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The Visuals behind the Debut E.P sound

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PINK SAND. the visuals.

Almost Under -

Tell me I'm your baby -

Pink Sand -

Fuss -

"Almost Under".

Hey, baby, I thought about finding faith until I found this

I'll come home to you

They stayed in the bar

And now I wish I stayed for one more drink

"Tell me I'm your baby".

Tell me I'm your baby, baby,


make me say it

believe every word that you say

Tell me I'm your baby,


baby make me stay here

why'd you have to say all those things

"Pink Sand".

we've been making out drunk

and I've been typing up loose ends

pink sand colours is all I'm dressing in

Shades of red were made for us 

and my love autumn is making a fuss

calling us out