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One day, a fish is searching for food. The fish comes across a piece of plastic, which he mistakes for a piece of squid. The fish gets very ill and cannot eat for many days. Sadly, the fish dies from starvation.

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By: Sydney Stine, Cassie Yesalonia, and Mariama Sohna

Polluted Waters

Millions of water bodies worldwide are polluted with plastics and sewage each year. These pollutants can be very harmful for organisms who live in the area. Organisms could potentially mistake this garbage for food and eat it. Once the organism eats the pollutant, they can become very ill.


One day a group of fish went out on a swim to go get food. The fish were starving and they did not eat for two days.


One fish ate a piece of plastic, mistaking it for food. The fish did not realize it was plastic until he finished eating it.


"Hmm...this doesn't taste right,"said the blue fish.




"That's not food, that's plastic. It is something that humans dump into the ocean and it is not good for your stomach. Don't eat it again or else you might get sick!" said the green fish.


"What can we do to stop the humans from doing that! I don't want other fish getting sick," said the orange fish.


"The humans can reduce their amount of sewage and plastic by recycling, but we cannot do anything about it," said the green fish.


By recycling and enforcing clean water acts, we can make oceans and other water bodies a better place for organisms to live in.