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Pick Me Up! February 2023

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I M FREE THANKS TO A LOCAL ADVERTISER SHOULDN T YA shop local ya ll Low Tech Fun No Batteries Required Volume 4 Issue 2 Valentinus means worthy strong or powerful in case you are pregnant and looking for a good name Published and Printed at Maybe Saint Valentine was the first Valentine then again maybe not There were actually about a dozen St Valentines thus far including a Pope who died 40 days after his inauguration The name Valentine was like saying John Smith in the early days of Rome and other Latin speaking countries So donning the name St Valentine wasn t like putting on the suit of the guy who fell off your roof and taking his name The Roman Catholic Church officially recognized the St Valentine who died around 270 CE Then again Pope Gelasius I in 496 CE raised many questions about him Regardless there was so much confusion amongst the Catholic Church they literally discontinued veneration of St Valentine in 1969 Despite being taken off the saintly roster St Valentine still has afterlife holy duties He is the overseeing saint spiritually responsible for plagues beekeepers epilepsy fainting and traveling And yes of course he is the Saint that protects your love and marriage but that was only added in the last two hundred ish years If not St Valentine then who started or why was valentine s day created Luck of From a the Draw Prisoner For the Love of a Nun because of Draft Dodgers Big shout out to my research team at Decherd Elementary To Boost the Economy or is it just for the birds Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 1

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Mr Goodney s Corner Some campers had been at so long that they ve forgotten the day of the week Only one statement is true Can you figure it out Jorge It s not Thursday Friday or Saturday Melissa Yesterday wasn t Sunday tomorrow is Tracy Yesterday was Sunday Ben No the day after tomorrow is Saturday Adrienne The day before yesterday was Thursday Keesha Tomorrow is Saturday David The day after tomorrow can t be Friday What day of the week is it answers are found on the back page Groups of crows are a murder and groups of ravens are an unkindness Whereas eagle groups are a convocation and geese are a gaggle when gathered A group of owls is a parliament Swans are a bevy until in flight at which point their groups are called a wedge fun pun Put it all in a sentence A murder and an unkindness were brought before the parliament while the convocation and gaggle watched from the rafters The bevy awaited from the lake and wedged after the judgement POETIC BEGINNINGS RYLEE The romantic Valentine s Day that we think of may have been started by Geoffrey Chaucer 1343 1400 author of The Canterbury Tales Did you know he was was actually a butler In his poem circa 1380s The Parlement of Foules birds gather to choose their mates The poem reads For this was on seynt Volantynys day Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make For this was on Saint Valentines Day When every bird comes there to choose his mate At this time in history a feast is often served on this day by Christians in honor of St Valentine But it was never about choosing a mate or honoring your lover Yet these fine words made people think Seynt Volantynys is actually about love THESE SIX LITTLE BLUE BIRDS CAN T FIND THEIR MATES CAN YOU FIND THEM ON OTHER PAGES Brayd n A h ad for a h art In the third century the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II During the two years he reigned 268 270 CE he was nicknamed Claudius the Cruel or Gothicus He was abusive to all rude harsh and a bad leader Not to mention he liked to go to war which brings us to why he is in the love edition of Pick Me Up Claudius thought that men didn t want to join his army because they didn t want to leave their loved ones Therefore he ruled there to be no more engagements or marriages until he said so Remember the St Valentine that died in 270 mentioned on the first page He was under the rule of Claudius II and yet continued marrying people Gothicus found out what Valentine was doing and ordered his death On February 14th St Valentine was beaten with clubs to the brink of death then his head was cut off 2 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com

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Y ET ANOTHE R POETIC B E GINNING BAILE Y Charles Duke of Orleans like many royals was born in the spotlight in 1394 He was French royalty Like most royals of the time Charles marital life was arranged When he was 12 he married his 17 yearold cousin Isabella of Valois daughter of King Charles VI She died during childbirth in 1409 The next year he was married to 11 year old Bonne of Armagnac daughter of Bernard VII Count of Armagnac Not Valentiney thus far As the nephew of King Charles VI of France aka Charles the Mad there was tension between his father Louis I one not i of the House of Orl ans and his other uncle s family from the House of Burgundy They were fighting to see who would control France if when King Charles VI died Louis I was soon assassinated and right after Charles the Duke was captured and imprisoned suspicious What does this have to do with Valentine s Day While Charles Jr was in prison he started writing poetry Since he was in prison from 1415 to 1440 he got pretty good at it He used the word Valentine in a new way as a moniker of a loved one see poem above WEARING YOUR HEART Bonne died before he was released and he ON YOUR SLEEVE JAIRO never learned how she felt about it Just after his release in 1440 he married again to Mary of Cleves They had 3 children one of which became King Louis XII of France Did you know the phrase wearing your heart on your sleeve comes from the Middle Ages approximately 400 1400s A D I have to look up middle age dates every time Men would literally draw for a valentine All the single ladies yes all the single ladies would put something of theirs in an urn a piece of paper with their name a piece of cloth ribbon and the single men would draw for a valentine They would pin their betrothed to their sleeve for a whole week and court the person to see if they were a good match Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 3

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St Valentine s wasn t the only Saint th Dwynwen was a Welsh princess born in the 5 century Her father King Brychan had 12 sons and 24 daughters WOW She was the most beautiful of all her sisters and her father promised to marry her to a Welsh Prince But Dwynwen was in love with a local boy named Maelon Dafodrill She knew she should obey her father but ran into the forest crying and praying An angel descended and gave her a sweet potion that would supposedly help her forget about Maelon Instead it froze Maelon in a block of ice Doesn t sound like a nice angel God took pity on her and granted her 3 wishes She wished for 1 Maelon to be thawed 2 God would help all true lovers 3 To never have to marry So Dwywen ended up THIS IS becoming a nun and A LOVE establishing a nunnery SPOON on Anglesey s Llanddwyn Island EAT Couple flock there annually to bless HERE WITH their love and future LOVE The Welsh celebrate Saint th Dwynwen s Day on January 25 It s similar to Valentine s with cards gifts and flowers The biggest difference is the best gift to prove your love is a spoon Love spoons intricately carved decorative wooden spoons One number is right are given as a gift of affection 4 6 0 and in the right place They date back to the 1600s or before Sailors carved spoons for number is right 4 9 2 One their sweethearts to prove their but in the wrong place love and intentions Why you ask 0 8 4 Two numbers are right Wood carvers and carvings were but in the wrong place viewed as lucrative and or 5 1 6 Nothing is correct reputable vocations More intricate spoons meant you could provide One number is right more for your love If you weren t 5 6 8 but in the wrong place a carver it was fine to buy one with many details which also meant you could be a good provider Various symbols on these wooden spoons mean different things In the first place a spoon is used to blend therefore this spoon signifies the blending of your lives The wheel means I will work for you a lock is a promise of a new home the anchor means steadfast love and beads in a cage are the number of kids your suitor wants In Norway linked spoons are used at the wedding and the chained spoons are supposed to be made from a single piece of wood 4 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com

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Just how many V Days are there Karley On February 14th in Japan ONLY the girls and women give gifts The gift of chocolate The type of chocolate given means different things Ready made chocolates giri choco would be for either a male family member or just a plain ole friend I repeat giri choco is for NON romantic loved ones because giri means obligation Honmei choco is the chocolate to give to a romantic interest These chocolates are fancy expensive or homemade NO FAIR What do the girls get March 14th is called White Day It s time for the boys to return the favor Not only that but they are supposed to give her something worth 2 or 3 times more than they received This applies to friends family lovers In South Korea there is a 3rd Valentines Day called Black Day on April 14th Single folks wear black and gather to eat jajangmyeon Korean noodles with a black bean sauce speed date Matter of fact the 14th of every month has a love theme in South Korea Diary Day Jan Rose Day May Kiss Day Jun Silver Day Jul Green Day Aug Photo Day Sep Wine Day Oct Movie Day Nov Hug Day Dec I wanted to be an actress but supported myself as a nightclub singer working till the wee hours of the night When I went to register in the actor s guild some other actress had my name So I used my mother s maiden name Speaking of mom I wrote a book about our relationship BTW when I was 9 she won a mrs LA homemaker pageant which made me fall in love with the bright lights of the stage I got my biggest break when I appeared in the Broadway production of Hair MOM Do I look like mom more now or then In Brazil Dia dos Namorados is celebrated June 12 because the week of February 14th is part of the Brazilian Carnival before Ash Wednesday In Columbia Dia de Amor y Amistad is the 3rd 1 Do you have a date for Valentine s Day Saturday in September Some say it s to honor 2 Why was the spoon dressed up as a knife a 3rd century Italian Catholic Priest who married 3 What do you call bears with no ears forbidden lovers But actually it was 4 What did the paper clip say to the magnet moved in 1969 to September to boost the economy Endulzar al amigo secreto means 5 What did the oar say to the other to sweeten your secret friend Similar to secret 6 Who refuses to fart in public 7 Cross a centipede with a parrot to get a Santa in the Dominican Republic El Salvador 8 What do farmers give on Valentine s Day children and adults will draw names and for 9 What happens when a hog loses its voice two weeks they will give small treats to their Secret Friends It ends with a final gift exchange 10 What kind of dinner does Cupid eat One day isn t enough for Argentinians they 11 What is the best kind of spoon celebrate love from July 1st 7th La Semana de 12 What is a snowman temper tantrum la Dulzura or Golosina is the week of 13 Which fruit do twins love sweetness or sweets candies People exchange 14 What did one pickle say to the other kisses for candy So pucker up buttercu finger Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 5

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PICK ME UP A SPOON GAME For 3 players ages 5ish and up not just a kids game Get a deck of cards and one less spoon than the number of people playing If more than 7 are playing shuffle two decks together and use 6 spoons How To Play The object is to get 4 of a kind Sit around a table or in a circle on the floor Set the spoons one fewer spoon than there are players in the center of the table or circle Deal out four cards to each player then put the remaining cards in a draw pile to your dealer right Everyone picks up their cards and looks at them Always keep 4 cards in your playing hand Dealer picks up one card from the pile to his her right then either discards it face down to their left OR adds the card to their hand and discards one card from their hand to the left face down Each persons discard piles are the next persons pick up pile then keep or discard this card or one from their hand to their left The next person does the same with the last person s discard always pick up right discard left The person to the dealer s right will set their discard next to the original playing deck because it may go around 2 3 times As soon as someone gets four of a kind in their hand they grab one of the spoons from the center When one spoon is grabbed all the other players also try to grab one of the remaining spoons Whoever does not get a spoon earns a letter in the word spoons first S then P etc Players are out of the game once they spell spoons Other RULES Dealer picks up and discard cards as quickly as possible DO NOT wait for the first card to get all the way around Switch dealers every round If the dealer runs out of cards from the original pile they use the discarded pile from the person to their right Try this be sneaky when getting your spoon and watch the craze when they finally realize If you touch a spoon before you have four of a kind you will earn a letter Be careful that your opponent s don t fake grab a spoon to get you to touch the spoons prematurely If numismatists collect coins and philatelists collect stamps what do you suppose a person who collects spoons is called A spoon collector Utensils were once a big deal Spoons were first used only by royal families and therefore symbolized The 12 Apostle Spoons date You back to the 1500s and are among the most notable collectors items better th Check Some sets have a 13 larger spoon with a likeness of Christ on the handle Grandma s During the Tudor times 1485 1603 these spoons were given as gifts for a silver for the christening Another spoon called the Maidenhead Spoon has a bust of Gorham cast New Bedford the Virgin Mary on the tip of it Born with a silver spoon in your mouth Whale Ship comes from this era regardless of whether or not you were rich Around and Harpoon Est Value 375 the mid 1600s hallmarks literally marks on silver were a fancy way of putting a crest stamp or mascot on the tip of family spoons Eventually a spoon came to symbolize more than the beginning of life or a blessing to never grow hungry It came to symbolize new beginnings Not just personal events like marriages or funerals but momentous things such as buildings ships bridges local ceremonies or historic events People often bought postcards pictures or other mementos to remember occasions Why not spoons Affluent travelers from the US passing through Europe noticed the souvenirs Even though they weren t the first US souvenir spoons jeweler Daniel Low and his son created the American market when they cast pun intended the 1891 1892 Salem Witch spoons These spoons are actually credited as part of the influx of Salem tourism The first actual souvenir spoon in the US was actually created in 1889 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of George Washington s inauguration with Martha s spoon sold separately available through a mail order catalogue They became popular after the Salem Witch sales soared See the whale s face and his tail coming over his back 6 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com

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Fish Sock Book Snail Fire Extinguisher Strawberry Christmas Tree Paint Brush Origami Crane Sleeping boy Stove top hat Monorail Train Alligator Flower Hearts 9 Alien Spoons 3 Bow Telephone Star Sled Gift Owl Cup Bowler Squirrel Faucet Lady Bug Carrot File Folder Kite Ear Muffs 2 Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 7

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Bryson Bernard started something in 2007 that is still popular on the dance floor Bryson had a full track scholarship but dropped out to pursue music With his five octave vocal range he flawlessly covered the 1997 hit Cupid from the band 112 His friends quickly dubbed him Cupid from then on In 2007 a song of his received so many Youtube hits that he was picked up by Atlantic Records Cupid always intended for the song to be a line dance because he saw people interacted and or had more fun line dancing He never even wrote the song down he just freestyled the verses in the studio Although the Cupid Shuffle only made it to number 66 on the charts it became a world wide phenomenon that still gets people up to dance It may have been his only big hit but it is still selling Last year it was certified 5x Platinum In 2012 Cupid went on The Voice He sang Cupid Shuffle and none of the judges picked him because it isn t a particularly hard song vocally When the judges turned around CeeLo Green recognized him and said man why didn t you sing something else Cupid suddenly belted out part of a Marvin Gaye song It impressed the judges who were otherwise unaware of his vocal abilities Despite getting booted Cupid said it revived his career Unfortunately In 2016 at the age of 36 he had a stroke He has for the most part recuperated and released 2 albums since then OSCAR This pretty fellow is named Cupid Shuffle In 2020 he sold for 300 000 at the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo beating the last Hereford champion that sold in 1982 for 40 000 His 12 year old owner said he would pay for his and his brothers college with the money 8 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com Mr Goodney says It is Wednesday If it was any other day of the week more than one statement would be true 8 2 0 Find 4 smaller versions of these pictures of Cat hidden in this issue This is not all of the places we deliver but here are a few other than the advertisers that you can Pick me up estill springs Montana Drive In manchester Toliver s Pawn Downtown Antiques lynchburg Jackie s Gift Gallery winchester Decherd Franklin Co Library Piezan Pizzeria Merle Norman tullahoma Nature s Elite China Wok Pick me up is written designed printed available at 1 Yes February 14th 2 The invitation said to look sharp 3 B 4 I find you very attractive 5 Howa bout little row mance 6 A private tutor 7 Walkie Talkie 8 Hogs and kisses 9 It becomes disgruntled 10 A heart y one 11 I ll tell you ladle 12 A meltdown 13 Pears 14 You mean a great dill to me Both the Greek and Latin words for spoon come from the word cochlea I thought that was in your ear Cochlea is a spiralshaped snail shell unless the spoon was originally made from a shell I don t get it The Anglo Saxon word spoon means a chip or splinter of wood This makes more sense