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A blog all about thing about me and it's faster that making videos and you can make voices for me and other.

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so this is my blog And I hope you enjoy as I tell you about events of


thing I wanna type.So the first thing I want to talk about being a youtuber.


So being a youtuber is fun and I wanted to becom one because I need a hobbie and  


 I thought it would be fun and I don't care about money of fame I just want to.Also


most youtubers start not careing about money and I wanted to since 3years ago.


So when I did I wasn't cirtain on what I wanted to do so I did and at the time of this wrighting it has 48 views so it shows how much I gotten better.

 So from 480p and no music to 1080p and music and from 10-19 subscribers.



So about the 26 of the 7th I brock my laptop but it still useable so I can wright.So my videos are getting better and I learned that sound is the second important besides quality. 


This website dose not have spell


check and I cant spell well.

My blog


so my days came be good,bad,terrable,amsome and avrage.Today my day was avrage day just me playing video games nothing intresting to make a videos so. Also I watch some anime like assassination classroom and go play samurai seage and join the SupremeWarrior Alliances we have 27 spots ready to be taken.


So some times when I bored and I'm to lazy to make a trailer video as a joke that's why I put in Danganronpa 1 and 2 chracters. So I balance things out bad and my computer's back so I'm very happy. 



my days