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POems in 


A minor


 By: Tasia L. Humphrey

Found Poem - pg. 1


Blackout Poem - pg. 2


ABC Poem - pg. 3


Cinquain - pg. 4


Haiku - pg. 5


Bio Poem- pg. 6


Shape Poem - pg. 7 


Acrostic Poem - pg. 8


Elegy - pg. 9


Tanka Poem - pg. 10


List Poem - pg. 11


Limerick - pg. 12


Senryu - pg. 13


Epitaph - pg. 14


Diamante - pg. 15






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The Calm After the Storm

All of the people


Blame others


causing pain








All of the People




Unreliable, Unintentional


Crying, Laughing, Smiling


Feeling Everything



Joy Paradox


The sun warmed our backs,


we lay our people to rest;


Warmth and love lie slain



Afraid, lonely, depressed, anxious, 

Wife of Andrew Laeddis,

Who loved Andrew and her


Who lived in constant fear, wanted

better for herself, and missed her


Who felt nervous about her

marriage, her children, and getting


Had three children with the elusive


Who wanted to be healthy, and 

receive attention from those

around her

Who lived in Boston, and who's soul

resides with Andrew on 

Shutter Island







of an

end, or

simply a

means to

one; given

the chance,

it could

mean a new

beginning; It’s

peaceful, serene;

Soft sounds of pouring and splashing,

Soft white foam bouncing off lakes and streams;

Mother Nature’s own art, decorously granted to us to enjoy.





Sour ones are the best


Kind, but


I will take any


Type I can get,




Lime ones are my second favorite, but I’ll


Eat every


Single Skittle in the pack.



Aisuru was a mistake

Where I fell between the lines of love and hate

Where I listened to silence for hours

Where I heard nothing but screams of power

Anata o Aisuru dake


Aisuru was brutal

When everything was utterly flawed and futile

When it meant everything to me,

When it was something for everyone to see

Anata o Aisuru dake


And I find it in all I do,

And I know deep down

I’ll always be with you

Anata ga inakute sabishidesu




Song of things to come


Bearer of news, good or bad


Ballad of new days


Bringer of tides and new hope


Symphony of better times

To Wind 


I always wondered what it would be like,


if justice was taught and known to us when we were just tikes?


I thought about people, even those I have yet to see,


and pondered if  I spoke up, what could be?


To me, it doesn't matter if you are British,


American, courageous , or skittish,


Muslim, Christian, wealthy, or poor,


confident, modest, or what you do behind closed doors,


Asian, African, afraid, or brave,


if you live in a mansion, a manor, a box, or a cave,


if you're white, black, short, or tall,


Justice is for one, and one for all.







I was simply on my way to




When in front of me pulled



out a jerk.


My car was bent,


My insurane wouldn't pay a




and my story only caused my


boss to smirk




Epitaph for my 4.0



You could've been great, but, sadly,



you turned everything in past the




due date.




open, free


enjoying, experiencing, living


being in the moment, being in your last moments


settling, loving, remembering


old, fearful




Going & Gone



Tasia L. Humphrey wrote Poems


 in A Minor  and retired right


after its publication at the age of


16. Her poetry made an "A" in


English class, but hasn't made


her a single cent. In fact, she's


practically giving copies out.


She enjoys spending time with


her dog, eating too much, and


sleeping. Her poems mean a 


lot to her, and she doesn't 


take writing lightly. She hopes you 


enjoy her attempt at having


any emotional depth, and that her


work inspires you to try writing



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