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Basic information


Phoenix was fouded in 1861 by Jack Swilling and has come to be the 6th biggest city in the United States of America and the largest in Arizona with a population of 1.513 million people calling Phoenix home. Phoenix means valley of the Sun. Also Phoenix is 517.9 square miles, and is home to 5 proffesional sports franchises.

Phoenix is has a average temperature around 104.2 in July as the hottest month and a average of 65.0 in January as the coldest month. The driest month is June with a average amount of rainfall being 0.09 and the high in March with a average of 1.07 inches of rainfall.



Historic Sites

In Arizona there are many historical monuments or museums so here are 5 of them. First there is the Pueblo Grande Ruin, South Mountain Park, Heritage Square, Camelback Mountain, and Phoenix Zoo. The Publo Grande Ruin is a pre-colombian site in Phoenix Arizona that homes a series of canals and irrafation mounds. South Mountain Park is the largest park in Arizona at 16,000 acres, it is also home to many wildlife trails and views od the city Phoenix. Heritage Square is a old fashion place with tours through old houses from the late 1800's. Phoenis zoo was opened i n 1962 and is currently the largest non-profit owned zoo in America.


There are many suburbs of Arizona so I picked 5 and those are Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Peoria, and Tempe. Chandler Is located in Maricopa county Arizona and is home to satelitte companies such as Intel and Orbital ATK.Gilbert is also located in Maricopa county and was once known as the hay shipping capitol of the world. Scottsdale is located in Maricopa county as well and is home to many landmarks. Peoria is in both Maricopa county and Yavapai county and houses spring traing homes for the Mariners and the Padres. Also Peoria was named after the Peoria in Illinois since Peoria means prarie fire. Tempe is located in Maricopa county and was known as Haydens Ferry during the territorial times of Arizona. Also it was home to the US Airways headqaurters until they merged to create the American Airlines Group.

Arts and Culture

In Phoenix there is the Phoenix Art Museum which holds art peices from the renaissiance to modern day.  The culture in Phoenix is greatly western being a southwestern state and it being greatly influenced by Latin Americans and Mexicans culture.


In Phoenix the best way to get around is usualy a taxi in the crowded city. The taxi companies are VIP Taxi which best taxi company in Phoenix. And in the number two spot there is Yellow cab which like I said is the second best taxi company in Phonix. If you want to get in and out of Phoenix there is the Phoenix Sky Harbor international Airport.

Sports and Recreation

In Phoenix there are the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals, Arixona Coyotes, Arizona Diammondbacks, and the Phoenix Mercury. The Phoenix Suns play in the NBA in the Western conferences Pacific Division. The Arizona Cardinals are a NFL team that plays in the National leagues West Division. The Arizona Coyotes are a NHL team the play in the Western Cnferences Pacific Division. The Arizona Diamondbacks are a MLB team that compete in the national leagues west division. The Phoenix Mercury play in the WNBA's western conferences west division.


In Phoenix since they have such a strong Mexican culture they love their Mexican food. They like Burritos, Tacos, and Chips and Salsa well those are some of their favorites at least.

In Phoenix there is a high amount of people that do not speak english. Only 70 percent of Phoenix's population speaks english. 25 percent speak spanish which is extremely high compared to other states. The other 5 percent of the population speak a variety of different languages ranging from Europe to Africa to Asia.


In Phoenix the top 3 resteraunts are Little Miss BBQ, The Welcome Diner, and The Bar. All of which have a 4.4 rating and up and The Bar posting a 4.9 out of 5.0