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Volume 4 Issue 3 Shop local ya ll I M FREE THANKS TO A LOCAL ADVERTISER WHY HAVEN T YA Low Tech Fun No Batteries Required Published and Printed at Abbie s Leprechaun Facts If mythological There are 236 leprechauns living in Carlington Mountain They re a protected species under the European Habitats Directive The sneaky thieves will steal your coins and shan t be trusted If caught Leprechauns will grant you three wishes Just be creatures are faery sure not to wish for something they will steal Red Leprechauns they weren t always wearing high on your list you ll want green These guys also wore three cornered red hats to troll through these pages Were they trying to get away from British Monarchy also You would probably have better luck finding an A Clurichaun is usually drunk and spend actual leprechaun that a pot of gold at the end of a their nights clearing out human wine rainbow Mostly because the arch of a rainbow is an cellars Seems like the Gremlin effect illusion therefore there is no end once they have a drink they aren t the So where did the legend of gold and rainbows come from same species During the 700s and 800s Vikings raided and looted all over Leprechauns are cobblers by Supposedly when they invaded Ireland they buried their gold trade Doesn t anyone cook and treasures in undisclosed locations When they started make clothes do the moving away they might have left some treasures behind that accounting write magazines were found by you guessed it leprechauns Being the stingy Leprechauns are all male hoarders that they are they re hid the pots of gold and claimed This brings too many that only the rainbows would lead the way Clever since they questions to my mind already knew that the closer you got to a rainbow the further my apologies to Abbie for it appeared forgetting her name on the story of Princess dwynwen last month MANY THANKS TO MY 5TH GRADE RESEARCH TEAM AT DECHERD ELEMENTARY They keep me on me toes Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 1

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Let s be real even with mythological beings Faeries have no known origin The sprites pixies elves gnomes peris lva hada fauns z n brownies and even trolls are legends from all over the world from various times One of the oldest recorded winged beings called Peris from Persian mythology were mischievous faeries who were denied entry to paradise until atoning for their sins Their story evolved and eventually Peris became known as caring generous spirits the antithesis of jinn or divs demons As Christianity became increasingly popular their origin changed People and The Church started claiming them to be fallen angels What we really need to know If you see a faery you ll have good luck Faeries might bring you a gift BUT DON T SAY THANK YOU They ll get angry and disappear with your gift Some faeries are shapeshifters however they cannot lie If you suspect you are seeing a shapeshifted faery all you need to do is ask Faeries have been known to replace children with changelings that are rude and misbehave A half fae half human is called an Oaf hmm my Grandfather called me an Oaf quite often Faeries don t use human money which is why they trade for children s teeth Oh I get it 8 incisors in a canine ents 4 canines in a bicuspid and 8 bicuspids in a molar Do NOT cut down hawthorn trees faeries live inside them They are also often found in foxglove and ragwort Foxglove the flower gets its name from little folk s gloves DO NOT give a faery your name they will be able to control you If they are bothering you and you know their name say it to make them leave you alone Think Rumplestiltskin Faery rings are dark green circles found in meadows believed to be downtrodden from faeries dancing Science says the ring is a fungus Maybe fungal fairies Either way do not cross into the faery ring or bad things will happen To attract faeries to your garden you need to plant roses bluebell thyme and moss and decorate with shiny rocks You can also serve their Favorite foods milk honey sweet butter honey cakes and anything with fresh saffron Java an island of Indonesia has unusually high faery sightings The faery women of Scotland seem especially inclined to grant wishes to humans The wish is usually conditional You can have either ingenuity without advantage or advantage without ingenuity that s a hard one a brain without a handout or a handout but no brains In 1927 the Faery Investigation Society was formed in Britain to gather information on faery sightings Many people have been members including Walt Disney in 1956 57 The fact of the matter is modern science proves that electromagnetic matter is real and faeries may live even if invisible to us 2 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com

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Mr Goodney s Corner During a recent census a man told the census taker that he had three children When asked their ages he replied The product of their ages is 72 The sum of their ages is the same as my house number The census taker ran to the man s front door and looked at the house number I still can t tell she complained The man replied Oh that s right I forgot to tell you that the oldest one likes chocolate pudding The census taker then promptly wrote down the ages of the three children How old are they ANSWERS TO THIS AND ALL THE PICK ME UP GAMES ARE ON THE BACK PAGE Scientists are moved by the music they hear Which is how many newly found species have been named See if you can match the name of the Artist with it s namesake and then match that to the type of creature that it is Fossilized mollusk Anacroneuria carole Bob Marley Columbian tree frog Masiakasaurus knopfleri Neil Young Gall wasp Scaptia beyonceae Beyonc Stonefly Orectochilus orbisonorum Roy Orbison Caribbean fish parasite Gnathia Marleyi Freddie Mercury Trapdoor spider Funkotriplogynium lagobadius Mark Knopfler Dire Straits Horse fly Cirolana mercury Frank Zappa Spider Hyla stingi Sting Stonefly Preseucoila imallshookupis Elvis Presley East African isopod Anomphalus jaggerius James Taylor Tiny predatory dinosaur Anacroneuria taylori Carole King Whirligig beetle Pachygnatha zappa James Brown Mite Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi Mick Jagger Out of the neck of the beheaded Medusa Pegasus was born BAILEY S MYTHOLOGICAL HORSE FACTS Pegasus was tamed by the son of Poseidon Bellerophon Together they rode into battle and defeated Chimera the fire breathing 3 headed lion goat snake creature However Unicorns are not a myth A Greek historian named Ctesias 400 BC wrote about a large single horned animal with a purple head blue eyes and pure white body The creature s horn was white at the base black in the middle and red at the tip No one believed him In the Lascaux Caves in France where evidence of some of our first ancesters lived 15 000 BCE there are drawings of many animals One of which may be a unicorned horse like creature Aha During the Bronze Age 3300 BCE 1300 BCE both Mesopotamian and Indus Valley art often featured unicorns Aha During medieval times 450 CE 1450 CE people around the world depicted unicorns in tapestries and other pieces of art More Aha Pharmacies in London were selling powdered unicorn horn until 1741 Unicorn horn powder was thought BTW The national to cure many ailments pharmacies would mix it pearl ivory and grains my guess is this was some white animal of powder ground up with some shinier white powder and a dash of grains to make it look authentic Scammers Scotland Queen Elizabeth I believed in the power of unicorn horns She drank from a great spiral horn that she is purchased for 10 000 pounds because she believed if poison touched it the cup would explode thereby You protecting her In the 1600s the Throne of Denmark was constructed featuring an intricate canopy golden guessed it statues and unicorn horn support structures which was actually later identified as narwhal horn a Unicorn Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 3

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4 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com Rylee s Ushi oni facts Y kai are legendary creatures or monsters that plague Japan One of them is the Ushi oni which translates to ox demon This ugly carnivorous fella can be found on the coast of Japan specifically the western rocky coastlines Most are depicted with a cow like head and a spidery crabby looking body They are cruel savage beasts that breath toxic poison and eat humans Ushi oni has consorts of sorts Iso onna is a bewitching vampire like female that lures unsuspecting prey to the rocky shores Iso onna often shares the prey after sucking the blood out of the human with her hair Nure onna is another accomplice This reptilian creature has the head of a woman and the body of a snake and lures the prey with a fictitious story of a baby Once they hand the baby actually a rock to the human the human is paralyzed and the vampire reptile consumes their blood before Ushi oni finishes them off Ushi oni isn t the only crazy cow in the herd A supernatural cow called Bai Ze from Chinese mythology has 6 horns 3 eyes on its head and 3 eyes on both sides of its body Despite being nightmarish is is actually supposed to be a sign of good luck and predictor of good omens Trolls are some of Norge s Norway s most popular inhabitants The first troll recorded in history was a Norwegian female Legend says she was challenged for the password by the Viking poet Bragi The battle was called gammeldags rap battle Bragi s dikt poem was the better of the two and she allowed him to pass without killing him Her skog wooden statue was erected in the 800 s solidifying or petrifying her place in Norway The rest of the world finally shared the fear of trolls when folkeeventyr folk or faery tales by Peter Christen Asbj rnen and J rgen Engebretsen Moe combined their collective research into one big book called Norske Folkeeventyr originally catchy name The 3 Billy Goats Gruff De tre bukkene Bruse was a huge hit abroad because of the trolls HUGE punny In the Middle Ages laws prohibiting the awakening of trolls were created Waking a troll purposefully would prove you were an enemy of the kirken church The classic TROLL look stor stygg lang nese hale big ugly long nose tail The Norwegian painters Theodor Kittelsen and Erik Werenskiold were the creators of this look Most trolls have 1 hode head If they have multiples it would be in multiples of 3 TRULY SERIOUS INFORMATION If you re attacked by a troll the best way to overleve survive is to keep talking Trolls are notoriously NOT clever So try to confuse them into how or why they planned to release you OR keep talking till soloppgang sunrise and the troll may turn to stein stone OSCAR S TROLL FACTS

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Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 5 Nest Shamrock 2 Fox Boar 4 leaf clover Bear Lizard Pegasus Frog Snake Phoenix Dragon Owl 2 Triton Gnome Unicorn Griffon Fairy 3 Racoon Medusa Centaur Woodpecker Bluebird Leprechaun Jelly Fish Mushroom Mermaid 2 Carrot 2 Bird Watcher Snake 2 Leprechaun shadow Troll Loch Nessie Monster

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Karley s MerPeople Facts Socrates Plato Aristotle were all from the 4th century BCE So was Oannes This lesser known scientist and philosopher taught language arts and science by day and returned home at night by swimming away He was half fish half human creature The original Merman Thousands of years later around 1000 BC in Assyria the goddess Atargatis fell in love with a mortal shepherd They had a daughter but the love affair inadvertently killed the shepherd Atargatis was so distraught she threw herself into the lake Since the goddess was so beautiful and she couldn t die only half of her body transformed into a fish She became known as Derceto pronounced derketo The first mermaid Greek mythology added Nereids Tritons Sirens and Thessalonike to the mer people There are 50 Nereids AKA sea nymphs who transform their tails to legs The two most famous were Thetis mother of Achilles and Amphritite Poseidon s wife and mother of Triton Ariel s father Sirens are actually half bird creatures that lured humans to their death via song The winged creatures lost a contest and were sentenced to die in the ocean Some survived by transforming into mermaids Thessalonike was the sister of Alexander the Great was grief stricken when her brother died and jumped into the sea to kill herself Being immortal she could not die and was transformed into a mermaid instead Hmm sounds familiar Legend has it if she asks a sailor if her brother is alive and he isn t convincing the seas will become unbearable Both Ireland and Scotland tales of the Merrow merpeople are of human shapefifting to live with humans They have a red cap that enables them to shift back and breath underwater If you hide the cap of your loved one they will stay with you on land Similarly Selkies are seals that shed their seal skin and shift into human form Hiding their skin will ensure they stay with you Trickery is never a foundation for love Scottish mermaid Ceasg grants three wishes to those who are captured I think she is my favorite mermaid Melusineis the most well recognized mermaid She often has two tails and serves Starbucks coffee In several stories from various parts of the world she marries a human Every time she makes her husband s swear not to enter during her bath He doesn t listen She kills him When will husbands ever learn Mermaids professional swimmers in expensive costumes earns around 50 000 per year Annual tail maintenance is around 5 000 My father was a truck driver My mother was a club singer and aspiring actress who after divorcing spent years making ends meet for the family as a waitress or antique dealer She once left me at an orphanage for a few weeks but she visited daily she just wanted me to be safe and fed I was adopted by my stepdad who changed my name and put me in a college prep school I didn t fit in My grades were decent but my talent was not school it was entertaining my classmates Who am I 6 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com

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JAIRO S LOCH NESS NESSIE FACTS Loch Ness contains 263 billion cubic feet of water but doesn t make the world s largest lake lists There is more water in Loch Ness than in all the lakes in 1 What mythical creature always gets lost England and Wales put together Matter of fact the volume is sufficient for 2 What creature keeps time for trains at every single person on earth to fit inside it 10 times over But still not on the big list The loch s bottom is relatively flat due to the glacier that formed it and the station the fault line that runs under it Why is Loch Ness black It s full of peat that 3 How do you describe a mythical cow rolled down hill Why so steamy The loch never freezes it doesn t get colder 4 What do you call a quiet sea creature and it doesn t get warmer it s about 44 year round under the top layer 5 What does a unicorn wear approximately 100 feet below When the heavier cold water merges into the 6 What d Zeus say to Apollo after he ate 44 waters steam rises All of these factors set the stage for the beautiful Apollo s dinner creature aptly named Nessie 7 What do you call a grandfather unicorn In the year 565 St Columba reported coming face to face with the water 8 What should you say when you bump beast Ever since then stories of Nessie have intrigued humans and maybe into the Loch Ness Monster even a few fish Millions of dollars have been spent trying to prove her existence Sonar blips over the past 75 years have found something larger 9 Where can you always find a than a shark but smaller than a whale Naysayers have claimed it to be a shoal four leaf clover of fish patches of zooplankton or even algae HA 10 What do leprechauns say to Operation Deepscan in 1987 took 24 boats with echo sounding equipment and distract each other the scientists reportedly made sonar contact with an unidentified object of unusual size and strength Naysayers called this one debris or seals HA Mysterious waves despite the obvious stillness of the lake like the one videoed in 2013 during a photographer s swan shoot are usually blamed on wind gusts by naysayers HA Even amateur hunters on Google Earth and Apple Maps have had their share of sightings Worldwide records show these maps are scanned thousands of times DAILY looking for Nessie The only real evidence is from a 2019 study Scientists have been sampling and labeling every spec of DNA they can find from Loch Ness 500 million DNA sequences later there is no findings of reptilian DNA seals otters or dinosaurs What they didn t do was finish testing all the water 20 was left untapped sorry couldn t help myself What they did find was an unusually high amount of eel DNA Hmm is Nessie an oversized eel look for a 4 digit code to fill in the blanks Hint Start with the Nothing is correct line and mark out all those numbers One number is right 9 2 8 5 and in the wrong place Two numbers are right 1 9 3 7 but in the wrong place number is right 5 2 0 1 One and in the right place 6 5 0 7 Nothing is correct Two numbers are right 8 5 2 4 but in the wrong place answer is on the back page Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 7

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Mr Goodney says There are only two sets of 3 s that 72 2x6x6 or 3x3x8 Only one can be the oldest 384 1 A HUGE THANK YOU to places that help us distribute 7 8 9 10 A where wolf A metro gnome Legendairy A murmurmaid A uniform I apollo gize Pop corn Goodbye In the dictionary Look clover there Pick me up 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 Bob Marley 2 Neil Young 3 Beyonc 4 Roy Orbison 5 Freddie Mercury 6 Mark Knopfler 7 Frank Zappa 8 Sting 9 Elvis Presley 10 James Taylor 11 Carole King 12 James Brown 13 Mick Jagger 1 Gnathia Marleyi 1 Caribbean fish parasite 2 Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi 2 Trapdoor spider 3 Scaptia beyonceae 3 Horse fly 4 Orectochilus orbisonorum 4 Whirligig beetle 5 Cirolana mercury 5 East African isopod 6 Masiakasaurus knopfleri 6 Tiny predatory dinosaur 7 Pachygnatha zappa 7 Spider 8 Hyla stingi 8 Columbian tree frog 9 Gall wasp 9 Preseucoila imallshookupis 10 Stonefly 10 Anacroneuria taylori 11 Stonefly 11 Anacroneuria carole 12 Funkotriplogynium lagobadius 12 Mite 13 Fossilized mollusk 13 Anomphalus jaggerius Find 4 smaller versions of these pictures of Cat hidden in this issue estill springs Montana Drive In manchester Toliver s Pawn Downtown Antiques lynchburg Jackie s Gift Gallery winchester Decherd Franklin Co Library Piezan Pizzeria Merle Norman tullahoma Nature s Elite China Wok Pick me up is written designed printed available at Naturally I had to research eels Didja know eels are the only catadromous fish in the world That means they spawn in the ocean but live their adult lives in freshwater Elvers baby eels have the cutest names are currently endangered A 95 98 decrease in reproduction over the past 50 years puts eels at a greater risk of extinction than the giant panda or blue whale Eels are extremely important to the ecosystems of rivers and lakes they not only keep fish population under control they are often dinner for otters or herons The fact that they live in the same area as adults for most of their life gives researchers invaluable information about pollution and waste Very little is known about eels because they just slip away before scientists can get good intel Scientists have recently determined eels only spawn once in a lifetime once the eggs are spawned and the male eel fertilizes them the parents are doomed to die What if Nessie is an eel who never spawned and keeps popping up on occasion 8 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com