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Price: $2.00 Inside this ISSUE Friday, March 12th 2021 PHONE: 9041 1041 Nungarin Ladies Luncheon Page 2 COVID-19 WA Statistics As at 9th March 2021 Tested 889, 786 Confirmed Cases 920 Recovered 903 Deaths 9 Active cases in WA 8 COVID-19 in Australia WA—Cases 920—Deaths 9 ACT—Cases 122 —Deaths 3 NSW—Cases 5,215—Deaths 54 NT—Cases 105—Deaths 0 QLD—Cases 1,362—Deaths 6 SA—Cases 620—Deaths 4 TAS—Cases 234—Deaths 13 VIC—Cases 20,483—Deaths 820 Bencubbin - Bruce Rock - Corrigin - Doodlakine - Kellerberrin - Merredin - Moorine Rock - Mukinbudin - Narembeen - Nungarin - Southern Cross - Tammin - Trayning - Westonia Bootscoong Compeons Page 23 Phone 9020 5609 17 Bates Street Merredin Merredin Men’s Shed acquires Acremaster Tractor Number One!! By JOHN TUPPEN Around November 2020 I was enjoying a dinner with Bryan and Bernice Davies, who knew I had been involved in the formation of the Merredin Men’s Shed, serving as the inaugural Secretary and Committee member. Bryan quietly said to me “Do you think your Men’s Shed would like my Phillips Acremaster tractor? It’s Number 1, the first one that Laurie Phillips made.” Naturally, I jumped at the chance, and said “Bloody oath we would!” That, of course, started the train of events that led to the tractor arriving in our Shed on Thursday 4th March 2021. Bryan bought the tractor back in about 1978 and how it came about was Bryan had been using a pair of Chamberlain 354’s in tandem with two ploughs behind when Laurie Phillips asked him if he could bring out the newly completed Acremaster to his farm, for a test run. Laurie was bringing the Acremaster out to Bryan’s, where Bryan was ploughing with his Chamberlain 354’s in tandem with the ploughs driving across a creek to the edge of the paddock to make the ploughs more accessible to the Acremaster when of course, the inevitable happened, and the two ploughs and tandem tractors sank into the soft ground of the creek and no matter what Bryan did, he could not get them out. Enter Laurie and the first (Continued on page 3) Phil Sache, Byran Davies, Bernice Davies &Laurie Phillips

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2 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 What do you think of the COVID19 vaccine. Will you have it when it’s available in Australia? 0-4 Amity Health Playgroup—call Claire Smith or email A Choired Taste– Mondays 7pm—9pm at 47 Coronaon Street. Call Emma Aitken 0487 351 167 or Chloe Willcocks 0438 891 761. All Saints Anglican Church—Sunday 28th St Thomas Church. Contact Pauline 9044 1076 or Su 0427 412 709. Bootscoong—Monday nights 7pm at the Cummins Theatre. First night free. Beginners to advanced. Call Anjoeen on 9041 3005 or see Sue at the Chemist or Lyn at the Post Oce. Global Caravan Tribal Dance and Drumming— Mondays at the Merredin CRC. 5pm: Beginners dance class. 5.30pm: Tribal drumming class. 6.00pm Advanced dancers class. Call Kirsty on 9041 1041. Men’s Shed—Thursdays 2pm—5pm. Please call Peter McCrae on 0427 625 027 for more info. Merredin Army Cadet Unit 510—For further informaon please contact Ocer in Charge 2nd Lieutenant Karinda Smith Mob 0427 080 913. Merredin Camera Club—Email Daina for more info at dainasutherland@ Merredin Church of Christ—Sundays 10am on Throssell Road. Kids Club—K—Year 6 Fridays during school term 3.15pm—5.00pm. Guys Only Youth Group Year 6—Year 12. Every second Friday during school term 3.30pm—5.00pm. Ross 0439 964 466. Merredin Community Garden Group—for informaon please contact the Chairperson, Julie Nicole on 0428 414 763 or by email Merredin Community Resource Centre—Wednesday 24th March 5.30pm. COMMUNITY CALENDAR Merredin Fine Arts Society—New members welcome. Enquiries to Margaret 0429 623 081. Merredin Museum & Historical Society—Next meeng Wednesday 3rd March 5pm. Merredin Rie Club—Call Steve for more info on 0467 173 753. Moorditj Mia Services—Cancelled unl further noce. Call 0427 412 709. People’s Bapst Church—Kellerberrin 11am Sunday Workshop. Ph 0435 284 796. Playgroup—Contact Kristy Sharp on 0400 246 123. Seniors Centre—call Jeanee Fegan on 0460 002 543 for informaon. Seniors Centre Morning Tea—every Thursday at 10am. Seniors Cra Group—Wednesdays at 10am at the Senior Centre. Seniors Gentle Gym—Tuesdays at 2pm at the Senior Centre. Seventh-day Advenst Church—Has re-opened for worshipping. Everyone welcome. Call 0429 770 331. St Mary’s Catholic Church, Merredin—Father Andrew Bowron, Ph 9041 1118. Tales of the Past—Merredin Library 10.00 – 11.30, rst Monday of the month. Uning Church—Fih Street, 9am Sunday service. Call 0428 125 613. Westonia Croquet Club—Call John Corsini on 0429 467 170 or Keith Downsborough on 0482 445 046. Wildower Society Merredin Branch—Call President Mal Harper on 0437 388 292. PUT YOUR COMMUNITY EVENT IN THE COMMUNITY CALENDAR Call 9041 1041 Have your say THE PHOENIX Produced fortnightly 110 Barrack Street, Merredin Ph: 9041 1041 Fax: 9041 1042 Deadlines (A WEEK BEFORE ISSUE DATE) Arcles: 5pm Wednesday Adverts: Booking 5pm Thursday Copy nalised 11am Friday Classieds: 10am Monday Contact 9041 1041 Content/producon—Kirsty Rochford administra Content—Debbie Morris Adversing— marke Upcoming Edions 26th March 9th April & 12th April Available as an online subscripon Currently distribung @ 600 copies to Bencubbin, Bruce Rock, Corrigin, Doodlakine, Kellerberrin, Merredin, Moorine Rock, Mukinbudin, Narembeen, Nungarin, Southern Cross, Tammin, Trayning & Westonia. Sheldon Hutchings: I’ll pass, I don’t want something that changes my DNA. Laura Henderer: The vaccine is mRNA based which is already naturally made by your body. It does not change your DNA it doesn’t even enter the nucleus where your DNA. Sybil Miles: If I'm allowed to I will. I may not be able to as I have allergies that require me to carry eppi pens. Jade Maiolo: COVID survival rate might not be too bad, but there are lasting effects. Also when we have a general immunity to it then there will be less transmission and it may not have as bad effects. We have no current immunity at all to this type of virus, the vaccine will give us the means to form an immunity. I nearly thought it was a survival of the fittest scenario, those that survive covid-19 and Australia/New Zealand. Sharon Yates: Unfortunately questions like this serve no more than bringing the nasties out in people. Pity they don't have a vaccine for that! Belinda Fanciulli: I will be getting it a month before my kids and grandkids. James Corby: I have no intention of receiving the inoculation for this pestilence plandemic. I believe that this is designed to prepare the global population for future lockdowns, and possible pestilence in response to climate change matters which will lead to a state enforced day of rest on Sunday's. Keep my profile handy on Facebook when the nutcase turns out to be correct, you may wish to then understand more of the picture. May blessings fall upon all, regardless of our choice to vaccinate or not. Annette S Pope: I’m happier with AstraZeneca than Pfizer. so I’d say yes to one & not interested to the other. based on medical reports & reactions.

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 3 Merredin Tuesdays 6—7pm Cummins Theatre Tammin Thursdays 6-7pm Town Hall Phone 0458 429 072 Merredin Men’s Shed acquires Acremaster Tractor Number One!! Cont. Acremaster. It was hooked up to the bogged tractors and ploughs and simply pulled them out with the greatest of ease. Bryan was impressed and said to Laurie, “Don’t take it home again, come up to the house and have a drink, and I’ll write you a cheque.” The Acremaster became Bryan’s main tractor. It was fitted with a Nissan 6 cylinder two stroke engine of 250 hp. This engine did some 20,000 hours of work, which involved several major overhauls, before being replaced with a Cummins four stroke engine of similar power. The tractor has now done about 25,000 hours. Merredin Men’s Shed is very pleased to have been the recipient of this fine (Continued from page 1) and historic machine and intends smartening it up and placing it on display in our Shed yard, as a tribute to the skill and determination of Phillips-Merredin, in designing and manufacturing this fine powerful 4WD tractor locally in our town. Acremaster was an Australian articulated tractor manufacturer based in Merredin, founded by Laurie Phillips in 1975 as Phillips-Merredin, they began building the large 4WD tractors. In 1984, the company was sold to Don Zanetic. From 1984-1985, Acremaster built tractors for International Harvester for sale in Australia, mainly. The company was sold again in 1985 to South Australian Horwood Bagshaw. Meanwhile, Laurie Phillips founded Farmers Tractors Australia Pty Ltd, had moved on to build the Phoenix articulated 4WD tractor. By JANAE DE LACY February was Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. The Nungarin CRC thought this would be a great opportunity to host an event to raise awareness and to ensure that every woman knows more about Ovarian Cancer and its early symptoms. Our lovely guest speaker, Margaret Teasdale, delivered her inspiring story of her battle with Ovarian Cancer, providing the group with useful information regarding symptoms and facts. We’d like to thank her for travelling and presenting her story. The luncheon had an amazing Nungarin’s Ladies Luncheon Celebrating 20 years of Ovarian Cancer Support turnout with 28 ladies coming from various locations. Lunch was a large variety of dishes ranging from roasted cauliflower salad to pumpkin and feta tarts, followed by delicious cupcakes. The Nungarin CRC would like to thank Wild Poppy Café, Merredin, for their exceptional catering service, it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The Nungarin CRC takes this opportunity to thank all the ladies who attended the luncheon and raising money to support Ovarian Cancer Australia. Inside a Phillips Acremaster cab. No GPS or monitors, or even speedometer – just a console connected to raw power. Oh, and an ashtray.

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4 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 Court Report 22nd February 2021 Northam Courthouse Daine Bradley appeared on a charge of driving with prescribed illicit drug in oral fluid or blood. The matter was adjourned to appear in Perth on the 15th April 2021. Allan Hayden appeared on charges of unlawful assault and thereby did bodily harm with circumstances of aggravation, breach of protective bail conditions and 22 counts of breaching a family violence restraining order. He was remanded in custody to appear in Northam on the 29th March 2021 Christopher Milosz appeared on a charge of possession of stolen or unlawfully obtained property. He was remanded to appear in Northam on the 2nd March 2021. Perth Courthouse Melissa Batka appeared on charges of careless driving, and having no authority to drive (breached condition of schedule 7 RT (Authorisation to Drive Regulations). She was fined $500. Patrick Pickett appeared on charges of obscene acts in public and 2 counts of unlawful wounding. He was remanded in custody to appear in Perth on the the 11th March 2021. 23rd February 2021 Esperance Courthouse Peter Johnston appeared on a charge of breaching a family violence restraining order. He was remanded to appear in Esperance on the 23rd March 2021. Mandurah Courthouse Zak Waru appeared on charges of having no authority to drive - suspended (other than fines suspension), wilfully mislead a person performing a function under a road law, failure to comply with requirements made by a member of the police force and being the driver of a vehicle which failed to comply with a direction to stop. The matters were adjourned to appear in Mandurah on the 27th April 2021. Merredin Courthouse Jason Bushell was convicted of having no authority to drive - suspended (other than fines suspension). He was fined $1000, ordered to pay costs of $248.70 and had his licence suspended for a further 9 months. He was also convicted of dangerous driving. He was fined $1500 and had his licence suspended for a further 9 months. Samuel Clarke appeared on a charge of having no authority to drive (disqualified from holding or obtaining). The matter was adjourned to appear in Merredin on the 23rd March 2021. Dylan Coleman appeared on a charge of unlawful assault and thereby did bodily harm with circumstances of aggravation and 2 counts of criminal damage or destruction of property. He was remanded to appear in Merredin on the 9th March 2021. Debra Cook appeared on a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm. The matter was adjourned to appear in Merredin on the 20th April 2021. Robyn Creusot appeared on charges of breach of bail undertaking, common assault in circumstances of aggravation or racial aggravation, without lawful excuse trespassed on a place and criminal damage or destruction of property. She was remanded to appear in Merredin on the 21st July 2021. Tracey Damjanovic appeared on a charge of assaulting a Public Officer. She was remanded to appear in Merredin on the 9th March 2021. Beau Desmond appeared on a charge of unlawful assault and thereby did bodily harm with circumstances of aggravation. He was remanded to appear in Merredin on the 23rd March 2021. Darren Fitzpatrick appeared on a charge of exceeding 0.08g of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. The matter was adjourned to appear in Perth on the 11th March 2021. Margaret Flockhart was convicted of having a blood alcohol content equal/exceeding .07 less than .08. She was fined $500, ordered to pay costs of $248.70, and had her licence suspended for 6 months. James Glass plead guilty to using an unlicensed vehicle on a road and having no authority to drive (never held). He was fined $350, ordered to pay costs of $248.70, penalty of $13 and had his licence suspended for 3 months. Luke Henderson appeared on charges of unlawful assault and thereby did bodily harm with circumstances of aggravation. He was remanded to appear in Merredin on the 23rd March 2021. Tristan Howard was convicted of driving a specified vehicle type with a blood alcohol content in excess of 0.02 grams per 100ml and having no authority to drive (incorrect class). He was fined $450, ordered to pay costs of $248.70 and had his licence suspended for 3 months. Jerrard Johnson appeared on charges of having no authority to drive - suspended (other than fines suspension) and exceeding the speed limit between 10 and 19 km/h. The matters were adjourned to appear in Kalgoorlie on the 15th March 2021. Luke Keamy appeared on charges of stalking, using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence and 129 counts of breaching a violence restraining order. He was remanded to appear in Merredin on the 23rd March 2021. Gary Lee-Archer was convicted of driving with prescribed illicit drug in oral fluid or blood. He was fined $500, ordered to pay costs of $248.70 and an analyst fee of $185. Jacqueline Mansour was convicted of using an unlicensed vehicle on a road. She was fined $100, ordered to pay costs of $248.70, and half annual licence fee of $455.75. Joshua Powell appeared on a charge of breaching a family violence restraining order. The matter was adjourned to appear in Merredin on the 23rd March 2021. Daniel Preuss appeared on charges of did drive (or attempt to drive) a motor vehicle on a public road with a blood alcohol content exceeding 0.05g, possessing a prohibited weapon, and 2 counts of possession of stolen or unlawfully obtained property. The matters were adjourned to appear in Merredin on the 23rd March 2021. Andrew Reiling plead guilty to possessing a prohibited drug (Cannabis), possessing drug paraphernalia in or on which there was a prohibited drug or plant and cultivating a prohibited plant. He was fined $900 and ordered to pay costs of $248.70. Jason Raroa appeared on charges of assault occasioning bodily harm and unlawful assault and thereby did bodily harm with circumstances of aggravation. He was remanded to appear in Merredin on the 9th March 2021. Aaron Mathews was convicted of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, using an unlicensed vehicle on a road, carried (possessed) an article with intent to cause fear that someone will be injured or disabled, never held a drivers licence, and drove, caused or permitted a vehicle with a forged, replica or false plate to be driven on a road. He was fined $2800, ordered to pay a half annual licence fee of $139.65, and had his licence suspended for 19 months. He also appeared on charges of unlawful wounding with a circumstance of aggravation, and 2 counts of breach of protective bail conditions. He was remanded to appear in Northam on the 27th April 2021. Michael Hallett appeared on 21 counts of being a person who was cruel to an animal. The matters were adjourned to appear in Perth on the 4th May 2021

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 5 Esther Robartson My Perspective My Thoughts In the light of the findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care, I thought it appropriate to publish my experience, so here goes ...... As a fairly recent resident to Moorditj Mia, I will admit that I was nervous. I can no longer walk, so am dependent on others and this was an added concern. However, there was no need for that concern. I have been treated with the utmost care, courtesy and competency. The entire staff from support staff members, nursing staff and doctors have shown only support and skilled care, going out of their way to help. Nothing is too much trouble. I hear the soft voice as a nurse reassures a resident, and am comforted. Then someone arrives and makes us laugh - this too, is reassuring. I cannot thank everyone enough for all they do for me - and for the other people here. Thank you, Moorditj Mia staff members - each and every one of you. You are stars, and people in the community can be reassured that no matter what the report says, it is different here. By ANITA METCALF The following snippets appeared in the local MARCH newspapers of the time. 23rd, 1934: National Egg Ltd., in conjunction with Mr A. Hobbs of Merredin, intend opening a depot in early April with the object of freezing rabbits for export. Traps can be procured from the company and trucks will pick up the catch daily. 10th, 1949: The Merredin Brewery is closing down at the end of this month. A new plant, shorter hours and higher costs are the reasons for closure. 18th, 1964: The WA Orchestra is soon to start on a 1400 mile tour that will be the biggest in the orchestra’s history. Travelling by a special eleven-car train, the orchestra will give school concerts and a public concert in Boulder, Merredin, Koorda, Morawa, Geraldton and Moora – a total of 14 performances in nine days. 1966: The old church building in Nungarin was demolished to make From the History Room way for the new building which will be used as a Congregational Sunday School in conjunction with the present modern church. First erected 1911-12 it was used as a day school as well as a church for all denominations. First school teacher was Mrs G.H. Herbert then Miss Muriel Creagh. The first couple married in the church were Mr and Mrs F. Williams in 1913. 28th, 1966: Another 50,000 people scattered throughout 15,500 miles are expected to mount the TV band wagon when ABC TV Channel 4 opens. 8th, 1977: Doodlakine Tavern burnt to the ground. 5th, 1981: The Nungarin Rifle Club decided to experiment with night shooting in 1975 to lengthen the shooting season and became the first club in Australia to shoot at night. 27th, 1991: A second tyre firm is closing down in Merredin within a year, adding more salt to the recession wound. Bells Tyres is closing its doors following in the footsteps of Beaurepaires last year. Library Musings By WENDY PORTER, MERREDIN LIBRARIAN The Merredin Library continues to receive new stock. Ask library staff about the large number of DVD’s we received in December. Read on for some teasers… Interested in eating more plant based food – without all the ‘Stop eating meat’ slogans? ‘Eat more vegan’ by Luke Hines shares 80 plant-based dishes packed with flavour, colour and nutrition. The recipes are gluten and grain free and ‘not a packet ingredient in sight’. Try a pumpkin spicy latte, or portobello steaks with avocado chimichurri or even double choc espresso brownies. There is something for everyone. ‘Many maps, charting two cultures’ by Bill and Jenny Bunbury looks at the way two contrasting societies often misunderstood each other in the western third of Australia. The First Australian Nations mapped their world in terms of a spiritual and environmental relationship to country whilst the maps in European heads often explored ways to obtain wealth from Australian earth. This book looks at both. The trial of the century in WA was watched by many last year. ‘Stalking Claremont’ by Bret Christian is a story of promising young lives cut short, a city in panic, an investigation fraught by oversights and red herrings and a surprising twist that no one saw coming. Remember, all Merredin Library members have access to free eResources including eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines and more. Ask staff for details. There is now access to an online Book Club as well. Come in and see what’s new or check out the catalogue at Nigel Hallett appeared on 13 counts of being a person who was cruel to an animal. The matters were adjourned to appear in Perth on the 4th May 2021. Hallett Farm Group Pty Ltd appeared on 9 counts of being a person who was cruel to an animal. The matters were adjourned to appear in Perth on the 4th May 2021. Hillview Farm Pty Ltd appeared on 4 counts of being a person who was cruel to an animal. The matters were adjourned to appear in Perth on the 4th May 2021. Pinehill Farm Pty Ltd appeared on 5 counts of being a person who was cruel to an animal. The matters were adjourned to appear in Perth on the 4th May 2021. Sunpride Sheep Pty Ltd appeared on 14 counts of being a person who was cruel to an animal. The matters were adjourned to appear in Perth on the 4th May 2021. Perth Courthouse David Lindroth appeared on charges of while in the place of another without consent committed an offence (in aggravated circumstances) and 2 counts of unlawful and indecent assault. He was remanded to appear in Perth on the 23rd March 2021. 24th February 2021 Perth Courthouse Craig Taylor appeared on a charge of impeding another person's normal breathing or blood circulation by applying pressure to the neck. He received a Community Based Order for 1 year and was was ordered to pay costs of $130.50. 26th February 2021 Perth Courthouse Nathan Smith appeared on charges of criminal damage or destruction of property and breach of family violence order. The matters were adjourned to appear in Perth on the 1st April 2021. 2nd March 2021 Perth Courthouse Jayden Fanning appeared on charges of stealing and without lawful excuse trespassed on a place. The matters were adjourned to appear in Perth on the 15th March 2021. Northam Courthouse Christopher Milosz appeared on a charge of possession of stolen or unlawfully obtained property. He was remanded to appear in Northam on the 15th March 2021. 5th March 2021 Perth Courthouse Lindsay George appeared on charges of breach of conditional suspended imprisionment order, breach of bail (fail to appear soon after), attempt to pervert justice, breach of bail undertaking, and 8 counts of breach family violence restraining order or violence restraining order. He was remanded to appear in Perth on the 12th March 2021. Andrew Sayas appeared on charges of possessing drug paraphernalia in or on which there was a prohibiited drug or plant, and possession of a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply (Methylamphetamine). He was remanded to appear in Perth on the 9th March 2021. Ralph Palmer appeared on previous charges. He was remanded to appear in Perth on the 19th March 2021. Court Report

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6 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 Tales from the Rails RAIL WA 150 – 2021 Celebrating 150th Anniversary of Railways in Western Australia By JANE PATRONI Chairperson, Merredin Railway Museum We have welcomed some special visitors to the Museum since our last publication. Each of these visits has brought with it the possibility of exciting changes to the Museum precinct infrastructure and collection management. With campaigning for the State election in full swing it was an opportunity to meet the candidates, listen to their platforms and duly express our concerns for the perpetuity of our community asset – namely the Railway Museum. Darren West, MLC (Member for the Agricultural Region), visited the Museum introducing Michelle Nelson (Labor candidate) to the volunteers and supporters and committing $50 000 to assist with the repainting of the signage of the water tower once restoration works have been completed by the Public Transport Authority. This is contingent on Labor winning this Agricultural seat in the forthcoming election. Mia Davies, MLA, sitting member for Central Wheatbelt surprised us with a welcome grant of $200.00 from an application made recently to the Mia’s Local Hero Grant. This will readily be put to good use in assisting with the purchase of a hot water system for our refreshment room which we are hoping to hire out for future meetings, functions and social events. We thank Darren, Michelle and Mia for their visit to, and interest in the Railway Museum and wish all candidates well in the election. Recently, the Railway Museum hosted a two day Workshop conducted by Sam Beard and Sarah Cole (Australian Museums and Galleries Association) focussing on policy, protocols and guidelines; copywrite; collection management and storage. We were delighted to welcome representatives from Bruce Rock, Narembeen and Kellerberrin Museums. Discussion was informative, reflective and an opportunity to look at better ways of promoting and extending our great resources to the public. At Merredin Rail Museum many of the good suggestions explored are already embedded in our Interpretive and Design Concept Plan. Presently we are working towards standardising Tales from the Train A modern take on travelling by train our signage to better inform our visitors. As always, Julie Nicoletti’s amazing catering was keenly appreciated! Snippets from the Signal Box: The Westland passenger dining car serviced dinner on the eastbound run, was detached at Northam, then attached to the westbound By LADY RANTHAM Pole Position. When you are a regular train commuter going a decent distance, you work out the system pretty quickly. The secret to scoring a decent (or indeed ANY) seat is to achieve Prime Pole Position on the Platform. Henceforth referred to as 4P. Now I know my afternoon train and have worked out the sweet 4P spot at the Perth Underground and arrived there first as the previous Cockburn train left, so perfectly timed. Engage Smug Mode. A few others joined me as the minutes ticked down to the critical moment that the train arrived. As the metal behemoth rounded that final bend into the station that makes the track shriek in that unearthly audio zone that makes the ear shut down protectively and the bladder clench with unease, there was a fair crowd of us. I am not worried. I'm in 4P. The doors will open right next to me, clear for the disembarking throng and in perfect position to curl into the double seat of my choice. As the penultimate disgorgers stepped out, with that awkward 'let's not make eye contact please' expression, I felt a disturbance in the force. A human chisel was cleaving her way between the train and the crowd, determinedly forcing her way towards the door, one hand braced on the train, the other elbow scything unsuspecting commuters in less-4P positions away from the track and bruising not-an- insubstantial- number of unprotected chests. She arrived right behind me and pressed herself RIGHT up against me. I could feel her both on my thigh and my shoulder. I should mention at this point that I'm wearing a fairly full backpack, so she's curved over my side silhouette like an adhesive poultice, quivering slightly as the last hapless student fled the carriage. She then braced an elbow on the train and levered me away from the door, shoving me powerfully out of her way. I must admit at this point, it was so comically rude that I was laughing. As I stumbled out of her way, was caught by a handsome blonde in a hot pink polo shirt and helped back to upright, she then got upset at me for laughing!!! I gestured grandly for her to proceed me (for my own safety) and was joined by the crowd in some exasperated side glances and not a few 'tsk's to which she took even more offense. I have kept an amused smile on the whole journey home as I type this update and glance up occasionally to her glare. Best thing of all? She ended up being squashed into her seat by a next- generation man-spreading tradie who has been working HARD today, while I scored the diminutive overseas student smelling faintly of jasmine. Karma. Instant and satisfying. Roy Butler, Mark Dacombe, Jane Patroni, Cr Mal Willis, Julie Smith, Langley Smith, Michelle Nelson, Hon Darren West, Julie Nicole, Rob Endersbee and Cr Julie Flockart Julie Flockart, Jane Patroni, Kaye Dueld, Mia Davies MLA, Julie Nicole & Ross Dueld

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 7 Police Report By Acting Inspector HEATH SOUTAR Can I first of all start off by saying hello to everyone, it is great to finally be here and working at Merredin Police Station. I am looking forward to what the next few years holds for me and my family in this wonderful community. I have come here after being the Officer in Charge (OIC) of Collie Police Station for 3 and ½ years, prior to that I was in charge of Laverton Police Station for the same period. I bring with me over 30 years of policing experience in Metropolitan and Regional Western Australia. I also bring with me my wife, Janique, my son Hunter who is nearly 3 and my daughter Elsie who has just turned 1. We are looking forward to making this our home for the next few years and also be active members of the local community. I have met most of the team here and am impressed with their work ethic and passion for policing the town. We have a new staff member starting this week, who has come from Perth and he will be working his first regional posting. We still have a couple of vacancies and will be looking to fill them in the near future with new, eager and professional officers. The previous OIC, Mark TOBIASSEN did an excellent job and I have some very big shoes to fill. The team here are mixing their duties between incidents in town, traffic work and community policing. It has been great to see their engagement efforts with Merredin youth with the ‘Three Point Fridays’ initiative. This has seen them team up with the Shire and provide some basketball games and fun for our youth in the Merredin ‘Piazza’. We have certainly seen some talent on show and try as we might, the ‘Police team’ has suffered some defeats. We also scored an injury on Friday which might see one of the officers on the sidelines for a while. The staff at Merredin and their efforts in the community are a reflection of my leadership, if you have a perceived issue when interacting with them, I am more than happy to discuss what has occurred. I want their efforts to be seen as trusted, valued and exceptional and I want you to feel safe in the community. I have an open door policy and can be seen if needed, I may have prior arrangements so please do not be offended if an appointment is needed. I would also like you to remember Police Officers are human too, we can all make mistakes, it is a very tough job, not everyone can do it and not everyone wants to do it. My staff are still turning up, day in and day out, trying to get it right, every time for you and the community. I plan to keep you posted with crime trends, safety and security tips, major incidents and some ‘feel good’ stuff over the coming months. If you see me walking the streets, feel free to come up and say ‘hi’, I look forward to meeting you and having a chat. Stay safe please. By MARILYN ROBSON Kellerberrin’s Centenary Park is across the road from the train station, a great spot for a stopover or for locals, to enjoy the free BBQs, shaded gazebos and a playground for the kids. Kellerberrin Pioneer Museum, located in the old agricultural hall (built 1897) on the grounds of Pioneer Park, is run by a community minded group dedicated to the collection, preservation and sharing of the history and stories of Kellerberrin Town News Kellerberrin and the surrounding. The Museum is open on Sundays 10am – 12 Noon for a gold coin donation or by appointment by contacting Janine Jones on 0427 523 332.

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8 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 By RYAN PLUMMER As 2020 drew to a close, nextra Merredin was undergoing a major refurbishment and expansion. After months of hard work by the staff and many local contractors, the team are excited for you to experience a bit of luxury in their spacious new store. Owned and run by Jude and Shaun Morton, nextra Merredin is your local source of newspapers, magazines, stationery, ink, and office supplies. But this is more than a newsagent. With a focus on quality products and an amazing retail experience, this is a shop you will want to visit again and again. The extra space and better displays mean you’ll now find products you never noticed before. The extensive range includes fashion, teas, candles, jewellery, toys, board games, kitchenware, headphones and speakers, phone accessories, cosmetics, ink cartridges for hundreds of printers, luggage, and more. Look for a selection of women’s shoes from Rollie. Designed in Australia and made to last, these lightweight travel shoes let you walk all day in comfort and style. Another gem to check out is the old-style confectionery, handmade by New Farm in Brisbane. New website. Jude and Shaun approached me last winter to design and develop a website and online store. I’m excited to tell you it will Merredin Newsagent Completes Expansion. Website Coming Soon. soon be live. Branded as nextra in the Wheatbelt, this website will make it easy to buy ink cartridges, office supplies, and gifts from the comfort of home. Customers will have a choice of postal delivery or click-and-collect. Please visit and sign up now to be among the first to know when the full site launches. From the moment I met Jude and Shaun, it was clear that the local community and Australian businesses are important to them. They actively seek out ways to support local businesses, while offering a wide range of Australian-made products. Being kind to the environment is another high priority, the store having recently been fitted with solar panels and quality insulation. Waste is recycled if at all possible. And many eco-friendly products are available in store. If you have not yet experienced the new nextra Merredin, I encourage you to drop by. You won’t be disappointed. And I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new website, nextra in the Wheatbelt. For all their hard work, Jude and Shaun wish to thank Astone Painting, B & J Building and Maintenance, Darryn Grant Fibrous Plastering, D & D Cabinets, Merredin Glazing Service, Merredin Telephone Services and O’Neill Electrics.

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 9

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10 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 11 St Mary’s held their Faction Swimming Carnival on Monday 8 March. Congratulations to all students on their sportsmanship and performance on the day. Special congratulations to the championship winners and runners up. The results of the faction shield were Salvatorians 506 MacKillop 380 St Joseph 353 St Mary’s School Faction Swimming Carnival

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12 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 On Wednesday morning, 24 February, Merredin Men’s Shed had a surprise visit from Hon Darren West MLC and the Labor candidate for the upcoming State election, Michelle Nelson. 18 Men’s Shed members welcomed Darren and Michelle to the Shed for a chat and cuppa. Darren introduced Michelle to the members and mentioned she grew up in Kellerberrin and went to school in Merredin. He went on to discuss some other topics and reminded the members early voting commenced that day. Possible new forklift for the Merredin Men’s Shed At a previous visit to the Men’s Shed, the members made Darren aware of the need for a new forklift, as the current one had seen better days. The members were pleased to hear Darren say that on the re-election of a Labor Government a donation of $25,000 would be made to the Merredin Men’s Shed for the purpose of purchasing a new fork lift. Members of the Men’s Shed accompanied the visitors on a tour of the Shed facilities. Men’s Shed members with Hon Darren West & Michelle Nelson

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 13 Year 3-12 Inter-house Swimming Carnival This year saw perfect conditions for the 2021 Year 3-12 Inter-house Swimming Carnival which was held on Friday 26 February at the Merredin Swimming Pool. Well done to all the students who participated - on an excellent day of competition and good sportsmanship. Year Champion Runner-up Champion Year 3 Boys Jed Van Der Merwe Callum Kett Year 3 Girls Sheridan Wild Abigail Du Plessis Year 4 Boys Beau Manning Calvin Hardy Year 4 Girls Ella Alcock Aria Boehme Year 5 Boys Nathan Major Ned Truglio Year 5 Girls Natasha Ockerby Bonnie Wahlsten Year 6 Boys Jamie Hardy Jaxon Bill Year 6 Girls Gracie Hayes-Thompson Chloe Major Jayda Taylor-Thomas Year 7 Boys Nathaniel Shelton Sam Anderson Year 7 Girls Charlotte Rajagopalan Milla Kett Year 8 Boys Kurtis Jones Angus Townrow Year 8 Girls Tilly Ryan Phoebe Hayden Year 9 Boys Dylan Garlett Judd Major Year 9 Girls Tyler Bush Grace Shelton Year 10 Boys Harry Farson Codan Daddow Year 10 Girls Hallie Anderson Amber Watkins Phoebe Brooker Upper School Boys Lachlan Alvaro Joshua Grant Upper School Girls Jasmin Griffiths Alicia Hills Overall Champion Boy Lachlan Alvaro Overall Champion Girls Tilly Ryan Tyler Bush Jasmin Griffiths Primary House Winner: 1st Kelly 2nd Law 3rd Growden 4th Mitchell Secondary House Winner: 1st Mitchell 2nd Growden 3rd Law 4th Kelly Overall House Winner: 1st Law 2nd Kelly 3rd Mitchell 4th Growden Carnival Results: Congratulations to students who received individual champion trophies:

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14 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 By PETER BARRETT This fortnight’s WTF starts with a New Moon tomorrow night and features the Equinox on the 21st, when the sun departs the southern hemisphere and begins six months duty warming up the other half of the world. The days are shortening rapidly now, and by the next edition of the Phoenix there will be 25 minutes less daylight. Venus reaches it’s furthest point from Earth at superior conjunction next Wednesday and so we can expect it gradually to begin illuminating the evening sky as April unfolds. Jupiter and Saturn now dominate the pre WTF 12th –26th March dawn sky to the East and Mercury rises to join them well before sunrise, making for quite spectacular viewing for early risers and those on night shift. The evening sky still features Mars as it passes by the Pleiades. The Gemini twins Castor and Pollux bear due North with Leo to the East beginning to take their place. The asteroid Vesta can be found in this area with a good set of binoculars. Look about a finger’s width to the left of the bright star Chertan, or Theta Leonis. Vesta is the second largest asteroid after Ceres, but is easily the brightest, and is especially bright at the moment because of opposition. Despite these propitious conditions it will still be hard to spot this tiny wild rock at magnitude 5. Good luck! In the western sky on Tuesday evening March 16 watch for the young crescent moon with Uranus just above it. Both will fit in binoculars as they set. To the South the Emu can now be clearly seen rising above the southeastern horizon as the evening advances. the Southern Cross forms a glittering crown and the the two pointers Alpha and Beta Centauri form a showy necklace. Eventually the Emu’s body rises in the form of Scorpio and Ophiuchus some time after midnight. Overhead Sirius and Canopus still dominate but they are now on the way down. The large constellation of Virgo featuring Spica and it’s attendant quadrilateral Corvus the Crow will take over that part of the sky during the course of Autumn, as they do every year. The same patterns of stars appear in the same places at the same times of the year, which makes the sky a very attractive and reliable natural calendar for those in the know, completely free of charge for us all to enjoy forever.

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 15 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 15 MARCH 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 APRIL 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 COMMUNITY CALENDAR Check out the 26th March edition of the Phoenix for more information Merredin A Choired Taste 7pm—9pm. 0487 351 167. Bootscooting, 7pm. 9041 3005. Global Caravan Tribal Dance and Drumming 5pm. 9041 1041. Narembeen Rhyme Time at the Library. 9064 7055. Merredin Seniors Craft Group. Senior Centre. 10am. Narembeen Morning Coffee Club. 9064 7055. Merredin Twilight International Food Festival 6pm—8pm. 9041 1611. Merredin Merredin Show. Rec Centre. 9041 1041. Narembeen Ladies Long Lunch. 9064 7055. Merredin Seniors Craft Group. Senior Centre. 10am. Ready Tech Go for over 50’s 10.30am—11.20am. 9041 1041. Merredin CRC Meeting. 5.30pm. Narembeen Morning Coffee Club. 9064 7055. Narembeen Story Time at the Library. 9064 7055. Narembeen Narembeen Triathlon. 9064 7055. Trayning Churches Unite event. 0428 831 036. Merredin Early Years Network Easter in the park, Apex Park. 9.30am—11.30am, 0-5 years. Seniors Craft Group. Senior Centre. 10am. Narembeen Morning Coffee Club. 9064 7055. Merredin A Choired Taste 7pm—9pm. 0487 351 167. Bootscooting, 7pm. 9041 3005. Global Caravan Tribal Dance and Drumming 5pm. 9041 1041. Narembeen Rhyme Time at the Library. 9064 7055. Merredin A Choired Taste 7pm—9pm. 0487 351 167. Bootscooting, 7pm. 9041 3005. Global Caravan Tribal Dance and Drumming 5pm. 9041 1041. Narembeen Rhyme Time at the Library. 9064 7055. Merredin Seniors Craft Group. Senior Centre. 10am. Narembeen Morning Coffee Club. 9064 7055. Merredin Men’s Shed 2pm—5pm. Senior Centre morning tea. 10am. Merredin Men’s Shed 2pm—5pm. Senior Centre morning tea. 10am. PH: Easter Monday Merredin Men’s Shed 2pm—5pm. Senior Centre morning tea. 10am. Kellerberrin People’s Baptist Church. 11am. 0435 284 796. Merredin Merredin Church of Christ. 10am. Uniting Church. 9am. 0428 125 613. Kellerberrin People’s Baptist Church. 11am. 0435 284 796. Merredin Merredin Church of Christ. 10am. Uniting Church. 9am. 0428 125 613. Kellerberrin People’s Baptist Church. 11am. 0435 284 796. Merredin Merredin Church of Christ. 10am. Uniting Church. 9am. 0428 125 613. Kellerberrin People’s Baptist Church. 11am. 0435 284 796. Merredin Merredin Church of Christ. 10am. Uniting Church. 9am. 0428 125 613. Merredin Seniors Gentle Gym. 2pm. Senior Centre. Merredin Seniors Gentle Gym. 2pm. Senior Centre. Merredin Seniors Gentle Gym. 2pm. Senior Centre. Merredin Seniors Gentle Gym. 2pm. Senior Centre. To add or amend your community notice, please email it to Merredin Men’s Shed 2pm—5pm. Senior Centre morning tea. 10am. Easter Sunday PH: Good Friday

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16 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 By MARGARET TEASDALE, President MFAS Merredin Fine Arts Society will be holding an Exhibition on the 26th March 2021. Not only will this be an exhibition of artworks by our talented group, it will also be the official Opening of the Gallery. We have named the exhibition ‘From Books to Brushes’ in recognition of the original purpose of the building. The building was first opened on April 26th 1963 by Professor Fred Alexander, Chairman of the Library Board of WA, and was named ‘Harling Memorial Public Library’, named after Merredin Shire President HH Harling. Little bit of history, the library was stocked with 5000 books. The building is now used as a showplace for MFAS to work, and a brilliant place where we as artists, can work side by side, encourage each other and give confidence and guidance to new members in their dream of becoming artists. Official Opening of the Merredin Fine Arts Society Gallery Most of our art is for sale and we welcome visitors and new members to come have a look and maybe purchase an original piece of art as a gift for someone (Mother’s Day) or just because. Art is a wonderful hobby. It is a great distraction, a social outlet, a new challenge and also is stimulus for both mind and body. It is something you can pack up and take with you wherever you are, indoors and outdoors, on holiday or at home.

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 17

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18 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 BEAUTICIAN CARPENTER PEST CONTROL PHOTOCOPIERS COMMER-ROOF MAINTENANCE SARAH SOMERS LAWYER Family Law – Divorce – Separation - Property Settlement – Defacto Relationships Children’s Issues – Contact/Residence Competitive hourly rates – Reduced fee for Initial Consultation Serving the Wheatbelt Community 85 Fitzgerald St, Northam 9622 9687 / 0427 725 501 LAWYER LAWYER for all domestic and commercial cleaning in the Wheatbelt Call Graeme on 0458 391 232 CLEANER PHOTOCOPIERS COMMERCIAL CARPENTER HANDYMAN EARTH MOVING EARTH MOVING

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 19 now does steam carpet cleaning/shampooing and upholstery cleaning Call Graeme on 0458 391 232 CARPET CLEANING TECH SUPPLIES AWD ENTERPRISES Painng Contractor Rego No 2916 Domesc, Commercial, Industrial Protecve Coangs, Insurance Contact Walter 0411 494 340 PAINTER EMPLOYMENT TRAINING MERREDIN TRAINING Heavy Vehicle Pilots license $1000 Forklift Ticket $500 Tele handler ticket $450 Truck licenses HR- B $1200 HR $1500 HC / MC $2000 Please register any interest in these courses by emailing ETS 0414703205 Jim Willcox gave us this article from the book “Making Money—The Story of the Royal Australian Mint” as it is an interesting read. Money. Coins. Where would we be without them? Money in the form of coins has been in use since the seventh century BC. The words money and mint are derived from the name of the Roman Goddess Juno Moneta, whose temple the Romans used as a workshop for making coins. From that time it became common usage to call coins or places where coins were made “Moneta”. The first Australians did not use money as we know it. They used a barter system and traded things all over the continent from one end to the other. Their trade routes were sometimes thousands of kilometres long. Trading was very important to Aboriginal culture because ideas were swapped as well as goods. Trade routes did not stay the same all the time. Aboriginal people were always collecting and making new things to trade and finding new people to swap them with. Some popular trading items were special stones for making tools, coloured stones called ochres and pearl shells from the far north of Australia. Pearl shells from the tropics were traded as far south as the Great Australian Bight. Over two centuries ago, the arrival of Europeans brought coins to the continent for the first time. This book is designed to help explain the history and processes of coinage in Australia since the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. Like the nation and the monetary system it serves, the Royal Australian Mint has steadily evolved. Today, it is a world leader in its field. Making Money

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20 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 Horoscopes ARIES 21 March—19 April This could be a highly disorganised time for you, full of potential promise, but frustrated by the failure of others to get things done. Nevertheless, it is a good time for everything to do with learning and communication. Excellent conditions arise involving working with friends. TAURUS 20 April—20 May This is a positive and rather chaotic period in your social life. It is enriching to channel your caring energy into idealistic group projects. If you can focus, then it is a great time for making social reforms. It is also a time when you embrace alternative viewpoints. GEMINI 21 May—20 June The end of an educational period with a focus on international and social outreach is indicated. This makes way for a transitioning to apply what you have learned to your career. You can harness your marketing and persuasive powers and the power of your imagination. CANCER 21 June—22 July A new phase is beginning when you take the lead and connect with influential groups both nationally and international to make constructive partnerships. Work closely with an idealistic associate, but assert your leadership. This may also involve eliminating unrealistic expectations . LEO 23 July—22 August For sometime now, you have been familiarising yourself with the more subtle aspects of life, relationships and emotional interaction. Now it is time to eliminate irrational fears and other weaknesses, preparing the way for a more assertive phase. VIRGO 23 August—22 September There is a major change of focus now from successful accomplishments in your working life to more personal relationships. This could lead to a certain amount of stress, especially with leader-types who have a plan they want to implement. The best action is to stay out of conflicts. LIBRA 23 September—22 October Currently you long for more meaning in your work and at the same time you are motivated to help others. Time spent sorting out who you want to help and how much you want to give, proves beneficial now. It is time to move on, as a bright new focus on relationships is on the way. SCORPIO 23 October—21 November This is a time when you may face some communication challenges, especially concerning home and family matters. You can see the advantages of recent changes that have affected your foundations and that it is more important to organise for the future. SAGITTARIUS 22 November—21 December Currently, you are in a phase where most things you touch, at least when it comes to education or communication projects, meet with success. You learn fast and have the benefit of partners and members of a team, who provide you with all of the information you need. CAPRICORN 22 December—19 January Slowly but steadily you are building up a robust organisation with the help of a local or international team. This enables you to ride out the considerable restructuring taking place with regards to resources and money. Soon there will be a powerful new focus on your home life. AQUARIUS 20 January—18 February Life becomes a little less overloaded soon. as most of the things that have been set in motion recently continue with a momentum of their own. On the financial front, money flow works out fine. This is a good time to eliminate unrealistic expenses or outstanding debt. PISCES 19 February—20 March Efforts that you and those who are close to you make at this time, can lead to the elimination of factors that are at the root of troubles, and to reforms which clear up any remaining confusion. Over time there will be a greater focus on your personal finances, and opportunities will arise. CLASSIFIEDS Garage Sale Positions Vacant Find the right person for the job. Advertise here 9041 1041 Garage Sale, Satur day 20th Mar ch fr om 8am. 28 Golf Road. Various household, shed and garden cleanout.

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 21 Positions Vacant CLASSIFIEDS Ranger Written applications are invited for the position of Ranger with the Shire of Merredin. The Shire of Merredin is seeking a highly motivated person with suitable experience to join our team. The position requires the person to work unsupervised under general direction from the Executive Manager of Development Services. The ability to converse amicably with the public whilst enforcing the requirements of this regulatory position is essential. The Ranger is responsible for enforcing activities of the Dog Act, Cat Act, Animal Welfare Act, Caravan and Camping Grounds Act, Bush Fires Act, Off Road Vehicles Act, Litter Act, Local Government Act in respect of stock control and other miscellaneous legislation and Local Laws in accordance with Council Policy to ensure the protection of amenity for residents of the Shire. This is a full-time position, however part time and job-sharing arrangements will be considered. After hours and weekend call outs apply to this role. An attractive salary package, including a cash component between $65,500 and $71,500, applicable on call allowances and superannuation up to 12.5% as per Council Policy will be negotiated with the successful applicant. Consideration will also be given to assistance with housing if required. A position description is available via our website or by contacting Leticia Richards on 9041 1611 or email You can also explore for information on the Shire and district. Applications including a detailed resume, references and covering letter indicating your ability to meet the requirements of this position will be accepted by email to by no later than 4pm Thursday 1 April 2021. The Shire of Merredin is an equal opportunity employer. Mark Dacombe TEMPORARY CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Part Time Position Available The Nungarin Community Resource Centre Management Committee has an opportunity available for a friendly and organized person who has both good administration skills and excellent customer service. Duties will vary daily and will include office cleaning. So if you are flexible and able to undertake a variety of changing tasks then this is the role for you. We also operate the Australia Post outlet which requires an eye for detail and strict confidentiality. This position will commence in April 2021. Hours are to be negotiated, however will not exceed 20 per week.  Hourly rate between $20.58 - $25.00 available depending on age, experience & prior qualifications.  Develop a wide range of skills including providing Australia Post services, desktop publishing, event organisation and promotion. Experience in using Microsoft Office, including Publisher, will be an advantage.  Gain invaluable experience as part of a small team within a friendly rural community.  Nungarin is located only 40 km from Merredin and boasts a hotel, shop, monthly markets and fantastic sporting facilities including a swimming pool & recreation centre. If you have any general queries in relation to the position, prior to sending your application, please contact Emily on 9046 5400 or visit the CRC. To apply please email your CV including 2 recent referees and a cover letter stating why you feel you would be a good fit for this position. Email: or mail your application to: The Chairperson, Nungarin Community Resource Centre, P O Box 3, Nungarin WA 6490. Applications close 4.00 pm Monday 29th March 2021. By RUSSEL ROBERTS Merredin took away one division 4 men’s team to country week over the weekend. They finished 3rd in their pool! Results Saturday Pemberton (51) d. Merredin (44) Merredin (36) d. Collie (30) Bunbury 1 (51) d. Merredin (38) Sunday Merredin (48) d. Geraldton (46) Merredin (53) d. Denmark (22) Monday Merredin (43) d. Mukinbudin (24) Big thanks to those who played: Patrick Withers Luke Keamy Cooper Creek Russell Roberts Riley Price Blair Morris Reilley Ferguson Callum Creek Ethan Price A massive thanks to Kat White who coached the boys over the weekend and ran trainings! Congratulations to the team for your efforts. Basketball Country Week 2021 By BETH GEARING The Champ of Champ Singles for the South Eastern Bowling League was played at Bruce Rock on Friday the 5th of March. Congratulations to our very own Norma Henderson who won this prestigious event for the 2020/21 season. Norma played fantastic bowls and had four straight wins. Congratulations to all the other club Champions. Huge Congratulations also to Brian Bush and Jedd Shepherd on winning the SEBL Men’s Champ of Champ Pairs which was played at Narembeen on Sunday the 21st of February. Well done to John Gearing, Alan Wolfenden and Shaun Baker on winning the Men’s Triples Championship. Good luck to the Civic Ladies for the 2020/21 Pennant finals which are to be played in Tammin on Wednesday the 10th of March. Lawn Bowls Civic Bowls Image right: Terri Higgins Bruce Rock, Anita Cowan Narembeen, Norma Henderson Merredin Civic Bowls, Cheryl Auld Southern Cross, Noelene Abe Corrigin

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22 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 Basketball Results 11th February Men Lakers (37) d. Bucks (20) Bulls (37) d. Thunder (34) Demons (36) d. Devils (26) Women Sharks (19) d. Black Pearls (17) Mystics (33) d. Sonics (23) Opals (38) d. Fury (27) Results 18 February Men Devils (31) d. Lakers (30) Demons (26) d. Thunder (21) Bulls (42) d. Bucks (38) Women Opals (27) d. Titans (21) Mystics (32) d. Fury (18) Black Pearls (32) d. Sonics (18) Results 25 February U12 White 27 d. Blue 2 Red 13 d. Maroon 6 Gold 22 d. Green 14 Black 16 d. Blue/Gold 6 U16 Girls Light Blue 54 d. Red 29 Green 25 d. White 22 U16 Boys Maroon 41 d. Blue 20 Merredin Basketball Assoc. 4 March Played Win Loss Draw F A % PTS Blue 12 11 1 0 307 158 194 22 Red 12 9 3 0 194 139 140 18 Black 12 8 4 0 225 177 127 16 White 12 7 5 0 200 144 139 14 Gold 12 7 5 0 254 205 124 14 Green 12 2 9 1 161 188 86 5 Blue/Gold 12 2 9 1 96 205 47 5 Maroon 12 1 11 0 83 304 27 2 4 March Played Win Loss Draw F A % PTS Grey 12 9 3 0 424 313 135 16 Maroon 12 7 4 1 526 430 122 15 Yello 12 5 6 1 390 365 107 11 Blue 12 7 4 1 394 364 108 9 Green 12 3 8 1 339 455 75 7 Red 12 3 9 0 413 559 74 6 4 March Played Win Loss Draw F A % PTS Light Blue 12 10 2 0 495 281 176 White 12 8 4 0 353 294 120 Green 12 5 6 1 323 295 109 Red 12 0 11 1 211 512 41 Yellow 39 d. Green 33 Grey 52 d. Red 24 Men Bulls (31) d. Demons (22) Thunder d. Lakers (forfeit) Bucks (48) d. Devils (39) Women Sharks (45) d. Titans (18) Black Pearls (69) d. Opals (7) Sonics (20) d. Fury (14) Results 2 March U12 Blue 31 d. Gold 26 Red 14 d. Black 12 Green 30 d. Maroon 4 Blue/Gold forfeit to White U16 Boys Blue 42 d. Maroon 26 Green 30 d. Yellow 22 Grey 52 d. Red 29 U16 Girls White 29 d. Red 21 Light Blue 30 d. Green 28 Results 4 March U12 Gold 26 d. Black 24 Blue 22 d. Green 21 Red 22 d. Blue/Gold 10 White 26 d. Maroon 4 U16 Boys Blue 34 d. Green 30 Maroon 69 d. Red 38 Grey 32 d. Yellow 26 U16 Girls White 40 d. Red 22 Light Blue 48 d. Green 31 Men Bucks (59) – Demons (53) Lakers (56) – Bulls (37) Thunder (39) – Devils (28) Women Sonics (21) d. Titans (13) Sharks (37) d. Opals (25) Black Pearls (36) d. Mystics (31) Under 12’s Under 16 Boys Under 16 Girls 4 March Played Win Loss Draw F A % PTS Lakers 14 12 2 - 144 22 Bucks 14 9 5 - 109 14 Thunder 14 6 7 1 94 11 Bulls 14 8 6 - 105 10 Devils 14 2 12 - 66 2 Demons 14 4 9 1 97 1 Men’s 4 March Played Win Loss Draw F A % PTS Sharks 11 10 1 - 167 20 Black Pearls 12 10 2 - 213 18 Mystics 11 9 2 - 182 18 Sonics 11 5 6 - 89 10 Opals 11 4 7 - 63 8 Fury 11 1 10 - 55 - Titans 11 - 11 - 43 4 Women’s

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THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12 2021 23 Dancing By ANJOEEN WELLS January and February have been a very busy time for our Bootscooting Club. We have been privileged to have welcomed some very talented people to Merredin. Styling and Technique Workshop On Sunday 17th January we had world champion dancers Robyn Hughes and Connor McArdle from Perth’s Cowboys & Angels come to Merredin to offer our Merredin Bootscooters Club and Boots and Shuffles Bruce Rock a very comprehensive styling and technique workshop in the lead up to our state championship competition the West State Line Up (WSLU). To be able to have two such talented dancers here and have them guide us and teach us in a one on one situation was amazing for us. It definitely gave us an insight and understanding of what is required of us at a competitive level. Thank you to Robyn and Connor and to Robyn’s husband Neil for driving them to Merredin and back. Bootscooting Workshop On 23rd January the Merredin Club were honoured to host a workshop and social here in Merredin. Over 30 people from the Kalgoorlie, Bruce Rock and Northam clubs came into town to learn dances that were on the Merredin Bootscooting Anjoeen and Sue being taken through their paces with Connor McArdle from Pink Boot Ball dance list. The Ball is held after the West State Line Up competition that was to be held on 20th February. The day started off with a beginners workshop with Anjoeen from Merredin and Andrea Smith from Kalgoorlie’s Pure Gold Bootscooters teaching two beginner dances each over a two hour period. After a quick lunch break, gratefully provided by the Merredin and Bruce Rock ladies, we had a special guest teacher, Glenn Dale from Perth’s Urban Cowboys club, come in for an intermediate workshop where he taught three dances. After a full on day everyone went home to freshen up before we all met up again at the Merredin Palace Chinese Restaurant where Jimmy, along with his team, delivered an outstanding meal for us all. We then wandered down to the Cummins Theatre for a night of social dancing and revision of the dances we learnt during the day. All in all a very enjoyable day and night for all those in attendance. West State Line Up This year’s WSLU, 20th February, was again held at the Vasto Club in Balcatta and was well attended by clubs from Perth to Kalgoorlie and many towns in between including our own Merredin Bootscooters. This year we had a team of six competitors and a support crew of 10 attend the competition and the Pink Boot Charity Ball later that same evening. Every year the Pink Boot Ball selects a charity to raise much needed funds for and this year the recipient was The Heart Foundation. As all profits from both the competition and the Ball go to the selected Charity, we are so very proud to say that this year’s total raised was $12,200! Congratulations must go to the event coordinators Donna and Rhys Pearce and Glenn Dale and also to the line dancing community who attended for their generosity. Local results for the day are: Under 15 Set dance Duo-Head & Heart 3rd place Bailey Cotter & Alexis Henderson from Rock ‘n’ Boots Bruce Rock 15-30 Own Choice Duo 3rd Gemma Cotter & Maddie Earl-Sadler Rock ‘n’ Boots All Ages Novice Own Choice Duo 1st Anjoeen Wells & Susan Clark, Merredin 2nd Lesley Watson Merredin & Tania Darby-Gethin Boots and Shuffles Bruce Rock Under 15 Set Dance Crew-Country Boy Lovin’ 2nd Bailey, Indie and Alexis Rock ‘n’ Boots 3rd Lily Brunetti Merredin with Lia, Bailey & Isabella from Pure Gold Kalgoorlie 30 and Over Own Choice Duo 1st Anjoeen Wells Merredin & Andrea Smith Pure Gold Kalgoorlie Under 15 Own Choice Duo 3rd Bailey & Alexis Rock’n’ Boots Under 9 Set Dance Solo Crash & Burn 3rd Indie Cotter Rock’n’ Boots Novice Set Dance Duo Open-Runaround Sue 3rd Indie & Maddie Rock’n’ Boots Novice Set Dance Crew-Gaslighter 3rd Gemma, Indie, Bailey, Lisa, Alexis, Maddie & Kelly Rock’n’Boots 45 & Over Own Choice Crew 2nd Anjoeen Wells Merredin, Andrea Smith Pure Gold Kalgoorlie & Glenn Dale Urban Cowboys Perth Under 9 Set Dance Duo-Crash & Burn 2nd Lily Brunetti Merredin & Lia Kao Pure Gold Kalgoorlie 3rd Indie & Pippa Cotter Rock ‘n’ Boots Special mention must go out to Danyon Wells and Trey Cotter who represented Merredin in the 30 and Under Set Dance Duo dancing an advanced dance Cyber Remix. Danyon and Trey looking suave Anjoeen, Glenn & Andrea Danyon has never danced before and Trey has not danced in almost a year. They danced in what turned out to be one of the most competitive sections of the day against some of the best dancers in the state. They danced amazingly, I could be a little bias, and did themselves, their families and their club proud. Even though they did not place, they got up there and held their own as the only all male team for the day. Congratulations boys! Congratulations to all those who competed. The months of dedicated training and persistence with getting the styling right definitely paid off. Big thanks must also go out to the rest of the class for stepping aside during this time. I know you missed out on “just dancing” time with the extended Christmas break and for that we truely grateful. Thanks again. So until next time we say farewell WSLU! See you again next year If you would like to join our Bootscooting Club please see the community calendar in the Phoenix for details. Tania & Lesley

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24 THE PHOENIX Friday, March 12th 2021 2021 Zone Singles Championships Tennis By MICHELLE GETHIN Nineteen children from around the Central Districts Tennis Zone gathered in Cunderdin to contest the 2021 Zone Singles Championships recently. More than half of the entrants were in the 10 Years and Under group which was fantastic to see. Thank you to the Hon Melissa Price MP for her sponsorship which assisted the zone in purchasing the trophies. Results 10 Years & Under Boys Champion: Matthew Ashworth (York) 10 Years & Under Boys Runner-up: Liam Leeson (Meckering) 10 Years & Under Girls Champion: Sadie Draper (York) 10 Years & Under Runner-up: Greta Gethin (Merredin Districts) 12 Years & Under Boys Champion: Archie Gethin (Merredin Districts) 12 Years & Under Runner-up (in a 3 way count back!): Jacob Billing (Merredin Districts) 12 Years & Under Girls Champion: Jianna Matres (Northam) 12 Years & Under Runner-up: Jonti Leeson (Meckering) 14 Years & Under Girls Champion: Lily Leeson (Meckering) 14 Years & Under Runner-up: Antoinette Matres (Northam) To keep up to date with all the Junior Tennis opportunities in the Central Wheatbelt and beyond, follow the Central Districts Tennis Association Facebook page. There are at least three more Junior Tennis Tournaments to come (York, Meckering and Northam) plus 2021 CBH Country Week in April.