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My Story in the Holocaust 

By: Ruth Greenburg 

I’m completely outraged with the way the Nazi’s are treating us! It’s ridiculous, I can’t do this, I can’t do that. Why are we getting treated this way? The things that they tell us we can’t do are getting out of hand, I can’t go to my own school anymore! My father had to give up his business and our car. Everywhere we go i have to wear that annoying yellow star! We can't even go out on the streets anymore because it's too dangerous, they took my bike....we are more like ants in an ant farm to Hitler. It’s like he’s experimenting on us to see what will cause us to break. My mother and father woke me and my siblings up very, very early... they told us to get as many belongings as we can carry and that we were leaving...for good.

July 13, 1942...

Mickey Polinski 

 This is our hiding spot Shhhhhh! 

The rooms are sort of small and we have to share. Everybody is arguing over who is sleeping in what room, thank goodness the workers aren’t here yet I can't even hear myself think! I want to speak out but who’s going to listen to a little girl like me? I think it should be like this: mums and dads in their separate rooms, the younger children in a room and then me and the other older children in another room. I keep trying to speak up, but nobody acknowledges me! I’ve decided to yell to get their really worked. They liked my suggestions but dad said we have to “tweek” them.. hopefully it goes well! 

July 18, 1942...

-Micky Polinski 

 see i told you the Rooms were small 

If I found out that someone who I trusted and welcomed was stealing I would have been outraged and acted in the same response as Mrs. Frank had. I would have also thought it would be right for him to leave as well. It was completely unfair for him to be stealing from the people who cared for him especially his own family. The Franks were also the ones who offered them the spot to hide so if it weren’t for them the Van Danns wouldn’t have even had a hiding place. I would have accepted his wife and child to stay as long as they wished but Mr. Van Daan would have to go.

September 5, 1942...

-Olivia Leber 

 It's so small it's almost cute 

I disagree with Peter’s statement that you don’t need friends to be happy. If you don't have friends, you have nothing because friends aren't just people you meet from school but pets, siblings, adults or neighbors. Having friends will help you get through life being happy as possible. They can teach you knew things, help you with school and or relationships and most of are a person to bring out the best in you. Friends make you laugh, smile, and simply  give you a better life.

September 8, 1942...

-Olivia Leber 


Friends are everything  

After we get out of hiding I can’t wait to do my favorite things! The first thing I know I’m going to do is go to our beach house! I love the beach and everything about it! LIke laying on the beach reading, taking long sunset walks, biking around town, and the best thing of all is going in the water. I also want to see my dogs! Marley and Ziggy, they are the cutest! We will go to the park, maybe play fetch with friends.

October 1, 1942... 

-Micky Polinsiki 

these are my two dogs!!!!

My favorite family celebration would have to be Christmas. I love getting to pick out my christmas tree and decorate it with my mom and sisters. The aroma of homemade cookies fills the house while christmas music is playing. If my family was in hiding and Christmas came around we wouldn't be able to do all of our traditions like bake cookies, listen to music all day long, go to mass and  buy/ decorate a christmas tree. At night when all of the workers leave we  could sing Christmas carols to get in the christmas spirit and we could also hold our own mass and pray together as we would if we were in church. It wouldn't be the same but i know my family would try as hard as they could to give us a wonderful holiday.  



December 21, 1942... 


These are my two little brothers  


My family would have a rough time time living with total strangers because my family has very strong personalities and opinions about things that are likely to cause issues and arguments with the other family as we are stuck with them for two years. The first few months of living with strangers wouldn't be so bad because we are just getting to know each other and we will try to be as nice, kind , and helpful as we can.  However as time moves on and we get to know eachother better nothing will stop us from arguing about things and lashing out at

each other  like we were one big family. We would face problems such as who gets to use the toilet first , how much food everyone gets, and about who is being too loud. We would cope with these issues by taking turns on each day for who gets to use the toilet and have a schedule. The food distribution could be solved by getting Miep or Mr. Kraler to give it out and to keep the volume down we would just have to remember what could happen if we are to loud and remind each other that it’s better to be safe than sorry.  

February 1, 1943...

-Olivia Leber

well.. this is us  

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