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Hiawatha is a warrior from the Mohawk tribe. He has lost his family in a battle, between the Mohawk and the Onondaga tribe. Hiawatha is very angry and wants revenge. Hiawatha goes to the woods and lives there for weeks. He meets a mysterious man called The Peacemaker. The Peacemaker is on his way to make peace between the five nations of the Iroquois. Hiawatha refused at first, but then went on a  journey with the peacemaker.

 They got to the Mohawk tribe. Where the women leaders agreed but the war captains did not. The Peacemaker said I will come back with proof of three nations joining the group. The Peacemaker and Hiawatha then traveled to the land of the Cayuga. When Hiawatha saw what he Onondaga tribe did to the Cayuga his face turned angry with tears of memories about his family, but The Peacemaker calmed him down and said to the Cayuga that fighting must stop and peace shall be spread across the nations.

The chief agreed and went with them on their journey to the nation of the Seneca tribe. When they got there they were greeted with spears and The Peacemaker showed signs of worry. Then the Seneca chief came to the circle and nodded his head as the wind has carried the message of peace. They all joined and went the land of the Oneida. When they got there it was already. They started to walk through the woods until the heard the snap of a stick and a net fell upon them.

The Oneida chief arose from the  darkness and said “Why are you here?” They tied them up so they could explain. The Peacemaker said “We are here to make peace between our five tribes tell the Hiawatha of all you have lost. Then Hiawatha told the Oneida chief all he has lost and the chief understood them so they all went back to the land of the Mohawk. They showed the chief all the tribes that have joined them but the chief shook his head with disagreement.

Then the Peacemaker said “ I shall climb up a tree and you shall cut it down, the great law shall save me.” Then the Peacemaker did exactly as he said, and the tree fell down. The next day The Peacemaker came back well and alive. Then the Mohawk war chieftains agreed to follow them. They all traveled to the Onondaga and then told Tadodaho that they wanted him to be the leader of the five nations. This is how the Iroquois Confederacy was born.