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Friday, August 14th, 2020 PHONE: 9041 1041
Leslie LES
William Johnson
Page 6
As at 11th August 2020
Tested 276,579
Confirmed Cases 642
Recovered 630
Deaths 9
Active cases in WA 3
COVID-19 in Australia
New cases since 28 July
WA(Total 642) - Deaths 9
ACT—0 (total 113)—Deaths 3
NSW— 190 (total 3875)
Deaths 50
NT3 (total 33)—Deaths 0
QLD—13 (total 1072—Deaths 6
SA12 (total 447)—Deaths 4
TAS—0 (total 229)—Deaths 13
VIC—6,261 (total 14,957)
Deaths 228 (+145)
Bencubbin - Bruce Rock - Corrigin - Doodlakine - Kellerberrin - Merredin - Moorine Rock - Mukinbudin - Narembeen - Nungarin - Southern Cross - Tammin - Trayning - Westonia
Plan for
Recovery Plan
Page 13
The devastaon le aer the house re
By Acting Sergeant TYLER
WINTER Merredin Police
On Saturday afternoon the 8
August, Police and Merredin
Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service
responded to reports of smoke on
Duff Street Merredin. Upon arrival
Police and Fire Fighters discovered a
single story house on fire. Fire
crews worked together with the
assistance of Western Power,
Nukarni-Nokaning Bushfire Brigade
and Bruce Rock Volunteer Fire &
Emergency Service to stop the
spread of the fire to the neighbouring
properties. Fire fighters were able to
extinguish the fire and make the area
safe. Crews were faced with many
hazards including live electrical
wires, gas cylinders venting and
exploding flammable items.
Fortunately the occupants werent
home when the house was
completely destroyed by the fire.
The collaboration of the Emergency
Services with the assistance of
partners from Western Power and the
Shire of Merredin were seamless.
Besides the WA Police, our
Ambulance and Fire and Emergency
Services are made up entirely of
volunteers. We thank them for their
amazing dedication. If you are
interested in volunteering please visit
the DFES or St John Ambulance
(Continued on page 3)
Merredin home destroyed by fire
2 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
0-4 Amity Health Playgroup—call
Claire Smith or email
A Choired Taste Mondays 7pm—
9pm at 47 Coronation Street. Call
Emma Aitken 0487 351 167 or
Chloe Willcocks 0438 891 761.
All Saints Anglican Church
Contact Pauline 9044 1076 or Su
0427 412 709.
Bootscooting—Monday nights 7pm
at the Cummins Theatre. First night
free. Beginners to advanced. Call
Anjoeen on 9041 3005 or see Sue at
the Chemist or Lyn at the Post
Mens Shed—Thursdays 2pm—
5pm. Please call Peter McCrae on
0427 625 027 for more info.
Merredin Army Cadet Unit 510
For further information please
contact Officer in Charge 2
Lieutenant Karinda Smith Mob 0427
080 913
Merredin Camera ClubEmail
Daina for more info at
Merredin Church of Christ—
Sundays 10am on Throssell Road.
Kids Club—K—Year 6 Fridays
during school term 3.15pm—
5.00pm. Guys Only Youth Group
Year 6—Year 12. Every second
Friday during school term 3.30pm—
5.00pm. Ross 0439 964 466. Ross
can also be contacted for weekly
bible studies.
Merredin Community Garden
Group Incfor information please
contact the Chairperson, Gillian
Ovans 0427 701 655 or by email
Merredin Community Resource
Centre—Meeting 26th August at
5.30pm. 110 Barrack Street.
Merredin Fine Arts SocietyNew
members welcome. Enquiries to
Margaret 0429 623 081.
Merredin Museum & Historical
Society—Next meeting 2nd
September at 5pm.
What do you think about Clive Palmers Court Case?
Merredin Rifle Club—Call Steve
for more info on 0467 173 753.
Merredin United in Prayer—27th
August—Thursday 27th August
7pm. Seventh-day Adventist
Church, Kitchener Road.
Moorditj Mia Services—Cancelled
until further notice. Call 0427 412
Peoples Baptist Church—
Kellerberrin 11am Sunday
Workshop. Ph 0435 284 796.
Playgroup—Contact Carissa Amm
on 0433 340 441.
Red Hat Lunch—Contact Julie
Townrow 0429 411 377 or email
Seniors Centre—call Jeannette
Fegan 0429 471 425 for information.
Seniors Centre Morning Tea—
Suspended until further notice.
Seniors Craft GroupWednesdays
at 10am at the Senior Centre.
Seniors Gentle Gym—Tuesdays at
2pm at the Senior Centre.
Seventh-day Adventist Church
Has re-opened for worshipping.
Everyone welcome. Call 0429 770
St Marys Catholic Church,
Merredin—Father Andrew Bowron,
Ph 9041 1118.
Story-time—Cancelled until further
Tales of the Past—Cancelled until
further notice.
Gypsy Caravan Tribal Dance
Beginners classes Mondays 5pm.
Call Kirsty on 9041 1041. For all
ages and levels of physical fitness.
Uniting Church—Fifth Street, 9am
Sunday service. Call 0428 125 613.
Westonia Croquet Club—Call John
Corsini on 0429 467 170 or Keith
Downsborough on 0482 445 046.
Wildflower Society Merredin
Branch—Call President Mal Harper
on 0437 388 292.
Heather’s Hearsay
Produced fortnightly
Merredin Community Resource Centre
110 Barrack Street, Merredin
Ph: 9041 1041 Fax: 9041 1042
Arcles: 5pm Wednesday
Adverts: Booking 5pm Thursday
Copy nalised 11am Friday
Classieds: 10am Monday
9041 1041
Content/producon—Kirsty Rochford
Content—Debbie Morris
Adversing—Saxon Rochford
Upcoming Edions
28th August
11th Sept & 25th September
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Currently distribung @ 600 copies to
Bencubbin, Bruce Rock, Corrigin,
Doodlakine, Kellerberrin, Merredin,
Moorine Rock, Mukinbudin, Narembeen,
Nungarin, Southern Cross, Tammin,
Trayning & Westonia.
Sue Adams
There are far
more important
issues that could
be dealt with if
he stopped
everyones time
and money.
Shara Cervantes—Thumbs up
to Ash Wells for being an
awesome mate and running the
store while I was away.
I think it is a
waste of time
and money. I
feel sorry for
the Premier
having to deal
with it.
Heather Giles—Thumbs up to
Kylie Garwood for her great
photos of weekend footy
Thumbs up to Pete & Jen, the
Phoenixs new Roving
Reporters who will be
appearing in your town soon!
Keep an eye (and an ear!) out
for the sidecar motorbike.
Make sure to wave them
down and have a chat.
Kat White—Thumbs up for the
Reset Recover Regenerate
sessions. The two that I went
to were full of passionate
locals hoping to make a
difference. Actually we
should get a thumbs up for
going too.
Kristy Snelling
Words fail me -
you cant print
what I really
Lynda Dayman
I really dont
know - I dont
think there is
ammunition in
WA to deal
with that man.
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 3
The cause of the fire in yet to be
Editors comments: Kylie
Garwood stated I would like to
thank everybody that assisted and
the kind thoughts and generosity
everyone has shown. We were all
lucky that we werent at home at
the time, but unfortunately lost all
(Continued from page 1)
Merredin home destroyed
by fire cont.
our beloved pets. Im really grateful
to the lady who notified my
neighbour who then called me and
the kindness that the people and
businesses have shown us. Im
speechless and overwhelmed. I thank
them from the bottom of my heart.
Kaye Whitehead has started a
gofundme page for Kylie Garwood
and her family called Fireas at
11th August, a total of $3,100 has
been raised.
A great evening was had by all
who attended the Wessy Chilli
Rules night held at the Westonia
Complex on Saturday 1st August.
Over 120 people watched on as
eight teams tested their cooking
skills with a selection of specific
ingredients plus their own added
specialties and of course a bit of
Once the esteemed judges tasted
and rated the dishes, it was up to
the public to taste and donate
money to their favourite dish,
which all went to charity.
For those not so chilli orientated, a
BBQ was supplied as well as a few
refreshments with local Merredin
band, Brother & I playing
throughout the night.
The auction was also a highlight,
with several items going for over
inflated prices which again was
donated to the Royal Flying Doctor
Over $6,000 was raised on the
night and was appreciated by the
Westonia Community as the RFDS
is such a valuable service to rural
A big thanks must go to Ramelius
Resources (Edna May Operations)
and their contractors for putting on
the event for the community.
Winners of the Wessy Chilli Rules
2020 were RUC Cementation,
followed by Brodallin with the
Ringstingers coming in third.
Im sure all who attended will be
hoping this will be an annual
Wessy Chilli Rules—A Red
Hot Success
Annie Millar
Meet Your Phoenix Distributor
What town are you from?
What is your name?
Annie Millar
What business are you from?
Bencubbin News & Post
How long have you been selling
The Phoenix?
Since July 2017
Tell us about your business
Bencubbin News & Post is the
Licensed Post Office and
Newsagency in Bencubbin. I have
been running the Post Office for 24
years. We can help you with all
your postal requirements,
newspapers, magazines, cards, gifts,
stationery, toys and plants.
What do you like about your
My favourite thing about Bencubbin
is the Community Spirit.
What do you like about The
My favourite thing about the
Phoenix is the broad range of
coverage of events and happenings
in the whole Central Wheatbelt.
4 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
Court Report
28th July 2020
Perth Courthouse
Ralph Palmer appeared on charges of 7
counts of driving with a prescribed illicit
drug in oral fluid or blood, being a person
having been served with a data access
order and without reasonable excuse, failed
to obey that data access order, cultivating a
prohibited plant, offering to sell or supply a
prohibited drug to another, 4 counts of
possessing drug paraphernalia in or on
which there was a prohibited drug or plant,
failing to comply with requirements made
by a member of the police force,
possessing a prohibited drug with intent to
sell or supply (Methylamphetamine),
failing to comply with requirements of a
Police Officer, possessing a prohibited
drug (Methylamphetamine), being an
unlicensed person who possesses firearm/
ammunition and reckless driving exceeding
the speed limit by 45 km/h or more on a
length of road. He was remanded to appear
in Perth on the 11th August 2020.
29th July 2020
Perth Courthouse
Benjamin Chidwala appeared on charges of
exceeding the speed limit between 20 and
29km/h and having no authority to drive
(disqualified from holding or obtaining).
The matters were adjourned to appear in
Perth on the 26th August 2020.
30th July 2020
Northam Courthouse
Leigh Liddell was convicted of unlawful
assault and thereby did bodily harm with
circumstances of aggravation and
possession of stolen or unlawfully obtained
property. He received a 12 month
community based order, was ordered to
pay costs of $225.90 and $451.80.
Perth Courthouse
Audrey Leaver appeared on a charge of
driving a motor vehicle under the influence
of alcohol. The matter was adjourned to
appear in Perth on the 13th August 2020.
Paul Wiggin appeared on charges of
unlawful and indecent assault and without
lawful excuse trespassed on a place. He
was remanded to appear in Perth on the
27th August 2020.
31st July 2020
Perth Courthouse
Jordan Dyt was convicted of possessing a
prohibited drug (Cannabis), possessing a
prohibited drug (Methylamphetamine) and
2 counts of possessing drug paraphernalia
in or on which there was a prohibited drug
or plant. He was fined $1,000 and ordered
to pay costs of $225.90.
3rd August 2020
Kalgoorlie Courthouse
Megan Russell was convicted of having no
authority to drive—suspended (other than
fines suspension), was fined $1,500 and
ordered to pay costs of $225.90, she was
convicted of driving, causing or permitting
a vehicle with a forged, replica or false
plate to be driven on a road and fined $600
and she was convicted of using an
unlicensed vehicle on a road and fined
Northam Courthouse
Brian Gill appeared on charges of 3 counts
of common assault in circumstances of
aggravation or racial aggravation, stealing,
breach of bail undertaking, possessing a
prohibited drug (Cannabis) and a breach of
protective bail conditions. He was
remanded to appear in Northam on the 17th
August 2020.
4th August 2020
Merredin Courthouse
Jordan Becsi was convicted of having no
authority to drive (fines suspended), was
fined $1000 and ordered to pay costs of
Ryan Bell was convicted of possessing a
prohibited drug (Methylamphetamine),
possessing drug paraphernalia in or on
which there was a prohibited drug or plant
and exceeding the speed limit between 10
and 19km/h. He was fined $1000 and
ordered to pay costs of $225.90.
Brett Collard was convicted of failing to
comply with requirements made by a
member of the police force. He was fined
$300, ordered to pay costs of $225.90 and
had his licence suspended for 3 months.
Robyn Creusot appeared on charges of
common assault in circumstances of
aggravation or racial aggravation, without
lawful excuse, trespassing on a place and
criminal damage or destruction of property.
She was remanded to appear in Merredin
on the 20th October 2020.
Scott Davis was convicted of failing to
comply with requirements made by a
member of the police force. He was fined
$300, ordered to pay costs of $225.90 and
had his licence suspended for 3 months.
David Dhu appeared on a charge of failing
to comply with requirements made by a
member of the police force. The matter
was adjourned to appear in Merredin on
the 8th September 2020.
Rose-Maree Ezeh appeared on a charge of
having no authority to drive—cancelled.
The matter was adjourned to appear in
Merredin on the 8th September 2020.
Christopher Gallagher was convicted of
driving a vehicle contrary to a defect
notice. He was fined $1500 and ordered to
pay costs of $225.90.
Lisa Gartrell was convicted of possessing a
prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply
(Methylamphetamine) and possessing a
prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply
(Cannabis), she received a 1 year
suspended imprisonment order suspended
for 12 months.
Raymond Gillin was convicted of reckless
driving exceeding the speed limit by 45
km/h or more on a length of road, was
fined $1100, ordered to pay costs of
$225.90 and had his licence suspended for
6 months.
Joe Goedhart appeared on charges of
inadequate storage facility for firearms,
cultivating a prohibited plant, possessing
drug paraphernalia in or on which there
was a prohibited drug or plant and
possessing a prohibited drug (Cannabis).
The matters were adjourned to appear in
Northam on the 24th August 2020.
Lachlan Grant-Williams appeared on a
charge of a breach of family violence
restraining order. He was remanded to
appear in Merredin on the 22nd September
Shauna Hansen was convicted of burglary
and commit and received a 12 month
community based order. She was also
convicted of stealing, for which there was
no penalty.
Tina Harris was convicted of possessing a
prohibited drug (Cannabis), possessing
drug paraphernalia in or on which there
was a prohibited drug or plant and failing
to comply with requirements made by a
member of the police force. She was fined
$1450, ordered to pay costs of $225.90 and
had her licence suspended for 6 months.
Kevin Hayden appeared on a charge of
being armed or pretending to be armed in a
way that may cause fear. He was
remanded to appear in Merredin on the 8th
September 2020.
Kevin Humphries appeared on a charge of
unlawful assault and thereby did bodily
harm with circumstances of aggravation.
He was remanded to appear in Merredin on
the 8th September 2020.
Justin Jetta appeared on charges of
unlawful assault and thereby did bodily
harm with circumstances of aggravation
and a breach of bail (fail to appear soon
after). He was remanded to appear in
Merredin on the 8th September 2020.
David Lindroth appeared on charges of 2
counts of unlawful and indecent assault
and while in a place of another without
consent committed an offence (in
aggravated circumstances). He was
remanded to appear in Merredin on the 3rd
November 2020.
Melissa Luders plead guilty to giving false
personal details to police, was fined $500
and ordered to pay court costs of $225.90.
She also plead guilty to having no
authority to drive—suspended (other than
fines suspension), was fined $1000 and had
her licence suspended for a further 9
Trevor Major appeared on a charge of
allowing clearing of native vegetation to
occur without authorisation. The matter
was adjourned to appear in Merredin on
the 8th September 2020.
Troy Maxwell plead guilty to driving (or
attempting to drive) a motor vehicle on a
public road with a blood alcohol content
exceeding 0.05g. He was fined $300 and
ordered to pay costs of $225.90.
Damien Miller was found guilty of failing
to comply with requirements made by a
member of the police force. He was fined
$300, ordered to pay costs of $225.90 and
had his licence suspended for 3 months.
Brenda Nannup was convicted of failing to
comply with requirements made by a
member of the police force. She was fined
$300, ordered to pay costs of $225.90 and
had her licence suspended for 3 months.
Tanya Newman was convicted of having
no authority to drive—cancelled. She was
fined $1000, ordered to pay costs of
$225.90 and had her licence suspended for
a further 9 months.
Joshua Noble appeared on charges of
having no authority to drive—suspended
(other than fines suspension), exceeding
speed limit in a speed zone and being a
driver of a vehicle who failed to comply
with a direction to stop (circumstances of
aggravation). He was remanded to appear
in Kalgoorlie on 14th September 2020.
Cassidy Phillips was convicted of
possessing drug paraphernalia in or on
which there was a prohibited drug or plant.
He was fined $200 and ordered to pay
costs of $225.90.
Nikeeta Robinson appeared on charges of
disorderly behaviour in public, assaulting a
public officer, reckless driving,
endangering life, health or safety of a
person and behaving in a disorderly
manner in a police station or lock up. She
was remanded to appear in Merredin on the
8th September 2020.
Leanne Rushby appeared on charges of
possessing a prohibited drug
(Methylamphetamine) and driving with a
prescribed illicit drug in oral fluid or blood.
The matters were adjourned to appear in
Merredin on the 8th September 2020.
Yande Simumba was convicted of
exceeding 0.08g alcohol per 100ml of
blood. He was fined $1200, ordered to pay
costs of $225.90 and had his licence
suspended for 14 months.
Brittany Snell appeared on charges of 3
counts of possession of stolen or
unlawfully obtained property, possession
of a prohibited drug with intent to sell or
supply (Methylamphetamine), 2 counts of
possessing drug paraphernalia in or on
which there was a prohibited drug or plant,
2 counts of having no authority to drive—
suspended (other than fines suspension),
giving false personal details to police,
failing to comply with requirements made
by a member of the police force,
aggravated home burglary and commit, and
stealing. She was remanded to appear in
Southern Cross on the 18th August 2020.
Damien Sonneman was convicted of
having no authority to drive (fines
suspended) and using an unlicensed
vehicle on a road. He was fined $1300,
ordered to pay costs of $225.90 and to pay
a half annual licence fee of $227.88.
Tevita Taumalolo appeared on a charge of
assaulting a public officer. He was
remanded to appear in Merredin on the 8th
September 2020.
Jeffrey Thomas was convicted of behaving
in a disorderly manner in a public place or
in sight or hearing of any person in a
public place, criminal damage or
destruction of property and disorderly
behaviour in a police station or lockup and
received a 12 month community based
Kaylee Websdale was convicted of
possessing a prohibited drug (Cannabis),
cultivating a prohibited plant, possessing
drug paraphernalia in or on which there
was a prohibited drug or plant, possessing
a prohibited plant and failing to comply
with requirements made by a member of
the police force. She was fined $1350,
ordered to pay costs of $716.90 and had
her licence suspended for 6 months.
Kenneth Wolfenden appeared on 128
charges of a breach of family violence
restraining order or violence restraining
order. He was remanded to appear in
Merredin on the 8th September 2020.
Perth Courthouse
Lindsay George appeared on charges of a
breach of conditional suspended
imprisonment order, 8 counts of a breach
of family violence restraining order or
violence restraining order, attempt to
pervert justice, a breach of bail (fail to
appear soon after) and a breach of bail
undertaking. The matters were adjourned
to appear in Perth on the 15th September
7th August 2020
Perth Courthouse
James Garrett appeared on charges of
commit an offence in a dwelling of another
without consent with aggravation, criminal
damage or destruction of property and
common assault. He was remanded to
appear in Perth on the 4th, 24th and 25th of
September 2020.
10th August 2020
Bunbury Courthouse
Zac Leaman was convicted of reckless
driving exceeding the speed limit by 45
km/h or more on a length of road. He was
fined $1,100, ordered to pay costs of
$225.90 and had his licence suspended for
6 months.
Kalgoorlie Courthouse
Tamar Paltar appeared on charges of
failing to comply with requirements made
by a member of the police force and having
no authority to drive (fines suspended), He
was remanded to appear in Kalgoorlie on
the 24th August 2020.
Northam Courthouse
Jarrod West appeared on a charge of
careless driving. The matter was
adjourned to appear in Northam on the
16th March 2021.
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 5
My Thoughts
COVID-19 has claimed many lives
and reeked havoc on the worlds
population both emotionally and
financially. Life will never be the
same. History will record this event;
students will study the effects and
academics will analysis the changes
and on the worlds population for
years to come.
Western Australians have been so
very fortunate to have had strong
leadership to take us through such
harrowing times. Speedy and decisive
measures were implemented in W.A.
such as intrastate and interstate border
closures combined with simple but
very effective preventative measures
such as social distancing, isolation
and the recommendation of wearing
masks have not only reduced the
spread of the Coronavirus, but also
drastically reduced the number of
reported cases of influenza this
At this point in time Western
Australia is recognised globally as
being one of the safest place on earth
to live. It was recently reported that
the American singer, Bruce
Springfield, The Bosshas expressed
a desire to reside in W.A. for six
months because of our positive
Disaster…………………..Change………..…….What next?
Catastrophes bring about change.
Those who lived through the two
world wars experienced enormous
changes and this applies now. Many
businesses have had to shut their
doors, jobs have been lost and shelves
in shops were empty. Whilst we cant
compare the food shortages and in
particular the toilet paper dilemma, to
the rationing that people experienced
during the two wars, it demonstrated
in a small way how little things
become very important in times of
hardship and how individuals behaved
during such crises. Panic buying set
in for some and hoarding became a
reality. We witnessed the best and the
worst of human kind from excessive
greed to sharing and caring for our
fellow citizens.
Many people are compelled to work
from home, they are cooking more
and spending less. Social isolation
has turned shopping at the
supermarket into a special outing for
many. It can now take twice the time
to shop as people like to catch up and
are just happy to be in each others
company, even if it is 1.5 meters
apart. In fact social distancing often
encourages group conversations.
Community spirit prevails.
Over the decades the world has
developed an I focus that is the
individual is the most important
thing on earth. Happily there remains
a community spirit in the Wheatbelt.
Isolation, small populations and
regular hardships have engendered a
spirit of caring and sharing the
ability to acknowledge and appreciate
each other with a greeting and a smile.
Interdependency is understood and
appreciated. It is the foundation of
Volunteering is a way of life in small
country towns– if an activity or an
event is going to happen then it will
only happen if many hours are
volunteered by community members.
Participation and or attendance by the
wider community forms a symbiotic
relationship in order to make such
events successful. Collectively we are
responsible for each others well
being in so many ways.
This is the attraction of living in small
country towns – many city dwellers
Australia-wide seek the leaf change in
order to feel a sense of belonging and
self worth. To live in a community
where people still know each others
names and neighbours talk is a very
powerful motivator to take
responsibility, not only for
themselves, but for their community.
When one returns to this type of grass
roots living then epidemics can be
controlled and overcome effectively
because people in the main still care
enough and stick to the rules and do
the right thing.
Frontline services such as health
workers, police and cleaners, who
have been in the wilderness for many
years, are now highly valued and
appreciated as being vital to our
survival. Priorities have changed as
we return to the fundamentals in life
and recognise that cash and flash
are not everything in life.
What next? What positives can be
borne out of this catastrophe? How
do we change our country from that of
primarily being one of a service
industry into a manufacturing, value
adding, self-sufficient nation? Many
trades have been lost as our
dependence on imports sky rocketed.
We became a throw-away society.
Cheap imports led to more waste and
pollution as well as increased
unemployment. Our nations
dependency on China became
unprecedented. Much has been
wrongly justified and/or overlooked in
the name of exports/imports.
A case in point being our universities.
Overseas students are big business to
Australian universities. Sadly a recent
event in one of our Eastern States
universities where students from
Hong Kong when protesting the
human rights abuses occurring in their
homeland were attacked by mainland
Chinese students. Academics who
sided with the Hong Kong students
and posted articles on websites were
vilified and complaints to the
hierarchy by Chinese diplomats saw
those sites shut down and one
academic suspended from his duties.
The use of such improper power in the
name of trade is chilling given that
universities are first and foremost a
place of free speech and thinking.
Globalism prevails. However
globalism does not take into account
the disproportion in the playing fields.
Many countries populations are
exploited by more powerful, richer
nations which impose pressures to
underdeveloped countries in order to
feed the greed.
Whilst the return to protectionism in
the form of high tariffs on imports, as
was the case in the 1960’s and into the
1980’s, is not being advocated; the
nations ability to be as self-sufficient
as possible has now been
demonstrated as vital to our ongoing
prosperity and wellbeing. During
those decades Australia imposed high
tariffs on imported goods in order to
protect their local industries.
Unemployment rates were low to non-
existent. In the 1960’s it was
considered a right, not a luxury, to
have employment what an amazing
state of affairs!
Unfortunately, the governments
throughout that period did not
conjointly ensure a high standard of
quality in our manufacturing sectors,
which in turn often led to
unsustainable industries and
eventually the disbanding of the tariff
system and opened the gates to
imported goods.
Conversely Japan in the same period
ensured that the quality of their
manufacturing was of a very high
standard and as a consequence they
were able to successfully maintain
their tariff system, which in turn
protected the employment of the
Japanese people and engendered
prosperity for the nation. Hence the
ability of that nation to recover
relatively quickly from the
devastation of the Second World War.
Australians are now at a point in time
where we need to be mindful of how
we live and what we value. Seize the
day and recognise that as individuals
we can change the systems and break
the negative patterns through our
everyday actions. Engender the value
of caring and sharing and thinking
about what we buy and how it will
affect our employment situation.
Above all else smile it adds to your
face value.
6 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
The following snippets appeared in
the local AUGUST newspapers of
the time.
, 1912: Today will witness the
first issue of the Merredin
Mercury and Mr F. Humphries is
at the helm.
, 1913: The new Post Office is
now open for business. The new
premises are roomy, spacious and
provide plenty of room for staff.
There is provision of writing desks
where telegrams and money orders
can be written out. The Postmaster
is Mr A.I. Drake.
, 1916: Over 60 members of the
Merredin Railway Department have
joined the British Expeditionary
Forces. General regret is expressed
at the news of the death in action of
Gunner Tom Dobson of the said
, 1920: The billiard room
recently opened by George Hewitt
has rapidly jumped into popularity.
A really fine table and excellent
appointments are much appreciated
by knights of the cue.
, 1938: The first hockey
carnival held on the Eastern
Goldfields, which was organised by
the recently formed club at Southern
Cross, took place on August 22 on
the Southern Cross race course.
Merredin won both mens and
ladies cups.
, 1957: The official opening of
the new high school was performed
by the Minister for Education, Mr
Macaulay. The Headmaster
arranged a programme which
included marching by the school
cadets and items by the school
, 1964: At the present time there
are over 50 television receivers now
operating in the Merredin District
and reasonably good reception has
been reported. You can purchase a
23inch television from Noels in
Merredin for 169 guineas ($354.90).
, 1979: The newly formed
Kor-Bel-Ka Table Tennis Club
joined Corrigin, Ardath, Shackleton,
Narembeen and Bruce Rock in the
Eastern Districts Table Tennis
From the History Room
Last month, the wider Merredin
sporting and volunteer community
was saddened by the passing of 91
year old former resident, Les
Les transferred to Merredin for work
with WAGR (Railways) and drove
the last steam train through
Les, together with his wife Ruth and
his family lived in Merredin for 46
years before moving to Dongara (to
finally completely retire), eight years
Les drove the last steam train
through Merredin.
Les loved his sport and was quite
well known for his tennis game play.
He was rather cunning and liked to
use a crafty slice. You couldnt
quite tell which direction he was
going to hit the ball past you on the
net! He was always very supportive
with tips and on the spot coaching
when I was younger and which
continued over the years. He did not
like me using a double-handed
backhand probably because it got
past him a few times! I loved his dry
sense of humour and quick wit. We
had fun on and off the court and Ill
remember him fondlyDi Giles, Life
Member Merredin Railways Institute
Tennis Club (MRITC).
Throughout his long association with
the Railways Tennis Club, Les was a
driving force to keep the club strong
and ensure its future. He was
dedicated to coaching juniors,
President for 15 years and rolled up
his sleeves when there was work to
be done. It started when I was
about eight, when a busy bee was on,
Leslie LESWilliam Johnson
Les made me work! recalls Life
Member of MRITC, Alan Smith,
On really hot days we used to bring
in the hose and have water fights,
Les didnt like that! he laughed. I
believe the club would not be where
it is today without Les.
Les was instrumental in raising the
$175,000 needed to resurface the six
courts with synthetic lawn, lights &
new clubhouse (as it stands now).
He was a most honest gentleman
and called a spade a spadein all he
did. Les was a lovely, honest bloke
to work with and a great neighbour.
Jan Orbinski, former Merredin
resident and club member.
Les will always be a Life Member
and joint Patron with his wife Ruth,
of the Merredin Railways Institute
Tennis Club.
Les also played bowls at the
Railways Sportsman Club, was a
member of Nokaning Golf Club, and
trainer for Baandee, Centrals and
Railways football teams in Merredin.
As well as his love for sport, Les was
passionate about volunteering,
joining St John Ambulance Midland
Railways Division in 1963 followed
by Merredin sub centre in 1965,
representing WA 9 times (7 times as
team leader) in St John First Aid
Competitions and winning the
Faulding 1
Aid Challenge Shield 3
times 1970, 1972 and 1976 and as
Captain led his team to victory in
1974. Not being shy of a little
competition to keep his skills sharp,
he then went onto become State and
Individual Champion for the
Railways in 1971 and 1972 and part
of the champion Westrail First Aid
team of 1973/1974.
He served as a Divisional Officer,
Corp Superintendent, was a qualified
demonstrator and first aid instructor
for 31 years and served as a
Volunteer Ambulance Officer up
until his retirement in 1989. He
received a Commandery
Commendation in 1973 and in 1978
he was elected as an Honorary Life
Member of the Merredin Sub
Centre. Les was then admitted to
The Most Venerable Order of The
Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in
1983 as a Serving Brother
(Member), and in 1990 was
promoted to Officer.
Les was a long term volunteer whose
service to the Western Australian
community was deeply appreciated
and is not forgotten.
Chooks were another of Les loves,
he was a member of the Merredin
Poultry Club, exhibiting show
chooks at various locations around
the state including the Merredin
Show and the Perth Royal Show
where he volunteered in the chook
pavilion as a steward many times.
During holidays Les would take on a
second job - truck driver, electrical,
plumbing, fuel carter, funeral
attendant, brick yards, welder, bus
driver, wood cutter, sheet metal
worker but not the night cart.
Les and Ruth had three children Gay,
Gary and Vicki and were in laws to
Mal, Jenny and Brad grandparents to
Ricky, Clare, Kristie, Ben, Jackson,
Justin and Liam and great
grandparents to Savannah, Bridie
and Oscar.
Les retired from the railways and
kept busy helping Brad and Vicki on
the farm until moving to Dongara in
2012, where Les got heavily
involved in the Lodge, whether it be
setting up the hall, cutting down
trees, attending busy bees or cleaning
the toilets, while still supporting the
Geraldton, Merredin and Cunderdin
Les was a member of the
and was an esteemed Member of the
Agricola Royal Arch Chapter and
whose contribution was of the
highest order. When a Charge had to
be presented, Les was always there
and willing, without hesitation. Les
made some life-long friends at
Lodge including Eddy Johnston.
Eddy was very pleased that Les was
Master of the Lodge when he
received his 60 year Honours in
Les will be remembered as a humble
man, a passionate volunteer, a keen
sportsman and a man who was proud
of his family.
Leslie LesJohnson
Les with wife Ruth
Master of the Lodge, Les Johnson, Grant Master, Jim Maley and Eddy Johnson who
received his 60 year honours
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 7
Tuesdays 67pm Tivoli Room
Thursdays 5.30pm Town Hall
Phone 0458 429 072
Police Report
By Acting Senior Sergeant CHRIS
Hello Readers,
Merredin Police have been kept busy
over the past couple of weeks with a
variety of tasks.
On the 28
of July a vehicle
travelling north along the Merredin-
Narembeen Road did not see the
T-intersection of the Great Eastern
Highway due to heavy fog
conditions at the time. The vehicle
crossed the highway and collided
with an embankment on the opposite
side of the intersection. The driver,
a 23-year-old foreign national
suffered a fractured spine and was
flown to Perth for medical attention
by the RFDS. She is expected to
make a full recovery. Fortunately,
there were no other vehicles
travelling along the highway at that
time. It is a timely reminder to slow
down when driving in foggy
On the same day police were
conducting traffic patrols and
detected a vehicle speeding on the
highway near Carrabin. Police
stopped the 2017 Toyota
Landcruiser and soon discovered
that it was stolen. The driver; a 29-
year-old female from Inglewood and
her passenger were arrested while
police searched their vehicle. A
large amount of property located in
the vehicle was linked to recent
burglaries in Perth. A 20-centimetre
dagger and 2.1 grams of
methylamphetamine were also
located in the drivers handbag. To
top things off, the driver had a
suspended licence. Local police
were happy to convey this
undesirable back to Perth, not to her
home address but to the Perth Watch
House. On a more positive note, we
were able to return the stolen
property back to the rightful owners.
On Saturday evening 1
police were called to a disturbance in
Princess Street. Whilst making sure
that all parties involved were ok and
safe, a male person threw a large
object at police that struck an officer
in the head. Police arrested the 30-
year-old-male from Hammond Park
for Assaulting a Public Officer.
Emergency services in your
community all play an important role
in keeping you and your family safe.
There is absolutely no tolerance or
excuse for using violence against
your local emergency service
There has been a number of
complaints regarding vehicles doing
burnouts and driving dangerously
around the Hines Hill area. Police
will actively target drivers that
deliberately put other road-users at
risk. Please contact Merredin Police
Station or Crime Stoppers on 1800
333 000 to report these offences.
Merredin Police will have three new
police officers transferring to the
station over the next couple of weeks.
Sergeant Andy Galbraith, his wife
Emma and their two young children,
Constable Shane Stobie and his wife
Rachel and Probationary Constable
Tom Mattin and his partner Keely.
On behalf of the Merredin Police
Team I would like to extend a warm
welcome to all and hope you enjoy
your time here in the great Merredin
Until next time, take care.
By Acting Sergeant TYLER
As we come into wildflower season
and we approach warmer months,
many people will be heading out to
the Wheatbelt to explore our
amazing attractions and wildflowers.
The WA Police Force will be
targeting impaired driving and driver
inattention throughout the
wildflower season in the Wheatbelt.
An important road safety
Our officers will continue to focus
on offences most frequently linked to
fatal and serious crashes, including
speeding, failure to wear seatbelts
and inattention through mobile
phone use. We will target people
who may have made the potentially
fatal decision to drive to or from
entertainment venues or parties while
under the influence of drugs or
Officers will be utilising a
combination of marked and
unmarked cars to monitor transport
routes as well as licensed venues,
sporting grounds and back roads.
The message we want to get across is
that we dont want you to put
yourself or other road users at risk,
even if it is only a short drive home.
Driving under the influence of
alcohol or drugs is never an excuse.
We want you to come home to your
family safe.
Library Musings
Merredin Library
Rejoice, rejoice! The Merredin
Library resumes normal operating
hours on Monday 10 August 2020.
Hours are Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday 10am—
5pm, Thursday 10am—6pm and
Saturdays 10am—12noon. Social
distancing and use of hand
sanitisers will still apply. The
library has been receiving new
items even during our restricted
hours. Perhaps these will be of
Did you know that the movie The
Fugitive about a man who was
wrongfully accused of killing his
wife is based on the true story of
Sam Sheppard? Or that a little-
known novelist Clifford Irving
created a fake biography of
billionaire Howard Hughes, taking
advantage of the fact the billionaire
was a recluse? Or that Captain
Thunderbolt was rescued from jail
by his wife swimming through
shark infested waters carrying jail-
breaking tools? 501 most
notorious crimes by Paul
Donnelley list more than 500 of the
most horrific, gruesome and
memorable crimes ever committed.
The book includes serial killers,
cannibals, burglars, muggers,
forgers gangsters and more.
Drovers have an interesting life.
Heroes of the Long Paddock by
Chris Anderson tells the tale of life
with drovers in the Snowy
Mountains and on the western
plains. The book contains historic
pictures of droving as well as
Chrisown award-winning portraits
of the men and women who are still
Heroes of the Long Paddock.
Federal Minister Robert Tickner
had always known he was adopted,
but for years did nothing to try and
find his birth parents. Ten doors
down: the story of an extraordinary
adoption reunion is a testament to
the significance of all forms of
family in shaping us and the
potential for love to heal great
Remember all Merredin Library
members have FREE access to
e-resources 24/7, including e-
books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines
and more. Ask library staff for
details. If you are not a member yet
you can become an e-member by
filling in the form on the Merredin
Shire website. Look for the We
are Open sign at the library when
you are driving by. See you soon.
8 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
A Choired Taste, Merredins
community choir is going through
exciting changes. A fresh new
committee with some new members.
Emma Aitken the new Secretary said
last week we have some very
exciting news! The singing
workshops have been confirmed for
Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of
August”. These are being led by
Martin Meader. Who is Martin
Meader you may say?
Martin Meader is a writer of
childrens fiction, a feature film
producer, composer, musician, and
choral director.
In 1997, Martin co-wrote and
co-executive produced the movie
(which you have probably seen),
Paradise Road, a $25.6 million Fox
Searchlight feature, which starred
Glenn Close, Cate Blanchett,
Pauline Collins, Jennifer Ehle, and
Francis McDormand.
Martin is also the musical director of
the Born to Sing Choirs in Perth, a
total of 200 singers. The Choirs
have raised over $230,000 for
various charities and have performed
in various songfests and festivals
including the Perth Fringe Festival
and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Since 2000, Martin has facilitated
capacity building, team-building
singing workshops in Australia,
Singapore, the U.K., Indonesia,
Canada and U.S.A. (Ottawa Police
Force, Perth International Arts
Festival, Bankwest, the Department
of Youth Sport & Recreation, the
Western Australian Cricket
Association, the Deputy Principals'
Association, W.A. Transport - Rail
System, Belfinger Berger
Engineering, W.A. Prisons and the
Shire of Swan). He currently runs
weekly singing workshops for
Brightwater Care (for people with
head and brain-acquired injury).
From 2014-2015, Martin was the
musical director for the choir of the
Upcoming Merredin Choral
$7 million Western Desert Kidney
Health Project, an initiative that
aimed to reduce disease and diabetes
by 20 per cent over three years in 10
Aboriginal Goldfields communities.
Martin's current feature film project
is the childrens literacy project
A Choired Taste is working towards
getting Martin to become their
permanent Musical Director. We are
inviting community members to
attend this two-day workshop free of
charge! Saturday 22nd August, 7 pm
to 9 pm and Sunday 23rd August 2
pm to 4 pm at Merredin College
Junior School Music Rooms,
Throssell Road Entrance. There are
only 50 places and participants are
encouraged to book for both
Although it is a free event,
participants need to book through
TryBooking at https:// A
Choired Taste Two-Day Workshop.
You will need to book for the
Saturday and Sunday separately and
bring your tickets. Music and lyrics
will be provided beforehand for
people to practice.
If you love singing, this free event is
not to be missed for a very
professional workshop. Do not forget
you have to book, and book early as
this limited to 50. Once the 50 limit
is reached and we are sure it will,
there will be no more places. For
further information please ring,
either, Emma Aitken on
0487 351 167 or Chloe Wilcox on
0438 891 761.
Marn Meader
Churches Fraternal
The God Shed was started by a
Minister, whose name is unknown,
in a garage. Its unsure what year it
started. Furniture, bedding and
household items were distributed
from this building,
The building that The God Shed is
using now was built in 1992 with
support of the Lottery Commission
(now Lotterywest), administered by
the Merredin Community Furniture
Group, owned by the Shire of
Merredin and built by Merredin
Outdoor Centre. The Merredin
Lions Club were the next group to
use the Shed for storage.
The Churches Fraternal (Catholic,
Anglican, Church of Christ, Seventh
Day Adventist and Uniting
Churches) now run the Shed,
distributing furniture to those in
need. All furniture, wardrobes, beds,
dressing tables, mattresses (clean),
tables, chairs, cupboards etc would
be greatly accepted as we've had a
big call on goods in the last four to
five months.
Persons wanting to deliver goods
please contact me on 0400 906 894.
The God Shed
Neville Jolly
On the 7
July 2020 a number of
animal cruelty charges were heard
in the Merredin Courthouse in
regards to Michael Hallett, Nigel
Hallett, Hallett Farm Group Pty Ltd,
Hillview Farm Pty Ltd, Pinehill
Farm Pty Ltd and Sunpride Sheep
Pty Ltd.
DPIRD has charged a Wheatbelt-
based business with alleged cruelty
to animals under the States Animal
Welfare Act. DPIRDs Media Liason
Animal Cruelty Charges heard
in Merredin Court
Officer Jodie Thomson stated The
charges relate to alleged offences
involving sheep between May and
July 2018, including failing to
provide adequate food and water.
The incident is believed to have
happened in the Kurrenkutten/
Babakin area.
The matter has been adjourned to
appear in Merredin on the 22nd
September 2020.
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 9
St Marys tree planting day on the
July was a huge success. 150
native shrubs were planted in the
schools adjoining bush area and
each student placed a special
message on their tree guard to spread
the important message of being
environmentally aware and how vital
trees are as part of our environment.
Wed like to thank Collgar Wind
Farm for funding the project,
Merredin Shire and Dylan Copeland
for donating the trees, Chris Brown
for ripping the bush area with his
bobcat and all the students, for all
their hard work in regenerating our
bush play area and the Millingtons
for collecting the tree guards.
Tree planting day
On Friday, 7th August, St Mary's
School participated in a Liturgy to
acknowledge Australia's first Saint,
St Mary of the Cross MacKillop.
The school were led by Father
Andrew Bowron and the Year 5/6
class. Thank you to everyone who
attended and participated in the
Liturgy to St Mary of the Cross
10 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
Dan Taylor, now based in Merredin,
has been involved in music since the
age of seven. His preferred
instrument of choice is the bass,
which he began playing in 2007 in
high school.
Dan has played all over the Perth
metro area in many bands of various
genres over the years.
Since arriving in Merredin, Dan has
been playing solo acoustic guitar and
has released an EP titled Just
Imagine’. However, Dan wanted
something more and in July 2020,
Dan met and teamed up with
American musician Josh Brunner
(guitar and vocals). Together they
have been working on 50’s/60s
RocknRoll music. Its good to
bring back the old stuff, its
something for everyone to enjoy and
I think its important to give music to
the community of Merredin”, said
Dan. Expect big things from us”.
New Musos to play at the
Merredin Markets
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 11
Year 12 Human Biology Class Visit the
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical
The ATAR Human Biology students
were lucky to have COVID
restrictions eased in time for their
scheduled excursion to Harry Perkins
Institute. The SCASA Year 12
Human Biology syllabus requires us
to conduct investigations, including
the use of virtual or real
biotechnological techniques of
polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and
gel electrophoresis for
deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
sequencing”. This isnt a lot of fun
to learn from a text book and uses
some very expensive equipment,
therefore, travelling to the
BioDiscovery Centre provides a
valuable hands-on learning
experience for our students.
Thank you to Collgar Wind Farm for
their support by funding the cost of
the bus trip to/from Perth.
The experience was amazing,
seeing all of the equipment in the lab
was very interesting. I also liked the
double-helix stairway in the
building, it was creative and ironic
as we were in a DNA lab - Tom
It was an eye-opening, interesting
experience being able to go into a
working laboratory and use different
equipment that isnt available to us
in a school laboratory - Bridget
The Harry Perkins excursion was
very helpful in strengthening my
desire to follow my future career
path into immunology - Hollie
Its interesting learning everything
at school, but its even better when
you put your knowledge to the test
and into practice in a real situation
- Kaley McDonnell
Pre-Primary and
Year 3 Stem
The Pre-primary and Year 3 classes
had a great time on their STEM
excursion. Currently the Pre-primary
class are investigating bridges and
the Year 3 students are investigating
playground design.
On Tuesday, 4 August Merredin
College KindiLink celebrated the
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Childrens Day.
The theme was We are the Elders of
Tomorrow, Hear our Voice’.
Hearing childrens voices today
plays a crucial role in them
becoming influential Elders and
leaders of the future.
At Merredin College KindiLink we
celebrated by making damper
together for morning tea. We had a
visitor, Marika Hayden, come in and
tell us stories and do some face
painting and we also sang Heads,
Shoulders Knees and Toes in our
local language.
KindiLink is a Western Australian
Program consisting of 36 venues
across the state. It where we come
together to play and learn twice a
week for families with 0-3 year olds.
It is all about supporting our children
now, for school life and future
12 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
Central Wheatbelt MP Mia Davies
has thrown her support behind the
Kondinin community in an effort to
keep their local police station open
and staffed locally.
At a town meeting held last week, a
well-attended community meeting
was briefed by WA Police on a
proposal to close the Kondinin
police station and relocate to
Ms Davies said Kondinin locals
were extremely concerned at what
the closure of the police station
could mean for their community.
The Kondinin community have
been quick to express their concern
at the potential loss of a station and
officers based in their town, Ms
Davies said.
Everyone that has contacted me
has said they arent opposed to a
new station being built in Hyden,
but not at the expense of Kondinin
and their community.
The community have put forward a
sensible case as to why a local
police presence in Kondinin is
necessary, including the interaction
with the local school and district
Kondinin Police Station
Should Stay
The district hospital has had cause
to contact police when dealing with
violent or out of control patients on
more than one occasion, Ms
Davies said.
The school also relies on a local
police presence from time to time
and if theres a longer wait or
response time when these issues are
raised there could be serious
implications for students and staff
Ms Davies has written to the
Minister for Police raising the
concerns of the community.
If theres an operational imperative
to have a police presence in Hyden
then we should be arguing for
additional resources, rather than
shifting them from one town to
another,she said.
A petition is being circulated to
demonstrate the support for the
retention of the Kondinin Police
station, housing and officers in
Ms Davies will present the petition
to Parliament when it returns from
the winter recess in coming weeks.
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 13
The McGowan Government has
unveiled a multimillion dollar
package for the Wheatbelt region as
part of the WA Recovery Plan to
drive economic and social recovery,
and create a pipeline of local jobs.
The Wheatbelt Recovery Plan is
focused on getting locals back to
work and includes a significant
investment in sectors including
agriculture, construction,
manufacturing, tourism and
hospitality, renewable energy,
education and training.
Premier Mark McGowan stated "I
thank each and every member of the
Wheatbelt community for their
efforts and sacrifices during the
"We must remain vigilant, but our
work to reduce the spread of COVID
-19 means we are in a strong position
to continue the process of recovery.
It will deliver a pipeline of short and
long term jobs supporting and
strengthening our existing industries,
as well as laying the foundation for
jobs of the future.
As part of the McGowan
Government's $229.2 million
Rebuilding our TAFEs package, the
plan includes upgrades to TAFE
infrastructure in the region,
$8 million to the Muresk
Plan for Wheatbelt unveiled as part of WA Recovery Plan
Institute in Northam for a new
trades workshop, classrooms
and specialist facilities for
agricultural machinery
apprentices and a new workshop
space for shearing skills;
$2 million to Central Regional
TAFE's Northam campus for
major upgrades to workshop
facilities and equipment;
$25 million for free TAFE short
courses to upskill thousands of
Western Australians, with a
variety of free courses available
at South Regional TAFE's
Narrogin campus; and
$32 million to expand the Lower
fees, local skills program and
significantly reduce TAFE fees
across 39 high priority courses.
The Wheatbelt Recovery Plan
includes investment in local
infrastructure to create opportunities
for local businesses and jobs for
local workers.
The McGowan Government's
revamped Buy Local policy will
ensure local businesses are in the box
seat to carry out this work. It
$35 million through the
Regional Road Safety Program
to upgrade 400 kilometres of
Wheatbelt roads with shoulder
sealing and installation of
audible lines, creating around
150 local jobs;
$80 million across the State for
targeted maintenance programs
for regional social, remote and
government workers housing
properties, including
approximately 150 homes in the
$141.7 million to refurbish
social, remote and government
workers housing across WA's
ageing housing stock, including
approximately 60 homes in the
Wheatbelt; and
$1.63 million State-wide
funding for maintenance and
infrastructure upgrades in
remote Aboriginal communities,
including at Badjaling.
The plan also includes a significant
investment in infrastructure and
programs to drive tourism and create
jobs, including:
$425,000 for upgrades to visitor
facilities in Nambung National
Park, including improving
services at the Pinnacles Desert
Discovery Centre and sealing
the access road and car park at
Lake Thetis; and
$175,000 for upgrades to visitor
facilities in parks across the
Wheatbelt region, including
upgrading buildings, trails, camp
sites and roads in the proposed
Dryandra Woodland National
Park and at Eaglestone Rock.
The Wheatbelt region will also
benefit from a range of State-wide
programs included in the WA
Recovery Plan. This includes:
$23 million across the State for
green jobs to employ people
with no prior skills on
environmental restoration
including fencing, seeding and
rehabilitating degraded land, in
regional locations including
across the Wheatbelt;
$10 million towards the Clean
Energy Future Fund to invest in
clean energy technologies; and
$8.1 million to continue the
eConnected Grainbelt program
to promote the availability of
information and ag-tech tools
across WA's grain industry to
provide growers with tailored
information including weather,
pests and diseases and to
maintain 187 automated weather
14 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
Golden hourwas the theme for the
July meeting of the Merredin Camera
Club, where the Golden houris the
half hour either side of sunrise or
sunset and is well known for great
Twelve photos filled the theme
section this month, and another 10
photos filled the open section. The
judge this month was Mike Fuller.
In the theme section, Mr Fuller
Golden hour Camera Club meeting
awarded gold to Julie Alvaros
Golden jetty”. Silver was awarded
to Kate Caugheys Lake pano”, and
equal bronze was awarded to five
other photos.
In the open section, silver was
awarded to Pippa de Lacys Stormy
nights”, and equal bronze was
awarded to four other photos. No
gold was awarded this month.
Club members voted somewhat
similarly to the judge in both
In the theme section, first place went
to Julie Alvaros Golden jetty”.
Second place went to Caryn
Adamsons Glowing sheep”, and
third place went to Kate Caugheys
Lake pano”.
In the club members open section
voting, first place went to Caryn
Adamsons Cosy cat”. Equal
second went to Pippa de Lacys
Stormy nights and Karen Slaters
Breakfast for two”, and third place
went to Karen Slaters My island
Lake panoby Kate Caughey
Stormy nightsby Pippa de Lacy
Golden jeyby Julie Alvaro
Glowing sheepby Caryn Adamson
and me”.
We held this meeting partly in
person but also with a Zoom aspect,
which was good as a number of us
were in different locations.
The next meeting is scheduled for
the 19 August, where the subject is
from low down”.
So, if you see us crawling around on
the ground, you will know what we
are up to.
The Merredin Camera Club
welcomes new members. For more
information about the Merredin
Camera Club, please email Kate
Caughey at merredincameraclub
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 15
16 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
WTF 14th-27th August 2020
Salutations stargazers! Wheatbelt
telescope fun rewards the intrepid
night owl whenever the clouds part
for us. A new moon this Wednesday
the 19th means nice dark skies.
Mercury the Speedy Gonzales of
planets passes behind the sun on
Monday and begins to appear low in
the western sky after sunset by about
next Tuesday 25
. Meanwhile Venus
very gradually begins to head back
toward the sun in the mornings. This
planet is particularly spectacular at
the moment, being almost bright
enough in the early mornings to cast
a shadow. A decent pair of
binoculars will reveal that only half
the disk of Venus is illuminated,
rather like a last quarter moon. Mars
appears to be about to commence
retrograde motion as it approaches
opposition, so it is rising noticeably
earlier and getting brighter night by
night. All the outer planets do this as
we pass them each year, just as the
earth would appear to do the same
from the viewpoint of Venus and
Mercury. Jupiter is about to
complete its retrograde motion
sometime next month. Youll know
because you will see it begin to
rapidly close in on Saturn just to the
east of it, and by mid November they
will both fit into a pair of binoculars.
Vega now becomes visible in the far
northern sky in the evenings. Altair
the eagle star can be seen flying
across the milky way.
Last fortnight we discussed how the
sky is mapped and measured. This is
of not much interest to those who
simply wish to enjoy the eternal
beauty of space, but it is entirely
possible that you may find yourself
bitten by the astronomy bug.
Perhaps you are inspired by the
many amateurs who have their
names written in the sky despite
having no qualifications or
professional standing. Retired
engineer Thiam-Guan Tan of Mt
Claremont is such a fellow. Mr Tans
interest in astronomy started at the
Perth Royal Show in 2000 when he
bought a small telescope at a stall.
He studied astro-photography and
began scanning the skies for
supernovas. He found three. Several
years ago he bought a $15,000 US-
made 12-inch telescope and began to
search for new exoplanets. As part
of a world-wide team he was
focussing on a particular star in
September 2016. While all the other
telescopes in the team were clouded
out Mr Tan was able to detect a
minute fading caused by the transit
of a planet, subsequently named
LHS1140b”. He likened it to
seeing a candle in Albany flicker
from Perth”. Subsequent
observations by Mr Tan have
confirmed that this exoplanet is one
of the most likely to host
extraterrestrial life. Other amateurs
have discovered comets which now
bear their name. Some hobbyists
concentrate on the surface of the
moon, looking for transient lunar
phenomena, while others focus on
tracking asteroids and near earth
objects. Last June South African
amateur Clyde Foster noticed a new
spot on Jupiter. This feature is the
largest on the planet besides the
Great Red Spot and is now officially
called Clyde Fosters Spot”.
Variable stars and radio emissions
are also fertile areas for making
discoveries and improving our
measurements and predictions. The
place for announcements and
tentative discoveries is called the
Central Bureau of Astronomical
Telegrams, or CBAT for short.
These days it is an email server
rather than a telegraph ticker-tape
and is hosted at Harvard University.
You will find it on the net here:
Hopefully these stories are enough
to prick your interest in finding out
more. Your first step is to join the
Astronomical Society of Western
Australia, which offers a substantial
discount to country members. For a
$40 nomination fee and an annual
subscription of just fifty bucks you
can enjoy regular meetings with
interesting and informative
presentations, regular viewing
nights, including lunar, deep sky, and
astrocamps, education sessions
conveying the wonders of the
universe and astronomy, the
societys journal, The Sidereal
Times, a forum and gallery to share
images and information, a wide
range of telescopes for loan to
members, and the Tammin
observatory. Check out their website
for application forms and all the info
In the meantime keep looking up!
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 17
18 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 19
20 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
Family Law Divorce Separation - Property
Settlement Defacto Relationships
Children’s Issues Contact/Residence
Competitive hourly rates Reduced fee for
Initial Consultation
Serving the Wheatbelt Community
85 Fitzgerald St, Northam
9622 9687 / 0427725501
for all domestic and
commercial cleaning in
the Wheatbelt
Call Graeme on
0458 391 232
now does steam carpet
cleaning/shampooing and
upholstery cleaning
Call Graeme on
0458 391 232
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 21
Ag Implements of Merredin sponsored the first
round of the club championships held on Saturday
the 1
August and the gross leader was Rob
Gearing with a score of 74 he was followed by
Alex Manning with 83, Shaun Avery and Nino
Caporaso with 84 each. With a nine-shot lead Rob
will be hard to beat with two rounds to go. Rob is
also leading the net with 71 net followed by the
club patron Syd Crees with 73 net and Peter
Gerrand with 73 net, then Alby Koper, Brian
Bush and Peter Western with 74 net each.
The novelties for the day were nearest the pin on
hole number 2 Peter Western, nearest 2
shot on
hole number 5 Rob Gearing, longest drive on hole
number 6 Justin Watts, best 3
shot on hole
number 11 with an eagle Rob Gearing, best 2
shot on hole number 13 Glenn Crees and the
longest putt on hole number 18 Warren Crook.
The birdie pool jackpotted once again with a liner.
Due to a mix up with starting times 2
competitions were played on Saturday the 8
August. The first competition was a super 6-hole
match play and in the first round Rob Gearing
defeated Shaun Avery, Darren ONeill defeated
Adrian Irving, Matt Motzel defeated Trevor
Waterhouse, Justin Watts defeated Alex Manning
and Lionel Price defeated Gary Anderson. The
winners then played off with Darren ONeill
defeating Rob Gearing and Lionel Price defeating
Justin Watts and Matt Motzel. The final was
played between Lionel Price and Darren ONeill
and Darren was victorious.
The second competition was a stableford
competition and the winner with 36 points was
Trevor Thompson from Duane Crabb with 31
points on a countback from Peter Gerrand.
The birdie pool was hole number 6 and was
shared between Rob Gearing and Justin Watts.
The fixture for Saturday the 15
of August is the
Merredin Scramble.
Merredin Golf Club Notes
Previously 'Andos' day, the Merredin Scramble is
now a day to recognise all our past golf mates and
legends of our Golf Club. Have fun and enjoy the
2 drives must be used by each player.
Whole course is treated as 'fairway' i.e. - if you
are playing a shot off fairway, the players may
place the ball within one club length.
Each player hits off the tee, the best shot is
selected and marked. All players may pick up
their ball and place it, within one club length
(not nearer the hole), of the marked best ball
spot. Each person then hits a second shot from
the same spot. The best shot is again selected.
This continues until the ball is in the hole. On
the putting green the best ball is marked and
the other balls are played within 15cm of this
Handicap requirements
The four team members aggregate GA
Handicap must total at least 32.0
The maximum aggregate Handicap is 112.0
A maximum of two single figure handicap (9.9
or less) players are allowed in each team.
The aggregate Handicap is divided by 8 to
determine the team Handicap. The resulting
figure is then subtracted from the teams score
for the Ambrose 18-hole event.
If you are in a team of 3 golfers (playing 4-
person Ambrose) then the combined handicap
of all players is calculated and divided by 6 to
arrive at the team handicap
The second round of the club championships is
the fixture for Saturday the 22
of August and the
third round of the Championships will be held on
Saturday the 29
of August.
22 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
ARIES 21st March—19 April
This is the perfect time to go live with ideas
developed with a creative team, even if you have
to burn the candle at both ends to get it done, as
success will follow. Issues with a person in a
position of power will resolve shortly, but you
will need to rethink matters.
TAURUS 20th April—20th May
There are new developments at home which can
have something to do with a partner or good
news connected with work. Embarking on
learning projects and using new methods to teach
or communicate, especially if they involve
innovation or social media will be rewarding.
GEMINI 21st May—20th June
Dynamic events take place which have you
working intensely with a friend or group and you
may find yourself having to take on a new
leadership role. This is not a time for hesitation,
your focus shifts to planning and organisation,
especially in connection with family matters.
CANCER 21st June—22nd July
Recent stress and anxiety will ease as you realise
that roles are changing and it could be a good
idea to hand over administrative tasks to someone
else. Your skills lie in leadership, initiative and
creativity, believe in yourself and your
LEO 23rd July—22nd August
This could be an intense time mentally and if you
are working closely with someone, then it is a
good idea to share the workload. If relationships
get heavy, focus on future dreams so as not to
become overwhelmed. Make sure to remind the
people in your life what your goal is.
VIRGO 23rd August—22nd September
Although this could be quite a stressful time, it is
also a time of blinding insight as you are willing
to take risks, confront people, take on a new role
and forge ahead with plans. You are ready to
take practical action to achieve your goals. Now
is the time to put in practice all your ideas.
LIBRA 23rd September—22nd October
This is an excellent time for innovations in your
career and for connecting with people who can
help you leverage new sources of income and
other assets. People in your life are eager for
radical new initiatives. Meanwhile at home,
there is resistance and inertia to change.
SCORPIO 23rd October—21st November
The focus is very much on work and career, high-
energy colleagues help you to forge ahead with
new creative projects. You work extremely well
with leaders and planners. There are people in
your community who would rather keep the
status quo. Expect set-backs.
SAGITTARIUS 22nd Nov—21st December
New horizons open up through partnerships and
it is the perfect time for adventurous projects and
creative initiatives, keep thinking outside the
box! As more efficient methods are introduced
by leaders there will be further developments in
your professional life.
CAPRICORN 22nd Dec—19th January
There will be intense developments at home and
in partnerships as adventurous initiatives are
taken to improve domestic circumstances. A
small adjustment in how things are shared can
make a big difference. Its important to consider
everyone's opinions when making decisions.
AQUARIUS 20th January—18th February
You may be fearful about an imagined crisis that
will probably never arise. Don't let your fears put
roadblocks in the way of good ideas, taking risks
and initiatives is a good thing. Remember,
worrying doesnt take away tomorrows troubles,
it takes away todays peace.
PISCES 19th February—20th March
There is a strong focus on new developments at
work and there may be some role-swapping as
new initiatives are put into place. This is an
exciting opportunity to learn new skills.
Generally this is a creative time and excellent for
meeting up with new people.
Garage Sale
Round 10 Results
Hyden/Karlgarin 5.3, 12.9, 15.13, 18.17 (125) d.
Bruce Rock 2.5, 4.5, 5.5, 9.8 (62)
Hyden/Karlgarin FC: A. James 6, M. Ehlers 5, C.
Hughes 2, D. Ehlers 2, T. Edwards 1, L. Meeking 1,
L. Reilly 1
Bruce Rock FC: L. Sedgwick 4, E. Fitts 2, L.
Berendsen 2, M. Gilbert 1
Hyden/Karlgarin FC: A. James, D. Ehlers, M.
Ehlers, A. Edwards, T. Edwards
Bruce Rock FC: T. Cosgrove, J. Lee, M. Gilbert, J.
Southern Cross 4.3, 13.4, 19.10, 25.15 (165) d.
Kulin/Kondinin 4.1, 4.1, 11.2, 13.2 (80)
Southern Cross FC: B. Bennell 12, N. Reghenzani
5, J. Gouge 3, G. Ugle 3, D. Stevens 1, A. Henry 1
Kulin/Kondinin FC: J. Garlett 3, T. Biglin 3, S.
Duckworth 3, J. Grabski 2, R. Steers 1, A.
Repacholi 1
Southern Cross FC: D. Stevens, M. Goes, D.
Stephen, N. Reghenzani, B. Bennell
Kulin/Kondinin FC: T. Biglin, J. Kerr, J. Hunter, J.
Grabski, J. Green
Burracoppin 9.2, 12.3, 17.7, 23.8 (146) d.
Narembeen 1.0, 4.4, 4.5, 8.7 (55)
Burracoppin FC: J. Lindroth 9, J. Downsborough 6,
J. Kimpton 3, D. Enright 1, R. Ferguson 1, J. Clark
1, D. Manuel 1, N. Thomas 1
Narembeen FC: C. Duncan 2, R. Cousins 2, D.
Walldorf 1, A. Miolini 1, T. Latham 1, L. Brayshaw
Burracoppin FC: J. Lindroth, T. Rutherford, D.
Manuel, J. Kimpton, N. Thomas
Narembeen FC: B. Gill, C. Duncan, A. Miolini, B.
Kennedy, M. Sewell
Nukarni 3.2, 7.3, 9.5, 13.8 (86) d. Corrigin 4.4,
5.7, 7.9, 8.10 (58)
Nukarni FC: T. Rogers 6, J. Lombardini 3, H. Onn
2, A. Ayles 1, J. Musca 1
Corrigin FC: T. Smith 3, C. Harding 2, D. Rendell
1, J. Charlton 1, J. Cusworth 1
Nukarni FC: T. Rogers, H. Onn, D. Giles, F. James,
J. Lombardini,
Corrigin FC: J. Cusworth, J. Charlton, C. Anderson,
M. Robinson, D. Rendell
Bruce Rock FC won by forfeit.
Southern Cross 3.3, 4.5, 7.8, 10.12 (72) d. Kulin/
Kondinin 1.0, 2.1, 2.4, 4.5 (29)
Southern Cross FC: C. Pearce 2, P. Casey 1, S.
Evans 1, D. Laws 1, N. Willis 1, C. Della Bosca 1,
N. Park 1, S. Hart 1, Z. Hunter 1
Kulin/Kondinin FC: None supplied
Huge Garage Sale Satur day 15th August. 28
Golf Rd from 8am. House & kitchen-wares, tools,
shed items, camp & fishing gear, motorbike gear,
kids stuff & lots more.
Lost & Found
Samsung 7 Galaxy Mobile. Last seen in the
public toilets in Merredin. If found, please call
Tim Healy on 9880 7012.
Merredin Netball
Round 125th July 2020
Blues (23) d. Karni (8)
Narembeen (27) d. Jets (16)
Gems (34) d. Titans (30)
Seniors A2
Karni (47) d. Blues (30)
Gems (28) d. Titans (22)
Narembeen (39) d. Jets 2 (29)
Seniors A1
Karni (33) d. Blues (12)
Narembeen (41) d. Jets (27)
Titans 1 (26) d. Titans 2 (25)
Round 21st August 2020
Narembeen (40) d. Gems (21)
Jets (35) d. Blues (21)
Titans (52) d. Karni (21)
Seniors A2
Jets 2 (31) D. Blues (26)
Jets 3 (34) d. Karni 26
Narembeen (44) d. Titans (22)
Seniors A1
Blues (28) d. Jets (25)
Karni (44) d. Titans (22)
Narembeen (53) d. Titans 2 (7)
Round 36th August 2020
Narembeen (47) d. Blues (13)
Gems (31) d. Karni (15)
Jets (33) d. Titans (31)
Seniors A2
Narembeen (29) d. Gems (22)
Titans 1 (52) d. Blues (30)
Jets 2 (31) d. Jets 3 (14)
Seniors A1
Narembeen (50) d. Blues (26)
Titans (29) d. Jets (26)
Karni (43) d. Titans 2 (22)
Round 48th August 2020
Gems (38) d. Blues (19)
Jets (45) d. Karni (28)
Narembeen (32) d. Titans (14)
Seniors A2
Gems (24) d. Blues (15)
Jets 2 (36) d. Karni (27)
Titans (43) d. Jets 3 (24)
Seniors A1
Jets (32) d. Karni (29)
Narembeen (45) d. Titans (7)
Titans 2 (30) d. Blues (26)
THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020 23
Played Win Loss Draw F A % PTS
Nukarni 4 3 1 0 318 118 269.49 12
Kulin/Kondinin 4 3 1 0 314 164 191.46 12
Burracoppin 4 2 2 0 412 154 267.53 8
Southern Cross 4 2 2 0 223 196 113.78 8
Corrigin 4 2 2 0 151 236 63.98 8
Bruce Rock 4 1 2 0 96 185 51.89 8
Hyden/Karlgarin 4 1 2 0 122 277 44.047 4
Narembeen 4 1 3 0 99 405 24.44 4
Played Win Loss Draw F A % PTS
Hyden/Karlgarin 4 4 0 0 546 188 290.43 16
Kulin/Kondinin 4 3 1 0 504 322 156.52 12
Southern Cross 4 2 2 0 393 293 134.13 8
Bruce Rock 4 2 2 0 377 324 116.36 8
Burracoppin 4 2 2 0 354 340 104.12 8
Nukarni 4 2 2 0 327 467 70.02 8
Corrigin 4 1 3 0 260 361 72.02 4
Narembeen 4 0 4 0 127 593 21.42 0
Eastern District Football League
Southern Cross FC: B. Brunalli, S. Hart, D. Laws,
P. Casey, J. Billing
Kulin/Kondinin FC: J. Bennell, M. Henry, J.
Wilson, K. Spurgeon, D. Bunworth
Burracoppin 6.5, 12.9, 19.11, 26.12 (168) d.
Narembeen 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.2 (8)
Burracoppin FC: K. Hayden 7, S. Price 5, T. Lane 4,
C. Daddow 3, K. Hayden 2, H. Abdullah 2, J.
Stevens 1, D. Barnes 1, G. Brown 1
Narembeen FC: R. Green 1
Burracoppin FC: C. Daddow, K. Hayden, J.
Stevens, S. Price, K. Hayden
Narembeen FC: B. Hunter, L. Brayshaw, L. Brown,
R. Green, M. Dorlandt
Nukarni 3.1, 6.2, 7.7, 8.12 (60) d. Corrigin 0.0,
0.0, 0.0, 1.1 (7)
Nukarni FC: L. Yates 3, K. Wilcox 2, D. Snelling 1,
J. Crook 1, J. White 1
Corrigin FC: W. Hadlow 1
Nukarni FC: S. De Lacy, M. Sharp, F. Silver, P.
Withers, K. Wilcox
Corrigin FC: W. Hadlow, C. Szczecinski, P. Pages,
S. Wallwork, B. Hayes
Round 11 Results
Corrigin 1.1, 3.2, 6.4, 10.9 (69) d. Southern
Cross 2.7, 3.9, 4.11, 6.13 (49)
Corrigin FC: T. Smith 3, C. Harding 2, J. Charlton
2, D. Gervas 1, C. Anderson 1, J. Cusworth 1
Southern Cross FC: B. Bennell 5, N. Reghenzani 1
Corrigin FC: J. Charlton, G. Bartlett, D. Rendell, S.
Price, J. Cusworth
Southern Cross FC: D. Lubcke, J. Harvey, R.
Oehme, B. Bennell, B. Andrews
Hyden/Karlgarin 2.4, 6.5, 12.8, 16.8 (104) d.
Burracoppin 2.1, 2.6, 3.9, 4.14 (38)
Hyden/Karlgarin FC: D. Ehlers 4, M. Ehlers 4, A.
James 2, T. Edwards 2, C. Hughes 1, A. Edwards 1,
A. Rial 1, L. Reilly 1
Burracoppin FC: M. Nind 1, D. Manuel 1, J.
Downsborough 1, S. Watson 1
Hyden/Karlgarin FC: A. Edwards, T. Edwards, L.
Mouritz, X. Peacock, R. Cornwall
Burracoppin FC: B. Swanson, D. Manuel, D. Lowe,
B. Dixon, M. Baltovich
Nukarni 6.2, 12.4, 16.5, 18.10 (118) d. Bruce
Rock 5.1, 7.2, 15.8, 16.9 (105)
Nukarni FC: T. Rogers 4, C. Crook 3, M. Crook 2,
A. Ayles 2, R. Ward 2, H. Hooper 1, H. Onn 1, D.
Giles 1, J. Lombardini 1, Z. McQuistan 1
Bruce Rock FC: L. Sedgwick 6, M. Seeds 3, L.
Berendsen 2, M. Levien 1, D. Rudrum 1, J.
Newnham 1, M. Gilbert 1, J. Lee 1
EDFL Reserves Ladder
EDFL League Ladder
Nukarni FC: C. Crook, A. Ayles, Z. McQuistan, R.
Ward, M. Crook
Bruce Rock FC: T. Cosgrove, S. Doncon, J.
Ingham, J. Lee, J. Butler
Kulin/Kondinin 6.5, 11.8, 17.12, 25.16 (166) d.
Narembeen 0.0, 0.3, 1.4, 2.6 (18)
Kulin/Kondinin FC: S. Duckworth 8, A. Strijk 7, J.
Garlett 5, T. Browning 2, M. Crisp 1, A. Repacholi
1, D. Tholstrup 1
Narembeen FC: None supplied
Kulin/Kondinin FC: J. Green, A. Strijk, J. Garlett, S.
Duckworth, M. Crisp
Narembeen FC: None supplied
Corrigin 1.5, 1.6, 5.7, 7.8 (50) d. Southern Cross
1.2, 4.5, 4.6, 6.7 (43)
Corrigin FC: S. Riley 3, T. Difulvio 1, K. Hewett 1,
L. Rendell 1, B. Hayes 1
Southern Cross FC: P. Casey 1, S. Hart 1, A. Steel
1, C. Della Bosca 1, N. Park 1, J. Billing 1
Corrigin FC: J. Squiers, T. Di Fulvio, O. McLeary,
C. Szczecinski, K. Hewett
Southern Cross FC: J. Billing, M. Beaton, T.
Martin, A. Steel, B. Wells
Burracoppin 6.0, 12.3, 17.6, 22.9 (141) d.
Hyden/Karlgarin 0.1, 0.1, 1.2, 1.2 (8)
Burracoppin FC: K. Hayden 5, K. Hayden 3, J.
Stevens 2, H. Abdullah 2, S. Hutchings 2, B. Smith
2, J. Burrell 1, N. Abdullah 1, C. Lowe 1, B. Neal 1,
S. Price 1, T. Lane 1
Hyden/Karlgarin FC: L. Want 1
Burracoppin FC: J. Stevens, S. Hutchings, C.
Daddow, B. Neal, K. Hayden
Hyden/Karlgarin FC:B. Hyde, J. Booker, L. Want,
B. Hornblow, A. Strother
Nukarni 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 17.11 (113) d. Bruce Rock
0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.5 (5)
Nukarni FC: K. Wilcox 7, M. Sharp 3, C. Harken 2,
L. Keamy 1, Z. McQuistan 1, J. White 1, J. Della
Bosca 1, K. Morris 1
Nukarni FC: D. Hutchinson, F. Silver, C. Harken, L.
Yates, K. Wilcox
Bruce Rock FC: R. Ugle, R. Griffiths, T.
Vanbakkum, J. Currie, M. Joshua
Kulin/Kondinin 3.6, 8.8, 14.11, 19.14 (128) d.
Narembeen 0.0, 0.0, 0.1, 0.2 (2)
Kulin/Kondinin FC: J. Spencer 4, K. Spurgeon 4, M.
Henry 3, H. Bennier 2, T. Shea 2, M. Bennier 1, M.
Henry 1, B. Argent 1, K. Smith 1
Kulin/Kondinin FC: M. Jetta, N. Taylor, P. Jasper, J.
Wilson, M. Henry
Narembeen FC: None supplied
24 THE PHOENIX Friday, August 14th, 2020
On the 26th July, the Merredin
District Lawn Tennis Club held its
COVID postponed AGM and season
2019-20 awards night. As so much
time had passed between the season
end and the awards, many people
were surprised to hear that they had
won a trophy and couldn't remember
the partner they played with (hence
why many of the photos are of
people laughing!)
Mens Doubles (sponsored by Bob
and Yvonne Gray)
Winners: Luke Growden and Ken
Runners-up: Camray Gethin and
Michael Sharp
Ladies Doubles (sponsored by Ken
and Michelle Hooper)
Winners: Beth Smith and Tenielle
Runners-up: Michelle Gethin and
Kristy Sharp
John Maughan Memorial Mixed
Doubles (sponsored by Murray Giles
and Heather Giles)
Winners: Camray Gethin and Jessica
Runners-up: Michelle Gethin and
Matt Smith
Mens Singles (sponsored by Stephen
and Julie Crook)
Winner: Camray Gethin
Runner-up: Grant Stainer
Ladies A Singles
Winner: Emma Growden
Runner-up: Tenielle McGregor
Ladies B Singles
Winner: Erin Elliott
Runner-up: Suzy Shaw
There has also been a changing of the
guard in the committee. Emma
Growden moved into the Vice
President position and Nic McGregor
and wife Tenielle moved into the
President and Treasurer positions
respectively. Also joining the
committee for the first time were
Matthew Smith, Jessica Wallace and
Erin Elliott. Michelle Gethin
remained as secretary and junior
co-ordinator and captains stayed as
Camray Gethin, Grant Stainer and
Jacinta Herbert. Glen Riethmuller,
Stephen Crook, Ross Billing and
Cameron Wild all stepped down.
The 2020-2021 MDLTC tennis
season will begin again in September
and the club will again host
professional Perth coach Brenton
Bacon for junior and adult coaching.
Keep an eye on the Facebook page
for details. All enquiries to
MDLTC 2019-20 Awards Night
Ken Hooper and Luke Growden
Cam Gethin and Jessica Wallace
Emma Growden and Tenielle McGregor
Michelle Gethin and Kristy Sharp
Cam Gethin and Michael Sharp