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Charming Creek Farm Pony Tales


The ponies of Charming Creek Farm are excited to share their stories in the very first three books of

the ongoing Charming Creek Farm Pony Tales.

*Learn what happens when free-spirited Punkin decides to go adventuring on her own

*Follow Cloudy as she longs to fulfill her dream of being a talented driving pony.

*See how Harry (a miniature donkey) learns to accept his unique qualities that make him special.

These miniature equines are all real-life residents who live on Charming Creek Farm’s 87 acres, who really do have dreams, adventures and stories to tell.

Harry   s HeeHaw is a delightful account of our resident miniature Mediterranean Donkey. He lives in a herd of miniature h...
Cloudy   s Dream Follow Cloudy on her journey finding confidence and joy. Through persistence and hard work, Cloudy realiz...
Punkin   s Big Adventure Punkin, a free-spirited young pony, hopes to find excitement and adventure beyond the safety of h...

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