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WHERE S A I M FREE THANKS TO A LOCAL ADVERTISER shop local ya ll Low Tech Fun No Batteries Required Volume 3 Issue 12 Published and Printed at How Santa gets around might surprise you Native people of polar regions where reindeer typically roam say the majestic creatures symbolize creativity resourcefulness and knowledge They domesticated reindeer and trained them to assist them with their sleds Reindeer are revered for bringing home loved ones safely despite harsh winter landscapes Obviously since reindeer and Santa both live near the North Pole they were chosen to lead Santa s sleigh Yet in other countries children know Santa also uses goats donkeys horses and even kangaroos From and the Magazine Club of Decherd Elementary The magazine club is a small group of 5th graders who are learning the process of researching writing proofing editing and illustrating articles I am VERY proud of them Although I might have rewritten some of their work I give them ALL the credit Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 1

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How Santa gets around I was a magician s assistant to Bill Neff for 2 years I had my pilot license and when WWII started I volunteered but they wouldn t take me until I gained weight I had already started a successful acting career but I felt it was my duty to join They put me in a recruiting commercial that supposedly brought in 150 000 recruits I re enlisted and flew missions during the Vietnam War too I acted in over 51 films but only won 1 Academy Award I gave it to my Dad to put with my military awards that he displayed at his hardware store Who am I BAILEY and JAYLA Goats of Yule AKA Julbock in Sweden Julebukk in Norway Olkipukki in Finland During the Viking Age 790 to 1066 AD a Norse god called Thor rode a golden chariot in the sky drawn by two huge goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnj str who evidently were able to fly Thor was the god of storms nature and agriculture The goats represented a link to the farmers Thor was over Thor and his goats would visit the farmers during the Yuletide December 21st January 1st During the 1600s people would dress in goatskins cloaks complete with horns They would demand food pull pranks and scare children People protested calling Julbock a demon As Christianity began growing the Julbock became a happier less scary character spreading cheer and handing out gifts and candy Eventually a gnomelike goat riding Christmas elf called Tomten Sweden Nissen Norway or Tonttu Finland deliver gifts to sleeping children Amerigo or Schimmel The Feast Day of Sinterklaas in the Netherlands Luxembourg Belgium and northern France Sinterklaas an actual Saint named Nicholas is the patron saint of children and arrives in a boat from Spain sometime in November Sinterklaas is NOT Santa Clause Most of these countries have celebrations for both of these giving spirits On December 5 Sinterklaas rides his white horse door to door leaving presents for the good kids Most children leave carrots and or hay inside their shoes for the horse Some legends say the white horse can actually fly so that Sinterklaas can get to the children quicker The horse may be named Schimmel but then again the word schimmel means a grayish white horse However since 1990 many Nederlander children call the horse Amerigo because that was the name of the horse used in the parade that year FLYING DONKEY The French word gui refers to the magical plant of mistletoe But in old stories P re No l would descend from the sky riding his donkey who evidently was able to fly called Gui pronounce gey like key They would land on the rooftops then slide down the chimneys to leave gifts I guess believing a donkey can fly is not any different than believing reindeer can Children would line up their shoes by the fireplace and fill them with carrots or apples for Gui After Gui had his treat P re No l would refill the shoes with small gifts and sweets Shoes or socks full of treats for Santa s animal helpers is the history behind Christmas Stockings but that s another story 2 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com

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Who s sitting in the front of the theater My mother organizes a variety of homemade games for us to play and win real prizes at Christmas We ve played her version of Let s Make a Deal Family Fued Christmas Jeopardy etc She made this up for YOU The object is to sit at the front of the theater what Christmas movie is playing You are at the back of the theater and will advance one row for each correct answer So who s sitting in the front row of the theater in your family 1 2 3 4 5 6 CHRISTMAS MOVIE TRIVIA What holiday movie was one of the biggest box office flops answers on the next page In what movie was a puppet suspended in water to look like a ghost Santa from this movie was also Santa in the 1946 Macy s Thanksgiving Day Parade What movie used a vacuum to make an appendage appear stuck to a prop In this stop motion film the characters had to be posed 24 times for each movement What story was printed on 200 Christmas Cards and sent to the author s friends before it was made into a movie 7 This story was originally in black and white but was produced around the time color televisions became a household appliance 8 If you look closely you can see a Mickey Mouse logo as Santa flies past the moon 9 On a triple dog dare a kid gets his tongue stuck to a pole in this hilarious movie 10 A CIA trainer helped the lead actor of this heart warming movie learn to withstand the difficult and painful make up application process 11 This actor had trouble sleeping because he had to eat a lot of candy during the filming of this movie 12 Even though the actor rarely wore a Santa suit in the movie his 8 year old co star thought he was for real 13 The stop motion animation for this movie was produced in Japan but the audio was recorded in Canada 14 This holiday movie was released in May 15 This character was almost called Reginald or Rollo 16 The actor playing Santa in this movie stayed in costume around the younger actors since they believed he was the real deal Two numbers are correct 2 4 3 9 but in the wrong place 17 What movie had a costume made of Yak hair Two numbers are correct 18 Nearly 8 000 boys auditioned for the in the right place 6 7 3 4 lead role in this story The boy One number is correct who got it was the first boy but in the wrong place 7 9 1 6 to audition One number is correct and in the right place 3 8 1 7 Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 3

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THIS AD! Mr Goodney s Corner Why is the Christmas alphabet shorter than the regular alphabet How many letters are in the alphabet answers are found on the back page CHRISTMAS MOVIE TRIVIA JAYLA and KARLEY 1 It s a Wonderful Life was supposed to be released January 7 1947 It was moved to December not because it was a Christmas movie but because they hoped to receive an Oscar They spent 2 3 Million in 1946 and it lost 525 000 2 Muppets can swim In The Muppet Christmas Carol the flowing look of the Ghost of Christmas Past was created by submerging the puppet in water 3 Edmund Gwenn who played Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street was Santa Claus in the 1946 parade 4 In A Christmas Story Flick s tongue was actually suctioned by a hidden vacuum to give the illusion it was frozen to the pole 5 In The Nightmare Before Christmas animators posed the characters 24 times per EVERY 1 second of filming 6 Philip Van Doren Stern wrote a short story called The Greatest Gift but couldn t find a publisher to print it So he printed it on his 1943 Christmas cards It was finally published in a few magazines including the 1945 January edition of Good Housekeeping under the title The Man Who Was Never Born We know as It s a Wonderful Life 7 The Grinch was originally a black and white sketch Director Chuck Jones made him green in the 1966 animated film How the Grinch Stole Christmas 8 The movie The Santa Clause has a hidden Mickey Mouse logo that you might see when Scott and Charlie fly past the moon 9 In A Christmas Story the dare causes Flick to stick his tongue to a pole MythBusters proved this really happens 10 A CIA trainer who specialized in surviving torture trained Jim Carrey how to get through the painful makeup process in How the Grinch Stole Christmas 11 Will Ferrell ate so much sugar during Elf he had trouble sleeping 12 Natalie Wood believed her Miracle on 34th Street costar was Santa 13 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 14 Miracle on 34th Street hit theaters in May because the head of the studio believed more Weird but true questions people went to the movies in the summer about animals 15 Robert May who created Rudolph the Redat Christmas Nosed Reindeer almost used the Reginald and 1 What Christmas decoration Rollo for the lead character is inspired by spiders 16 In Santa Clause 2 Tim Allen stayed in costume 2 What animal is responsible around some of the younger actors because they for the tune of Silent Night believed he was the real Santa 3 How many animals were 17 Jim Carrey s Grinch suit in How the Grinch Stole Christmas was delivered on the Twelfth made of yak hair Day of Christmas 18 Peter Billingsley 4 What do wild reindeer eat Ralphie from A 5 Who the first person to eat Christmas Story He turkey at Christmas also made a cameo 6 Why do robins sing in the appearance in Elf winter x jump in Rudolph I got us an electric ride 4 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com

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Insuring Your Tomorrow Today Home Commercial Personal Magnifying Glass Bowling Pin Christmas Tree 3 Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Santa Claus Fish Bird Key Pear Butterfly Pinwheel Light Bulb Hanger Balloon Cherries 931 455 3453 info lgmtins com lester greene mccord thoma com Grater Snake Fork Mushroom Gingerbread Star 6 points Shovel Bone Frog Polar Bear Stop Watch Alarm Clock Sun Flag Heart Snowman Envelope Reindeer Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 5

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BAILEY and JAYLA Boomer Christmas decorations especially if they think it s their Grapes raisins currants sultanas dried vine fruits Falling trees because it wasn t put up securely Candles pets are more attracted than humans Christmas trees needles artificial or real Onions garlic leeks shallots and chives Mold or fermented products Bones from the roast beast Chocolate milk or dark Holly and holly berries Fabric softener sheets Water from a live tree Artificial sweeteners Christmas tree sap Snow Globe liquid Silica gel packets Tinsel and icicles Macadamia nuts Ice melting salts Turkey skin Potpourri Poinsettia Mistletoe Toys Ivy chew toy 6 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com A famous Christmas song downunder Six White Boomers tells the story of how the Australian heat is too much for Santa s reindeer while Santa is helping Joey a lost baby kangaroo find his mother Six white boomers snow white boomers Racing Santa Claus through the blazing sun Six white boomers snow white boomers On his Australian run

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Oscar and Jairo For humans 2 cups of tiny pretzels 1 cup of red and green M M s cup of peanuts 2 cups of chocolate chips 3 cups of plain cooked popcorn For Reindeer and other critters Mix together in a bowl to cup OR 2 3 spoons of each or any of these to attract Reindeer Dasher needs Magical energy Red green or any color sugar crystals Make your own with a drop of food coloring in a baggy with cup sugar Dancer loves unsalted nuts Any seeds or nuts Using birdseed is best because it s natural and healthier for her cause she watches her weight Prancer loves the balance that grated cheese brings to their yard snack She s so practical Vixen needs fiber his fav is Rolled or steel cut oats Comet likes crunchies so plain non sugary Cheerios Chex or corn flakes make her happy Cupid is the popcorn connoisseur It must be plain no salt or butter He won t eat microwaved kernels Donder AKA Donner goes coco nuts for coconut Unsweetened get the hint that unsweet is better for animals Blitzen tends to eat the leftovers The others don t eat the dried cranberries but he likes them remember NO raisins or other things listed in Holiday Hazards Rudoph loves carrots because the carotene provides neon energy for his nose I don t remember tossing cereal into the yard for Santa s team but then again we were in a car for 3 hours around midnight driving from one Grandparent s house to another My sister and I stayed awake the entire time looking out of the windows for Rudolph s nose I am sure that we saw it a few times that is if Mom wasn t lying Seriously though did you know Rudolph s nose is actually red The nose of a reindeer is densely packed with blood vessels to monitor the temperature in harsh conditions The vessels send messages to the nervous system to heat up the beast Published at McMurr s Tullahoma 931 461 0034 7

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GRINCH SEASON RYLEE Mr Goodney says Since it s the Grinch s season we found that The The Christmas alphabet has Grinch is not the first Grinch In the May 1955 NOEL and there are 11 edition the poem The Hoobub and the Grinch letters in THE ALPHABET introduced a character who wasn t like the Grinch we know but more of a slick sales man There was also a mention in the 1953 book Scrambled 6 8 24 Eggs Super in which Peter T Hooper was collecting eggs from exotic birds one of which was the Beagle Beaked Bald Headed Grinch who was more like Find 4 smaller versions the grinch we know Finally in 1957 Dr Suess gave the of these pictures of Grinch his own book But these aren t the first use of the Cat hidden in this issue word grinch in literature In 1892 Rudyard Kipling used grinching in the poem Lament of the Border Cattle Thief This is not all of the places we deliver Theodor Seuss Geisel worked as an illustrator for advertising but here are a few campaigns and as a political cartoonist He wrote his first children s book in 1937 but WWII interrupted him After the other than the advertisers that you can Pick me up war he thankfully resumed writing children s stories But wasn t very successful By the 1950s he only had a few that estill springs were popular and resorted to another way to get his stories Montana Drive In out Redbook Magazine 1903 2019 was a manchester magazine dedicated to married women that Toliver s Pawn gave household tips recipes and advice on Downtown Antiques raising a family In the 1950s they published lynchburg 23 issues with short stories and illustrations Jackie s Gift Gallery by the author winchester Decherd not yet known 1 Tinsel Franklin Co Library as Dr Suess Illiteracy was a 2 Since the mice had chewed up Piezan Pizzeria growing problem in the US and the organ pipes the priest hired local guitarist Franz Gruber for Merle Norman Suess friend challenged him to the words he wrote tullahoma use at least 250 words out of 3 23 animals Just on the 12th day 348 that first graders could not Nature s Elite count all the birds in the song recognize The challenge was 4 Mainly lichen AKA reindeer moss China Wok to make the story so good they 5 Henry VIII 1523 Turkey was a Pick me up is written wouldn t put down the book new delicacy from a foreign land designed now Central America Nine months and 236 words printed later Suess created his ticket to 6 Their winter song is a warning available at that invaders will be attacked stardom The Cat in the Hat According to several different studies music calms or comforts your furry friend A group in Scotland took that even further Their test subjects listened to classical soft rock reggae pop and Motown Their heart rate cortisol levels and behaviors lying sleeping barking pacing were recorded Seems most animals prefer upbeat tracks instead of quieter slower or instrumental ones and they were most relaxed to reggae soft rock and generally upbeat music Another research group found that Fido s favorite Christmas song was Last Christmas recorded by Wham in 1984 The song Last Christmas held the title of UK s best selling single to never reach the top of the singles chart until last Christmas 2021 when it finally hit 1 on the UK charts Other tunes for Fido s playlist All I Want For Christmas is You Mariah Carey It s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas Michael Buble I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday Wizzard Driving Home For Christmas Chris Rea A Wonderful Christmas Time Paul McCartney 8 to advertise for as low as 39 monthly email shannon mcmurr com