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Personal Narritive

Owen Molis




Looking back at my 5th grade year, I am grateful for my math teacher Mrs. Franco.  In math class, I was unable to pay any amount of attention, I just could not focus. Surrounded with friends, the extensive math problems turned into short conversations about our weekend.  My first two report cards were full of two’s and rare three’s. There was no way I could finish off the school year with these grades.  My parents were disgusted, and so was I.  So, one day I asked my teacher, Mrs. Franco, and asked if I could stay and work on math during lunch.  Although my parents made me ask this, Mrs. Franco was still surprised.  At the time, I was not happy that I was going to miss lunch, but I knew that I needed to sacrifice the time to achieve my goal of not getting 2’s.Before learning anything, Mrs. Franco has motivated me to do my best, she explained to me why I should always apply myself, do my best, focus, and ask questions.  Also, she moved me to the other side of the classroom, away from my friends. This had helped a boatload.  In the course of a couple of weeks, I would come in every other day of the week to get extra practice.  This had helped me a lot, but I got to the point where I did not want to skip lunch anymore, I wanted to be with my friends more that my math book, so I asked,” can I stay after school instead?”  Mrs. Franco replied with a yes.  The next couple of weeks went on as normal, I learned the same amount, but at a more convenient time.  Mrs. Franco has asked me If I would benefit if she had opened the after school sessions to the class, I was a little hesitant at first to say yes, but I came to a consensus that It could benefit me to see the mistakes the other students. This quiet serious learning session was turned into a fun, upbeat, but still helpful learning class that I will never forget.  As the end of my elementary school came to a finish, there was one more dreadful part, the report card.  Tension was building up when Mrs.Franco was calling people up to get their report card.  I could just picture how disappointed I would be If I did not do well.  I realized that all of this after school work would be pointless if I did not do well.  Opening up the report card, I was shaking, and sweating, as soon as I got the report out, I skipped over the other subjects, and focused on math.  I had gotten all four’s and three’s!  I had been grateful that my hard work had gotten me to the point that I was, but without my beloved teacher, I would be nowhere close to where I was at the end of the year. Through hours of extra learning, Mrs.Franco had spent double the time that I did, planning extra lessons, and finding worksheets online.  She sacrificed her time to help one of her 25 students get back on track with their learning.  As she said,” If you are struggling, ask questions or get help.  It will only get worse.”



The End