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Hiding Through the Holocaust

How to Help

If I was Miep or Mr. Kraler I would not have been able to protect the Franks and Van Daans knowing I can suffer the same fate as them. I would not have been able to protect the Jewish because I don’t think I will be able to keep the secret that I am keeping Jewish in hiding. The last reason why I would not be able to protect the Jewish is because of the consequences if I were caught. 

In Hiding

If I were in hiding like the Franks and Van Daans, we would celebrate my favorite holiday, Christmas, by staying by each others side. We would do this because we don’t need materialistic things like Mrs. Van Daan does. All my family would need for Christmas is the love and support of each other. We would also try to stop fighting for the entire day. This is how we would spend my favorite holiday, Christmas, in hiding like the Franks and Van Daans were

Growing Up

Anne changed in this scene because she sees how the bond between the two families is breaking apart because of argument. When Anne was talking to Peter about how she wanted to restore peace with her mother and Mrs. Van Daan, it showed that Anne had changed from being an annoying loud-mouth, to a truthful and realistic person. In the text on page 843, Anne is talking about how none of the grown ups understand any of the children because they are living in a different society and that no one should blame the war on them because the feud started before they were around. This shows that Anne was finally showing how she really felt and was letting out her anger by telling the truth. Anne changed in the first scene of Act 2 because she matured overall and had a better understanding about the purpose of the war and why the families were in hiding.

Hard Times

If I was in this situation, I would find it easier to get along with Anne Frank. I would get along with Anne the most because she is funny and wise-cracking. I would get along with her personality because I have the same outlook on life with everything can be a joke. From the story, I find that Anne has a very fun, calm, and joking outlook on life. These are reasons why I would get along most with Anne.


If someone I trusted was stealing food from me and my family, I would not react well. I would get very physical and would feel betrayed because someone that I trust was stealing from me. I would not handle the situation well at all. I would very much react like Mrs. Frank. I would become emotionally compromised because of the situation I would be in and the stress of having to be in hiding for almost two years.

The Ending of a Family

    This is an appropriate end to the story because it shows how Anne was a good person and that her father truly loved her for the person she was. Like in the text when Mr. Frank tells Anne that she is a good person and is always positive. This shows that Mr. Frank is a supportive father of Anne and her personality. This also shows that Mr. Frank enjoys that his daughter is such a positive person and is forgiving of people. Mr. Frank is a supporting father and is very protective and understanding of his daughter.

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