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Friday, May 8th, 2020 PHONE: 9041 1041
College News
Page 7
St Marys
School News
Page 9
As at 5th May 2020
Tested 48,153
Cases (positive) 551
Recovered 528
Deaths 9
Confirmed cases in
Regional WA
Goldfields 8 (1 active)
Great Southern 9 (0 active)
Kimberley 17 (0 active )
Midwest 3 (0 active)
Pilbara 5 (0 active)
South West 9 (0 active)
Wheatbelt 9 (0 active)
COVID-19 in Australia
WA—Cases 551—Deaths 9
ACT—Cases 107—Deaths 3
NSW—Cases 3,033—Deaths 42
NT—Cases 29—Deaths 0
QLD—Cases 1,038—Deaths 6
SA—Cases 438—Deaths 4
TAS—Cases 223—Deaths 13
VIC—Cases 1,406—Deaths 18
Bencubbin - Bruce Rock - Corrigin - Doodlakine - Kellerberrin - Merredin - Mukinbudin - Narembeen - Nungarin - Southern Cross - Tammin - Trayning - Westonia
On the morning of the 25
2020, the community came together
in front of their devices in their
homes and on their driveways and
tuned in to a special ANZAC Day
service. This year there could be no
public attendance at the Cenotaph
due to the COVID-19 restrictions
placed on gatherings, but despite the
cold and wet dawn here in Merredin,
the service went on with only two
The morning was still, the only noise
to be heard was the patter of
raindrops as they splashed on the
pavement below. At 5.58am the
stream went live on the Shire of
Merredin Facebook page and before
long nearly 200 households were
watching together online, waiting in
silence and looking out at the
familiar white crosses and soldier
The clock ticked over to 6.00am and
Councillor Mal Willis took the
podium. He welcomed and thanked
those in attendance, and began, We
(Continued on page 3)
Day Service
China Southern donates
5,000 face masks to
Merredin residents
Gao Fei was a student with
China Southern West
Australian Flying College in
Merredin, graduating in
Course 7.
Gao and some of the other
students from Course 7
wanted to thank Merredin for
the warmth and hospitality
shown to them during their
time in Merredin. The group
of students have donated
5,000 masks and some
goggles to help the safety of
Merredin residents during the
COVID 19 Pandemic.
Local resident Terry Willis
has stayed in contact with
many of the students, in
particular Gao and was very
pleased to receive the masks
and goggles, which will be
distributed through churches,
Merredin CRC and other
agencies as from Monday 11
Read the 22nd May edition of
the Phoenix to see what Gao
Fei would like to say to the
Merredin Community.
2 THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020
0-4 Amity Health Playgroup—call
Claire Smith or email
A Choired Taste–Cancelled until
further notice. Call Langley Smith
on 0409 106 649.
All Saints Anglican Church
Sunday services will be suspended
for the time being. Connect through
Facebook chat or Zoom and reading
morning prayer at 10.00am each
Sunday. Contact Pauline 9044 1076
or Su 0427 412 709.
Bootscooting—Postponed until
further notice. Call Anjoeen on 9041
3005 or see Sue at the Chemist or
Lyn at the Post Office.
Mens Shed—Postponed until
further notice. Please call Peter
McCrae on 0427 625 027 for more
Merredin Army Cadet Unit 510
Postponed until further notice. For
further information please contact
Officer in Charge 2
Karinda Smith Mob: 0427 080 913
Merredin Camera Club—Email
Daina for more info at
Merredin Community Garden
Group Incfor information please
contact the Chairperson, Gillian
Ovans 0427 701 655 or by email
Merredin Community Resource
Centre—Meetings cancelled until
further notice.
Merredin Fine Arts Society New
members welcome. Enquiries to
Margaret 0429 623 081.
Merredin Museum & Historical
Society—Closed until further notice.
Merredin Rifle Club—Call Steve
for more info on 0467 173 753.
Heather’s Hearsay
What does Mothers Day mean to you?
Merredin United in Prayer—
Cancelled for March. Will be
reviewed in April.
Moorditj Mia Services—Cancelled
until further notice. Call 0428 125
Peoples Baptist Church—
Cancelled until further notice. Ph
0435 284 796.
Playgroup—Contact Carissa Amm
on 0433 340 441.
Red Hat Lunch—Contact Julie
Townrow 0429 411 377 or email
Seniors Centre—Activities
suspended until further notice.
Seniors Centre Morning Tea
Suspended until further notice.
Seniors Gentle Gym—Suspended
until further notice.
Seventh-day Adventist Church
Closed until further notice. Services
will be available online. http:// The stream is
available on Saturday morning from
10 am. Call 0429 770 331.
St Marys Catholic Church,
Merredin— Father Andrew
Bowron, Ph 9041 1118.
Story-time—Cancelled until further
Tales of the Past—Cancelled until
further notice.
Tribal Bellydance & Drumming.
Call Kirsty on 0400 206 616.
Uniting ChurchCancelled until
further notice. Call 0428 125 613.
Westonia Croquet Club—Call John
Corsini on 0429 467 170 or Keith
Downsborough on 0482 445 046.
Wildflower Society Merredin
Branch—Call President Mal Harper
on 0437 388 292.
Produced fortnightly
Merredin Community Resource Centre
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Currently distribung @ 600 copies to
Bencubbin, Bruce Rock, Corrigin,
Doodlakine, Kellerberrin, Merredin,
Mukinbudin, Narembeen, Nungarin,
Southern Cross, Tammin, Trayning &
Araley McManus
It is close to my
birthday so I get to
celebrate and treat
my Mum who has
done some great
things for me in
my life, a time to
appreciate all the
things Mum does
for me.
Vicki ONeil
Special day to
celebrate Mum
and all she has
done for us over
the years.
Wilma & other seniors—
Thumbs up to Shaun & staff,
Nextra Newsagency, for their
Being able to
spend time with
your Mum and
your kids.
A nice time to
remember your
Mum and let her
know how much
you appreciate her.
Happy Mothers
Day to all the
Karen Hayes—Thumbs down
to the people who take their
green waste to the Merredin Tip
and discard household and
rubbish that isnt green waste in
the green waste area. Its not
hard to do the right thing.
Eddy & Margaret Johnston—
Thumbs up to the Merredin
College for holding their
ANZAC service and to the
Shire of Merredin for showing
their ANZAC service online. A
job well done.
Robin Wolstenholme—Thumbs
up to Merredin College, who I
am always gratefully
appreciative for asking me to
do relief work. Thank You
Merredin College for all that
you do.
THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020 3
Cr Mal Willis and Jusn Freind carry out the ANZAC Day dawn service
are present here at this early hour on
this day to honour the memory of
those gallant men and women who
willingly sacrificed and risked their
lives in the fight for the safety and
freedom of their beloved homelands
of Australia and New Zealand.
The service continued as planned,
with Councillor Willis laying a
wreath on behalf of the Shire of
Merredin and Cummins Theatre
Manager Justin Friend laying
wreaths on behalf of Wheatbelt
Vietnam Veterans, Hon Mia Davies
MLA, Njaki Njaki Aboriginal
Group, St Marys School, Merredin
College, Merredin Police, Merredin
Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service and
St John Ambulance.
The anthems of Australia and New
Zealand then echoed loudly through
the streets, as those in their
driveways, at crossroads and at home
joined proudly in song. The service
concluded moments later at 6.22am,
with Councillor Willis signing off by
thanking everyone for staying at
home and commemorating the
(Continued from page 1)
Online ANZAC Day Service as
restrictions continue cont.
ANZACs together. The video was
then posted to Facebook and viewed
more than 2,800 times by people
from all over WA, even reaching
Special thanks are extended to the
following members of the ANZAC
Day Working Group; Councillor
Malcom Willis Shire of Merredin,
Justin Freind Shire of Merredin,
Rob Endersbee Military Museum
and Merredin Cadets, Su Riley
Churches Fraternal, and Aub
Tompkin Wheatbelt Vietnam
The Shire of Merredin and ANZAC
Day Working Group would also like
to thank Jade Healey-Ratima for her
beautiful renditions of both the
Australian and New Zealand national
anthems. It was an emotional
performance that made Merredin so
incredibly proud!
If you missed the service, it is still
available for viewing on the Shire of
Merredin Facebook page at
ANZAC Display at the Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre
4 THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020
Court Report
14th April 2020
Perth Courthouse
Karl Mogridge appeared on a charge
of aggravated robbery. He was
remanded to appear in Perth on the
21st May 2020.
21st April 2020
Merredin Courthouse
Brady Ashmore was convicted of
driving (or attempting to drive) a
motor vehicle on a public road with a
blood alcohol content exceeding
0.05g. He was fined $500, ordered
to pay costs of $225.90 and had his
licence suspended for 8 months.
Shane Blake appeared on charges of
having no authority to drive—
suspended (other than fines
suspension) and careless driving
causing death, grievous bodily harm
or bodily harm. The matters have
been adjourned to appear in
Merredin on the 3rd June 2020.
Gael Bucheton was convicted of
exceeding 0.08g alcohol per 100ml
of blood. He was fined $550,
ordered to pay costs of $225.90 and
had his licence suspended for 7
Adam Bullock was convicted of
stealing, he was fined $500 and was
ordered to pay costs of $118.50. He
was convicted of a breach of police
order and received a 12 month
intensive supervision order. He was
convicted of dangerous driving and
was fined $1000 and had his licence
suspended for 12 months. He was
convicted of failing to comply with
requirements made by a member of
the police force and was fined $600
and had his licence suspended for 6
months. He was convicted of a
breach of protective bail conditions
and received a 12 month intensive
supervision order. He was convicted
of reckless driving, was fined $1500
and had his licence suspended for 12
Kenneth Bullock appeared on
charges of disorderly behaviour in
public, obstructing public officers,
threats to injure, endanger or harm
any person, possession of prohibited
drugs with intent to sell or supply
(Cannabis), possession of drug
paraphernalia in or on which there
was a prohibited drug or plant, being
an unlicensed person who possesses
firearm/ammunition and possession
of stolen property. He was
remanded to appear in Merredin on
the 5th May 2020 for some charges
and the 16th June 2020 for others.
Youssef Dehbi was convicted of
having no authority to drive (fines
suspended) and exceeding the speed
limit between 10 and 19km/h. He
was fined $600 and ordered to pay
costs of $225.90.
David Dowton was convicted of
having no authority to drive—
suspended (other than fines
suspension). He was fined $400,
ordered to pay costs of $225.90 and
had his licence suspended for a
further 9 months.
Lewis Finnie appeared on charges of
2 counts of reckless driving and 2
counts of damaging property. He
was remanded to appear in Merredin
on the 3rd June 2020.
Shauna Hansen appeared on charges
of burglary and commit and stealing.
The matters have been adjourned to
appear in Merredin on the 5th May
Jodi Hayden appeared on a charge of
common assault. The matter has
been adjourned to appear in
Merredin on the 3rd June 2020.
Stephen Hesse appeared on a charge
of having no authority to drive—
suspended (other than fines
suspension). The matter has been
adjourned to appear in Merredin on
the 22nd July 2020.
Hobbits Three Pty Ltd appeared on a
charge of licencee conduct is
personally supervised and managed
by natural person. The matter has
been adjourned to appear in
Merredin on the 3rd June 2020.
Daniel Howard was convicted of
exceeding the speed limit between
20 and 29km/h, he was fined $400
and ordered to pay cost of $225.90.
Colin Huggett plead guilty to driving
with a prescribed illicit drug in oral
fluid or blood. He was fined $700,
ordered to pay costs of $225.90, to
pay an analyst fee of $177 and had
his licence suspended for 6 months.
Ben Janssan plead guilty to using an
unlicensed vehicle on a road. He
was fined $50, ordered to pay costs
of $225.90 and to pay a half annual
licence fee of $192.42.
Irene Jetta appeared on charges of
stealing and 2 counts of gains benefit
by fraud. The matters have been
adjourned to appear in Merredin on
the 3rd June 2020.
Eleanor Lee was convicted of
driving with a prescribed illicit drug
in oral fluid or blood. She was fined
$300, ordered to pay costs of
$225.90 and to pay an analyst fee of
$177. She appeared on a charge of
having no authority to drive—
suspended (other than fines
suspension). The matter was
adjourned to appear in Merredin on
the 8th July 2020.
Johari Lewis was convicted of
exceeding the speed limit in a speed
zone and having no authority to
drive—suspended (other than fines
suspension). He was fined $1200,
ordered to pay costs of $225.90 and
had his licence suspended for a
further 9 months.
Nicole Little appeared on charges of
common assault, 2 counts of
assaulting a public officer, being
armed or pretending to be armed in a
way that may cause fear and
disorderly behaviour in public. She
was remanded to appear in Merredin
on the 3rd June 2020.
Danielle Mason was listed to appear
on charges of having no authority to
drive—suspended (other than fines
suspension), 2 counts of stealing, 4
counts of driving with a prescribed
illicit drug in oral fluid or blood,
being a person who breaches CRO or
community order without reasonable
excuse, possessing a prohibited drug
(Methylamphetamine) and 2 counts
of a breach of bail (fail to appear
soon after). A warrant was issued
for her arrest.
Jesse Munday was convicted of
using an unlicensed vehicle on a
road, he was fined $100 and ordered
to pay costs of $225.90.
Jody Pratzky appeared on charges of
driving while impaired by drugs.
The matter has been adjourned to
appear in Merredin on the 3rd June
Adam Psaila appeared on charges of
a breach of police order. He was
remanded to appear in Armadale on
the 19th May 2020.
Kenneth Wolfenden appeared on
charges of 3 counts of a breach of
family violence restraining order or
violence restraining order. He was
remanded to appear in Merredin on
the 16th June 2020.
Carey Simpson was convicted of
possessing drug paraphernalia in or
on which there was a prohibited drug
or plant. She was fined $300 and
ordered to pay costs of $225.90.
Robert Tetlow appeared on charges
of exceeding the speed limit between
10 and 19km/h. The matter has been
adjourned to appear in Merredin on
the 8th July 2020.
Andrew Tuffley appeared on charges
of common assault in circumstances
of aggravation or racial aggravation,
driving a motor vehicle under the
influence of alcohol, assaulting a
public officer, obstructing public
officers and having no authority to
drive—suspended (other than fines
suspension). He was remanded to
appear in Merredin on the 3rd June
Perth Courthouse
Teio Anderson appeared on charges
of 3 counts of aggravated burglary
with intent, having no authority to
drive—suspended (other than fines
suspension), driver of a vehicle who
failed to comply with a direction to
stop (circumstances of aggravation),
possession of prohibited drugs with
intent to sell or supply (Cannabis)
and reckless driving to escape
pursuit by police. The matters have
been adjourned to appear in Perth on
the 12th May 2020. He also
appeared on charges of disorderly
THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020 5
Police Report
By OIC Senior Sergeant MARK
Hello Readers,
When I spoke to Kirsty about what
to write for this edition of the
Phoenix, I explained that we have
only had one reported offence in the
last three weeks, I feel like weve
all heard enough about the COVID-
19 pandemic, Ive bashed you all
about traffic behaviour and our new
staff members, so I really didnt
know what to share with you, then it
came to me. How about I share with
you a bio on some of our staff, and
why not start with me.
I joined WA Police in late 1988,
thats right, almost 32 years ago,
thats why I have all this grey hair.
After graduating from the old police
academy in Maylands I spent 6
weeks at the old Central Police
Station, then another 6 weeks
walking the beat in Northbridge
from City Police Station before
heading to regional WA. Our first
country posting was at
Gnowangerup, where, as a
probationary constable I learnt my
trade. After two and a half years we
moved our growing family to
Boyup Brook where we served
another two and a half years.
After Boyup Brook we moved to
Bunbury where we spent an
enjoyable 5 years before returning
to Perth so the kids didnt have to
keep moving schools. I started at
Murdoch Police Station in 1999 and
was eventually promoted to
Sergeant in 2003 as an instructor at
the new Joondalup Police Academy.
After one and a half years there, I
became a pencil pusher for a
superintendent at Central
Metropolitan District Office.
Another couple of years later I went
to Wembley Police Station as a
supervisor. Several years after that
the kids were about to finish school
so I applied for the Officer in
Charge (OIC) position in Norseman
in the Goldfields at the end of 2009.
This was my first OIC position and
I loved it. While in Norseman I was
promoted again to be a Senior
Sergeant in Albany in an audit and
support role where we stayed for 3
years until our youngest son (21)
was diagnosed with Leukemia,
requiring us to return to Perth to
assist him in his recovery.
After almost two years as the OIC
of Armadale Police Station with a
staff of 60, I became a pencil pusher
again to the Assistant
Commissioner for the Metropolitan
Region South. I stayed in that role
for almost a year and a half before
asking my boss to go back to what I
love, being an OIC. Thats when I
found out about Merredin and
immediately put my hand up to
come here. Weve been here for
almost 3 years now and its been
great. It will soon be time for us to
move on, but in the meantime, I will
continue to serve you, the
community of Merredin.
As always, if you have any
information about crime or drugs
dont hesitate to contact us on 9030
0175 or anonymously at Crime
Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Until next time, be safe and
remember to keep social distancing.
Library Musings
Merredin Library
We are most certainly living in
interesting times. Lockdowns and
the requirements for social
distancing have made us question
not only how we deliver services,
but also how we go about our daily
lives. The Merredin Library is no
different. The library is still closed
to the public, however we have now
activated a Call & Collect service!
Call & Collect requires library
members to call us on 9041 1222 to
make a selection of books that they
would like to pick up. Members can
tell us how many books they would
like and what they are interested in.
If we can supply exact titles we will,
but this will depend upon what we
have in stock at the library at the
Tell us your favourite authors, or
what subject you are interested in,
or even if it is junior books you
would like, and we will do our best
to choose wisely. We will give you
a time between 10am and 12 noon
on either Monday, Wednesday or
Friday when you can pick up your
selection of books. You can also
return any books that you borrowed
before we closed at the same time.
If you are not a member of the
Merredin Library, we have a
selection of donated books that we
can let you borrow, as well as
giving you a Membership Form to
fill out so that next time you will be
able to borrow from the library. Its
free to join, we just need to see
proof of address.
If members are unable to come to
the library themselves, we can
arrange for delivery to your home
using volunteers. Please ring the
Merredin Library to ask for more
E-Memberships are still available
for people who are more interested
in downloading e-books,
audiobooks, magazines and more.
Go to the Shire of Merredin Website
to sign up. https://
Remember to keep checking the
Shire of Merredin website for
updates on services, businesses, and
activities available in Merredin
during COVID-19. Remember, stay
safe, keep your distance and wash
your hands!
Court Report
behaviour in public, possessing a
prohibited drug (Cannabis), having
no authority to drive—suspended
(other than fines suspension)
possession of stolen or unlawfully
obtained property and possession of
a prohibited drug (Cannabis). The
matters have been adjourned to
appear on the 19th May 2020.
22nd April 2020
Merredin Courthouse
Danielle Mason appeared on charges
of 2 counts of stealing, 4 counts of
driving with a prescribed illicit drug
in oral fluid or blood, being a person
who breaches CRO or community
order without reasonable excuse,
having no authority to drive
suspended (other than fines
suspension), possessing a prohibited
drug (Methylamphetamine) and 2
counts of a breach of bail (fail to
appear soon after). She was
remanded to appear in Merredin on
the 5th May 2020.
Vincent Ryder was convicted of
common assault in circumstances of
aggravation or racial aggravation, 2
counts of a breach of family violence
restraining order or violence
restraining order, unlawful assault
and thereby did bodily harm with
circumstances of aggravation, being
a person who breaches CRO or
community order without reasonable
excuse and 4 counts of a breach of
protective bail conditions. He
received a 1 year 3 month
imprisonment order and a
continuation of his intensive
supervision order.
23rd April 2020
Merredin Courthouse
Patrick Pickett appeared on charges
of without lawful excuse trespassed
on a place, common assault in
circumstances of aggravation or
racial aggravation, unlawfully
assault and thereby did bodily harm
with circumstances of aggravation,
being armed or pretending to be
armed in a way that may cause fear,
breach of bail undertaking and
burglary and commit offence in
dwelling. He was remanded to
appear in Merredin on the 3rd June
1st May 2020
Perth Courthouse
Cortney Dorant appeared on charges
of aggravated burglary and commit
offence in dwelling and being a
person who breaches CRO or
community order without reasonable
excuse. She was remanded to appear
in Perth on the 2nd June 2020.
Rockingham Courthouse
Terrence Slater appeared on a charge
of stealing. The matter has been
adjourned to appear in Rockingham
on the 12th June 2020.
4th May 2020
Kalgoorlie Courthouse
Michelle Sainsbury appeared on a
charge of failing to comply with the
directions of a police officer. The
matter was dismissed.
6 THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020
My Thoughts
My take on COVID-19 and what really annoys me
I take my hat off and acknowledge
those amazing people who are
fighting this COVID-19 head on –
our health workers. Thank you so
much for the work you are doing.
Thanks also to the Police who have
been given the task of ensuring
people adhere to the restrictions that
have been brought in to curb the
chances of this virus spreading,
which is a thankless task, but
genuinely deserve accolades for their
Our leaders both State and Federal
around Australia have done a great
job in blocking the virus from taking
hold. In all reality, I think that they,
along with New Zealand, have so far
stood head and shoulders above
leaders in other countries. They have
made decisions, not to chase votes as
is usually the case, but to protect the
health and well-being of all
On a regional and local level the
Shires, businesses and the
communities in general have been
very proactive ensuring appropriate
social distancing is adhered to, which
has obviously been beneficial.
I just hope that the restrictions that
we have all had to endure during
COVID-19 arent lifted too soon,
which could well backfire.
By far the greatest percentage of
people are abiding by them, and in
fact are getting used to them being
the normal structure that we now live
by. Some of them may well stay
through personal choice.
What really annoys me though are
those who have tried to circumvent
ways around these restrictions, or
just ignored them for their own
selfish and self-serving reasons. The
restrictions are there for one reason
only - to protect everyones health
and well-being. Those idiots who try
to get through or around roadblocks
or flaunt the social distancing rules
etc are doing nothing but being
A good example of this is those
Rugby League players who blatantly
flouted the rules regarding
gatherings and social distancing.
Unfortunately it is something that
appears to be traditional to that
particular sport. Their administrators
tried to make an example of them by
fining them heavily, then
immediately suspended the majority
of it, which basically made it
meaningless. This is particularly the
case where they may well be earning
a million dollars a year. Rugby
League had a chance to make a
strong statement regarding bad
behaviour, not only to their sport, but
to the broader community, but they
failed dismally.
Like it or not, elite sports people are
role models to many impressionable
people and they need to be held more
accountable for their actions.
The media should also be held
accountable for the sort of news they
provide. How often during this
COVID-19 period have we been
inundated with False News and
sensationalised gutter press
standards. I suppose this is not only
restricted to now, but in general. I
will raise a couple of points in
regards to the ABC in the long
distant past, they were seen to be to
pinnacle of quality journalism. Now,
they are down in the gutter with the
majority of the other commercial
tabloid media.
An example is the Well renowned
ABC journalist Andrew Probyn was
recently quoted saying The ABC is
a highly trusted institution and with
that trust comes responsibility. That
trust, especially at a time like this,
means that we have to provide the
very best approximation of what is
going on”. Approximation! Why not
report the truth.
I was watching the ABC news one
night recently and one of the
journalists presenting one of the
segments made a comment along the
lines of If you want to find out the
actual facts about COVID-19, get
onto the Health Department
website”. Deplorable, in the past, he
would have said If you want to
know the truth, tune into the ABC as
we are honest and truthful but
unfortunately, that is no longer the
case, because clearly they are not.
Newsused to be a factual account
of happenings. Now it is based on
biased opinion and
sensationalism. Enough of the
One of the great things that has come
out of all this is the sense of humour
that has shone through. Some of the
jokes, videos, memes etc have been
sensational. I really hope that this
continues as it puts smiles on
peoples faces during hard times.
Other positives have included
catching up with neighbours by
sitting out the front of houses and
linking to friends and family through
video links such as Skype, Facetime,
Zoom etc, something that will
continue past COVID-19. It actually
crosses all age groups, take our
family for example, we all link
together with Zoom a couple of
times a week with the ages ranging
from our 2 year old Grand Daughter
through to my mother at the spritely
young age of 89. In normal times, we
wouldnt all get together more than a
couple of times a year. The only
down side is that out of the 11 of us
who get together, the only males are
our 3 year old Grandson and myself.
As you can no doubt see, I am
fighting a lost cause.
THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020 7
From the History Room
The following snippets appeared in
the local May newspapers of the
, 1920: Volunteer Fire Brigade
The work of removing the bell stand
from its present position in front of
the Road Board Hall to the new fire
station on the corner of Bates and
Mitchell Streets will take place on
Sunday morning.
, 1921: A new innovation of our
well-known green grocer, Mr
George Brown, is the selling of a
commodity known as Spot Lager.
This liquor is a very tasty kind of
beer and is manufactured by the
Union Brewery, it possesses a
similar taste to ordinary beer, but is
entirely harmless and non-
, 1923: Before welcome rainfall
the Railway Department were to
send 12 trains of 20 tanks each per
week along the loop to
Wyalkatchem. This gives an
average of 336,000 gallons
(1,271,898.36 litres) per train.
Bruce Rock service was 56,000
gallons (211,983.06 litres) weekly,
all drawn from the Scheme water.
, 1926: On Monday last, Mr Tom
Duff, patron of the Merredin Golf
Club, firmly and determinedly
grasped a golf stick to drive the
initial ball for the opening
ceremony. An awed hush feel on
the spectators but nothing extra-
ordinary happened, the ball just
behaved as other balls.
, 1935: A demonstration of H.V.
McKay-Massey Harris Pty. Ltd.,
latest production of an 18-tyned
Sunduke Scarifier will be held at
Nangeenan on May 7. Well
constructed with heavy steel frame
and its overhead draft gives the
maximum amount of clearance.
, 1935: Merredin Hotel changed
hands at midnight on Sunday last,
when Miss A.M. Cummins took
over from E.M. Duff and Co. Mr
and Mrs Duff have had the hotel
since 1906 (except from 1914-1921
when Mr Duff represented
Claremont in the Legislative
Assembly). Mr Tom Murphy will
be Licensee and Miss Douglas
2020 Virtual ANZAC Commemorative Service
The ANZAC Ceremony is a major
annual event for our school. This
year our clever Teacher in Charge of
Humanities – Ms Rebecca Celenza
put together a wonderful Virtual
Ceremony which was published on
our Facebook page on ANZAC Day.
The ceremony was presented by
school leaders and included readings
of odes by the Year 10 class. It also
shows the Wreath laying ceremony
conducted on the last day of school
to I was only nineteen performed
by Mr Leigh Nelson and Mrs Natalie
By following the below link or QR
code you can view the memorable
service and also see the displays of
some amazing work completed by
the Year 10’s. https://
8 THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020
Into the lightwas the theme for the
April meeting of the Merredin
Camera Club, where the aim was to
shoot into the light without creating a
silhouette of the subject.
Fifteen photos filled the theme
section this month, and another 15
photos filled the open section. The
judge this month was WAPJA Judge
Cyrus Roussilhes.
In the theme section, Mr Roussilhes
awarded gold to Kate Caugheys
Tractor into the light and Karen
Slaters Early morning fog”. Silver
was awarded to Caryn Adamsons
Afternoon walk”.
Bronze was awarded to Chloe
Willcockss Blue light”, Caryn
Adamsons Hibiscus flower”, and
Grant Stainers Dry grasses”.
In the open section, Mr Roussilhes
awarded silver to Karen Slaters
Pink lily and Shay Creaghs
When dust meets storm”. Bronze
was awarded to Shay Creaghs
Willy Willy”.
No golds were awarded in the open
section this month.
Club members voted somewhat
similarly to Mr Roussilhes in the
theme section this month, but
differently in the open section.
In the theme section, first place went
to Karen Slaters Early morning
fog”. Second place was awarded to
Sally Robson-Thomass Dew
flowers”, and third place was
awarded to Grant Stainers Dry
Camera Club meeting into the light
In the club members open section
voting, first place went to Karen
Slaters Kookaburra”. Second place
went to Shay Creaghs Willy
Willy”, and third place went to Grant
Stainers Old tank”.
We held this meeting via Zoom due
to the coronavirus restrictions, but it
actually worked quite well. We were
joined by new photographer Annika
Happel from Narembeen, as well as
professional photographer Diane
Seddon from Grimsby Photographic
Society in the United Kingdom.
Mrs Seddon showed us a variety of
her photos from where she lives in
the UK, and she has some stunning
landscape, ocean, and other photos.
Such a different landscape!
The next meeting will be on the 20
May, where the subject is still life”,
which is a perfect subject for when
you are stuck inside due to
coronavirus restrictions.
The Merredin Camera Club
welcomes new members. For more
information about the Merredin
Camera Club, please email Kate
Caughey at merredincameraclub
Tractor into the lightby Kate Caughey
Early morning fog (Karen Slater)
Blue lightby Chloe Willcocks When dust meets stormby Shay Creagh
THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020 9
Term Two starts
St Marys School started Term Two
on Wednesday, 29 April, with some
students attending school physically
and some continuing to learn from
home, supported by the school and
their families.
Regardless of their location, students
were able to engage in the same
learning program developed by St
Marys staff, enabling a high quality
and equitable delivery of the
curriculum no St Marys student
started the term disadvantaged and
parents could make the choice which
best suited their family.
Due to the exceptional planning and
preparation that occurred at the end
of Term One both staff and students
were equipped and supported for a
smooth start to the term.
Students in the upper classes used
TEAMS – software that facilitates on
-line learning and allows students to
have real-time access to their
teacher, as well as the opportunity to
video-link in with their friends and
teacher at school once a day. It
wasnt the same as seeing and being
with friends in the classroom, but it
served as a good solution for
students to continue learning, and re-
connect with friends after the
Students in the lower grades got to
see their teacher through the See Saw
app, with all junior primary teachers
posting a video daily to reconnect
with their students.
St Marys staff look forward to the
day when our school is full with all
of our amazing and enthusiastic
10 THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020
THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020 11
Have you ever looked at the stars in
the night sky and, knowing that they
are types of Suns themselves,
wondered how our Sun compares to
the others?
A team of international researchers
has measured the activity of 369
stars around the same age as our Sun
by calculating the changes in
brightness and variability of those
stars and comparing them to our Sun.
Our Sun has been thoroughly
observed by scientists since the
1600s, with the activity, as measured
by the number of solar flares and
sunspots, being diligently recorded.
The new research compared our Sun
to the other 369 stars of around the
same age, temperature, mass, and
composition as our Sun.
The researchers found that the Sun
sits within the main sequence, but
slightly towards the less active end
of the line.
Most of the stars sit along a fairly
linear main sequence, but there are
some outliers, falling into three
groups, being the Giants,
Supergiants, and the White Dwarfs.
There are a couple of possibilities as
to why the Sun is more relaxed than
its fellow stars.
Could the Sun be having a Nana nap?
Science Section
The first is that it could be beginning
a mid-life crisis, where the twisting
of its magnetic fields begins to slow
down with age. At around 4.5 billion
years old, the Sun is between a third
and halfway through its life. Or it
could be just a quiet period.
The second possibility could be that
the other stars are representing a
different phase of variability that we
have not yet lived long enough to
observe in our own Sun. If this is the
case, it could mean that our Sun may
get a lot more active in the future.
Of course, even though we have
observations since the 1600s and ice
core records for the past 9000 years,
this is still a fraction of the total life
of the Sun, meaning that we could
simply be living in a time when we
have caught the Sun having a brief
The Sun is fascinating, and there is
plenty more to know about it, and
scientists are learning more all the
For more information, check out the
article Our Sun is the sluggish 'Big
Lebowski' of middle-aged stars like
itself on the ABC Science website
Main sequence and outlier groups of stars. Image courtesy of ESO
12 THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020
Family Law Divorce Separation - Property
Settlement Defacto Relationships
Children’s Issues Contact/Residence
Competitive hourly rates Reduced fee for
Initial Consultation
Serving the Wheatbelt Community
85 Fitzgerald St, Northam
9622 9687 / 0427725501
for all domestic and
commercial cleaning in
the Wheatbelt
Call Graeme on
0458 391 232
now does steam carpet
cleaning/shampooing and
upholstery cleaning
Call Graeme on
0458 391 232
THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020 13
Greetings once again fellow
skywatchers. This fortnight the
Moon wanes to new as it passes
through the Milky Way. Venus also
continues to wane and retreat from
the evening sky, making way for
Mercury to take its place. The two
inferior planets will be in
conjunction on the 21
, both setting
one hour after sunset in Taurus.
After they set its just another two
and a half hours before the big gas
giants come up to provide you with
more planetary splendour. Mars is
still coming up around midnight to
complete the show.
What is magnitude? Astronomers
use this term to describe an objects
brightness. It is a reverse
logarithmic scale, with each order of
WTF 8th-21st May 2020
magnitude corresponding to a factor
of 2.5. So a magnitude zero star is
2.5 times brighter than a magnitude 1
star, 6.25 times brighter than a
magnitude 2 star, and over 15 and a
half times more luminous than a
magnitude 3 star, and so on. The
original scale was based on the
bright northern star Vega, not very
familiar to us but very well known to
those in Europe. This star was given
the baseline magnitude of zero. It is
likely the European astronomers had
never seen Canopus or Alpha
Centauri, both of which outshine it
with magnitudes of -0.74 and -0.27
respectively. They would have been
well aware of Sirius at -1.5 and
Arcturus at -0.07. These four are the
brightest stars. The sun shines at
magnitude -27. This makes it about
six and a half billion times brighter
than Vega. A full moon comes in
next at about -13. The next brightest
things you can see are Iridium flares.
These are brief reflections of the sun
off the solar panels and antennae of
certain satellites, and can reach -9 in
brilliance. After that comes the
Space Station, which can get up to -6
on a particularly favourable pass.
You can easily see that the apparent
magnitude is affected by distance
from us. Absolute magnitude, on the
other hand is an estimate of the
brightness of stars as if they were all
the same distance away. An
arbitrary distance of 10 parsecs, or
roughly 308.5 trillion kilometres was
chosen. Now the Sun becomes a
rather feeble +4.83, while Alnilam,
one of the three stars of Orions belt,
becomes a whopping -9.2. Deneb
Rigel and Betelgeuse all have
absolute magnitude of around -8.
Astronomers have discovered a star
in the Large Magellanic cloud with
an absolute magnitude of -12.5!
If you have a really good pair of
binoculars and are prepared to be up
before dawn then it may be possible
to spot a comet this fortnight. C2020/
F8 SWAN will move into Pisces on
the 8
Its tail should become more
noticeable as it approaches the sun
via Triangulum, with the best
viewing to be had at about ten to six
on the morning of the 12
, low in the
eastern sky. It wont be easy in the
dawn light at magnitude 7 but its
tail should enable you to pick it out.
Our dark skies should at least give
you a chance. Im wishing the clouds
away on that morning. Keep looking
If youre a tenant whos lost their job in the
coronavirus crunch, you may be wondering how
to afford whats likely the households biggest
weekly expense the rent.
To relieve some of the burden, the State
Government has announced a $30 million
residential rental relief scheme, which will see
payments of up to $2000 granted to landlords on
behalf of tenants in financial strife due to the
COVID-19 pandemic.
Tenants can apply for the grant online, however
there are some things they should know before
taking that step.
To qualify you must be in financial hardship’,
meaning youve lost your job on or after March
20 due to COVID-19, have applied for, or are
now receiving, Centrelink income support, plus
your household must have less than $10,000 in
savings and be spending at least 25 per cent of its
available after-tax income on rent.
You must have agreed to a reduction in rent with
your landlord or engaged in Consumer
Protections conciliation service.
A tenancy bond would have been or shortly will
be lodged with the Bond Administrator, and you
must live in either a private residential property,
rooming house or residential park.
Documentary evidence showing you meet the
above criteria is required, as well as proof of
citizenship, residency or an appropriate visa.
Its important to remember that the grant must be
applied for by the tenant, but will be paid directly
to the landlord. Neither party will need to repay the
grant, however the landlord needs to ensure the
lower rent is payable for the minimum period or
that the amount of the grant offsets any deferred
rental debt. It is important that the tenant receives
the benefits of the grant along with the landlord.
The scheme is due to expire on 29 September 2020,
however its worth knowing that the total available
for all grants is $30 million, meaning this may limit
the time that applications can be made.
For further details and to apply for the grant, please
refer to our website: https://
Financial relief for renters
14 THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020
One persons trash is another
persons treasure.
Sell your unwanted goods
Call 9041 1041 to advertise
in the Classies.
ARIES—March 21 to April 19
A time of transition for you and if you havent been
experiencing much social distancing earlier, a period
now starts when you may actually prefer to have
time alone rather than being involved in all the
networking that has been going on. Things get quite
complicated in relation to partners and people you
are close to because their situation is changing.
TAURUS—April 20 to May 20
You are likely to feel stranded economically and not
know which way to turn. Partners and friends may
be no help in this period. To safely navigate this
confusing period there are a few golden rules. Dont
spend money you dont have, dont lend and dont
borrow. Dont listen to sob stories. Put plans on
hold and retrace your steps, seek professional help.
GEMINI—May 21 to June 20
You feel a greater sense of control which evokes an
urge to get out there with your message to the world.
An excellent time for international affairs, culture
and learning. Professionally new players arrive on
the scene to sort things out, but unfortunately they
seem to create more chaos than there already is. A
confusing period for many of the people you love.
CANCER—June 21 to July 22
Cut away the frills in live and concentrate on what
brings growth. You will find that you can combine
idealism with pragmatism to attain success. Be on
guard against people promising too much and bear in
mind that in these rather chaotic times, you cannot
count on people to deliver as hoped. It is a fruitful
period for working on creative ideas.
LEO—July 23 to August 22
Professionally there are opportunities for growth, but
you may need to make some moves to eliminate
weak links at work. Socially there are excellent new
developments as new people arrive on the scene.
There may be one close friend who is in a chaotic
situation, because of a relationship situation which
did not deliver as promised.
VIRGO—August 23 to September 22
From a career point of view there are really great
developments in the area of communication. New
connections at work give you the competitive edge.
However, not everyone you deal with in the next few
weeks is reliable, and it could be that an associate is
in trouble and needs you to guide them out of the
LIBRA—September 23rd October 22
It is time for you to go back and reassess a number
of lessons in life, which you thought you had
learned. One of these may be connected with
relationships, either romantic or with colleagues.
Deceit can be exposed as a result of your re-analysis
of events and reassessment of expectations, which
were always going to be unrealistic. An excellent
time for seeking information from loved ones.
SCORPIO—October 23 to November 21
Focus changes away from family affairs and more to
do with the projection of your own creative, artistic
and romantic needs. Family and friends are in a
much stronger position to look after themselves and
in this department things are looking good.
Romantically, however, is another story.
SAGITTARIUS—Nov 22 to December 21
You will notice a number of important changes,
most noticeably in your relationships. Partners find
themselves in a very favorable position and it is an
excellent period for learning and communication,
they crack the communication code in this chaotic
period. In your family life, things get a bit more
chaotic, perhaps because of some confusion.
CAPRICORN—Dec 22 to January 19
There are very favourable trends for you, perhaps
because of the arrival of colleagues who know
exactly how to communicate with you. Deals are
made, communication systems established and the
perfect framework for success is established. An
excellent time for creative partnerships when weak
projects are eliminated and focus is improved.
PISCES—February 19 to March 20
A dynamic period starts when you prioritize your
own dreams more than being overly concerned for
others. Indeed family life prospers and partners are
confident and in control, so there is no need to worry
there. However, there may be someone close to you
who is completely lost and doesnt know which way
to turn.
AQUARIUS—January 20 to February 18
New connections and creative project get off the
ground and there are perfect conditions for
communication and networking. This is going to
make you feel confident in your ability to build
something lasting and successful in the future.
There may be complications, perhaps a loved one
who is confused by chaotic conditions.
3x1 House, single carpor t, double lockup
garage, entertaining area, ducted A/C, gas oven,
electric HWS, quiet area $270 per week. 0427 350
For Rent
By OWEN & THE TEAM, Regional Mens
Health Initiative
Vulnerability has many different connotations, for
some people it may be when we:
havent got adequate protection around us or
mechanisms in place to protect our physical or
emotional wellbeing i.e. family support;
are extremely susceptible, which can be
reflected in our individual capacity to cope or
deal with stuff;
are physically or psychologically weakened,
which can inhibit our ability to resist illness and
failure (hardship?)
As blokes we are often referred to as being
stoic (ignoring our vulnerability) often toughing
it out and getting the job done. One characteristic
of Stoicism is, as humans we must accept
suffering as part of human existence. We have all
heard the saying life wasnt meant to be easy and
we have all felt the harsh reality of this statement
through the various hardships and challenges we
endure in our lives. Whether we have suffered a
serious health issue, cared for a sick or aging
family member, financial stress, feelings of being
trapped/isolated or alone or even the COVID-19
pandemic, we are all challenged at some stage.
I put this into context by the belief that quite often
there are no rules as to why some things happen in
life i.e. losing a job, having a partner or wife leave
us, or getting sick. We can spend a lot of time
questioning, why did this happen to me? When in
fact the only explanation is that sometimes shit
just happens’. A stoic view would strengthen our
Allowing Ourselves to be Vulnerable
ability to endure the ups and downs of life,
however unfair and cruel they may be. Sometimes
as a lot of blokes do, we just get on with it.
When we look in the rear-view mirror during these
times of hardship, do we realise that there is an
opportunity to do something different that can help
us utilise the individual capacity we are all born
with to survive and thrive? For us blokes it often
means we need to make an effort and change the
way we think to get through these tough times.
Some of these changes may include:
connecting more with loved ones or friends
(relationships take time and effort);
taking time to read, relax, watch a movie, write,
paint, make music, garden, sort old photos
(develop that passion and interest); and
allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.
Its that latter point allowing ourselves to be
vulnerable that encapsulates the often
underdeveloped, underutilized and still scorned
part of a blokes DNA. As Brene Brown states in
her book Rising Strong Vulnerability is not about
winning or losing; its having the courage to show
up and be seen when we have no control over the
outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; its our
greatest measure of courage’.
Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is an
empowering experience, it gives us permission to
feel pain, fear or grief giving perspective to our
own life journey. It can help us deal with stuff in a
more realistic way, perhaps even to find and live
with a solution. Take care.
Staying Sane in Isolation
Top row L to R: Kohdee Hall opened up
her drawing tools and created this
beauful image. Olivia Maloney made
gis for her teachers. Keegan and
Marlee Flanagan created art. Chesney
Maloney is crocheng a blanket.
Boom row L to R: Sheron Robertson
and Terri Clark were running Merredin
Church of Christs Kids Club online,
feature puppets. Noah Odgers and
Sheridan Wild created a hydroponic
garden of basil, cress & rocket.
THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020 15
Merredin Basketball 2019/20 Season
The season saw over 40 players
across 5 teams compete with the
Premiers being Thunder.
Top 5 Fairest & Best:
1. Dylan Hayden: Thunder—20
2. Luke Keamy: Demons—17 votes
3. Jamie Pascoe: Bulls & Kris
Hayden Jnr: Thunder14 votes
5. Michael Sharp: Demons—11
Team Played Win Loss Draw Points % For Against
Thunder 12 8 3 1 17 139% 468 336
Demons 12 8 3 1 17 114% 442 389
Bucks 12 8 4 - 16 104% 401 387
Bulls 12 3 9 - 6 76% 352 463
Titans 12 2 10 - 4 78% 308 396
This season saw over 60 players
across 8 teams compete with the
Premiers being Sharks.
Top 5 Fairest & Best:
1. Kiara Flanagan: Mystics Blue—26
2. Lana Drakeford: Burra—23 votes
3. Lisa ONeill: Sharks—22 votes
4. Megan Anderson: Sonics21
5. Shana Murray: Sharks—18 votes
Top 5 point scorers:
1. Dylan Hayden: Thunder41
2. Luke Keamy: Demons—138
3. Jessie Price: Bulls—124 points
4. Reilley Ferguson: Bucks123
5. Kris Hayden Jnr: Thunder90
24 Points was the most by a single
player in a game and that was by
Jessie Price (Bulls) and Michael
Sharp (Demons).
Team Played Win Loss Draw Points % For Against
Sharks 14 13 - 1 27 274 472 172
Mystics Blue 14 10 4 - 20 148 448 303
Mystics Pink 14 9 5 - 18 93 347 373
Sonics 14 7 6 1 15 107 278 260
Burra 14 6 8 - 12 92 361 393
Vets 14 4 8 2 10 67 215 320
Fury 14 3 10 1 7 82 317 387
Titans 14 1 12 1 3 32 108 338
Top 5 point scorers:
1. Lisa ONeill: Sharks—155 points
2. Lana Drakeford: Burra—151
3. Tiarna Mosely-Hayden: Burra—
149 points
4. Shana Murray: Sharks146
5. Erin Keamy: Mystics Blue119
29 points was the most by a single
player in a game and that was also
by Lisa ONeill (Sharks).
Under 16 Boys
This season saw 50 players across 6
teams compete with the Premiers
being White.
Top 5 Fairest & Best:
1. Codan Daddow: Black & Kyle
Wilcox: Red26 votes
3. Kris Hayden Jnr: White—25
4. Callum Creek: Black—21 votes
5. Campbell Gardiner: Red &
Lawrence Wilmer: White15
Team Played Win Loss Draw Points % For Against
White 15 12 3 - 24 120% 535 446
Black 15 11 4 - 22 160% 534 333
Red 15 10 5 - 20 138% 618 448
Maroon 15 7 8 - 14 87% 515 594
Green 15 4 11 - 8 73% 413 562
Blue 15 1 14 - 2 58% 322 554
5 point scorers:
1. Kris Hayden Jnr: White265
2. Kyle Wilcox: Red—256 points
3. Codan Daddow: Black—203
4. Jay Fuller: Maroon—168 points
5. Campbell Gardiner: Red—147
Under 16 Girls
This season saw 35 players across 4
teams compete with the Premiers
being Green.
Top 5 Fairest & Best:
1. Maddie Hook: Blue—26 votes
2. Georgina Squire: Green19 votes
3. Chennaye Mongoo: Green, Ellie
Downsborough: Green & Olivia
Downsborough: White18 votes
Team Played Win Loss Draw Points % For Against
Green 15 12 2 1 25 146% 443 303
Blue 15 9 5 1 19 148% 449 303
Yellow 15 5 10 - 8 68% 298 440
White 15 3 11 - 6 67% 294 438
5 point scorers:
1. Kurtis Jones: Green—125 points
2. Ollie Parker: Red—119 points
3. Ambrose McGrath: Red—114
4. Zander Boehme: Black111
5. Archer Gardiner: Blue99 points
Under 12
5 point scorers:
1. Maddie Hook: Blue—190 points
2. Chennaye Mongoo: Green—140
3. Georgina Squire : Green140
4. Olivia Downsborough: Green—
122 points
5. Ellie Downsborough: White—119
Team Played Win Loss Draw Points % For Against
Red 15 13 1 1 27 27 322 223
Blue 15 11 3 1 23 23 315 223
Green 15 10 5 - 20 20 285 225
Maroon 15 9 6 - 18 18 245 204
15 8 7 - 16 16 234 193
Yellow 15 4 11 - 8 8 174 261
Black 15 3 12 - 6 6 198 317
White 15 1 14 - 2 2 149 276
Under 8
This season has seen over 40 players
involved in the Under 8’s program.
Thank you to our up and coming
superstars for participating each
week, we hope you enjoyed the
season and look forward to you
returning to the basketball court
again next season.
Thank you to Russell Roberts and Sandra Garrett
for providing the Phoenix with basketball
results this season.
16 THE PHOENIX Friday, May 8th, 2020
Despite there being no large public ceremony this
year, the peak body for Western Australias 20,000
registered Bush Fire Volunteers says International
Firefighters Day 2020 will go down in history as
happening in a year that was a critical turning point
for the States emergency services.
Bushfire Volunteers President Dave Gossage
AFSM, who accompanied the organisations
Secretary Lorraine Webster to lay a wreath in
memory of fallen volunteer firefighters today at the
States firefighter memorial, said the combination
of COVID-19, the National Royal Commission
into bushfires and the impending State Election
will inevitably change the future for many
emergency service volunteers.
May 4 is an important day every year for
thousands of both volunteer and career (paid)
firefighters and their families, the volunteer of
more than 40 yearsexperience said.
It brings a tear to the eyes of many of us who
have lost invaluable colleagues, friends and family
members over the years.
For our amazing extended family of essential
service volunteers, remembering those who have
been injured or taken in the line of duty is also
often a strong part of the motivation that drives us
to step up.
One of the strengths of WAs local control, local
ownership, local outcomes model of volunteer
emergency services is that many who choose to
serve do so primarily to support their local
community. When a Bush Fire Volunteer suffers, a
whole community their friends, neighbours and
kindred spirits from afar inevitably step up their
resolve to support and protect.
Volunteer peak body reflects on International FirefightersDay
in context of COVID-19, Royal Commission and WA Election
Mr Gossage said this year will be especially trying
for many of Australias emergency service
The catastrophic fires over summer were
traumatising for those directly involved and as a
result of the understandable political focus it drew,
will have significant consequences for our teams
for years to come. COVID-19 has created many
direct and indirect challenges for volunteers who
have been required to continue to turn out to
incidents but without the capacity to meet and
train together.
And in WA, we also expect the governments
plan to merge the volunteer Bush Fire legislation
with that of the other volunteer and career services
will soon become another point of stress for our
Dave Gossage (Bushre Volunteers President) &
Lorraine Webster (Bushre Volunteers Secretary &
Treasurer) at the Fireghters Memorial Grove
in Kings Park
Fortunately, our association has taken the advice
of the Department to develop non-government
income in the hope of providing more direct
support for our members during this testing time
with some success, but remain relatively under
resourced to support 20,000 volunteers in the
challenging times ahead for all.
Weve already announced plans to hold an
annual regional Bushfire Volunteers conference
and launched our game-changing app for all
essential service volunteers (neither of which have
yet to be supported by government) and will
continue to do our very best to support our
invaluable members,Mr Gossage said.