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2017 is shaping up to
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News from Your Bank that Makes it Personal FIRST QUARTER 2017
The team at Signature Bank took
me under their wing.....educating
me, informing me, and going out
of their way for me.
Greg Dean,
Owner, Achieve Physical
Therapy Solutions
Signature will always be my
bank of choice because of their
dedication and eorts in making
my business ownership dreams
come true.
R ic hard E hle r,
Owner, Extra Mile Auto
Tire & Service
I really appreciated how they
walked me through the process.
There were no surprises because
my Commercial Lender was
always only a phone call away.
Dr. Maheshvar Patel,
Smile Forever Atlanta
A Productive
The Signature Bank Team has
eagerly welcomed 2017. With
a fully staed organization, we
are poised to deliver the best
in class service and spread the
good news about Signature’s
unique boutique banking style.
Message from the President
With another year behind us and great strides made to prepare
us for 2017, I want to express my gratitude for your continued
journey with Signature Bank.
In 2016, in addition to attracting some industry leaders for
the bank, we’ve initiated quite a few new processes. We’ve
performed some system upgrades and implemented some client
experience measurements that will equip us in 2017 to better
monitor the client experience, enhance our value proposition
and return to profitability.
This quarters newsletter is abundant with good news and we’ve
scheduled our Shareholder Meeting for May 17th. Be on the
lookout for your proxy information in the mail the latter part of
We hope to see you soon.
Getting to Know Us.
Featuring David Perlis, Treasury Services Officer and Senior Portfolio Relationship Manager
It may sound funny, but I view Signature Bank as one of my “children.
I knew many of the original ocers and team members before the bank even
opened in 2005 and was part of the birthing process, too. I watched the bank
skin its knees, grow and move forward. I feel protective of the bank. And I want
people to come and meet the bank – and see how personal banking can really
be. I want them to walk away saying, “Wow. They really are dierent”, and this
is what motivates me everyday to “make it personal.
Today, I am the Treasury Services Ocer and Senior Portfolio Relationship
Manager at Signature. I assist clients in creating a banking relationship that is
completely tailored to their unique needs.
I like to listen to clients describe their company and how it operates. Then I like
to find a way to improve a process or situation (via a product or service we
oer) that blows away a solution they thought worked well.
Having spent 18 years in the “big bank” world before coming to Signature Bank,
I appreciate the fact my community bank really values what my experience
and knowledge can bring to the organization. I feel like my opinions and ideas
are heard and considered and that makes this Dad very happy.
David | 770.206.5365
Lynda Kim joins as SBA Loan Operations Manager & Assistant Vice
Lynda Kim joined the team in January as SBA Loan Operations Manager and Assistant Vice President.
“Having recently received renewal of our SBA Preferred Lender status and with the addition of Lynda,
Signature Bank’s SBA Lending Group is fully staed and equipped to deliver the best in SBA loan
program solutions to start-ups and established business owners,” says Freddie Deutsch.
Lynda obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration from Georgia State University in Atlanta in
2001. She pursued a career in the financial industry and gained experience in loan processing which
led to a strong focus with the Small Business Administration Lending field since 2007. For the last five
years, Lynda served as an SBA Loan Specialist for a financial institution located in Duluth.
“Gaining Lynda’s support and experience has been icing on the cake since I joined Signature Bank in November,” says Eva Farag,
Senior Vice President and Managing Director of SBA Lending Group. “SBA deals require strong attention to detail, diligence in
prep work and continual follow-up and focus to ensure the best interests of the client and the bank are protected. Lynda brings
those qualities and more to her role.”
As SBA Loan Operations Manager, Lynda will manage preparation and compliance with the SBA loan deals cultivated by Eva and
other members of the bank team.
“Im excited about this opportunity to further develop my skills with such an intimate team of professionals”, says Lynda. “Being
equipped with the capability to exceed the needs of my clients makes Signature so appealing; and to work with a team so
knowledgeable and connected in the SBA sector means we can truly wow our SBA clients.
New Faces
How Are We Doing? - A Helpful Resource
Alan Greenspan once said, “I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I’m not sure you realize
that what you heard is not what I meant.” And so it goes sometimes. Communication fuels improvement and
without it in banking its a guessing game as to what our clients value.
In 2016 we implemented several new ways for our clients to share their Signature experience results; all as a way
to continually improve and enhance our value proposition.
Email Signature Survey
A quick click survey has been added to our email signatures and the
email recipient can easily click the diamond that best represents their
interaction with our team member and gives them an opportunity to
elaborate with comments. From there, we can monitor our success and
identify areas to improve. Pop-Up Survey
Another quick click pop-up survey has been
incorporated into our website for visitors browsing
or seeking information. After the visitor has been
on the page for a short period of time, the survey
appears and they can rate their website experience
and oer more comments or suggestions. This is
a valuable resource as our web trac continues to
grow and more and more of our clients, and potential
prospects, visit our website.
Knowing what the client values is what makes the
boutique banking business model at Signature so unique. That way we can get right down to business with clear
direction and result-oriented solutions.
Have you visited the Signature Bank website
lately? You can keep up with the latest news
articles and we’ve also added a link to an
Economic Outlook newsletter that our clients
are finding very useful. Visit often and click on
the buttons below to be taken directly to these
resource pages.
Signature In The News Economic Outlook
Financial Updates
Our tier one leverage ratio remains one of the stron-
gest ratios among our peer group.
• Liquidity stood at a healthy 27.58%.
For twelve months of the year, the bank reported a
loss of $735,000. This is below expectations and is
due to lower loan volumes in SBA year-to-date and
the timing of those already being eligible for sale in
the secondary market.
Allows the bank to capitalize on market
opportunities created from the number of recent
Results in changing the banks perception in the
eyes of many in the marketplace, including clients,
prospects, prospective new team members and key
Aids in the enhancement of our growth model to
be consistently opportunistic and entrepreneurial
by promoting our boutique-style of banking in areas
which value our relationship building priorities.
2013 2014 2015 2016
5 10 15
Total assets ended the quarter slightly up year over
year, almost 8%. New loans increased a modest $2.4
million since 12/31/15 or 4.37%. Most of this growth
occurred in the commercial sector. Net loan growth
was impacted in part due to our continued efforts to
reduce concentrations along with our lower than bud-
geted SBA production.
The Texas Ratio continues to be one of the measures
of credit quality applied to the industry by analysts.
Below is the progress the bank experienced over the
past three years and last quarter.
Other Real Estate Owned declined $2,915,543 or 22.8%
since year end. We are encouraged by the continued
activity with our remaining OREO properties and hope
to see additional reductions over the course of 2017.
No loan provision expense has been required in 2016.
As of December 31, 2016
Capital Position
Our Capital at Work
6065 Roswell Road | Suites 110 & 600 | Sandy Springs, GA 30328
404-256-7700 |
Leslie Hammond
Managing Director of Retail Banking
Freddie Deutsch, President and CEO of Signature Bank of Georgia, recently awarded Leslie Hammond the Volunteer of the Year Award for 2016 during the
First Quarter Team Member Meeting.
A native of Atlanta, Leslie has always had a giving heart and a dedicated passion to serving the community and especially the military troops and their
families. An active member of the Cobb Chamber, Leslie is currently Co-Chair of the 2017 Honorary Commanders Association. This association pairs
community and business leaders with military personnel in a yearlong program designed to give leaders an opportunity to learn about military activities,
their impact on the economy and the various aspects of the national defense system. As a graduate of the 2013 Honorary Commanders Class, Leslie quickly
gained insight and appreciation for the importance of collaborating with the military personnel to benefit the community and she served on the 2014 - 2016
Steering Committee.
Leslie also served as Co-Chair for the opening of the Cobb Chamber’s Military Support Center. A first
of its kind public-private partnership with the Defense Commissary Agency, the Georgia Department
of Defense, Dobbins Air Reserve Base and its joint partners; Leslie led the opening of the center which
serves National Guard and Reserve members, retired veterans and active-duty military personnel and
their families.
Freddie says he recognized Leslie’s dedication to her passion early on when they met. “Leslie made it clear
to me during our first meeting, her passion to serve our troops was a priority and I appreciate what she
has done for the community and how she represents Signature Bank as a leader in her volunteer eorts.
Her aliation with these organizations throughout 2016 and her dedication to serving represented over
85 hours of community service in 2016. From serving food to troops at the Atlanta Airport, to shopping
for Christmas for military families, Leslie is truly most happy when she’s serving and we are so fortunate
to have her on our team at Signature Bank as a role model and a valued Managing Director of our Retail
Banking Team.”
Congratulations Leslie!
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 • 4:00 p.m.
Signature Bank of Georgia Board Room
6065 Roswell Road, Suite 600 • Sandy Springs
Volunteer of the Year 2016
Beverages and appetizers will be available before and after.
Please save the date and make plans to join your Signature Bank Team.
RSVP - or 404-256-7702