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HOTELINTEL Services and Team

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A Scandinavian hospitality real estate and hotel advisory platformExtensive international experience

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• Norway based partnership, specialized in advising hotel owners, investors and operators throughout the hotel’s lifecycle.• A unique combination of local, regional and international expertise in hotel development, operations and technology. • A complete set of skills, gained at leading hospitality companies including Marriott International, Horwath HTL, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Scandic Hotels, Belmond, Cunard Line and Silversea Cruises.WHO WE ARE2

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• Through an extensive network of hospitality professionals, HOTELINTEL offers direct access to hotel owners, operators and investments companies in Scandinavia and internationally.• Our work includes initial site review & selection, market feasibility, operator search & brand selection, contract negotiation & renewal, ROI analysis, CAPEX/renovation plans, acquisition, disposition, asset management and operational analysis. • Our team has a combined work experience of over 500+ hotel projects covering the full hotel planning, development and asset management life cycle. • We create value for all stakeholders by delivering tailor-made, data-driven, actionable solutions.WHAT WE DO3

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WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE• Through our extensive local and international network, we can connect you directly to senior leaders and key stakeholders in the global hospitality industry.• We introduce international business best practices and industry benchmarks to the Scandinavian hotel market.• We build lasting relationships, not a one-off report.• Flexible, client focused approach with innovative solutions and transparent fee structures.Leader in personalized, hands-on hotel advisory services in Scandinavia, with access to key benchmarking data, international network and expertise.4

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Sustainable Hotel Life CycleSustainable Project Master PlanningFeasibility StudyMarket & FinancialProduct ConceptualizationProject Capitalization & Financial StructuringAppraisals & ValuationsStrategic PlanningAsset ManagementFacility ProgrammingHighest and Best Use AnalysisBrand & Operator Search and SelectionContract Review & NegotiationsMarket Entry Strategy5OUR SERVICES

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We offer in-depth experience and knowledge of a wide inventory of all hotel commercial agreements and brands. Simplified HOTELINTEL operator search and selection structure:Understanding of owner needs and product market fit.Shortlist of suitable operators and/or brands.Request proposals and review contract terms from selected operators.Aligning hotel owner and operator goals.Lead or support contract negotiations to get the best commercial terms.Selection of the brand / hotel operator and contract execution.OUR SERVICES6

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A comprehensive HOTELINTEL feasibility study consists of:• Extensive local and international experience and network.• Desktop research, site inspection and fieldwork.• Country, region and hotel location analysis including macro economic research.• Existing and future tourism trends.• Mapping existing/future hotel market supply & demand.• Analysis of the historical trading performance of potentially competitive hotels.• Hotel project market positioning.• Market and hotel financial metrics, including labor costs and other relevant internal and external benchmarks.• Hotel project P&L and cash flow projections.OUR SERVICES7

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Residual land/hotel project valuation.Highest best use analysis.Feasibility and investment appraisals.Property valuation.Improve operational efficiencies to drive bottom line returns.Hotel contract review and negotiation.Evaluation of management, operator and/or brand affiliation alternatives.OUR SERVICES8

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OUR SERVICESConnecting you with relevant finance partners through our strong international network and reputation.Raising equity:• Individual investors.• Private equity.• Investment banks.Raising debt:• Secure the longest period of interest only payment.• Flexibility within loan covenants for any unforeseen external factors, like COVID-19.• Best loan to value ratios and leverage in a changing business environment.9

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OUR SERVICESWe offer personal guidance and support.• Improve hotel operations and increase asset value through carefully evaluated capital expenditure and investments/divestments.• Increase profit through active and hands-on hotel owner support, using in-depth local market knowledge and international best practices.Creating the best value for you and your asset:• Ongoing operations review and optimization. • Hotel technology stack review.• Distribution channel management and pricing.• Rebranding/repositioning (incl. highest and best use analysis).• Restructuring/refinancing/disposition.• Hotel profitability analysis.• Performance benchmarking.• Contract reviews, fees & (re)negotiations.• Transactions/hold-buy-sell.• Multi-year renovation planning.• Hotel leadership evaluation.10

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TO R E R O DA H L E V E N F R Y D E N B E R G R E I N I E R VA N D E R V E E K E N• C- su ite n etwork• Op erati ng Ag ree me nts• As se t M an ageme nt• Hotel Tec hnolo gy• Br anding• Hotel O perations• In terna tion al Hotel Developmen t• Co ncept D evelop me nt• Op er ating Ag ree me nts• Feasi bil ity• Sust ainabil it yLET’S CONNECT• Scan dinavia n H otel Develo pme nt• Valu ation s & Ap prais als• An alytics & Benchma rk in g• Le ase a gre em entst o r e @ h o t e l i n t e l . n o+ 4 7 4 8 3 0 1 6 8 0e v e n @ h o t e l i n t e l . n o+ 3 2 4 6 8 0 7 8 8 0 2r e i n i e r @ h o t e l i n t e l . n o+ 3 1 6 1 4 9 4 9 9 8 4