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USF Health Academic Program Guide

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MAKINGLIFEBETTERAcademic Program Guide

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2 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHMorsani College of MedicineTaneja College of PharmacyCollege of NursingCollege of Public HealthSchool of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation SciencesUSF Physicians GroupUSF Health is the partnership of the:USF Health is an integral part of the University of South Florida, ahigh-impact, global research university dedicated to student success.ABOUT USF HEALTHTO ENVISION AND IMPLEMENTTHE FUTURE OF HEALTH. Location: Tampa, FLPopulation: Approx. 10,700 studentsDegrees Offered: Undergraduate,Master's, Doctoral, and GraduateCertificates

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MORSANI COLLEGE OF MEDICINEDoctor of Medicine (MD)Master of Science in Athletic Training (MS)Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)Medical Sciences Graduate Programs (MS/PhD)UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTH // 3The USF College of Medicine, which enrolled itscharter class in 1971, was named the USF HealthMorsani College of Medicine in 2011, signifying itsleading role in changing how medical schools teachhealthcare providers of the future.

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DOCTOR OF MEDICINE (MD) // TWO PROGRAMS. TWO CAMPUSES. ONE COMMUNITY.4 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHMD CORE: The Core program is based inTampa for four years and features a strongpreclinical integrated curriculum with smallgroup and engaged learning emphasis,integrated clerkships, and year 4 careertracks that prepare students for the residencyof their choice. The Scholarly ConcentrationsProgram option allows students to focus anddevelop in an area of interest outside thenormal curriculum in fields such as HealthDisparities, Health Systems Engineering,Public Health and Medical Education.MD SELECT: The SELECT program is based inTampa (2 years) and Lehigh Valley,Pennsylvania (2 years). It has the sameintegrated curriculum focus as the Coreprogram, but also offers a graduatecertificate program in Leadership, HealthSystems, and Values-Based Patient Care, allimportant domains for developing medicalleadership. This increased emphasis onleadership is a focused alternative to theScholarly Concentrations Program forstudents who want to focus on developingtheir medical leadership skills.Four-years post-bachelor's degreeMCAT Average over 517 GPA Average 3.8More than 80 medical residency programsUSF MD Admissions: 813 - 974 - 3396 //

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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTH // 5Offering both a Professional program for students to enter the profession, and a Post-Professional program for those students already in the field, our Athletic TrainingProgram is only one of a few, nationwide, to be anchored within a medical college. It isalso the first program of its kind in the country to be housed in a Department ofOrthopaedics and Sports Medicine. For faculty, staff, students, preceptors and alumni,this innovative program creates intense learning experiences and daily collaborationwith the best Athletic Training, Orthopaedics, Primary Care and MusculoskeletalMedicine practitioners. As part of USF Health, students can participate in numerousinterprofessional educational opportunities with other healthcare students and faculty.PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM- Designed for students who are not already certified athletic trainers- In-person program- Clinicals completed with local high schools, USF Athletics, Tampa area professional athletic teamsMASTER OF SCIENCE IN ATHLETIC TRAINING (MS)USF Athletic Training Admissions: 813 - 974 - 2748 //

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6 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHMASTER OF PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT STUDIES (MPAS)The USF PA Program prepares its graduates to deliver transformative, high-quality, evidence-based, patient-centered medicalcare for the 21st century health care environment. The 24-month program is characterized by innovative educational strategies,interprofessional education, and research activity.DIDACTIC YEAR:The program begins with a rigorous 12-month phase in whichstudents receive instruction in basic and medical sciences.The curriculum also includes collaborative academicexperiences with students throughout USF Health, as well astraditional lecture, clinical simulation, problem-basedlearning, and hands-on laboratory experiences.CLINICAL YEAR:During the clinical phase, students will engage in approximately2,000 hours of supervised clinical practice experiences. Studentsparticipate in seven five-week core clinical clerkships in InternalMedicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Emergency Medicine,Women's Health, Behavioral and Mental Health, and two five-weekelective clerkships.The PA profession is one of the fastest growing careers in the country. PAs are trustedhealthcare providers who fill critical roles in today's healthcare system. PAs workalongside other medical professionals in every state and in every medical setting andspecialty to improve healthcare quality and access for all patients.PAs are one of the most versatile healthcare providers. PAs are educatedand nationally certified as medical generalists. This allows for one of theunique traits of the profession - the flexibility to move between medicalspecialties.Bachelor's degree and direct patient care experience required for admissionUSF PA Admissions: 813 - 974 - 8926 //

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DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY (DPT)The major objective of the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program is to graduate entry-level physical therapy practitioners who excel in clinical decision-making skills,demonstrate patient/client management functions, and exhibit a high level ofprofessionalism. Our faculty and staff are focused on our students' success to ensure thatthey can meet the demands of our patients and communities. We are constantly working toadvance knowledge in physical therapy and rehabilitation sciences through scholarlyactivity, translational research, clinical practice, and applying new technology.USF DPT Admissions: 813 - 974 - 2748 // dpt-admissions@usf.eduUNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTH // 7Three-year program post-bachelor's degreeOnly DPT program in Florida associated with an accredited simulation centerand programsOur own on campus PT Center with board certified specialists inOrthopaedics, Geriatrics, Neurology, & Women's HealthExpert academic and clinical faculty who are 100% involved in local, state,and national PT professional organizations

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8 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHMEDICAL SCIENCES GRADUATE PROGRAMS (MS/PhD)MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MEDICAL SCIENCES:The Master of Science in Medical Sciences programs aredesigned to assist students in building a solid foundation forfuture professional and research careers. The courses in theprogram are taught by experienced and accomplished faculty inthe USF Health Morsani College of Medicine. The program offersfour pre-medical concentrations: Pre-Professional Program(MSP3), Health Sciences (online), Anatomy, InterdisciplinaryMedical Sciences; and three research concentrations: Aging &Neuroscience, Molecular Medicine, and Women's Health.DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MEDICAL SCIENCES:The PhD Program in Integrated Biomedical Sciences providesstudents with outstanding educational and training opportunities ina vibrant Florida metropolitan area. First year students are funded bythe Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs, so students are able totake classes and work in labs in various departments before selectingbetween one of six concentrations: Allergy, Immunology and InfectiousDiseases, Molecular Medicine, Cardiovascular Biology, MolecularPharmacology & Physiology, Neuroscience, and Pathology & CellBiology. A combined MD/PhD concurrent degree is also available.One-year program post-bachelor's degreeHelps students become more competitive for professional programs80% of students successfully matriculate into a professional program within 2years after graduationSpecialized Master's degrees also offered in: Bioinformatics & ComputationalBiology, Biotechnology, and Health Informatics (online)Four to seven-year program post-bachelor's degreeDoes not require a master's degree for admissionTuition waiver and competitive stipend available for admitted studentsUSF Medical Science Admissions: 813 - 974 - 4181 //

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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTH // 9TANEJA COLLEGE OF PHARMACYDoctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology (MS)Opened in August 2011, the Taneja College ofPharmacy admitted the first class of PharmDstudents, and today, the College is proud of theprogress made. From the innovative curriculum,research and educational advances, and dynamicleadership demonstrated by all, the Taneja Collegeof Pharmacy is committed to excellence and growth.

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DOCTOR OF PHARMACY (PharmD)10 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHThe PharmD program has an interprofessional curriculum emphasizinggeriatric pharmacotherapy, translational pharmacogenetics, leadershipmanagement and informatics and technology, designed to preparestudents to deliver technologically advanced pharmaceutical care basedon genetic profile and individualized response to medications.USF Pharmacy Admissions: 813 - 974 - 5699 // pharmacyadmissions@usf.eduFour-year programDoesNOT require completion of a bachelor's degree, however, does require 72 hours of prerequisitecoursesPCAT scoresAn innovative clinical program incorporating virtual and augmented reality into didactic andexperiential learning to train the pharmacists of the futureThe PharmD can be completed concurrently with the MPH, MBA, or MS in PharmaceuticalNanotechnologyPharmacy and Health Education Concentration available to further specialize the curriculum

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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTH // 11USF Pharmacy Admissions: 813 - 974 - 5699 // pharmacyadmissions@usf.eduMASTER OF SCIENCE IN PHARMACEUTICALNANOTECHNOLOGY (MS)The Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology (MS) is designed to trainstudents for the revolutionary change in healthcare. This program will provide thefoundational knowledge and research experience to understand the technologicaladvances in science at the nanoscale level. Nanotechnology is applicable to a variety offields including pharmacy, medicine, engineering, chemistry, and many more. Regardlessof which concentration you select, this Master's program will provide the surmountableexpertise needed for the next century.A post-bachelor's degree program that can be completed within one to two yearsTheprogram offers a hybrid curriculum; courses can be completed face-to-face or 100% onlineUnique tracks and concentrations in Research, Entrepreneurship, Biomedical Engineering, andDrug Discovery, Development, Delivery & Manufacturing (D4M)The program offers internship opportunities which can assist in industry job placement post-graduation

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12 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHCOLLEGE OF NURSINGBachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science (PhD)The College of Nursing is an integral part of USFHealth and the University of South Florida. TheCollege strives to prepare 21st-century nurses toaddress the health care needs of local and globalcommunities through excellence in research,education, and clinical care.

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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTH // 13BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING (BSN)The undergraduate program in the USF College of Nursing offers a variety of educationalchoices for students interested in becoming a 21st-century nurse. College faculty andprofessional staff are here to assist and empower students to successfully achieve theiracademic and professional goals in a positive learning environment through supportiveand knowledgeable teamwork. The BSN is offered in multiple formats to accommodatetraditional and nontraditional students alike.Upper Division: Designed for students seeking a bachelor's degree in nursing; intended for non-nurseswithout a bachelor's degreeAccelerated Second Degree: Designed for students who have a non-nursing bachelor's degree and areinterested in pursuing a second degree in nursingV-CARE: Designed for service members and veterans who have experience as medics or corpsmen tocomplete a bachelor's degree in nursingUSF Nursing Admissions: 813 - 974 - 2191 //

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14 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHMASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING (MSN)The Master of Science in Nursing is designed to prepare students to become AdvancedPractice Registered Nurses (APRNs) - or Nurse Practitioners - in their area ofconcentration, except for the Nursing Education concentration which prepares students tobecome educators in the field of nursing, whether in the academic or clinical setting. Witha Master of Science in Nursing, students can move into advanced leadership roles inclinical practice, work in more specialized practice areas, and develop additional skillsand knowledge to improve the quality of their individual patient care practice.The Master of Science offers concentrations in:- Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nursing- Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nursing/Occupational Health- Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nursing- Family Health Nursing- Concurrent MPH Environmental and Occupational Health/ MSN Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nursing- Pediatric Health NursingUSF Nursing Admissions: 813 - 974 - 2191 //

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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTH // 15DOCTOR OF NURSING PRACTICE (DNP) // DNP - CRNAUSF Nursing Admissions: 813 - 974 - 2191 // preadmissions@usf.eduDOCTOR OF NURSING PRACTICE:The Doctor of Nursing Practice is the highest practice degreeany nurse can achieve. The DNP program prepares nurseswith the highest level of scientific knowledge and practiceexpertise to ensure quality of care and positive patientoutcomes. Students with degrees in nursing are offered theopportunity to acquire the competencies required for entryinto advanced nursing practice while also completing therequirements for the DNP degree.DOCTOR OF NURSING PRACTICE - NURSE ANESTHESIA:The Doctor of Nursing Practice in Nurse Anesthesia program at USFincorporates many cutting-edge technologies, including humananesthesia simulation, while providing a fully integrated learningenvironment for students. The classroom and clinical setting aredesigned to achieve integration of the knowledge, skills, and abilitynecessary for the development of competent and proficient CertifiedRegistered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs).This program prepares graduates to exercise advanced levels of clinicaljudgement, systems thinking, and expanded responsibility andaccountability in planning, implementing, and evaluating evidence-basedstrategies to improve individual patient and population health outcome.The DNP in Nurse Anesthesia has teamed up with the Center for AdvancedMedical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) to provide a state-of-the-artsimulation experience, which is integrated into the curriculum. Theprogram is a challenging, full-time academic and clinical endeavor.

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DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN NURSING (PhD)16 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHThe PhD program prepares nurse scientists to educate the nextgeneration of nurses. Students who earn PhDs in nursing sciencefrom USF can affect the lives of millions of people by creating thescience that impacts patients, families, and communities.Three available entry points: post-bachelor's, post-master's, post-doctoralDesigned to advance the field of nursing through research andeducationStudents conduct and disseminate research that responds to regional,national, and international prioritiesUSF Nursing Admissions: 813 - 974 - 2191 //

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17 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHEstablished in 1984, the USF College of Public Health isaccredited by the Council on Education for PublicHealth and promises to use transformational researchand an interdisciplinary approach to passionately solveproblems and create conditions that allow every personthe universal right to health and well-being.COLLEGE OF PUBLIC HEALTHBachelor of Science Programs (BS)Master of Public Health (MPH)Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH)Master of Health Administration (MHA)Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (PhD)

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18 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHBACHELOR OF SCIENCE PROGRAMS (BS)The College of Public Health offers two undergraduate degree programs designed to give students the education they need tosucceed in the ever-expanding public health and health sciences professions.BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PUBLIC HEALTH:The Bachelor of Science in Public Health at the University ofSouth Florida provides students with a flexible degreeemphasizing skill development to promote future academicand career success within public health and clinical healthprofessions. Students majoring in public health can pursuespecialized coursework in fields such as pre-health,epidemiology, biostatistics, food safety, infection control,nutrition, global health, environmental and occupationalhealth, and health coaching. This innovative curriculum canbe completed either fully online or through a mix of onlineand classroom-based courses.BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HEALTH SCIENCES:The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences provides a highlyinterdisciplinary degree opportunity to students and offers a valuablecombination of hard science, social science, and humanities. Thishigh-quality program offers classroom-based and distanceinstruction from departments and colleges throughout USF to preparestudents for many exciting careers in one of the nation's fastest-growing industries. Depending on specific career goals, students canfocus their studies in one of five concentrations: biological healthsciences, social and behavioral health sciences, aging healthsciences, health management, or health science informationtechnology.USF Undergraduate Public Health Advising: 813 - 974 - 4633 // //

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Two to three-year post-bachelor's programMultiple concentrations available, including in-person, blended, and fully online optionsPrepares students for the CPH exam to become CPH certified upon graduationApplied Practice Experiences allow students to develop a diverse portfolio of public health skillsStudy abroad and international programs available for public health experiences around the worldUSF Public Health Admissions: 813 - 974 - 6505 // cophinfo@usf.edu19 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHThe Master of Public Health is the primary professional degree in publichealth. The program provides a set of skills and principles essential forstudents who intend to apply their training in a professional setting, andprovides leadership in a specific health specialty to improve and protect thehealth and well-being of populations. All MPH students complete courseworkdesigned to prepare public health professionals to actively and effectivelycontribute to population-based, culturally appropriate, and innovativeapproaches concerning current and emerging public health problems.MASTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH (MPH)

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MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PUBLIC HEALTH (MSPH) //MASTER OF HEALTH ADMINISTRATION20 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHUSF Public Health Admissions: 813 - 974 - 6505 // cophinfo@usf.eduFive domains of core competencies:- Management Science and Technology- Strategy and Leadership- Public Policies and Community Orientation- Economics and Financial Management- Professionalism and Communication Skills Two to three-year post-bachelor's programMASTER OF HEALTH ADMINISTRATION:The Master of Health Administration prepares students for private and publicsector leadership positions. In addition to the five core areas of public health,the curriculum helps students develop skills and knowledge in basic businessdisciplines with application to health services; a clinical and communityperspective; and professional skills. Students develop an understanding oforganizational models and management principles applied to health settings;health care financial management and economics; quality and performanceimprovement; health policy and policy analysis; strategic planning andmarketing; and health law and ethics.MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PUBLIC HEALTH:The Master of Science in Public Health degree provides a focus inresearch design, data collection, analysis and application of researchin public health intended to improve and protect the health ofpopulations. The program is designed for students with strongquantitative and/or qualitative skills and an interest in the science ofpublic health and a comprehensive research experience. Students areprepared for research roles in academic or professional public healthcareers by incorporating epidemiological principles and biostatisticalmethods with their focus within the core areas of public health.Two to three-year post-bachelor's programMultiple concentrations available, including Florida'sfirst fully accredited genetic counseling graduateprogramOpportunity to complete thesis on research in an area ofinterest

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The Doctor of Public Health emphasizes advanced public health education andtraining designed to prepare individuals for leadership roles in practice-basedsettings such as health departments, non-profit organizations, health service,international agencies, and community-based organizations. Accordingly, theemphasis of the DrPH is placed on fostering advanced expertise in developing,implementing, and evaluating evidence-informed public health practice ascompared to the research-focused PhD.Three to four-year post-master's programDesigned for working professionalsCompleted fully online in addition to three on-campus DrPH institutesOffers concentrations in Advanced Practice Leadership in Public Health and Public Health andClinical Laboratory Science and PracticeUSF Public Health Admissions: 813 - 974 - 6505 // cophinfo@usf.eduDOCTOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH (DrPH)UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTH // 21

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Four to five-year post-master's programOffers concentrations in Biostatistics, Community and FamilyHealth, Environmental and Occupational Health,Epidemiology, Genomics, Global Communicable Disease, andHealth Services Research22 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHUSF Public Health Admissions: 813 - 974 - 6505 // cophinfo@usf.eduDOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PUBLIC HEALTH (PhD)The mission of the programs of study for the Doctor of Philosophy degree is to preparepublic health professionals to make substantive contributions to public health inquiry andpractice. The PhD program provides advanced training and research opportunities instatistical theory, biostatistical methods, and their applications in a wide spectrum offields including epidemiology, mental health prevention, environmental health, clinicaltrials, and health services research. With a curriculum that is both interdisciplinary andadaptive to individual student needs and interests, the program prepares students for acareer as a methodologist in academia, government, industries, and health careorganizations.

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GRADUATE CERTIFICATESUSF Health offers more than 30 graduate certificates - including on-campus, partially online, and fully online options. Thecertificate is a specialized graduate-level credential reflecting knowledge of the most up-to-date research in the selected field.Once completed, the certificate is notated on transcripts, and a USF certificate of completion is awarded.Certificate completion increases competitiveness, enhances career performance, and helps prepare students for the changingnature of healthcare. Certificates generally take one to two years to complete, depending on course load per semester and courseschedule offerings. Students may also be able to transfer up to 12 credits into a graduate degree program.Some certificates can be used to meet some of the requirements of a graduate program, depending on the policies of the degreeprogram and the university. Completion of a certificate does not imply admission to a related program.23 // UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA HEALTHUSF Graduate Certificates: 813 - 974 - 9946 // //

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