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Costa Rica

Miss Armstrong



English 2/3

A major part of Costa Rica’s culture is their food. The types of food that Costa Ricans eat are very greasy and fatty because of all the different flavors and spices they use to prepare the dish. The common breakfast dish in Costa Rica is Gallo pinto. Gallo pinto is a dish prepared with rice and beans and a selection of veggies or sometimes this dish is usually served with eggs. One of the well known dishes in Costa Rica is rice and beans. This dish is similar to Gallo pinto but this dish is made with red beans, spicy Panamanian peppers, and coconut milk. Lunch and dinner is quite simple and well balanced, the common meal in Costa Rica is casado ; a casado is a dish prepared with different types of meat and rice and has a variety of sides and served with natural fruit juice. During the winter time Costa ricans like to prepare a huge pot of soup basically beef broth. This dish includes chunks of beef and mixed in with it is different types of vegetables. Food may be important in Costa Rica because if someone ever wanted to visit or move to Costa Rica, they would probably want to know what are some of the types of food they eat there and what ingredients they used to prepare the meal (“Costa Rica Information” ).

Costa Rica's Food :

Costa Rica's Traditions :

A major part of Costa Rica’s culture is their traditions. Costa Rica’s traditions are really based on the Spanish traditions. Other traditions acknowledged in Costa Rica include: Christmas, August 2nd, baptisms, first communions, confirmation, engagement parties, weddings and funerals. Depending on what gender people are, these traditions are shaped by differences ; A few years ago halloween was considered as the devil’s holiday so it was never announced nor was it celebrated, and stores didn't sell books related to halloween like we do in North Carolina. In Costa Rica halloween is no longer seen as the “devil’s day” now it’s claimed as a day to dress up and have fun, most parents have even started to let their children go out and  trick or treat. Most people would like to know about Costa rica’s traditions maybe because they would want to know what they celebrate and how it is celebrated. (“Costa Rica’s Information” ).

A major part of Costa Rica’s culture was their language. The Spanish that is spoken in costa rica is probably the easiest language to learn ; people that speak Spanish will rapidly notice that costa ricans speak differently, have a different accent, have their own sayings, their own slang, and their own way of saying things. Most people in costa rica may deny any of their comprehension in English but only because they are timid about how much they already know ; but costa ricans are very polite while their speaking in Spanish to others. The best way to learn their language is by involving oneself in their culture or by trying to spend more time with the costa ricans. A English speaker may want to know more about the costa ricans language mainly because if they move from N.C to live in Costa Rica by reading this they would already know what language they speak (which is Spanish ) and how to learn how to speak it. (“Costa Rica’s Information”)

Costa Rica's Languages :

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