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All you need to know before your first class!

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The New Student's Guide 


Pink Ambition Dance & Fitness

Our ladies only, 18 and over policy allows us to maintain a comfortable and supportive environment which encourages you to let go of self doubt and discover your fitness potential!

Most of our weekly classes are drop in so they can fit around your schedule even if it isn't consistent! Any new student can start in any of the entry level classes (shown in pink). You can start pole in any of our five weekly Pole 1 classes. Our current schedule is pictured to the right. 

Our choreography series classes (pictured in blue) run in 4 week sessions, they move around the schedule each session with different instructors and styles. 

How do i know which classes to sign up for?

You will be given the chance at the end of each class to sign off on the moves of that day. This means you demonstrate to the instructor that you can safely complete the move from start to finish without assistance or a spot. Once all moves in that level are signed off, you graduate to the next level!!!

each of our seven levels of pole have their own curriculum which is divided up into groups of 3-4 moves. that curriculum is on a rotation throughout the schedule.  

for example: POLE 1

  • pole 1 has 5 different groups
  • each class in the same week will teach a different group
  • the rotation then shifts so the next week does repeat 
  • the chart below shows how this works for the pole 1 classes 

How do i move up to the next level in pole?

How do i sign up?

Sign up from our website using the class schedule tab

or you can use the sign up button on our Facebook page!

how much does it cost?

group classes

single class = $20

4 pack = $72

8 pack = $136

12 pack = $192

*packages expire 60 days after purchase

check the next page for new client specials and our college discount!