also celebrated many achievements. In 2004, On May 29, 2021, at the POPCS Class of 2021 graduation, POPCS Chief Advancement Ofcer Patrick Carlove announced that, in honor of Chris Hahn’s 31 years of service to the school, the South Gym would be renamed the “Chris Hahn Gymnasium.”forward in faith | living by faith, building our future

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28the U.S. Department of Education recognized POPCS as a Blue Ribbon School, one of only 50 private schools given the award that year based on the high achievement of its stu-dents. In addition, during the 2011-2012 school year, POPCS won the TAPPS Class 3A Overall State Championship as determined by the number of points it earned in the 24 academic, ne arts, and athletic TAPPS championships held throughout the year. While Mr. Hahn has celebrated the growth in both student enrollment and facilities, he is proud to point out that the school’s mission remains unchanged. “My hope is that as a result of attending POPCS, our students will know who they are and whose they are. I want them to have a better understanding of their gifts and feel responsible for bless-ing those around them,” Mr. Hahn says. He continues, “I pray that each one will be an exceptional mom or dad and that they will be contributors to their communities.” He feels that all of these things ow from the fact that even after 40 years, POPCS continues to make sure that stu-dents and families feel welcomed, known, and connected, and that our students are prepared to serve as servants and leaders. Of course, he is most proud of the fact that, despite the growth, the school has remained an evangelical school that ministers to students and families who don’t yet know Jesus. “We get to see lives changed by the gos-pel,” he states with obvious satisfaction.When asked to share how he has been impacted by his time at POPCS, he replies without hesitation that he has grown exponentially in his prayer life and faith walk. He gives credit for that growth to other POPCS parents who have served as mentors, as well as a Bible study group comprised of POPCS alumni dads. “People like Steve Wagner, Ron Vuz, Jim Shadley, Todd Bloom, Sandi Karrmann, and Jeff Wolf, as well as co-workers Craig Swanson, Meredith Brady, and Patrick Carlove served as role models for me. These people have done life with me, and as a result I became a better husband, father, and friend,” he says. Of course, that impact ows both ways. POPCS alumni parent Jim Shadley shares:Our family appreciates the impact that Chris and Tricia have had on our family through their dedication to the POPCS community.Chris was a PE teacher when our rst child started at POPCS and Headmaster when our last child graduated 17 years later.He always focused on and prioritized delivering a Christian educational experience to the students. His leadership of the sta and impact on the POPCS community was guided by biblical principles and prayer, and he has been a fantastic role model for our children.”

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29Along with the blessings of POPCS, there have, of course, been challenges. “Reor-ganizing the school as an independent ministry was a hard time,” Mr. Hahn recalls. “Another big challenge is remaining accessible to families of all types even as the cost of education has increased.” But it may be how he handles challenges that most clearly demonstrates Mr. Hahn’s heart for Jesus and talent for leadership. Sandi Karrmann, Chairman of POPCS’ Board of Directors, states: During the 20 years I have known Chris, my respect for him has only grown as I’ve watched him lead at POPCS.e breadth of his role is very wide, and I’ve seen him pivot eortlessly from handling a crisis to warmly greeting a student.He carries the responsibility of leading our school with professionalism and grace, and never loses sight of our role in ministering to students and families, with Christ at the center.”Board member Monica Pritchett adds, “When faced with a difcult situation, the school board could always count on Chris to spend time in earnest prayer rst and then seek to do the Lord’s will. I appreciate his thoughtful approach and his ability to extend grace when others would not and am grateful for his huge heart for the POPCS community. We have all been blessed by his leadership.Headmast Hahn’s HighlightsFAVORITE PART OF HIS DAY The 20 minutes I spend in the pre-school carpool line.BEST AND WORSTWe joke that I am pretty popular with 4th grade and younger but if I sit down at a middle school table, they will all ask to excuse themselves in under two minutes.WHAT POPCS DOES WELLI think we do crisis well as we walk through tragedy and challenges with families.WHAT HE LOVES ABOUT POPCS That every kid is welcomed at carpool by name and wished well as they leave the school. It is one of the many things that sets us apart from other schools.WHAT MAKES THE POPCS EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE SPECIALOur teachers consistently go above and beyond to care for the kids. WHAT YOU DO TO GET AWAYBeing on my boat and coaching are my escapes. They are the two places I can totally disconnect from everything else that is going on.BEST SENIOR PRANK YOU HAVE SEENWhile I would strongly urge any class to avoid anything that is destructive of property, I was most amazed by the Class of 2014 when they painted a huge “14” on the roof of the gym. I have no idea how they pulled that off.forward in faith | living by faith, building our future

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30TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112 Was there ever a moment when Mr. Hahn real-ized that his three-year plan had taken anoth-er path? Not really. As the needs unfolded, so did his path. “Christian education has never been more important or needed. But few-er people are investing in that education. As tuition increases, parents are having to make decisions about how to spend their money. Becoming Headmaster gave me a new platform to help people understand the importance of Christian education and, of course, to proclaim the gospel.” Mr. Hahn did this not only in speech but in his actions as well. As former upper school Principal Craig Swanson reects, “Chris Hahn is the consum-mate servant leader, always concerned rst about the people in his care. He is an example of relational ministry at its best. He is a true friend and partner in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.”While Mr. Hahn’s dream of becoming a college coach gave way to other dreams, he found a new ministry in coaching middle school students for 31 years in over 1,000 basketball, soccer, and baseball games. Not only did it allow him to spend time in an area he felt passionate about, it gave him a chance to connect with and pour into kids on a personal level. Coaching has had the added benet of being the source of so many wonderful memories. A favorite memory involves student Ryan Borough. “I remember his rst year of basketball and the look on his face when he made his rst basket, as if to say ‘That’s it?’” he says and laughs.If there is a theme that emerges from Mr. Hahn’s 31 years at POPCS, it is that those 31 years have all been about the kids. Whether it is the time spent coaching a myriad of POPCS sports teams, helping kids stay active through PE classes, or making hard decisions as the Headmaster, every minute spent and every decision made is about making sure that every kid who enters the school is Welcomed, Known, Connected, and Prepared. “I want every student to know that they are a child of God and that He desperately wants a relationship with them.” Mr. Hahn emphasizes.In March of this year, Mr. Hahn announced that he would be moving to a new ministry as the Head of School of Summit Christian Academy in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. If you have ever encountered Mr. Hahn in the hallways of the school and had the opportunity to ask how he was, chances are he responded “Blessed.” You knew Mr. Hahn really felt that way; you saw it in his smile, his interaction with the kids and his joy at student accomplishments. But make no mistake, the feeling of those he leaves behind is the same. POPCS board member Todd Bloom shares, “I was involved in the committee who initially evaluated hiring Chris as the Head-master for POPCS. Looking back at that choice to offer him the role was the best decision we could have ever made! Chris has led POPCS to a place I could never have imagined possible 20 years ago.” So, when asked how Mr. Hahn leaves POPCS at the end of this year, the answer is a resounding “blessed.”BEST PRANK YOU HAVE BEEN INVOLVED INThe Class of 2017 had hired a Mariachi band to perform at the school. We sent them away but I brought them to graduation. They had no idea it was coming so the “prank” was on the “pranksters.” MOST MEMORABLE COACHING MOMENTCoaching the rst game in the gym I helped build at the current campus.CRAZIEST COACHING EXPERIENCEWhen a middle school team I was coaching got stuck in Chicago and had to take a bus and two planes to get home. HIGHLIGHT AS A POPCS PARENTWatching each of my three kids walk across the stage at graduation.SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOODIt is powerful to be invited to weddings of POPCS alumni and know you were an important part of who they have become.

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2021 - 2024 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN2021 - 2024 CAPITAL CAMPAIGNAs the POPCS experience evolves, so must its facilities. By contributing to capital improvements, you can help provide:The Eagle Success Center (providing dedicated space for the academic support program, lower school computer classes, and tutoring)New turf and updated electrical equipment for Eagle StadiumMiddle and Upper School SmartLab(s)An Upper School online diploma programNew projectors and upgraded projection software for the Fine Arts CenterAn updated Athletic Performance Center(weight room and training area for athletics and physical education)Renovations to the Chris Hahn Gymnasium

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32TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112HOW A COMMON PASSION LED TO A PARTNERSHIP IMPACTING GENERATIONS OF ATHLETESWhat could a POPCS Headmaster and a POPCS father and grandfather have in common that led to hundreds, if not thousands of hours, spent together in a school gym? The answer — a passion for a sport and impacting kids, which brought Chris Hahn and Wayne Wellborn together for a partnership that has lasted for over 24 years. In 1990, after graduating from college, Chris Hahn had set aside his dream of be-coming a college coach to serve as a teacher and the Athletic Director of POPCS. Although his days were full, he felt he still had something to give when it came to coaching athletic teams, specically teams formed by POPCS families. When he vol-unteered, parents eagerly accepted his offer and Chris began coaching basketball.RAY FRICKE’S LEGACY LIVES ON IN THE GOOD SHEPHERD AWARDGiven to those whose commitment, service, achievements, involvement, and passion for Prince of Peace Christian School have made a generational impact on our community, the Ray Fricke Good Shepherd Award is presented each spring at commencement. The award was instituted in 2013, when it was presented to Ray’s wife, Marlene Fricke, in his honor. Ray Fricke served as principal of POPCS from 1991-1998, and is remembered for his servant heart and lasting dedication to our school.wayne wellborn& chris hahn

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Through coaching, Chris was introduced to Wayne Wellborn, the father of Kelly, a POPCS student and one of Chris’ athletes. Wayne had a life-long love of the game of basketball and was still playing on a men’s team at the time. He had also coached his son’s basketball team. When Wayne’s daughter Kelly told her father that Chris needed someone to help him coach 6th grade girls basketball, Wayne offered his services and stepped in as the assistant coach for Kelly’s team. The two men have coached together ever since, with the exception of two years.While both men have always loved playing basketball, coaching the sport became the vehicle for pouring into kids and their families. Chris says, “There is nothing better than watching kids nd and use their gifts, and compete and perform in an activity they love. I love helping kids towards a goal (something I love to do myself) and having the opportunity to inspire them to reach that goal.” Wayne loved knowing the families and watching the kids grow up and mature, but getting to coach his daugh-ter was an added blessing. That grat-itude extended to the athletes and their parents. Mackenzie Murphy, a POPCS sophomore who was coached by Wayne and Chris, recalls, “Coach Hahn and Coach Wellborn were very encourag-ing. They always told us when we did a good job and when we needed correction, and they told us what we did wrong in a positive way. Since I had just Cori Schnell (Class of 2016) played basketball for POPCS and then attended West Point where she was on the basketball team for four years. Cori’s mother, Marianne Schnell, is a middle school teacher at POPCS. The two reected on Cori’s time playing middle school basketball.Cori: I remember how Coach Wayne and I would stay after practice and play a round of the classic shooting game “PIG.” Well, it started as a game of “PIG,” then it would be “FROG,” then “HORSE,” and then “ANT.” Af-ter a while, Coach would say, “You know, one of these days I’m going to nd an animal that I will win!”Marianne: That’s classic Coach Wayne. His love of the game is secondary to his love for his players and their fami-lies. He doesn’t coach as much as he ministers. He celebrates their victories and agonizes over their disappointments. The “PIG” memory illustrates the most valuable gift he and, by ex-tension, his wife Susan bestow on all of us: his time. He even gave our girl shooting lessons at his ranch before she entered the United States Military Academy at West Point! That surprises no forward in faith | living by faith, building our future

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34TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112started playing basketball, their encouragement gave me more condence.” Adds parent Michelle Webb, “I am so grateful that our daughter Kate got to play for Coach Wellborn and Coach Hahn. They instilled a love of basketball in her and were such positive, encouraging gures for her both on and off the court. They made an impact on our middle school girls that went way beyond basketball skills.Over two decades of coaching together has also created a multitude of mem-ories for the two. Wayne says:ere are so many incredible memories! Chris and I have coached at least 750 games together and I think we can remember at least parts of all of them. I think we have nine state titles between us and at least that many trips to Nationals, where we won second place nationally one year. All those memories incorporate seeing the girls’ faces aer winning games we probably shouldn’thave won, incredible highs, and some pretty serious lows.”Chris similarly recalls unbelievable shots and taking teams to Nationals in Indi-ana, as well as the rst time taking kids on a plane. Equally poignant are many of the team talks, devotions, and prayers where the men were able to share Jesus and invest in the girls spiritually and emotionally.The partnership forged by these two men was founded on a shared passion for a game and kids. But in the process of serving others, they also found kindred spirits in one another and formed their own mutual admiration society. Chris Hahn is truly excited and happy for Wayne Wellborn to be recognized and be-lieves the award is well deserved. “Like Mr. Fricke, Wayne has had a generational impact by his consistent presence, positivity, and always, always seeing the best in and for each child. It has been an honor to share the gym, the bench, and the locker room with him for over 24 years. I consider him a mentor and my closest friend.” When asked about Chris, Wayne replies, “I think Chris has made an impact on all of the students with his genuine and obvious concern for the quality of their experience at POPCS. I do believe he knows the name of each and every student and makes each one feel special and valued. They know they can call on him whenever they need an ear!”When asked for a quote that has inuenced how he has lived and coached, Chris refers to UCLA men’s coach John Wooden. Although he retired from UCLA with more than 600 wins, Wooden famously stated that you should “enjoy the journey not only the destination.” It is a quote that personies Chris and Wayne: two men, one with a POPCS career spanning more than three de-cades and the other a POPCS father who impacted athletes by devoting his free time. Each modeled a passion for Christ and excellence, and a commitment to hard work and serving others. Along the way, they won a lot of games. But the fact that they enjoyed the journey together is the icing on the cake, because in the end, that made the destination all the sweeter. one who knows him. Although I have coached with him in recent years, I have learned far more about patience, kindness, and for-giveness than basketball. Cori: The best part is that Coach Wayne and I still talk. The second time I tore my ACL in college, it happened when the Army trans-port vehicle I was riding in over-turned and fell down an embank-ment, pinning me down for nearly an hour. It was a rough time and Coach Wayne checked in on me regularly. Marianne: When I say he is fam-ily, it is not hyperbole. As torn up as he was about Cori’s lost career, he was a rock for her. He regu-larly talks about her future coach-ing career. The Schnell family and countless others will always be in your debt, Coach. All we can offer you in return is our love.Cori: Coach Hahn took a couple of years off when I was in 7th and 8th grades, so he never coached me in middle school. Marianne: But we had some fun with that, too. One day, I teased Chris about that: “Is Cori just too much for you to handle?” With-out skipping a beat, he smiled and said, “No, her mother is!” Cori: Then again, Coach Hahn can’t say that he never coached me. On one occasion, the high school basketball coach was delayed due to a JV game run-ning into overtime. Coach Hahn jumped out of the stands and coached my high school team for about ten minutes. His instruc-tions to me: “Do whatever it is you do.” Marianne: Now that is hall of fame coaching material right there!

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35forward in faith | living by faith, building our futureq: Why did you become a teacher?During my college summers, I worked as a high school camp counselor at Pine Cove Shores. Through this experience, God made me realize my love and gift for working with kids. I believe God has led me to this position to do His work and show Christ’s love. q: You taught at another school before you came to POPCS. What is the biggest difference you see be-tween POPCS and the school where you taught before?The biggest difference moving to POPCS is the amount of opportunities that POPCS presents to form relationships with the students. POPCS fosters an at-mosphere that is conducive to forming relationships and has an administration that understands that this is an extremely important part of teaching. I am so thankful that I get to teach my students about a life lived walking with Jesus instead of only teaching them math skills. q: How would you say your walk with Jesus has impacted your ministry as a teacher?Throughout my walk with Christ, I know that I have continually been pursued by Jesus no matter what. I don’t deserve that love and pursuit, but because that love is freely given to me, I in turn want to love others freely. Being a teacher allows me to do this and show students that their worth is found in Christ, not their grades.q: Students say you make math fun. How do you do accomplish that and connect your lessons to the real world?My rst goal is to try to make students see me as a person who likes to have fun, whether that’s through teaching while standing on a desk, doing magic tricks to illustrate probability, or sitting with them in the lunch-room. I believe building relationships with students makes me more approachable when they are struggling with a concept later in the year and need help. As humans, we are natural born problem solvers. Most of us enjoy a challenge whether we realize it or not. So, my next goal is to make my classroom a place where facing challenges is enjoyable and students feel believed in and capable. My hope is that as students head towards college, they take the skill of facing challenges head on into other areas of their lives. q: What advice would you give the students’ parents if you could?Believe that your student can do it. Don’t just think they can or tell them they can. Actually, believe it wholeheartedly yourself. This belief will feed their condence and encourage them to work harder.q: What is the greatest challenge facing teachers today?For a math teacher, the greatest challenge today is, hands down, the internet. There are websites that will do the math problems for the kids and they don’t understand why this is harmful to them. I start every year reminding students that my class is not just to teach math, but to train their brains to think logically and follow steps to reach a result. The skills they learn in a math classroom can later apply to making logical life decisions or following the steps to install a speaker system in their home. The implications of using a website to do homework is more far reaching than just the grade they make. I want to show students that these “short cuts” hurt them in the long run. q: Someone gives you an elephant. You can’t sell it or give it away. What do you do with the elephant?Put on a Prince Ali costume, name it Abu, and ride it through town, obviously. q: If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what song would you choose and why?You’ve Got a Friend in Me, because Toy Story is a masterpiece. q: What do you want your eulogy to say?I’d want my eulogy to say that I lived my life for Christ and the way I lived reected Him and led others to Him, that I loved others intentionally, and that I lived life boldly.q: What ctional character do you identify with the most and why?Cory Matthews (Boy Meets World) because he and his dad and brother are all so close and my family is the same way, and I got to marry my high school sweetheart.DANIEL MEGISONTeaching Students Life Skills Through MathDaniel Megison has taught math at POPCS for ve years to students ranging from 8th grade to seniors. He has served as assistant varsity basketball coach. He is currently the junior class advisor and a sponsor of the Ping Pong Club. He and his wife, Caroline, have two children, Ella Grace (age 4) and Luke (age 1).The Headmaster Award was introduced as a way to celebrate and identify outstanding faculty and staff members. It recognizes achievement in consistently exhibiting excellence in interactions with families and peers, going above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of students, and being a servant leader among the POPCS community. The men and women who exhibit the traits of a Headmaster Award recipient encourage growth among the student body, POPCS families, and fellow faculty members by trying to be the fruit of Christ’s love through unceasing service to others. This year marked the 21st year this award has been presented to faculty or staff members. The Advancement Ofce staff spoke with this year’s award recipients about their work, and what they would do with an elephant.Passion for Christ: HEADMASTER AWARD RECIPIENTS IMPACTING STUDENTS’ LIVES THROUGH THEIR SERVICE

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36TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112q: Why nursing?I was working in a lab right after college when I realized my true passion was nursing. Nursing allows me to combine my love for science and my desire to have personal relationships with those I am trying to help. So, I married my Aggie sweet-heart, Jeff, and returned to school at Baylor Uni-versity to ultimately become a nurse. q: What do you love about working at POPCS?I love working at POPCS for the same reason I love having my children attend POPCS: it feels like home. I remember touring the school when I was looking for a place for my oldest before returning to work. It didn’t feel sterile or forced. Everyone was happy and student creations and photos covered the walls. Several years ago, I noticed every time I came to POPCS for any reason, I always left smiling. When my oldest son was hospitalized for pneumonia and RSV at 13 months old, two of his teachers came to visit us in the hospital. We are a family here at POPCS, and you can’t beat that.q: What is your favorite part of your job?There are so many things I love about my job, but my favorite is getting to know the students and their families beyond just being my patients. Prior to being a school nurse, I spent time at Children’s Medical Center. Many of my interactions with patients and families were during very difcult times. While I might see a student in my clinic, I also get to see them the next week and ask how their soccer game went or what they enjoyed about their recent vacation.q: How does the POPCS mission im-pact your ministry as a nurse? The heart of my practice is best stated in a quote from the former U.S. Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders, MD: “You can’t educate a child who isn’t healthy, and you can’t keep a child healthy who isn’t educated.” Every-thing I do contributes to our mission of providing a Christ-centered exemplary education equipping students for leadership, service, and success, ranging from admin-istering medication so a student can focus in class to teaching about wound care to encourage faster healing.q: Most parents have limited con-tact with your clinic. Describe a day in your life during the pandemic.When I was notied that a student had tested pos-itive for COVID-19, I began by reviewing their class schedule. I would talk with each of their teachers to identify any students who would have been within six feet while the student had symptoms or in the 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms. Once contact tracing was complete, I would send emails notifying those families that their student was a close contact and would need to quarantine. Then I sent an email to families in the affected division making them aware we had a COVID-19 case. Depending on a variety of factors, each positive case of COVID-19 had about six hours of work behind it.q: What was something you accom-plished in the 2020-2021 school year that gave you great satisfaction?One of my top priorities going into the school year was to work with the Administration to gure out how to resume in-person learning while keeping ev-eryone as safe as possible. It took a lot of work and judgment calls, and required a lot of patience and support from our POPCS families, but I am incredibly pleased we rallied together to make it work. Just so everyone knows, I even had to quarantine my own children. Kindergarten virtual learning is not for the faint of heart!q: How did you manage to stay calm and composed in such a crazy year?Esther 4:14b says, “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (NIV). While my role as the POPCS nurse is not royalty, I can see how God orchestrated my life to bring me here at just the right time. God brought me through this year because He had placed me here. My sweet family was extremely supportive. Many nights my husband tended to the kids by himself so I could work. I also received incredible support from the teachers and staff, from helping me watch hours of video footage for contact tracing to words of encouragement and appreciation.q: Someone gives you an elephant. You can’t sell it or give it away. What do you do with it?What are my options? Eat it? Hard pass! Teach it to do tricks? No one has time for that. I don’t want to even think about the cost to feed an elephant! I’m sure my neighbors would have serious objections to this gift and I might have to question my friendship with the giver.q: What super power do you wish you had and why?X-ray vision would certainly help me in my job. But personally, I would love the ability to teleport. I love to travel so if I could have dinner in Italy one evening but then come right back for work the next day, that would be amazing! KATIE MORTONMinistering to Students Through the Body and Soul The 2020-2021 school year was Katie Morton’s third year at POPCS as a staff mem-ber, but she has been a parent here since 2011. Katie graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in microbiology in 2002. After marrying Jeff Morton, she returned to school for her nursing degree and subsequent Registered Nurse license. Katie and Jeff have two sons, Andrew (1st grade) and Wesley (5th grade).

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Amy Lunsford never attended or worked at Prince of Peace Christian School, nor did she have any chil-dren or grandchildren at the school. Yet Amy’s story not only serves as the inspiration for Pink Out, POPCS’ largest charity fundraiser, it is also interwoven with the school’s rst TAPPS Volleyball State Championship. Amy (Riske) Lunsford was born to Donna and Curt Riske on September 6, 1965, and was followed by three sisters—Heidi (Henke), Jennifer (Kruse), and Tricia (Hahn). The family moved to Texas when Amy was in lower school and the state became Amy’s life-long home. After attending Concor-dia University Texas, Amy married Todd Lunsford, the love of her life, and began teaching, rst at Immanuel Lutheran in Giddings, Texas and then Pilgrim Lutheran in Houston, all while raising her two sons, Aaron and Jeffrey.Each of the Riske girls married and started their own fami-lies. Despite everyone’s busy schedules, the sisters remained close. Amy would visit Tricia and Heidi, both POPCS teach-ers, in Dallas multiple times a year. Tricia and Heidi also made trips to Houston, making seeing each other during school breaks a priority. When Heidi traveled to Houston with one of her POPCS volleyball teams, they would nd a way to see each other and Amy would come watch the girls play. In 2005, Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. After nine months of chemo, all the signs pointed to her being cancer free, but in 2011 the cancer returned. Disheartened, Amy was unsure whether she wanted to ght the cancer again. Then Amy got a call. The prior year, Heidi’s POPCS varsity vol-leyball team had advanced to the TAPPS State Championship but lost. When varsity volleyball player CJ Janak learned about Amy’s diagnosis, she approached Heidi to discuss the upcoming season. Inspired by Amy’s battle, CJ wanted to play the 2011 season with a purpose. After more discussion, the team unan-imously dedicated the season to Amy. Their goal—win State. After Heidi shared the team’s plan, Amy decided to ght. In an interview published in 2011, she said, “To be very honest with you, that was my will to ght; I was going to ght for them.”Over the season, the players united in support of Amy. They participated in the Walk for the Cure and Amy came to walk with them. They started “Aces for Amy” and each player pledged to donate a dollar amount per ace (an unreturned serve) to breast cancer research. The biggest planned event was the rst annual Pink Out, with players wearing pink jer-seys and dedicating their game to someone touched by can-cer, while fans wore pink, shared a community dinner, and bought baked goods to raise money to ght breast cancer. As sister Heidi recalls: e moms went crazy with Pink Out. It was such a hit that it became an annual event and Amy was able to attend almost every one. But the best part of that season was how the girls focused on others who were impacted by cancer. You rarely see kids this age own something bigger than themselves but that is exactly what happened in the 2011 season and it is a lesson that will stick with those players.”Inspired and encouraged by the volleyball girls, Amy contin-ued her ght with cancer until she went to join our Lord on January 20, 2021. Talking about her sister brings a smile to Tricia’s face. “Amy battled cancer for 15 years but it nev-er changed her. You would not have known she was sick because she never talked about it. Amy’s mission was for others to see beyond themselves,” she says. Even her pass-Amy LunsfdAmy LunsfdAmy Lunsfd37forward in faith | living by faith, building our futureremembering

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ing was a time of celebration. “After she died, we heard from people she had taught years ago who wanted to share how Amy had impacted them,” states Tricia, adding, “There is really no way to measure the number of people she touched.”With the Pink Out tradition secured, Amy’s legacy at POPCS has grown to touch subsequent teams. “Even new players know her story and are inspired to ght the way she did,” remarks Heidi. So, how did the 2011 volleyball season end? The girls made it back to the state championship. Heidi recalls that day:e team went to the championship knowing they could win. Amy was there to watch. ey won the rst two sets, and were two points away from winning the championship when they begin to struggle, allowing the opposing team to score. I called a time out and reminded the girls that this championship was bigger than themselves. ey returned to the court and nished by winning the third set. When the medals were handed out, the girls took the last remaining medal and rushed into the stands to place it around Amy’s neck.”That win was the perfect ending to a season well played!Since 2011, the volleyball program has continued its tradition of winning, adding two more State Championships to its re-cord with Amy cheering on the team. But Amy’s impact will not end with her passing. The celebration of her life will con-tinue at POPCS with Pink Out events and more gloriously in heaven. Heidi recounts the reaction of Gunnar, her youngest child, to hearing that Aunt Amy had died. “When we told him, he said very matter-of-factly, ‘There is no cancer in heaven so she won’t be sick anymore and she won’t hurt anymore.’”Well said, Gunnar. The perfect end to a life well lived.38TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112cj janak’s storyI started at POPCS my sophomore year. I joined the volleyball team and immediately learned about Amy and her long-standing struggle with breast cancer from Coach Henke who was al-ways texting Amy to update her about games since she couldn’t be there. In my rst two years of volleyball, the team got close to winning State, but just couldn’t clinch it. Amy was always there with motivational texts and words of encourage-ment for us.The summer before my senior year, Coach Henke told our team that Amy’s cancer had re-turned but Amy wasn’t sure if she wanted to ght all over again. I remember talking with my mom in the car before a workout and it hit me. I told my mom I could not imagine how hard it must be [for Amy] to ght over and over again while away from family, but when our team was down or upset, she always has something kind or moti-vational to say to us. Since we are Amy’s volleyball family, why would we not do the same for her? I brainstormed and went to Coach Henke with the “Aces for Amy” idea. It started as a phrase and a commitment to raise support in Amy’s honor and took off from there. It turned into pink shoelaces and bows and chanting with every ace. She was able to make it to some games when the whole crowd chanted and displayed “Aces for Amy” signs. By the end of the season it was a huge, amaz-ing support network for not just Amy who was ghting harder than ever, but also everyone else in the stands who was struggling with something. At the State Championship, we won our last game and ran into the stands to hang a medal around Amy’s neck. We wanted her to know that her ght and kind words had inspired us so we wanted our ght to inspire her. It is hard to think of anyone who has faced more adversity and still come out with a beautiful and stronger attitude. We always said we did “Aces for Amy” for Amy, but at the end of the day it was always Amy who was a light for everyone around her. She may not be with us in person anymore, but for me she will always be that beautiful light.

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39forward in faith | living by faith, building our future CLASS OF 2010JESSANNA (WEISS) FITZPATRICK and her husband, Austin, are expecting their rst child, a boy, due in August.JESSICA (SHADLEY) MILES and her husband, Brad, welcomed their son, Max, on January 31, 2020. They currently live in Boulder, Colorado. CLASS OF 2011ANNEE (HOFSTRA) HELMREICH is working as a secondary instructor for Spanish 1-3, Yearbook, and 7th-12th grade Art at Greenville Christian School in Greenville, Texas.AMBER MOLUBHOY graduated from New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing with a Master’s degree in Nurse Educator in May 2021. CLASS OF 2012JUSTIN BISHOP and his wife welcomed their baby boy, Colton Riley Bishop, on April 13, 2021. Justin also graduated with a second Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Colorado State University in March and will begin working at Soukup, Bush & Associates, CPAs, PC as an accountant in July after he separates from the Air Force as a Captain. CLASS OF 2013LEAH WRIGHT is living in Seattle, Washington and working in Marketing & Customer Service for Gemmist Haircare. CLASS OF 2014STEPHANIE (SHADLEY) HAIGLER married Aaron Haigler on June 27, 2020. They now live in Hermosa Beach, California with their dog Louie. LINDSAY STRUTHERS is currently living in Washington, DC and working at the State Department in the Ofce of Legislative Affairs. She will complete her graduate degree from Georgetown University in December 2021, receiving a Master’s degree in Security Studies from the Walsh School of Foreign Service.DAVIS WOLF graduated from Baylor University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and moved to southwest Florida to work for Gartner. In February 2020, Davis moved to Boston and began a sales job with software company HubSpot. In July 2020, Davis got engaged to his ancé, Celia, and they live in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston with their dog Indigo. CLASS OF 2015ALINA LIM AND MATTHEW DEMOTT were married on December 18, 2020, in a Zoom wedding. Alina received her Master’s degree in Environmental Design from Texas Tech this past May. Matthew graduatedwith a Master’s degree in Accounting from Texas Tech last August and is working at Grant Thornton, an accounting rmin Dallas.The couple has moved into their rst home in Plano.CLAIRE WOLF graduated from Baylor University in 2019 and is now living in Houston and working as a Registered Nurse in an ICU step-down unit at Houston Methodist Hospital. In January, she got engaged to her boyfriend of four years, Josh Chiasson. They and their two dogs are enjoying fostering rescues through Best Friends Animal Society. CLASS OF 2016JESSIE CHAMP is currently a rst-year graduate student at Seattle University working towards her Master’s degree in Social Work. As part of her degree requirements, she works at a homeless shelter in downtown Seattle two days a week.MADDIE GERHARD graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2020, with a BSA in Human Development and Family Sciences, and a minor in Business. Maddie will move to Waco to attend Baylor Law School in the fall of 2021.CAMARYN KOCHAN graduated from the University of North Texas in May 2020, with a BS in Digital Retailing and a BS in Fashion Merchandising. After completing her internship, she immediately received a job offer from Razoyo as a Project Manager. Camaryn became engaged to her ancé, Jonathan, on December 5, 2020, and they will be married in The Colony, Texas on June 12, 2022.JEREMIAH ROBINSON graduated from Baylor University in the summer of 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. In March 2021, he received the J. Horner Paleontology Scholarship award to attend graduate school at Montana State University in the fall of 2021. Jeremiah is the rst recipient of this scholarship which is the rst of its kind in Geological Studies.eagle alumniWHERE ARE THEY NOW?If you would like to have information in next year’s annual report, please send it to

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40TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR PLEDGE: KRISTA.BATES@POPCS.ORG OR 972.598.1112CORI (SCHNELL) WENTZ was awarded the Army Achievement Medal for Meritorious Achievement as the Colonel Matlic Communications Skills Awardee on June 4, 2021. An excerpt of the citation reads, “Second Lieutenant Wentz’s extraordinary efforts, dedication to academic excellence, and overall professionalism sets the standard for all students to follow.” Immediately following the awards presentation and her graduation from Air Defense Artillery Basic Ofcer Leader Course on June 4, 2021, Cori reported to permanent duty station at Fort Hood, Texas as an Air Defense Artillery ofcer with the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade. BROCK WRIGHT is at Oklahoma State University working for Cowboy Technology and pursuing a Master’s degree in Agribusiness. CLASS OF 2017STELLA COFOID graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a BBA in Marketing and minors in English and Spanish. She will begin her studies at Southern Methodist University for Graduate and Law School in the fall of 2021 for completion in May 2024. ABIGALE DUFF graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May 2021. She received a BBA with a double major in Finance and Accounting.MACKENZIE GREEN received her BBA from Oklahoma State University with a major in Business Management and a minor in Human Resources. She returned to Dallas and is working at Goosehead Insurance as an Administrative Service Agent.TYLER HAHN graduated from Texas A&M in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution. He began working for Sewell Audi McKinney in June. WHITNEY RUSH graduated with honors from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting. Whitney will continue her studies at OSU, pursuing a Master’s degree in Accounting. She plans to complete graduate studies in May 2022, and will sit for the CPA exam. Whitney has accepted a position as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers. KELLY STRUTHERS graduated in May 2021 from Baylor University College of Health Science Studies. She is moving to Nashville, Tennessee in August to begin a doctoral program at Belmont University in Occupational Therapy. CLASS OF 2018CAMERON BATES was admitted to the Honors Psychology Program at the University of Texas and recognized as a Collegiate Scholar this past spring.ELYCE FRY made the Dean’s list in the fall semester of 2020 at the University of Utah. She is also a chef at an upscale burger joint. CLASS OF 2019TUCKER ENGELS completed his sophomore year at the University of Texas and was recognized as a Distinguished Collegiate Scholar, an award given to the top four percent of UT students.KAIDEN GONSER is transferring to Gardner Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, a Division I college, to continue swimming. Oklahoma Baptist, a Division II school, canceled their swim program this year. CLASS OF 2020GIOVANNA (GIGI) CINELLO successfully completed her rst year at the University of Alabama with a spot on the Dean’s List both semesters. She is majoring in Criminal Justice/Pre-Law with a minor in Italian. To learn more about the capital campaign and ways to contribute, contact Patrick Carlove at or 972.598.1108.The Forward in Faith campaign provides alumni athletes and their families the opportunity to direct their gifts to the purchase of a new court for the south gym and/or re-turng Eagle Stadium, and have their names listed on a donor wall.

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41If you have included POPCS in your estate plans or want to learn more about designing a planned gift or establishing your own endowment fund or contributing to an existing endowment, contact Patrick Carlove at or (972) 598-1108.e Legacy Society has been established to recognize and thank members of the POPCS community who have set up planned gis for the benet of our students, teachers, and programs. e Legacy Society is open to all individuals who have named POPCS in their long-term plans or created an endowment for the school’s benet.Benets of planned giving:• It may cost nothing today and still help the school’s future strength and prosperity. • It includes an assortment of arrangements such as naming POPCS as a beneciary of a donor’s will or living trust, retirement plan [401(k), 403(b), IRA, etc.], or life insurance policy.• It can provide a variety of benets, including lifetime income, capital gains tax savings, and income tax deductibility. • You can designate a gift for a particular purpose that is important to you, or allow POPCS to use the gift where the need is greatest at the time it matures. • You can donate a set amount, a percentage, or a remaining balance to benet our mission.• Your assets remain in your control during your lifetime, and you can modify your gift at any time. e following have included POPCS in their estate plan:AnonymousJulie and Chris ArrowsmithSherri and Todd BloomKara and Patrick CarloveArmin “Whitey” Luehrs †Scottie and Tommy MillerBob Nichols †Monica and Les PritchettConnie and Josh RidkerKaren and Al TaylorMichelle and Scott Webb† Bequest has been fulfilledInterested in Starting an Endowment?Endowment funds can be a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding for POPCS. Endowment assets are invested, and each year a portion of the fund value is paid out to support the fund’s purpose. Any earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the fund’s market value, giving funds the chance to grow and provide support in perpetuity.Endowments provide an excellent way to leave a legacy at POPCS. When you establish an endowment fund at POPCS, the endowment can be named for yourself, your family, a friend, or a favorite teacher. You can also contribute to one of the endowments that already exists. Either way, your options are virtually limitless and most importantly, they provide lasting care for POPCS students, teachers, programs, and facilities. Possible purposes for which an endowment may be established include, but are not limited to:TUITION ASSISTANCE FACULTY SUPPORT OPERATIONS PROGRAM ENHANCEMENTe following endowments have been funded for the benet of POPCSThe Delores Anthony Endowment | The Dolores Lehmann Endowment | The Matthew and Bradley Ott EndowmentW  tremely rateful  u nevoent omunity fo stabishing ndoments a u u ducatina iin  rtuity.

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about usPrince of Peace Christian School admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color and national or ethnic origin in the administration of its education, admission policies, tuition assistance, athletic, and other school administered programs.PHOTOGRAPHYKelly WalshOUR MISSIONPOPCS provides a Christ-centered exemplary educationequipping students for leadership, service, and success.2020-2021 SCHOOL LEADERSHIPChris Hahn HeadmasterDr. Jeremy Lowe Upper School PrincipalBetsy Graham Middle School PrincipalTodd Baringer Lower School PrincipalPatrick Carlove Chief Advancement OcerTyler Burke Athletic DirectorBrenda Jordan Chief Financial OcerTori Rush Director of Admissions and EnrollmentValerie Gabriel-Swenson Director of Public Relations and Marketing2020-2021 SCHOOL BOARDChris Hahn HeadmasterSandi Karrmann ChairMichele Thatcher Vice ChairCheryl Monroe SecretaryMonica Pritchett TreasurerJason Strong At Large Member of Executive Committee Carrie BinnsTodd BloomTerry BrunennSusan GerhardPaul KrizanKaren LundJoe OmoworareShannon SharpDon SpenceJulie VaughanJeff Wolf4004 Midway RoadCarrollton, TX 75007-2018972.447.0532www.popcs.orgFollow Us! forward in faith | living by faith, building our future

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POPCSannual report4004 Midway RoadCarrollton, Texas 75007-2018972-447-0532www.popcs.orgPRESORTEDSTANDARDU.S. POSTAGEPAIDPERMIT NO 3193DALLAS,TX