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Pick Me Up January 23

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WHERE S A I M FREE THANKS TO A LOCAL ADVERTISER shop local ya ll Low Tech Fun No Batteries Required Volume 4 Issue 1 Published and Printed at fun Football Stuff you never knew by Brayden The first American football game was on November 6 1869 The new sport was created by Walter Camp who came up with it by altering the rules of rugby soccer and a few other games The original ball was shaped like a watermelon and had an air filled pig bladder inside it 1869 1890 Originally Football was 90 Minutes without a big halftime show Field Goals were 5 points touchdowns were 4 A Goal After and a safety were 2 points each Huddles became a part of pre play action because Paul Hubbard a deaf quarterback needed to sign plays to his teammates so they huddled 1891 James Naismith father of basketball had his girlfriend sew two pieces of flannel together to make the world s first football helmet a fumblerooski was abolished in 1901 The play was a dangerous free forall The first to retrieve any fumble from outside the boundaries anywhere over the sidelines or even over the fence took possession Touchdowns and field goals were 5 points goal kicks were worth 1 1906 Between 1904 1905 there were 37 deaths and 296 debilitating injuries President Theodore Roosevelt invited several coaches to the White House and encouraged them to change some rules This is what came of it The forward pass was legalized Mass formations that were lead by helmetless heads were abolished First down distance doubled to 10 yards and required 3 downs to achieve Forward pass could not be over the center of the field of play or even within 5 yards to the left or right of center 1910 Limit of 1 pass forward or backward each down Passes were now allowed to cross the center of play Passes couldn t travel more than 20 yards 1912 Touchdowns worth 6 points Field Dimensions set to 100 yards long with 10 yard end zones First Down must be reached in 4 plays Forward Pass limit of 20 yards removed 1920 4 teams from Ohio joined their ideals to form the American Professional Football Conference APFC A month later 6 other teams from New York Indiana and Illinois wanted to join They renamed the entire organization the American Professional Football Association APFA 1922 The APFA renamed themselves National Football League NFL 1932 Playoffs were not originally a part of the NFL There was a tie breaking playoff game of the NFL teams but until 1941 the team with the most wins was the league champion 1933 Forward pass could be thrown from anywhere behind the line 1943 Prior to WWII substitutions were rarely allowed the player played both offense and defense The war drafted many so substitutions became a necessity After the war ended subbing and players specializing in offense or defense positions was too popular to revert to the old rules THE 2023 From And the SUPERBOWL IS FEBRUARY 12 Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 1

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FOOTBALL IS THE MOST POPULAR SPORT IN THE WORLD BUT NOT THAT ONE REALLY WEIRD FACTS ABOUT SOCCER The name soccer comes from the name Association Football Boys being boys shortened the name Association to BY OSCAR assoc or assocer Eventually it became known as soccer The game by any name is one of the oldest sports in the world 206 B C Chinese soldiers trained by playing Tsu chu kicking the ball without using their hands Their goals were nets hanging between bamboo poles 30 feet in the air and their balls were sewn cloth filled with rubble 500 1500 A D During the Middle Ages some foot balls were made from inflated pig bladders The animal bladder balls were eventually covered with strips of leather sewn up with laces for better bladder retention Folkball a rural version of football was when the scoring destinations were neighboring houses miles away These games became rough and brutal Maybe this one is more the history of Rugby It was banned in the 1300s Victorious English soldiers were known to use the skulls of fallen enemy in their post battle football games The inside of the ball is still called a bladder because prior to 1855 it was actually made from a pig s bladder 1855 Charles Goodyear designed the first real soccer ball out of vulcanized rubber Goodyear was a chemist 54 years after he created vulcanized rubber and 38 years after his death a tire company adopted his name 1863 Football s official rules created by the newly formed Football Association F A 1867 F A club started in Argentina F tbol a Spanish word often for soccer worldwide I M SURE YOU ARE WONDERING WHAT A 1872 First F A Cup was played GEODOME AND TIRE HAVE IN COMMON 1888 League had grown to 128 teams WITH SOCCER 1900 Soccer was among the first team sports to be included in the Olympic Games 1907 Spread of F A had gone worldwide with 12 international F A leagues 1904 The International Federation of Football Association FIFA was formed by 7 countries 1930 FIFA had reached 40 countries as members and the first World Cup was played in Uruguay France won 1950 Surprisingly the largest attended game to date was 73 years ago The match was between Brazil and Paraguay there were 199 854 spectators 1966 American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller invented the geodesic dome by fitting hexagons and pentagons together to make a round building and soccer ball The Buckminster Ball has 20 hexagonal and 12 pentagonal surfaces to make a sphere Soccer is played by more than 250 million people worldwide in over 200 countries that have F A leagues American Football Federations are present in roughly 70 countries I started playing my sport at the age of 3 When I was on the high school team I only ever lost one game in 4 years I went to college on a sport scholarship but in my senior year my best friend was killed in a car accident I was so upset I quit school and joined the Coast Guard I also sold paint supplies for a while until I entered in and won a national amateur sporting event I was the first athlete to make one million dollars playing sports I owned businesses wrote books and even tried acting I was a guy named Spike in a bad movie called Return to Campus Here s a quote of mine The road to success is always under construction Who am I F OOTY A USTRALIAN F OOTBALL Last football article but not the last game called football on this planet Since before 1858 this game originated to keep cricket players in shape during the winter The field is twice the length of the other fields The game is played with 18 players and the egg shaped ball can be carried but never thrown But if you carry it you have to dribble every 16 feet You can punch it like a volleyball off your palm or kick it to a teammate or through the goal posts like soccer or rugby Originally games ended when one team scored 2 goals In 1858 a game which lasted 3 days and finally called a tie spurred a change in rules Today AFL has 18 professional teams and 15 international leagues BTW a wooden Spoon trophy goes to the losing team 2 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com

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Garlic Cup of Coffee 2 Snowmen 24 Cat Robot Car Whale Ice Skate 2 Candy Cane Dog Grater Toothbrush Bell Leaf 2 Teddy Bear Deer Glasses Wine Glass Snail Tea Pot Scissors Polar Bear Bird Ball Cap Test Tube Chef Kangaroo Drum Band Aid Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 3

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Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 5

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One number is right 3 4 2 but in the wrong place Two numbers are right 8 5 3 but in the wrong place 2 6 4 Nothing is correct One number is right 2 7 3 but in the wrong place numbers are right 1 6 5 Two and in the right place Espo r t s an d Ol ymp ics b y Ja ir o Is it real o r is it Memor ex The first official Olympic Esports Week will take place in Singapore June 2023 Many people aren t sure about it but Jairo is excited Let s talk about Olympic requirements For any sport to be in the Olympics they must have a men s federation in at least 75 countries on 4 continents and a women s federation in 40 countries on 3 continents Esports doesn t divide by gender yet they have over 100 federations on 5 continents Surfing skateboarding sport climbing karate and baseball were added to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics Sports like bowling billiards American football bridge chess dance sport and sumo are all still trying to get in Breakdancing broke in and will be in the Paris 2024 Olympics Let s talk about athletes that compete in Esports Many people don t like the idea But if a sport is a competition that requires practice and training why can a person not train on their computer Matter of fact many physical athletes do because they say it s all in your mind Esports are not games to be played It is a skill that can be practiced alone or with others online The goal is to get better and win the same as any other athlete And like other athletes the peak age is approximately 25 years old Let s talk about the sport with an E in front of it Not every video game would be considered an Esport The elements necessary for a game to be considered are fine motor skills hand eye coordination sharp reaction time communication and team dynamics just like any other sport Games that have surprises chickens crossing roads or prizes collecting coins won t do Professional Esport Athletes are earning real salaries and or serious prize money The team that won last month s Honor of Kings 3 500 000 even split by a team of 10 is still good money Moral of this story is find out what types of games are trending at tournaments or will be in the Olympics Get your kids those games Maybe one day those skills will convey to future videos because let s face it Esport careers will only grow from here Let s talk about who can be an E athlete Anyone Very few sports if any in the competitive arena include all genders all heights any weight and a wide variety of physical differences and allows them to compete amongst themselves In Esports the playing field is that level and very empowering 6 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com

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it was written many different ways in the beginning Golf is a very peaceful and relaxing sport Not to say that you can t be competitive or it isn t physical If you are golfing like a pro then you would walk and carry your clubs On the PGA tour it is still a requirement and seldom waived But the biggest benefit Golf can add 5 years to your life FORE Golf can be competitive against others but the process of training and or trying to beat your own best score helps build your confidence and self esteem which also makes you better at golf So it s kinda like which comes first a golf club or golf ball like the chicken or egg FORE It was created in Scotland around 1457 Yet it was also banned 3 times because the government believed it interfered with military training FORE 400 years later in 1867 Scotland women started playing golf FORE Why is FORE used as a warning Fore comes from the 1700s word forecaddie who was the person keeping track of the golf balls not the club carrier It became shorter to yell FORE than FORECADDIE Par was developed in 1890 and was intended to be called the ground s score which then became known as the bogey score It came from a competition when someone said This player of yours is a regular Bogey man yes referring to being scared of the boogieman By the middle of the 20th century the word bogey meant 1 over par FORE Where did the feathered friends terms originate Hint it s NOT because Golf balls were originally leather stuffed with feathers Birdie In a 1903 Atlantic City Club competition someone said That was a bird of shot and suggested double money for winning with one under par which was agreed Since then 1 under par has been birdie Bird was slang for good best Eagle Birds of a feather stick together so American golfers naturally chose an Eagle beautiful but rarely seen for 2 under par Albatross The English golfers chose to run with it next Instead of a double eagle they named 3 under par the rarest of birds Marching for entertainment was primarily influenced by one man John Philip Sousa At the age of 13 his father enlisted him the US Marine Corps Band to keep him from joining the circus He served 7 years then at the age of 26 he was appointment Conductor of the US Marine Corps Band He transformed it into the world renowned band it is today They were not just famous for concerts and presidential stuff they were recording stars Between 1890 and 1897 they released more than 400 songs on cylindrical phonographs Sousa wrote many well known marches such as Stars and Stripes Forever and Semper Fidelis but most don t know he wrote several Operettas published a few short stories and he was also a competitive trapshooter for the Navy when did marching bands football become an item One of the oldest college bands in the USA was founded in 1845 at the University of Notre Dame But the band who is well known for their performances at the Fighting Irish football games didn t actually march on the field until 1887 True change came in 1907 director A A Harding had the Illinois Regimental Band University of Illinois create an I on the field Marching bands would never just march again Coincidentally Sousa and Harding had a mutual respect and admiration for one another Sousa claimed the Illini Regiment to be the best college band wrote University of Illinois March and upon his death bequeathed his personal library of band music to the Bands Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 7

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1 What lights up a soccer stadium 2 Where do cheating gymnasts go 3 Why are hockey rinks rounded 4 What can you serve but never eat 5 How do baseball players keep in touch 6 Why does Mike Tyson not play Playstation 7 Why did the tiny ghost join the football team 8 Which goalie can jump higher than the crossbars 9 Why couldn t the bike finish the Olympic race 10 Why did the fish refuse to play basketball 11 What is a banana s favorite gymnastics move 12 Why couldn t the dog run in the marathon 13 Why did the football coach go to the bank 14 Why don t grasshoppers watch soccer 15 Why did the baseball team hire a baker 16 I asked a French man if he played video games This is not all of the places we deliver but here are a few other than the advertisers that you can Pick me up estill springs Montana Drive In manchester Toliver s Pawn Downtown Antiques lynchburg Jackie s Gift Gallery winchester Decherd Mr Goodney says Tennis Ball Goodwill Trees Franklin Co Library and Football all have Piezan Pizzeria double letters Merle Norman tullahoma 1 3 5 Nature s Elite China Wok Pick me up is written designed printed available at Find 4 smaller versions of these pictures of Cat hidden in this issue 1 A soccer match 2 Behind parallel bars 3 Because if they were 90 the ice would melt 4 A volleyball or tennis ball 5 They touch bases every once in a while 6 Dunno may be because he s an Xboxer 7 They needed a little team spirit 8 All of them Crossbars can t jump 9 It was two tired 10 He was afraid of the net 11 The splits 12 Because he wasn t a part of the human race 13 To get his quarter back 14 They watch cricket instead 15 They needed a new batter 16 He said Wii 8 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com