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   It was July 4, 1969, New York City. John Smith (Bulge) was a  guy that was made out of Platinum. Everyday, he was always in his apartment watching TV and working out .

   Until, Dr. Acid hacked every commutation system and broadcast his announcement with serious face about “Destroying New York City and nothing was going to stop him!”.

   So, when he was done making his announcement, people started freaking out, Bulge leaves his apartment, and flew to the highest building, where Dr. Acid was. When he made it to the top, Bulge tried to persuade Dr. Acid to not hurt the citizens.

   But Dr. Acid refused and started fighting with Bulge. After 2 hours of fighting, Bulge got Dr. Acid in a corner, nowhere to run. But Dr. Acid flew up and starting poring acid on New York City. Bulge said with sarcasm "Oh no, what do I now?" Dr. Acid said with enthusiasm "Well this is the for you Bulge and your precious city!". Dr. Acid thought this is the end for New york City, but Bulge stretched his body over the city like when you cover yourself with a blanket. But when the acid hit Bulge, nothing happen and Dr.Acid was confused and shocked becuase the acid didn't effect on Bulge (Plainum is higly unreactive).

   After the acid went away, Dr. Acid surrendered and went home. Also, Bulge went home as well and took a nap because it was a long day.   But, before going home, he said "I will get my revenge one day!"

The End. 

Platinum Hero's Journey 

By: Brian Westbrooks