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January 12, 2018
enterprise. Although I have been involved with graduate and
medical school admissions for many years, this was my first
opportunity to interact with potential resident applicants. I
was amazed at the overwhelming quality of the candidates
attracted to our program, many with substantial research
backgrounds and an enthusiasm to join us and advancing
their clinical and research careers. Some of the best
candidates are our own Stritch School of Medicine students
who have been inspired by the opportunities for pursuing
careers in pathologylargely due to the efforts of Dr. Kamran
Mirza and his SCOPE program (Students Curious in
Outrageous Pathology Experiences) to engage SSOM students
in pathology related activities.
Andrew Dingwall, Ph.D.
Microbiology and
The new year finds us with a
departmental name change, revised
faculty compensation plans, a new
departmental degree program, and both
excitement and optimism for a
wonderful new group of residents and
fellows. This past Fall, I was given an
opportunity, along with Dr. Jeanine
Walenga, to meet with prospective
Pathology residents and present an
overview of our departments research
In meetings with the candidates (around 60 total), I
summarized the scope of our research productivity and
breadth of our contributions in many areas of clinical and
basic research. The Department of Pathology and Laboratory
Medicine faculty are among the most productive and
collaborative cohorts on this campus. I began my
presentation by highlighting the strength of our faculty in
terms of research articles published, with over 200 in the
past three years alone. We have built a solid research
portfolio, with outstanding publications and a strong track
record of fundingboth intramural and extramural with
grants from federal agencies, private foundations and a
multitude of corporate partnerships. Our faculty have
traveled extensively this past year and presented their
research findings at dozens of professional conferences. It is
truly a department of great accomplishment and stunning
potential for advancing clinical and basic science knowledge.
As we move forward into the coming year, I’m sure we will
experience some major changesboth challenges and great
accomplishments. We anticipate well-deserved new faculty
promotions and expansion of our research footprint here at
Loyola, with new initiatives that bridge the interests of our
faculty with those in other departments and programs. As
members of both the clinical and education/research
operations of the Loyola Health Sciences Division and Trinity
Health, our faculty have dedicated themselves to providing
outstanding clinical service to the hospital, pursuing
scientific discovery in a broad range of endeavors and
supporting the mission of the Stritch School of Medicine to
advance medical education.
Eva M. Wojcik, MD for co-editing Volume 23, Number 1,
January-February 2018 of the American Journal of Surgical
Pathology (AJSP): Reviews and Reports
…and for their publications in the last issue of the
American Journal of Surgical Pathology (AJSP):
Reviews and Reports
Dr. Wojcik: New Names for
Old Entities A Potpourri of
Newly Defined Tumors
Drs. Isaila, Ananthanarayanan and Pambuccian Ciliated
Muconodular Papillary Tumor of the Lung: A New Entity
Formerly Regarded as a Well-Differentiated
Dr. Picken Benign Mixed
Epithelial and Stromal
Tumor of the Kidney With
Cytogenetic Alterations
Advances and Controversies
in Classification of Biphasic
Cystic Renal Tumors
Brennan Burlock
Brennan's first day as a Lab Support Service Tech for Core lab was on
Monday, January 8, 2018. Brennan is a graduate of Aurora University in
Aurora, IL with a Bachelor's degree in Biology.
Before coming to the lab, Brennan worked in Loyola's OR as a Surgical
Services Tech I transporting patients. He also worked as a Patient
Transportation Tech I.
Brennan was a Teacher's Assistant/Mentor for Communities In Schools
located in Aurora and he worked at Aurora University's Fitness Center.
Brennan was a volunteer transporter for Edward Hines Jr. VA hospital,
and he tutored students at Washington Elementary School in Maywood,
Brennan likes working out in the gym. He has had nearly four years of
Ninjutsu self-defense training. He did a lot of acting in high school and in
college where he was a theatre major. Brennan also likes video games
and hanging out with his friends.
Please welcome Brennan to Clin Labs!