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Physical Disabilites




By Marcus Fields

This article  describes what a a physical disability is; any condition  that prevents normal function or body movements. it also lists some of these disabilites such as Spine Bifida or Cerebal Palsey.

Definition of physical disability

ADA Compliance

The ADA is a act that prevents discrimination in all form of public life, which includes school and the work place. the ADA act was signed into effect in 2008. the ADA gives these people civil rights protection similar to those on racial basis.

Physical Disabilites in the classroom.

This article gives various tips on this type of disability in the classroom. we as teachers should make sure that we are responding to these disablities in a apropriate manner. students around us will model how to react to these student by how we as teachers handle these situations.

11 Physical Disability facts.

this artical list several interesting facts about phyical disabilites such as; people with physical disabilities make up  the largest minority group in the US. also of todays 20 year olds, 1 in 4 will have a physical disability before they retire.

Interacting with people who has physical disabilities.

this video gives diffrent pointers on how to interact with diffrent physical disabilities, such as; when talking to a person in a wheel chair either neal or pend down soyou can look them eye to eye. also do not automaticly help a person with a disability, make sure to ask the "can I help you out?"

Content application

This project has taught me multiple things that i will work to incorperate into my classroom. when speaking to a student in a wheel chair I will make sure to look get on there level so we can have an eye to eye conversation. I will also note that the ADA requires that all students be treated equally. The last thing I will incorperate is that to make sure i ask the student with ability if they need help before i jump in to help them.